tagSci-Fi & FantasyGoddesses 02 Pt. 03

Goddesses 02 Pt. 03


Chapter 10

Don Greco slumped into his favourite armchair and gave a great sigh. In his hand he held a tumbler of whisky. It was his third one that evening.

They wouldn't be expecting him at the power plant the next day. They never did, the day after the anniversary. He'd come home from an honest day's work and went straight for the bottle.

He rested his forehead in his hand and shut his eyes. Thoughts and images he normally repressed, he would allow himself to have on that one day of the year: the wedding anniversary of he and his wife, Alessia's mother.

Nine years he and Nadia had spent together, happily married, and then one more with a growing distance forming between them. Then, on the day of their tenth anniversary, it all finally came apart.

At least he had his sweet Alessia. He saw so much of Nadia in her, especially now that she was a young woman. She, like her mother, was a twice. Oh, how fortunate Don was to have snagged a twice, even if he wasn't able to keep her for good. Things could have been very different, and he so much happier, if his beautiful, highly coveted wife hadn't been taken from him.


"Alright sweetie, have a good day at school."

"I will, daddy."

"Okay. Off you go." Don gave his little Alessia a pat on the shoulder and she zipped off toward her elementary school. He smiled at the adorable sight of her running on her tiny legs, her bushy brown curls trailing behind her and bouncing off her pink backpack.

He rose off his knees and turned toward his vehicle. He had a big day planned. As he walked over to it the proximity sensor detected him and opened the plasti-glass bubble over the passenger area. He clambered inside and buckled himself in.

On the passenger seat: A bouquet of alien flowers, a rare and beautiful genus that he'd picked out on the fringe. Their type only bloomed once a year, and he'd kept them in cryo in anticipation of that day. There was a note tied to them: Dear Nadia, meet me at The Devonsleigh, 8 pm. Reservation for two. It was the finest restaurant in town, and he'd been pinching pennies for a month so they could afford that dinner. Alessia would stay at her aunt's that night. He started up his vehicle and lifted away.

His Nadia had been very busy as of late, with her always so occupied being the liaison between Mu's little government and the goddesses of the technologically inclined southern continent, Eva Australis. Diplomacy between them and the human colony had once been rare, for the people of Mu had formed their colony under the mandate that they be removed from the influence of immortals. Nevertheless their recent trade dealings had been very beneficial for Mu, for the goddesses had made several technological advancements since their people had parted.

The trade dealings between the two nations had made her a very important person, though with the cost of her rarely being around for her husband and daughter. For the past year she'd been rising at dawn to make preparations, only to return home just in time for dinner and bed. It must have taken a toll on her mind, for even when she was around Don she seemed distant and distracted. Even, at times toward him, slightly cold.

It was barely the marriage they used to enjoy, and he missed her so. He hoped dinner that night could be a taste of how things once were for them, when their love was young and they had time to just be together.

He was soon nearing the government building, where she'd already been at work for nearly two hours. He set his vehicle down in the guest parking lot and made his way inside the unassuming little brown brick structure. Someday Mu would have to upgrade to something grander -- it must have looked pitiful to their immortal visitors, who were more used to the astounding technological and architectural wonders of their nation. Life in the fledgling colony of Mu was comparatively simple, to the point of nearing 21st century standards of primitivity.

As he walked into the lobby he felt himself shudder. There were surely goddesses nearby. He'd never seen one in the flesh but he'd heard enough about them to know that he didn't like them. The receptionist, whose very job was yet another 21st century throwback, was busy with a network call. After a moment she paused the call and looked up to him:

"Hello Mr. Greco, are you looking for your wife?"

"Yes, ah, if you could just have these brought to her," he said holding out the bouquet.

"Awh," the receptionist said, though her nose seemed to wrinkle as she recognized the odd choice of flowers -- alien blossoms? How dirty, how eccentric! She seemed to recoil slightly. "You could actually do that yourself. You're ah, more than welcome to... you know where her office is."

"Of course I do. I'll do just that."

She gave him a deliberate smile and returned to her call.

As he neared her office he heard her voice coming from the conference room just ahead of it. He'd wanted someone else to bring the flowers to her office because he'd meant it to be a surprise. Not wanting to ruin it he stopped and took a step back, putting himself out of view. From what he could hear it was his wife and another woman in there.

"You're late to our meeting, Miss Dennis," his wife said, though her tone wasn't at all impatient. She sounded quite humoured, in fact.

"Yeah, sorry about that Miss... Greco, was it?"

"Please, call me Nadia."

"Okay. Since we're on a first name basis you can call me Alene."

The door to the conference room was carelessly pushed by one of them, shutting itself to just a little more than a crack. After making sure the coast was clear, Don peered through it.

"So you have a demand for lab equipment here in Mu, you say."

"Yes. I understand you personally specialize in bio engineering, so I reached out to you. If we could just have a sample of your equipment, we could reverse engineer it and make our own."

The woman Nadia spoke to was every bit as beautiful as she, perhaps even more so. "Shit," Don breathed to himself as he looked her over. She was of European ancestry and had dark hair, held in a ponytail, and though she was dressed conservatively as he looked at her in profile view he could see that she had a killer figure beneath. She looked to be no older than her early twenties. She was far too perfect to be human.

"I don't think you'll be able to reverse engineer our equipment, not unless we gave you the factory that makes it as well. The scale of the components is far too small, you see," said the goddess.

"Oh. Maybe we could just purchase a couple units from you then? Anything would help. We have people here that want to do the work, but no facilities."

"I suppose that might be arranged... with your negotiating skills, that is. I've heard you're exceptionally good at that."

Nadia nodded. "That I am. There's a reason they've chosen me for this job. I have a way of showing your kind that, at times, they're very welcome here."

The goddess chuckled. "Oh? Why... why don't you show me, then."

With a demure giggle Nadia stepped back, placing herself more plainly in the goddess' view. She undid her hair, letting her dirty blonde locks spill free, then shrugged out of her jacket and began to unbutton her blouse. Don's jaw dropped. What was his wife, the love of his life, doing?!

Beneath she'd worn her favourite lingerie, lingerie he'd bought her years before. He was pretty sure their Alessia had been conceived while she'd worn them. They'd always looked amazing on her, accentuating her slender waist, her fulsome chest. It was his good taste that had known how well they suited her, and now she was using that lingerie to seduce a goddess!

She stepped out of her skirt, leaving herself in just sheer leggings gartered to a thong that disappeared into her sleek rear. Her chest was abounce within the springy straps of her lacy bra. He was seeing that she filled the cups even more than the last time he'd seen her wear it, and yet the womanly sag she'd gained after their daughter's nursing was gone. With time she'd never become any less beautiful to his eyes, but now she was tight and trim from head to toe and looking more astonishing than ever before.

That was not the body of a thirty-nine year old. He could see the changes. The goddesses had already began to transform her. They'd been using her for a while.

"Ooh, I like what I see," said Alene in more hushed tones. "If you'll excuse my lack of professionalism, I think I..." her voice trailed off as she began to fidget with her slacks.

Nadia's eyes were already set on the point of Alene's discomfort, and she soon dropped to her knees in front of her to quickly undo her slacks. As they fell to her ankles the goddess moaned a sigh of relief and began to unbotton her top, her member having erupted out from its captivity to sway partially aroused before Nadia.

It was very big. Don's wife gave a deep moan of desire, and in an instant wrapped both her hands around it while setting the end of it in her mouth. The goddess soon had herself stripped bare and was standing in nude perfection before Nadia, watching with her hands on her hips and a confident smile as she grew hard.

Now it was huge. Monstrous. The tales of goddesses, Don saw, were no exaggeration. His wife was moaning in lust, apparently deeply infatuated with what the goddess wielded. She was running her lips along the side of her shaft, to and away from where it began, traversing a length that, should the goddess have raised her leg, would have easily approached her knee. Eventually she reached the tip and took it as deep into her mouth as she could, and the goddess set her hand in her sandy hair to hold her in place as she began to buck her hips.

The gagging sounds Nadia made almost had him retching in horror. He was flabbergasted, barely able to process what he was seeing. He was beginning to step away from the door.

"Hey, what are you doing over there? You can't be here! Security!" A frumpy looking desk worker had noticed him. "Security, remove that man!"


The red-hot rage he'd been in when he left the government building was so intense that he only remembered fragments of his trip home: glimpses of himself yelling, crying out in futility and smashing his fists on the dashboard until it cracked. He was glad his Alessia was still at school, and that her aunt would be picking her up after. He didn't want to be seen by her while he was in that state.

His beautiful wife, his daughter's mother. Diplomacy between Mu and the goddesses had devolved into workplace prostitution. How long had it taken for things to degrade to that point? Months? Days? It all made so much sense that he felt foolish for not having suspected it sooner. His beloved Nadia, a twice of such allure that the goddesses would desire her, had become so distant to he and his daughter because she'd been under their spell for who knew how long. She'd been whored off to the goddesses in exchange for knowledge and goods.

The immortals truly were vile, evil beings, and his government was little better. They'd wrecked his home.


Don pinched the skin between his eyebrows and gave a weary sigh. He took another draw of his whisky and savoured the sweet burn's numbing caress.

After that day they'd never seen Nadia again. One of her staffers must have explained to her that they'd found her husband spying on her while she was at work... and so ended her family life. It would have been only a matter of months after then that she ceased to be human, anyway. Nadia was dead to Don.

The hardest part had been explaining to Alessia that her mother had left. The little girl, then only eight, could barely comprehend the thought of life without her mother. Don still hadn't told her the truth of what she'd become.

The door to their home opened and in strode Don and Nadia's daughter, all grown up ten years to the day since the times her father was so ruefully reminiscing upon. "Alessia," Don said, his voice husky from the hours of silent drinking.

She saw him sitting in his chair, a glass in his hand and sad memories creasing his aging face. She knew what day it was. "Oh, daddy." She bent to give a comforting daughterly hug.

"Alessia, my baby. I love you so much." He held her tight and deeply inhaled the smell of her hair. "You're everything to me, my world."

"I know daddy."

He set his glass down on the nearby table to better hold on to her. She rose a bit to sit on the arm of his chair and swung her legs over his lap.

"I love you too. Will you ever not get this way, when your anniversary comes?"

"I need to do this, dear. Life can't be lived unless we take time to mourn our losses."

She nodded. The loss of her mother, wherever she'd gone, didn't effect her as deeply as it did her father. She was just a little girl when she'd left and she'd grown up to be someone who didn't need her, but for her father, it was clear that Nadia had taken a piece of him with her. The rest of him was for herself.

After a moment Alessia let go, and slowly Don did the same. His gaze fell to the purple top she was wearing, which was loose and hanging off one shoulder. "Hmm. Curious material," he said, picking up the bottom edge of the shirt. "It looks like it's been woven out of alien grass."

"Ah, mhm. It has."

"Where did you get this? I've never seen anything like it."

"I uh, I made it myself."

"Really?" Don looked closer and rubbed the woven grass between his thumb and forefinger. "Wow, that's amazing. Look at this handiwork! You have yet another gift, it seems! Must be a bit scratchy, though?"

Alessia abruptly stood up and stepped away from Don, suddenly feeling at ill-ease. "Uh-huh. It's not that bad, I got used to it." After the slightest uncomfortable moment she forced a giggle.

Her father blinked at her, looking half-drunk, or maybe just confused.

"I'm going upstairs to wash up. I'll make dinner for us later, okay?"

"Okay dear," he sighed. As she bolted upstairs he brought his glass back to his lips.

Up in her room Alessia shrugged out of the purple top and shoved it into her closet, into the same nook where she'd put the green orb. Over the week it had become a place to hide gifts from Gaia, things she would have loved to proudly display, if only their relationship weren't so secret.

In her bra and shorts she strode over to where she'd set down her bag and took out her tablet. It was best to let Don be alone while he grieved, at least until dinner, so Alessia decided she'd catch up on some reading. She hopped onto her bed, rested her pillow against the wall as a back rest and pulled her feet up against her bum, setting the tablet against her thighs.

As she glanced at an icon, bringing her book to the spot where she'd left off, she became aware of Benji trying to contact her. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and pushed the mental prompt to the lowest priority of her Network awareness. Soon enough the prompt ended and she was able to enjoy an hour of peace.

Chapter 11

Don walked into the kitchen and took a seat at the dinner table, then watched his daughter expectantly. "Whisky's going to burn a hole in my stomach. I need some sustenance."

She smiled. "Just a moment Daddy." As she carefully pulled a tray of chicken strips out of the oven a polite yet insistent ringing in her head resumed -- it was Benji again. "Oh, fine," she whispered. She set the tray on a hot plate and started scooping mashed potatoes out of a pot onto a pair of dinner plates. "Hello?"

Heyy, Alessia. How's it goin'?

"I'm fine. How are you?"

Great, now that you're answering my calls. Look, I was feeling bored and felt like going for a ride, so I was wondering if ah, if you'd join along.

"Mm. No, I don't think so."

Why not?"

"I'm having dinner with my father."

Okay, but after. Say, in forty five minutes... I could come by your place.

"I don't think so, Benji."

Her father grunted and nodded his head, knowing full well at the young man's name what the Network call was about. Alessia shot him a knowing smile as she began portioning chicken strips onto their two plates.

Why not? You seemed like you wanted another shot after you blew me off the other day.

"Because you were rude to me, after I blew you off."

Rude? Well, no, maybe. It was the heat of the moment, you know? I was disappointed. You see how you made me feel? And so that's how I acted.

"Well I don't think there's going to be another shot."

Oh, really. Come on now.

"Really. You're... you're kind of an ass. And I know it's a routine you do, to convince girls that you're special. But it won't work on me."

Before he could get another word in she cut off the call, and with a plate in each hand went to sit at the dinner table with her father. She passed him his plate.



"Cutlery, dear."

"Oh, sorry!" She shot up and hopped over to a drawer, her long brown curls flicking behind her. She grabbed forks and knives, then quickly returned to her seat.

"Thanks." Don grabbed a bottle of ketchup and gave both his potatoes and chicken strips a good blast, then immediately began to dig in to his meal. "That was really good, the way you dealt with that boy. I'm proud of you, Alessia."

"Thanks, daddy."

"Smart girl. I knew you could take care of yourself. I'm all for you finding a good man but that Benji, no. He's not a good type."

"I know what you mean. He's really started to bug me."

"Mhmm. Say, aren't you gonna eat? You haven't touched your food."

"Oh, I don't know," Alessia sighed. "Not that hungry after all."

"Well then why cook for two?" His shoulders rocked as he started to chuckle. "Silly."

She shrugged, looking down at her plate. Her appetite had disappeared ever since her first amazing time with Gaia. For the couple days since she'd only had little bits and bites here and there, never a full and healthy meal. At the thought of her her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies, and her nerves seemed to tingle with anxious excitement. Was it a side effect of the goddess' seed? Or was it just the early stages of love? "Maybe I'll have it tomorrow."

"Chicken strips might all be gone by then."

"That's fine daddy," she said.


Later that night the feeling persisted, and Alessia was restless alone in her room. She'd finished her book and was out of things to do, so she looked out her window, her eyes trying to penetrate the dark of night. She could think only of Gaia.

It was almost time for her to go to sleep. There was little chance of that happening, so full of nervous energy was she. She went to her closet and took out her woven purple top again, and put it on over her tank top. It would protect her from the scraping branches in the dark.

Peeking her head out into the hallway, she could hear her father's heavy snores. After so many drinks that evening he was sleeping like a stone. Despite that she tried to be quiet, tiptoeing carefully down the stairs and out the door.

She inhaled deeply the cool night air. It was nice. She set out towards the fringe, toward Gaia.


Alessia parted the branches and stepped into the clearing. "Gaia?"

"Hello. It's quite late, don't you think?"

"Yes." Alessia squinted slightly, struggling to see in the darkness of the partial moon. With just a sliver overhead it was almost pitch black, and it was a wonder that she'd even been able to make it through the woods, but she had gotten to know the way pretty well.

A faint light begin to build around her, and as she looked slightly downward the first thing it brought to her attention was Gaia's stomach, flat and pale with a faint crease of muscle down the center towards her navel. She was standing naked, directly before her. "Oh," Alessia gasped, stepping back, "I could have sworn you were a dozen feet away a moment ago!"

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