tagMatureGodiva on the Scooter

Godiva on the Scooter


I looked forward to this weekend for some time, marking it on my calendar several months ahead of time and making sure all reservations were confirmed and guaranteed. A trip to this park under normal circumstances was something special, but this year it featured the regional festivities of National Nude Day.

After enduring the typical headaches of the local law enforcement at the park entrance, I pulled my bike to just inside park boundaries and removed the last of my clothes. I made sure to shine my, rather full, moon in the deputy's direction as I packed my clothes into the saddle bags. Given the local sheriff's reputation, I was amazed at the puritan attitude his deputies exhibited at any nudist events.

Of course I didn't really expect them to be too enthusiastic thinking about what all my 280 or so pounds might look like without my ratty clothes, but they acted even ruder to the hard-bodies that came to the park. They were absolutely atrocious to the few families that attended. Fortunately, once inside the park, the attitudes were gone and everyone could enjoy the freedom that nudity brought.

Well, it was not absolute freedom, I shed my clothes, but understanding I wasn't the best poster child for National Nude Day, I hadn't shed all my inhibitions. I basically settled into the shadows to watch some of the beach volleyball competition. While it would be nice to hook up with a twenty something beauty, I knew the touch of gray infiltrating my hair, beard, and other body hair would be a deterrent. Even if I found one looking for an "older man" I feared my weight would scare even the most charitable woman away. I decide to simply concentrate on the volleyball and my private fantasies.

I always imagined nude volleyball as I watched bikini-clad women compete on TV and in the local parks, but watching this today seemed a bit of a let down. Somehow, the chance glimpse of a breast as the women dove for a shot or when they got up and adjusted themselves, seemed more titillating than seeing their small, but perky, breasts as they gyrated about. I mean once I saw these nude women, I found myself wondering how their bikini tops would have slipped or moved with each shot.

The sight below the waste was equally deflating as I discovered the lovely redhead's secret, the one only her hairdresser knew for sure. Please forgive me that cliché, but I quickly learned more than I wanted to about the volleyball players. Besides, the men were about to begin playing and the bleachers were filling with incredibly thin women with incredibly large breasts. Reminiscent of the bobble head dolls, where the head was way out of proportion with the rest of the body, the women simply seemed to bobble-bounce all over the place.

I was just about ready to slip out of the shadows and search for some beer when I heard the odd putt-a-putt of an old time motor scooter. Glancing up at the entrance to the park I noticed the long, flowing silvery hair swirling above and ugly algae green seat attached to two tiny wheels. I was immediately entranced by the way the hair flowed around this woman's pale body, reaching down to just below her waist.

Even as the scooter picked up speed, the billowing hair seemed to conceal just enough of her to make me want to see more. I'd see the quick flash of a nipple, the pure white curve of her ass, a glimpse of a thigh, and then suddenly a beautiful shoulder. This incredible display of unabashed beauty and elegance completely absorbed me, as I felt strangely lightheaded and heard an odd ringing in my ears.

The woman slowly drove her scooter around the park, her face beaming as the air moved over her, her body shining in brief flashes, her hair consuming her. It was ballet, the marriage of pure rhythm, perfect form and pristine beauty. I recalled the tale of Lady Godiva and her famous ride.

The scooter sputtered to a stop next to my bike and inhibitions or not, I stood up and quickly wandered toward her. My all encompassing attraction to her was more than curiosity and more than just sexual, it felt almost magnetic. I felt a tingle all over my body, but fortunately the non-sexual aspect of my attraction kept my erection at bay for now. Grotesque as I am, I can only imagine what she'd think if I approached her with even a hint of an erection.

"Well hello there young man, is this your bike?" she asked.

Young man? I squinted, and after several more steps, I realized she was not one of the volleyball crowd, she was a bit older, in fact, as I got closer, I saw she was older than me.

"Ye... yes, my bike," I mumbled, completely befuddled. The woman, though in her late fifties or early sixties, was beautiful, as beautiful as she had seemed when I first saw her enter the park. She looked right into my face with sky blue eyes, eyes that seemed to gently draw me closer.

"It's certainly a nice bike, most people around here ride the Harleys or those sporty foreigners, not something vintage like this," she said, turning her gaze from my face to the bike. "An Indian Chief, what year, '53?"

"'51," I answered, my gaze sliding down the faint lines at her eyes, curling over the distinct cheekbones to her beautiful lips. I could see a faint tint of blue in her neck, a hint of vein just beneath her delicate complexion.

"A '51 cherry Indian Chief, ah Harley, eat your heart out."

Still dumbfounded, I caught myself staring at her breasts. After spending the day watching the small volleyball breasts and then the giant breasts of the fans, I found the wonderfully natural sag of soft skin, the dark circles of areola and enticing nipples enthralling. I longed to reach out and caress her breast as she was caressing the frame of my bike.

"I'm sorry, I am so rude," she said, "I'm Diane, Diane Palmer."

Smiling, "My name is Braden, Jack Braden," I replied, reaching my hand out.

"I can see you are a friendly one," she replied, shaking my hand as she nodded downward.

I glanced down and saw my erection straining out beyond my stomach. "I... I'm sorry. I didn't..."

"Oh no, no, don't apologize, when I turned fifty, I learned to take that as a compliment, and now that I'm seventy, it means even more."

"You're sev..."

"Ah, now you're being too kind young man."

"No, no, I'd swear you were maybe 50, 55 at most."

"Now, now, you don't need to flatter me anymore, let's go for a ride," she whispered, grabbing my hand. Instead of moving over to my bike, she led me over to her little scooter.

"But I thought you might want to ride my bike."

"Ah, just like ole Chester, my husband, rest his soul. You men just don't know how to appreciate a little foreplay. Come on," she said starting up her scooter.

I climbed on behind her while she revved up the scooter, then we shot out onto the park road and headed back into the woods. The sensations were incredible as her hair flowed over me, caressing my face, my arms, and my chest. I leaned my head forward and rested my face on her soft back.

Shouting over her shoulder she asked, "Isn't it amazing, the wind, the road and the scooter?"

"Oh yeah," I cried out, her hair driving me to a frenzy as it curled over me. Feeling the vibration of the scooter rolling though my balls, I squeezed closer to her, pressing my hard cock against her back. I felt a little awkward about pushing against her like that, until she reached back, took my hand and guided it between her legs.

I ran my hand down through her hair, feeling the tight curls wrap around my fingers and then tickle my palm as I searched onward. Exploring her, I let my fingers move over her lips and then moved them from side to side, gently opening her. Feeling her warmth, I slipped my fingertips inside her, moistening them before I slowly went upward, traveling up her slit until I found the firm knob of her clit. It was already swollen and I realized that the vibrations were doing to her what they were doing to me.

I began moving my fingers over her clit as I pushed my cock against her back, savoring the intense vibrations saturating my balls and the soft feel of her skin along my shaft. Diane, in response to my fingering her clit, moved her hips from side to side, her ass sliding over the seat in the wetness that seeped from her. My cock rolled with her as she wiggled there and as I felt the pleasure building inside, I began moving my fingers faster, darting them from her clit, down to her opening to gather lubrication and then back to her clit. She moaned as she rocked on the seat, her every movement teasing my cock more and more.

I heard the scooter slow a bit, but before I could comprehend what Diane was doing, I felt the intense waves of pleasure flow from my balls, up through my cock and I came, shooting my warm cum up her back. I pulled her back tight against my cock and felt the hot, sticky liquid smear over her back and my stomach.

By then the scooter had stopped, but Diane kept revving the engine as my fingers played with her clit. I reached one hand up and grabbed her breast, kneading it, letting the nipple slide in and out between my fingers. Her ass lifted up off the seat as she pumped up against my hand, screaming, "Yes, yes, faster, please faster."

I continued fingering her clit with one hand, while I took the other from her breast and reached down, quickly finding her wet pussy. I pushed three fingers into her, hard and deep, as she groaned and shuddered. She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and moaned, "Oh yes, god yes."

I felt her muscles go taut as she strained and came, her body convulsing in the ecstasy. She eased off the gas and the scooter engine slowed to a mild purr as she thrust herself over my fingers one last time. She held herself there, her back arched, her ass nearly a foot above the seat, impaled on my three fingers for what seemed like forever. My arms began to ache a bit trying to hold firm against her. Finally, she sighed and eased back down onto the seat, her breathing fast and uneven. I moved my fingers from her clit, but left my three fingers inside her.

Holding her tight, I felt her body completely melt against mine and I ever-so-slowly let my fingers slip out of her, resting my hands on her thighs. We both paused there a moment, our feet on the ground balancing the scooter between our legs. I rested my head on her shoulder as we caught our breath. A short while later, I moved my hands from her thighs, reached up and gently cupped her breasts. Squeezing closer to her, I felt my limp cock slide against her back as I whispered, "You are incredible."

Diane then turned, stared into my eyes and then kissed me, hard and long. Her tongue coaxed mine from my mouth as she sucked me into her, my tongue then rolled over her teeth and around her tongue before circling the perimeter of her lips. We breathed hard through our noses, fighting to catch our breath without releasing from our kiss. Finally, we pulled apart with an audible smack.

"Foreplay?" I asked.

Her eyebrow cocked sharply and suddenly I felt an odd chill, a touch of fear that something was coming, something like I've never known before. She slowly smiled and whispered, "foreplay." Then she revved the scooter and we headed back toward the parking lot and my 1951 Indian Chief.

Diane drove the scooter a bit slower as we headed back and we were able to talk a bit rolling through the forest. "You have quite a special bike there, do you know that?" she asked.

"I know it's special, I inherited from my uncle," I replied, "and he explained to me it was. I mean, I had heard of the Indian Chief, but really didn't... don't know the entire history. My uncle just told me to keep the bike in the best shape as possible, that it would be worth a lot of money one day."

"Oh yes, back then all the real bikers were on them, those that could afford a real bike. You know, I lost my virginity on a '53."

"On the bike itself?"

"For sure," she answered, "Mind you, the bike was a sparkling new, bright red, beauty, and it was just before my nineteenth birthday. Chester and I had been hanging out together for a while then, and we'd just started getting beyond the light petting stuff. He was older and more experienced, but had been patient with me. I finally had gotten the nerve to reach into his pants and touch him and I'd let him use his fingers on me.

"Anyway, one day when I was at his house, we had gotten pretty hot and heavy on the couch. I had pretty much decided that today was the day we'd. well go all the way, when a few friends showed up and our plans changed. Chester and I quickly got ourselves together and went out to the bike. I was wearing a short skirt, but brazenly kicked my leg up over the seat and sat down. My mother would have been mortified seeing me straddling the seat like that, but hell, she was mortified already that I would spend time with someone who owned a bike like that.

"We drove off with Chester and I in front and the two other bikes trailing us. Well, the combination of our earlier petting and the feel of the bike between my legs had me really going, I mean my panties were absolutely soaked. I pulled myself tight against him, my nipples poking hard onto his back, my thighs pulled as tight to him as I could."

I felt my cock stiffening again as I listened to her story. I pulled myself tight against her as she continued.

"We stopped at a stop sign outside of town and Chester waved the two other bikes to go on ahead. He then asked me to hop off the bike and I felt him reach up under my skirt. He pulled off my wet panties and tossing them to the side of the road. Chester then spread a towel over the gas tank and helped me climb up. With his cock hard and ready, he had me gently slide down to him as I slowly took him inside me.

"It hurt a bit, but once I had most of him inside me, he told me to relax and lay back. I leaned back, letting my back rest on the gas tank. I spread my arms out on the handle bars and he revved up and headed off.

"With the vibrations and the feeling of air rushing over me, I soon forgot about the pain and simply closed my eyes and let myself feel it all. By the time we got the two other bikes in sight, I could tell Chester was about to pop. Well, he sped up the bike and just as he blew past his friends, he came, pushing forward into me, lifting my ass up off the gas tank. I was amazed how he could do that and still remain composed enough to keep the bike up.

"I didn't come that first time, but every time after that I did."

We had reached the parking lot and she pulled alongside of my bike. We paused, just looking the bike over for a minute, I then climbed off her scooter and asked, "You don't have a towel do you?"

Smiling, she reached down, lifted the seat cushion on her scooter and pulled a towel out of the small storage compartment. She held up a small vial of lubricant and whispered, "Just in case."

I climbed on my bike and started it up, then waited as Diane climbed on behind me. We sped off, back towards the trees while I pondered this amazing woman. Here I was, surrounded by women in their twenties and thirties and I am completely blown away by this seventy-year old, whose only concession to her age that I could see, was that vial of lubricant.

Entering the woods, I felt her hands reach down and firmly grab my cock, which stiffened immediately. Her hands glided over its length, applying a generous amount of the lube. I slowed the bike down, but she shouted over my shoulder, "No, go a little bit further, you'll see a turn off on the right."

"You mean up there?" I asked and pointed to a construction sign.


"But there's a construction sign."

"That's the place, trust me."

I pulled up to the turn and carefully rolled past some barricades. Off to one side, a large, yellow piece of construction equipment was shrouded in the shade. Across the road was a small office trailer that was locked up tight. I scanned the road ahead and saw that the middle of the roadway was clear, but along one side was a long pile of debris, obviously scraped from the road. I stopped the bike and while Diane climbed off from behind me, I looked closer at the road surface. Wide grooves had been scored across the road, leaving a rough, bumpy surface.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"I think so," I replied, holding her hand as she placed the towel on the gas tank and kicked one foot over, straddling the bike. Resting her feet on my thighs, she leaned back and grabbed the handlebars and eased down onto the towel.

Speechless, I gazed at her, her breasts, jiggling slightly from the vibrations of the bike, curved down to her nipples, which pointed firmly up to me. The dark nipples and areola standing out like dark chocolate on her light skin. I reached my left hand to her right breast and gently kneaded it, savoring the loose softness of it, then sliding my palm over the firm peak of her nipple.

Looking downward, I saw some faint marking across her stomach, and a touch of loose skin wrinkled at her hips, but saw she still had a beautiful curve to her body that I couldn't help but run my hand over. The tight, light curls of pubic hair had touches of gray through it that seemed to sparkle in the mottled sunlight shining through the trees. Below, her lips were swollen, obviously ready for me.

I looked up at her face and noticed a proud smile as she patiently let me look at her body. "You are beautiful," I said.

"You flatter me, but thank you," she replied, taking her hair, which she had fastened into a rough braid, and tossing it onto her chest and stomach. "Don't want to get tangled up in the works," she said, sliding herself down to me. Still holding onto the handlebars with one hand, she guided my cock into herself with the other. I felt her eyes on me as I watched and felt her slowly flow over me. The firm walls of her cunt slid easily over my well lubed shaft and feeling her warmth envelope me, I closed my eyes and sighed loudly. She then moved her feet, resting her thighs on mine and leaned back onto the towel padding. Stretching her arms out to the end of each handlebar she smiled, whispering "It gets even better." Grabbing one of my hands, she moved it, revving the bike as shouted above the roar, "Let's ride!"

Trying to concentrate on the road, I started up, speeding up to about thirty miles an hour or so. Even at that slow speed, we were both overcome by the movement of the bike over the heavy grooves in the pavement. The uneven bouncing of the bike had the back of the bike bouncing upward, as the front came down, basically pushing Diane and I together and then drawing us apart. My cock was pistoning in and out of her wet pussy, at an incredible rate, without any effort from us.

I sped up a bit more, feeling the incredible sensation of her soft, wet cunt sliding up and down on me at an unbelievable rate. Looking down at Diane, I saw the muscles in her thighs and stomach flexing as she gave herself to the pleasure. I varied the speed of the bike, changing the speed of the penetrations into her beautiful body. My attention shot back and forth from looking at the road ahead and gazing down at her body as she slid up and down over my cock.

Her face and chest flushed to a deep red and I could hear her moans over the sound of the engine. Watching her get closer and closer, I felt myself responding, the intense pleasure building in my balls and along my pistioning shaft. Just as I was sure she was going to come, the ride got suddenly smooth as we passed out of the construction zone.

Her eyes opened wide as she gasped, "Please, please, turn around. Hurry, turn around." I slowed the bike and quickly turned around and then sped back toward the grooved pavement. I looked down at her and she gazed at me, her face tense in anticipation, needing just a little more. The bike roared out onto the grooved pavement and I felt the sensations rush over me again, this time more intense, fueled by the brief smooth ride and the pause in the thrusts.

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