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Goddess of Eire


The bus ground to a halt, its air brakes hissing loudly and the tour guide arose, proudly announcing, "Welcome to Achill Island."

Erynne Herlihy wished that he would just shut up. The noises of the clanky diesel bus, the utterances of the other passengers and his loud booming voice didn't belong here. Not in Ireland and certainly not in this absolutely beautiful spot, the gorgeous and spiritual Achill Island. I can't believe that I'm really here!

Ireland was so far away from Boston, so far away from the taunts and jabs of her old classmates, so far away from her recently deceased parents. Tears stung her eyes as she thought of them and the horrific accident that had taken their lives. They had been her protectors and her friends. They had comforted her when she had come home crying because of the teasing she'd had to endure at the hands of her classmates. They're just jealous of your beautiful hair, Rynn. Her dad had said. And they'll never be as beautiful as you are.

She blinked rapidly and stared at the reflection in the dusty glass. She wasn't what you would call beautiful. Her smooth, pale skin was peppered with freckles and her red hair overpowered her deep green eyes. You're a Herlihy and you have the blessing of the Irish. Her mother's words burned in her mind. Blessing, indeed!

"Uh, miss?" Erynne looked up. "Are you ill?"

"No, sorry." She brushed past the tour guide, ignoring him as he tried to catch a glimpse of her 36Cs and stepped out of the bus.

Home. There was no other word that she could find to describe the feeling that she felt as her feet touched Irish soil. A fine breeze washed over her as she took in the beauty of the surroundings; the emerald hills and valleys, the deep azure of the rolling sea and the creamy foam crashing onto the dark rocks took her breath away and she felt her pain fading away.

"Erynne." She turned at the sound of her name and found herself alone, gazing across the water. The group from the tour bus had gathered around the tour guide, raptly listening as he mechanically spouted facts about the island and the driver was talking an old woman nearby. None of them could have spoken to her. She shook her head and turned back to the water.

The sunlight played on the surface of the water, reflecting the gold flecks in her eyes and bathing her soul in light. "Erynne." She blinked, suddenly feeling light-headed. Below her, the calm waters seemed to churn and come alive. "Erynne, you are one of us." She breathed deeply, feeling, no, tasting the essence of the air. She felt the urge to raise her arms, to bless and take the blessings of the land and the sea, to become one with the wind.

"Holy Shit! Look at that!"

The bus driver's exclamation brought the tourists running to her side, elbowing her aside to see the group of silvery dolphins who were now frolicking in the bay below. A disoriented Erynne stumbled out of the way, shaking the confusion off as the driver's eyes met hers. He looked her up and down, then returned to the dolphins, who were now departing as quickly as they had appeared. She knew that what he was thinking was what she already knew.

Somehow, she had called those dolphins. She knew it with the same certainty that she'd heard the voice calling her name. What's happening to me?

The bus took them to the hotel for lunch and an afternoon of rest after an entire morning of bumpy bus travel. Erynne felt that she was back in Boston again. When she'd gotten on the bus, everything suddenly went silent and all eyes were on here. No doubt, the bus driver had told them that she was some kind of witch and they were now all wary of being near her. She had retreated to her seat and sat quietly, watching the Irish landscape speed by. At the hotel, she'd taken her luggage and immediately repaired to her room, tears in her eyes.

"I'm so stupid."

A shower and dinner didn't seem to raise her spirits. She despaired that she was in Ireland and was as miserable here as she was in Boston. She had failed and failed miserably. Sorry, Mom and Dad. She curled up in the big bed, sobbing until the mists of the Emerald Isle soothed her to sleep.

The mist seemed to wake her. She felt the tang of the salty sea in her nostrils and the caress of the ocean on her skin. It felt so good, so welcoming that she wanted more of it. She loosened the robe of her belt and shrugged it off, letting the refreshing breeze stroke her naked body. Her rosy nipples rose and hardened and her pussy pulsed as the wind blew across it.

She groaned deeply.

"Erynne." The voice again, deep and soothing, assailed her senses. "You are one of us. Let me show you."

She blinked sleepily as the gauzy blinds whipped in the sudden gust and the candles that she had lit earlier winked out. The encroaching mist thickened, moving closer to the bed. She groggily watched as the water-thickened air whirled and twisted into a form, clearing as he strode forward, his dark brown eyes fastened on her.

"Who are you?"

"I am the God of the Temple. I have been waiting for you."

"Me? How could you be waiting for me when I've never been here before?"

"Let me show you."

It should have frightened her. She should have been scared out of her mind but she wasn't. She couldn't explain why but all she felt was a sense of longing, a sense of emptiness and loss. She knew that he could and would fill that void. She opened her arms to him.

His touch was feathery at first, as soft as the mist he was formed from; warm, stroking fingers touched her forehead, rounded her cheeks and slid across her lips. His hand moved down, one finger running from her chin to the hollow of her throat. She gasped at the coolness of his touch and the answering fire that followed. His touch moved down her chest and his other hand joined, both encircling, then cupping her breasts. His nails lightly scraped along the sensitive undersides, drawing a loud moan from her.

They moved up and around, flitting over her tingling buds, pinching and pulling on them until she was panting, her body aching with need. He only smiled as he continued the delicious torment, squeezing the globes with his firm touch. She was enjoying it so much that she almost didn't feel ones of his hands drifting over her abdomen. He nudged her legs further apart and without a warning, sunk a finger in her soaked slit.

She cried out, unable to restrain her emotions as he kept stroking her virgin slit. Her hands clamped onto his upper arms as yet another finger entered her. The breath caught in her throat, her body jerking, her toes curling. Again, he smiled, pulling on a nipple and thrusting in at the same time. She gasped, then screamed as an orgasm rocked her to the core. Her pussy clenched tightly around his fingers, thick pussy juice pumping out as she lay paralyzed with pleasure.

He leaned over her, a smile on his handsome face. "Now sleep. All will be answered later."

And she slept.

The next morning, she set out on her own, determined to escape the blatant stares and whispered gossip of the other tourists.

Achill was so beautiful that she could decide where she wanted to go first but late afternoon found her at Bunnafreeva  Lough, a small lake surrounded by high grassy cliffs. It was so quiet that chills rode down her spine but so beautiful that her heart sang with joy. This would be a perfect place for a picnic. She opened her pack and pulled out a bag of crisps, a juice box and a packet of jerky that she'd bought at the hotel gift shop and ate while the clouds peacefully scudded by.

Finally, Erynne laid back in the comforting arms of the sun-warmed grass, closing her eyes and smiling at the soft caress of the wind. Why couldn't the world be like this?

"Because the spirits live here."

Erynne jerked awake, sitting up and staring into another set of emerald eyes. The woman's waist-length black hair swayed gently in the wind, the fabric of her delicate gown shimmering in the sunlight. Her soft features spread into a smile and she leaned down and offered a hand to help Erynne stand.

"You're real!"

"Why, of course, I am, dear girl. Did you think me a ghost?"

Erynne felt stupid. "Uh, no, but ... "

"I see. You're not used to communicating with your mind." The woman gave a small nod and smiled again. This time, her lovely pink lips moved. "My name is Melania. I am the Priestess of the Temple. Welcome."

"Uh, thanks."

"Well, we should be going."

"Going? Going where?"

"Were you not told?"

"Obviously not." Erynne took a long pull on her juice and gazed out across the lake. "Everything's such a mystery ... "

"Such as the dolphins that you called yesterday?"

She turned to the woman. "You know about that?"

"Of course. All of us feel the call of the Goddess."

"The what?"

Melania shook her head. "I am very dismayed that Iverna did not educate you before bringing you here."

"You knew my mother?"

"Why, of course."

"Then you would have known that she's dead!"

Melania stepped back, both at the anger in Erynne's words and the truth in them. "Oh, no! Please tell me that you are lying!"

"She and my father died in a car accident almost a year ago. I only came here because I saw it on the Internet." Erynne watched as the woman digested the information. "Mom didn't have a chance to tell me anything."

When Melania's head raised, crystalline jewels of tears sparkled in her gem-like eyes. "Then our fair Eireland is lost."

"Ireland is lost? How? Why?"

"What do you think makes our country so beautiful?" Erynne did not answer. "The spirit of our people. We give our essence to the land and it blesses us with its beauty."

"Then why is it lost?"

"Each year, the Goddess returns to bless the land. Without this blessing, it is lost."

Erynne turned and took in her surroundings. She had never seen grass so green or water so tranquil and blue. Even the air seemed other-worldly, heavy with mist and fragrant with the rich scent of the earth. Home. Something inside her had called her to this island. Something that had called her just as she had called the dolphins. It must have called to her mother, too, for she had returned every year. Home.

"I will bless the land."

Melania smiled. "I had hoped, prayed that you would say that. The Goddess must always choose to bless the land of her own free will."

She took a deep breath. "I was supposed to be the next goddess, wasn't I?"

Melania nodded, still smiling. "Are you ready to go, Erynne of the Isle?"

A shiver moved through her at the woman's words. "Yes. I am ready."

Erynne took a deep breath and laid still on the stone slab, her eyes closed as Melania had requested.

The Priestess had brought her here, a moss-laden cavern deep within Achill's hills. The sound of running water echoed in the cavern and sunlight reflected onto the ceiling with sparkling green triangles that gave everything an eerie glow. Erynne thought she had never seen anything more breathtaking until she watched Melania open her robe and drop it to the floor. Her body was beautiful. High, rose-tipped breasts, lush curves and a dark, furry pussy met her startled gaze.

"You must undress."

"What, me?"

"The Goddess must always renew the blessing as she was born to the earth."

"But ... " She looked at Melania, her eyes sweeping the woman's perfect form. "I ... "

"Do not be worried that you are not perfect." Melania's soothing voice flowed through her mind. "The earth does not require perfection of the body. The earth requires perfection of the soul."

Erynne took a deep breath and reached for the hem of her lambswool sweater. It rolled gently over her body, shoulders, then released her head, leaving only her cream-colored bra. Melania took the sweater and patiently waited as Erynne stripped the bra and placed it in her hands. Finally, the jeans and panties went, followed by her sneakers and socks. Now, she was naked.

"Your watch."

Erynne unclasped the watch and handed it over, then reached up to remove the only other piece of jewelry that adorned her body.

"No!" Erynne paused, looking up at Melania. "Do not remove the symbol of the Goddess."

Erynne dropped her hands, her fingers rubbing over the cloisonné shamrock that rested between her breasts. Her mother had given her this trinket when she was a child and had replaced the gold chain each time she had grown out of it. Oh, Mom!

"Step into the pool."

The pool of dark blue water was warm, spotlighted by a lone circle of sunlight. She slid into its welcoming depths and was surprised when Melania joined her. The dark-haired woman crossed the space between them and placed her lips carefully over Erynne's mouth. At first, she was stunned at the sensations that ripped through her body. A woman is kissing me! Melania's soft lips moved over hers, their firmness letting her know who was in charge and Erynne secretly breathed a sigh of relief as Melania grabbed her head and pressed her lips closer.

A series of small, warm and wet shocks exploded in her pussy. She moaned, both in passion and in fear, but continued to allow the woman to plunder her mouth and accepted her inquisitive tongue. Melania's eyes were dark as she pulled back. "You will be expected to conquer the Six Stones before the Initiation. Please allow me to wash you."

Erynne could offer no refusal. Her body was still tingling from Melania's gentle touch and she felt as free as one of the gulls that wheeled above the bay outside. The priestess produced a cake of sweet-smelling soap, lilac or gardenia, and proceeded to wash her body. Just when she thought Melania was done, the woman pulled her onto her lap, her back crushing Melania's soft breasts.

"First, you must bless the sacred pool."

Melania's lips moved along the stalk of her neck, lips pressing and rubbing along Erynne's alabaster skin while her hands smoothed every inch of freckled flesh that she could touch. The younger woman writhed in joy as her skin was massaged, rubbed and pinched. Erynne laid her head back against Melania's shoulder, pushing against her as one of the priestess's fingers slid into her hole and the other tweaked one of her nipples.

"Oh, yes!" Erynne felt something arise in her that she'd never felt before. Maybe it was the swirling current of the water, the contact of her skin against Melania's or the feeling of a finger in her virgin pussy but she felt as if she was going to burst. Melania thrust another finger into her pussy, still pressing an arm across her middle as her mouth licked and bit her neck.

She felt her orgasm approaching and shouted as her pussy pulsed as she arched against Melania, not hearing the whispered words that the priestess spoke. It was the first time she had felt her body respond like this and she hoped it wasn't the last time. Erynne relaxed against Melania, her heart thundering in her chest.

"Blessed be the Goddess of the pool."

Melania had helped her out of the pool and had bade her to lay on the cool granite slab, freshly washed and sexually sated, awaiting the Ceremony of the Six Stones. A deep humming rumbled through the cave, making the granite thrum under her skin. Erynne fought to keep her eyes closed, remembering Melania's instructions.

"You may open your eyes, goddess."

Six women had entered the cavernous chamber, each one naked and smiling down upon her. Erynne felt that they were all connected with Melania. Each placed their palms together and raised them to the unseen sky.

"I am Aideen, named for the Goddess of Beauty." This short woman at her immediate left had her characteristics: bright, red hair, piercing green eyes and a plethora of freckles. She moved forward, tucked her finger into her bright red pussy and smeared the resulting juice onto her abdomen. "Bless the Goddess and the beauty she brings to our land."

"I am Niamh, named for Land of Youth." This woman was short-haired and her ice-blonde hair framed her hazel eyes and brushed her tops of her tanned shoulders. She yanked a length of hair from her head and tied it around Erynne's left index finger. Then, she moved forward, shoved a finger into her dark brown red pussy and smeared the resulting juice onto Erynne's abdomen. "Bless the Goddess and the renewal of youth that she brings to our land."

"I am Muriel, named for the Shining Sea." With a head full of strawberry-blonde curls, she grinned, her eraser-tipped brown nipples bobbing in the air. "Bless the Goddess and the sparkle of life that she brings to our land."

Melania stood at her head and lifted her into an upright position to swallow a mouthful of Irish whiskey. She pressed her lips against Erynne's soft mouth, licking up a stray drop of Jameson. "Continue."

"I am Orla, named for the Golden Lady." A bright smile lit the face of the old woman, her flowing silver hair touching the gentle hump of her ass. She removed a single strand of hair and tied it around Erynne's right index finger, smearing the juice of her weeping pussy onto Erynne's abdomen. "Bless the Goddess and the wisdom of the ages that she brings to our land."

"I am Dearbhla, named for True Desire." Her wavy brown hair covered her tiny breasts and she fingered them, a sweat sheen forming on her upper lip. She stepped forward, tucked a finger into her brown pussy and smeared the resulting juice onto Erynne's abdomen. "Bless the Goddess and the passion of reproduction that she brings to our land."

"I am Gráinne, named for Love." Her skin was dark and her nipples looked like chocolate candy kisses, hardening as she sucked on one of them. She moved forward, shoved a finger into her brown-red pussy and smeared the resulting juice onto Erynne's abdomen. "Bless the Goddess and the love the she brings to our land."

Erynne couldn't help but smile as she reflected on the recitiations. "Bless the Goddess and the self-sacrifice that she brings to our land."

There were a few moments of silence after her words and she welcomed the concord of her sisters. She raised her knees, opening her legs and exposing her pussy as her hands gripped the granite handles, the priestess standing close by.

Orla left her space and moved toward the altar. Six emerald stones, each larger that the one before and shaped like a man's penis, rested on the cool marble surface. She picked up the smallest one, gave Erynne's pussy a quick lick and inserted the stone penis. Erynne couldn't help it, but she came immediately. Gráinne was next, then Muriel, Dearbhla, Niamh and finally Aideen, who made Erynne cum with the largest emerald penis.

Gasping in pleasure, her pussy wetter than she'd ever imagined, Erynne closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

    "Awaken now, loved one." Melania's words and the touch of her hands brought Erynne back into wakefulness. The women had put on dark green robes and were standing in a half-circle around her. At Melania's nod, Dearbhla and Gráinne came forward bringing a thick pad that was placed under her on the marble slab. Once she was comfortable, the seven women knelt.

"O Queen, most secret, bless the welcoming of the Goddess to our fair Eireland. Bless the winds that blow through her hair. Bless the fires that keep her warm. Bless the waters that bring her sustenance. Bless the earth that enfolds her in its arms."   Erynne felt the words leave her, amazed at the sudden knowledge that she was gaining with every moment. "Oh, Queen, most secret, bless the fire in my womb and the depth of my heart."

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