tagIncest/TabooGoddess Lilith

Goddess Lilith


My word is Law.

Whether it is in the at home or in my classroom everyone knows that I mean business and actions have consequences.

My name is Lilith Rose, but you can call me Miss. Rose, Mistress Rose, or Goddess Lilith, which ever suits you. I'm a high school teacher and where I work is none of anyone's goddamn business. I don't live to far from the school either, in a nice big house paid for by my late husband's life insurance and inheritance.

How did he die? Well, lets just say his brake-line gave out, and I spent roughly a month with a slack-jawed drooling mechanic's little cock in my hand. Like I would let the loser touch me with that pathetic male organ.

Yes, I'm a lesbian, I married my husband for his money, and had one kid, a daughter I named Kate. She's a cute kid, especially since she turned eighteen. I love looking down at that little slut tongue fucking my cunt when I wake up in the morning with tears running down her stained cheeks.

I suppose I must describe myself. I'm gorgeous. I have long brown curls that pass over my shoulders and to my lower back. A DDD, 36 inch bust and weight about 110 pounds. My blue eyes are almost like ice and seem to radiate if I say so myself. I have a lovely tan from laying out by the pool and a tight round ass.

At five foot three inches, one would think I don't demand attention like I do, but when I speak people know to listen. Watching them jump just because I said so just makes my pussy leak, one of the reasons I don't wear panties underneath my skirts.

My daughter was my first conquest since college. I'd been eying her as she grew older, with no maternal love for her or any affection for my husband, planning out what I would do to her came easily. After her father's death she had been so crushed, always a daddy's girl, she had become easy pickings for me in her grief.

I remember her waking up the day after her eighteenth birthday and the jerk of her movements as she realized something was wrong. It was easy, getting her so drunk she stumbled about the house after her little friends had left to go home, and watching her pass out on the couch.

She woke up in my bathtub, her arms bound behind her in leather straps, her wrists handcuffed to her ankles. I had put a gag in her mouth and a hood over her head so she couldn't see or make a sound. Bu she still sloshed about in the few inches of ice water I had left her lying in. Her struggles made my nipples hard under my blouse as I listened to the movers take away the furniture in her room.

As I said, I had planned this for a while. Changing out her bed, dresser and vanity for some more productive furniture for her future activities had always been part of the plan. Her clothes were already boxed up and waiting for a little ritual I planned to have later, but first, I needed to wait for the moving men to get done.

It took nearly an hour for them to finish, all the time I ignored my daughters muffled screams and made sure to keep two closed doors between her and the men at all times. Finally the time came, the time to start breaking in my newest toy.

I had worn a robe for the moving men and quickly tossed it aside after they left, leaving me in only a black corset and a pair of stiletto heels that reached my upper thighs and gave my ass a bit more oomph. I walked toward my bedroom and the master bath, taking my time as I enjoyed my daughter's frantic cries. I was so turned on I almost stopped to finger myself and relax, but no, I had more control than that.

Stepping into the bathroom, my little slut grew quiet and still as she heard my heels move over the tiles and stop near the bathtub. With a smirk I bent down and pulled the hood from my daughter's head, letting her dull brown hair fall free. Her brown eyes staring up at me in shock.

"Oh no," I said calmly, kneeling down to look at my daughter as tears poured down her face. "What on earth happened. Let's get you out of that tub," I acted innocently. Grabbing her roughly by the hair, I ignored her pained scream as I pulled her out of the tub and let her knees slam down on the hard floor. "Oopsie."

Kneeling, this little slut I had bothered to birth seemed to finally notice my shaved cunt in front of her face, and my bare chest looming above her. "Well, slut," I sneer, "now that your eighteen, I think its time for some changes in our lives, don't you?"

With a powerful crack, my open hand meets her cheek and would have sent her sprawling across the floor if I didn't keep a fistful of her hair. "I am not your mother," I growl. "I am not your precious mommy, you little slut. I am your new Mistress, your new. Fucking. Goddess," I say for emphasis as I reach for the cross her father had given her for Christmas just the year before and rip it off her neck, throwing it into the toilet nearby.

From the bathroom counter I pull a thick, spiked, leather collar and show her the pretty pink tag dangling from the chain. The words 'Mistress' Slave' emblazoned across it in black. With a grin, I replace her little necklace of her old faith with the symbol of her new one. After I get it latched, I slap her face again, leaving a deep red mark across her cheek.

"Now, we'll need to teach you what it means to be a worshiper of the Goddess Lilith," I say with a smile as I pull her back up by her hair. "First, you need to be baptized, slut." Bending my knees and moving my hips, I shove her face against my cunt before I push. I hadn't pissed yet that morning, desiring to hold it for this moment as I downed cup after cup of coffee.

A blast of my blessed urine pours over her face and into her hair before trickling down her body. She tries to shut her eyes against the maelström of piss but I quickly move my hands to the side of her head and use my thumbs to pry her eyelids open. Oh it was glorious, listening to her scream in pain, her gag resting against my lower lips sending vibrations through my body.

As my flow turns into a trickle I let her go, watching her fall to the floor in a puddle of my piss as she cries and writhes, trying to rub as her piss filled eyes. Smirking I turn back to the bathroom sink and grab her little stuffed bear, the one she'd had since she as born, another gift from her useless father. I wipe myself with that pure white stuffed animal, feeling its fur tickle my cunt as it leaves yellow streaks down its back.

Lazily I toss it to the floor beside her and watch it begin to soak up my piss. "Mmm, that was just the first step slut," I say with a grin as I bend down and lift her up by her piss soaked hair. She's almost limp with pain but she still tries to cry out as I put her back on her knees. Grabbing the leash I had bought for her, I hook it to her new collar and choke up on it so the metal links are wrapped around my knuckles.

Without another word, I turn on my heel and begin to walk toward the bedroom, ignoring her pained cries as her knees catch each tile in turn before she tries to crawl after me. Pulling her into the bedroom, I lead her to a cage near my bed and open the door. "This is your new bedroom, slut," I say with a jerk on the leash that sends her sprawling on her bare tiny A cup titties.

There are no little comforts inside the cage, no little dog bed, no water dish, nothing. "Get your fucking ass in there," I growl and slap my hand down hard across her exposed ass cheek. With a cry she hurries to comply and I slam the door shut and lock it with a combination lock. What do I care if there is ever a fire? She my possession and she can be replaced just like anything else in this house.

I left the room then, turning off the lights and leaving her in the dark covered in my piss. I have a phone call that needs to be made. I pull her from her fancy private school, saying that she was dropping out. She has no friends in our neighborhood, so I'll just deal with her spoiled little rich friends when they come by.

I sat on the sofa, turning on some day time talk show as I slowly slide my finger up and down my pussy lips, teasing myself. I'd be getting off soon enough, I kept reminding myself. I just needed to wait and let my suspense build for the right moment. Soon enough it was time for lunch and after a delicious sandwich I began the next step of turning my daughter into my cunt worshiping slut.

I took all the boxes with her clothes in them and set them outside on her father's old horseshoe dirt mounds. I dump the boxes out and then head inside to get my prize.

She's glaring at me as I enter the room and open her cage. A quick slap sends her head banging off the steel bars before I grab her leash and pull her out of the cage. "Who the fuck do you think you are glaring at, bitch," I demand as I smack her again, watching her fall to her side. I reach back and slap her again and again as her head bounces off my bedroom floor.

As my hand starts to sting as I stand up, her leash still in my hand and I don't even bother to pull her up. I dragged that bitch out of the room and down the stars, listening to her pained cries as she thumped down behind me. She really starts struggling when she noticed we were heading outside, but a quick kick to the stomach put a stop to that.

She doesn't notice my strap-on, sitting on a nearby chair, as she tries in vain to keep up with my long strides as I pull her along to the pile of clothes in the yard. "Step two of becoming my worshiper," I say with an evil grin, "you must get rid of your worldly possessions."

Her eyes are large and still bloodshot from my piss as she looks at her clothes piled in the yard. I grab a bottle of lighter fluid from the grill and begin to spray her clothes down, the pictures of her friends and her father's family all jumbled up in the pile for her to see. With a quick stroke of a match, her precious belongings are blazing and my full lips are smiling as I leave her kneeling in tears.

While she is distracted, I slide on my eight inch strap on and take a bottle of lube to the grill to wait. I can see her crying and it makes me wet to realize I'm responsible for those tears. With one hand on my fake cock, my other hand grabs her hair and twists her to face me. I rip the gag from her mouth and as she opens her mouth to scream I stuff my rubber cock deep in her mouth.

"Look at you," I coo with a dangerous smile. "So eager to please that your mouth just opens for my cock," I laugh. I rock my hips back and forth as she struggles against me face fucking her. When I notice her go to bite my dildo, I smack her hard across the face again and jam my fake cock so deep that I feel it penetrate her throat.

"Good girl," I say with a grin as I begin the process of fucking my daughter's throat. "Take it all bitch," I moan, unbelievably turned on by the sight in front of me and push her head down on me until her lips are touching the ring holding it in place.

I thrust back and forth, not caring in the slightest if she can't breathe. It is all about me after all, and the high walls and distance between houses keep our activities private. She gags and coughs, covering my fake cock with her saliva before I finally pull out. "You're such a good little slave."

"F-Fuck you," she coughs out before my fist connects with her cheek sending her to the ground.

"Your Goddess doesn't like that type of language from her sluts," I growl as I grab the lube from the grill and spread it all over my dildo. Kneeling behind her I spread some on her cunt and shove my fingers inside her. "You're so tight, slut," I whisper in her ear as I pump my fingers in and out of her cunt. "I love virgins," I whisper darkly as before I bite her ear, hard.

She screams, but I know no one can hear us. I roll her on her back and open her legs, even as I turn her head to watch the still burning pile of memories. With a quick line up I thrust into her, not giving her time to react as I rip through her hymen. As a good Christian girl she had saved it for marriage. As her Goddess I knew it belonged to me.

Laying almost breast to breast with the little cunt beneath me, I fucked her hard and without mercy. She screamed, begged and pleaded, but I answered with spit in her face and harder thrusts. Her tears were beautiful to me, and I wanted more of them. Leaning down, I licked her cheeks, tasting the salt streaks on her face as I continued to pummel her cunt.

"Third step," I said with a smile as my tits bounced just a breath away from her own. "You take everything I give you, and I'll take everything from you," I explained as I felt the bubbled end of the strap-on rub my clit as I felt my own pussy flowing.

"The last step," I whisper, as I slow my thrusting, watching her turn her head to look at me. "The last step makes all the pain go away," I say as sweetly as I can. "Renounce your god and accept me as your one true Goddess," I explain as though it was the simplest thing in the world. "Worship me and I'll make the pain go away."

"I-I," she whispered, the shock and stress of the situation and the glitter of hope for a way out was making her easy to play with. "I renounce my religion," she said with a sob as she turned her head from me. My hand snaps out to her chin and forces her to turn to look at me. "I-I will worship you only my Goddess," she says sobbing.

"Good girl," I whisper before I spit on her face and thrust hard inside her. I keep it going, she stunned for a moment as she realized I lied, that I had made her give up on her precious God and made her pledge herself to me but I wasn't going to stop. I raped her for a good long while right there in the backyard under the clear blue sky before I got tired of it.

Without any ease, I jerked my dildo from her stretched, swollen and raw cunt and slid it down my legs, exposing my cunt to my daughter once more. I grabbed her leash and led her away from the pile of smoldering clothes and photos of her past life, and sat comfortably in one of the patio chairs and spread my legs in front of her face. "Well, just don't sit there."

I jerk the leash and her face is back in my pussy. This time there is no ball-gag, and her mouth and nose are enveloped in my pussy lips. I grind against her, and fill the first tentative licks of her pink tongue on my wet folds. Soon, she lapping at my cunt, probably hoping I'll get off soon and let her go. While my pussy is dripping, any thoughts of letting her go are the furthest from my mind.

"Oh, that's it slut," I nearly scream as she finds my clit and begins working on it. "Earn our Goddesses favor," I say as I wrap one leg around her neck and tuck it behind my other knee. "Let me tell you, I never loved your father," I say and watch as her mud colored eyes look at me with a bitter sadness. "I never loved you either, slut," I say with a twisted smile. "I've just been waiting for the day I could turn you into my living toy," I chuckle.

I have to grab her head and stuff it back against my cunt to get her licking again. I was so fucking close and she had stopped to cry. It was pathetic. Finally though, I had felt my orgasm growing nearer, I could feel a powerful rush from my clit to my nipples and back. I threw my head back and screamed as I soaked my daughters face with my juices.

It takes a few minutes before the world comes back to me, and I sigh as I let her go. She falls to the ground, her face caked with my cunt juices and her hair matted with my morning piss. It's nearly night by this point, so I take her collar and lead her inside. "The world is a changed place for you now, slut," I say with casual ease as I head into the kitchen to make myself something for dinner.

As I eat a meal of steak and beans, I use my slut's face as my chair, and I can feel her tongue probing my asshole, getting used to the taste. She might have been a slut, my slut, but she was a fast learner, and I'd make sure she learned plenty in the coming days. After dinner, we went back to my bedroom where I let her continue to explore my ass with her mouth, even releasing a fart or two into her mouth to listen to her sputter and gag.

My ass is a taste she'll have to get used to though. Her breakfast is brewing in my guts and now that I have her, I don't plan on using the toilet ever again.

When I'm tired of my ass getting and sticky from her saliva, I throw her back in her cage and slam the lock into place. "Wish me a good night, slut, and thank me for letting you be my slave," I demand.

"Thank you, Goddess," the broken little bitch says quietly. "Thank you for letting me be your slave and worshiper. Good night, My Goddess."

With a smirk I turn and grab a dog food bowl from under the bed and wiggle it through the bars. I hover near the cage and let loose a flood of piss into the bowl that splashes everywhere, but I don't care at the moment. "There you go," I say as my piss dribbles to a stop, I lean my cunt against the bars and immediately feel her tongue at work. "Make sure to clean every drop," I say pointing toward the floor. "Suck up what you can out of the carpet and get some sleep. You'll fucking need it."

Before I go to sleep I turn on a fan, letting its cold hair blow over her naked body as I tuck myself into a set of beautiful red silk sheets. I can feel my guts grumbling and I know, I'll be gifting my slave with a hearty meal for breakfast.

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