tagSci-Fi & FantasyGod's Angel

God's Angel


The city of Theou Agelos appeared to be a very busy and dirty one; one with people walking through the streets bumping into other people all the time and almost starting many fights. I was in the arms of a rich man's slave, along with a girl who was only slightly older than I. Her name was Katherine.

My sister and I were adopted by Katherine's father when we were young. Katherine and I weren't related but still felt really connected. Katherine also took up my little sister as her own; they did a lot together. We understood each other completely.

I grew up with Katherine. We played together, learned together, pretty much shared everything. They were some of the best and happiest times of my life. Theou Agelos was more a place like Sodom and Gomorra. There were three dominant religions: Uxter, a very popular religion new to this part of the world, the well known Greek mythology, and the dwindling Judeo-Christian. Yes, Uxter was a religion that worked in the weirdest of fashions. It was based on three principles. All people had a slight amount of power, all people liked having sex with gorgeous women thereby transferring their power to that woman, and third no one but the chief priest was to have significant enough power to start a rebellion.

Uxter was such a new religion in the area that I had never even seen the new town square that it had constructed. So Katherine, who was naturally curious about everything took me down the street and showed me what appeared to be ten blocks in the middle of the square in the shape of a pentagram with 2 blocks each forming one point of the star. On further inspection it appeared that each block had a small block attached to the center of it pointing outwards. But the shape of these blocks wasn't the striking feature about them. On top of each small block there was a woman, naked with her legs spread. The woman's ankles were bound to the table. There was also a slit through the middle of the blocks in which the chains for her arms passed through so her arms were chained down, but loosely enough that she could sit up by moving the chains forwards through the slit. The ankle chains were loose enough to allow her raise her feet.

As Katherine and I explored this new place she looped her arm though mine and held it tight, trying to avoid being raped. She seemed incredibly curious about the whole religion and pulled me this way and that looking to see the different holy priestesses in various explicit positions and the hordes of drooling men watching.

Surprisingly, the priestesses were really sexy. They weren't just any old slut or whore that you could find on any corner of a street. They were the sort that one would describe as the devil's temptresses to entice the people to sell their souls, you know...irresistibly attractive blondes that you only think of fucking and nothing else. In fact these women were so beautiful there were crowds watching them at all times and waiting in line for what came next.

Even more shocking was the purpose of these tables. There was a man underneath one woman fucking her brains out. She was already holding herself as high as her shackles would let her go thereby giving the man the space to do the fucking. However, an interesting consequence was that the momentum had nowhere to go whenever he slammed himself into her placing even more pressure on her cunt. Because of the arrangement everyone could see her breasts heaving up and down, the man sliding his dick in and out of her, see her panting and moaning, and eventually screaming with orgasm. When the man finished he merely put on his clothes leaving her to the next man to do it all over again. This man preferred to do it with her lying on her back and him standing, the difference being that this time all the other men watching were allowed by the man whose 'turn' it was to stick their dicks in her mouth or masturbate onto her. Afterward they had to clean their cum off of her only because it was unfair to the next guy who wanted to lay on her and feel her breasts against his chest when he fucked her.

I also found out that the women in the town were forced into doing something of the same thing when they got older: go to priests and have sex with them every time the urge comes.

Katherine then made me turn and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her eyes were staring into mine trying to decipher what I thought of it all.

We had been together so long that she already knew what I was going to say and so interrupted me before I could start. "The chief priest had a lot of power in the surrounding areas and thus commands a lot of people. You shouldn't try and mess with him."

"Well, he should be dead. Sex should not just be a method for a bunch or horny guys to empty their balls and move on. It should show that a person cares about a person so much that they want to become a part of the person. This is shown by the fact that they won't ever be forgotten by their partners. How many of the people here know even the names of the women that they are fucking? It's nothing but meaningless sex."

"What about you and me? Would that be meaningless sex?"

At this remark I shied away turning back to watching what was going on.

"You know that the High Priest has started pressuring young kids at about 18 to start screwing the priestesses. You are going to have to 'empty your balls' into them too."

"It's not unheard of to strike a bargain with them to skip that. I've been working and have quite a bit of money. I'll just pay off a priestess and then not do it. But what about you? You looking forward to getting pounded by the priests?"

Katherine smiled looking away slightly. "My dad struck some bargain with the head priest that gives me permanent immunity."

"You know, the money I would spend on trying to get even temporary immunity could be used elsewhere...like a new necklace for you..."

"Don't you dare!" she yelled at me. Then I sensed a note of sadness in her tone and turned her face back to mine and saw that she was crying softly. "I don't want you to fuck anyone but me in the future...." She said in a small voice.

I wondered how far in the future she was planning our lives...But anyways, I still loved her although she didn't know it yet.

"All right, I'll pay it."

"Thank you" she said starting to cheer up.

When she turned 18 a month later, she had grown very very curious as to her own sexuality. She came to me and told me to meet her next to a pond right before sunrise the next morning. She said that she had a surprise for me. Then she brushed up on me a gave me a quick soft kiss on the cheek. When I got there, I found it to be a magnificent place. It was soo beautiful. Unfortunately though, I got there a bit late and missed the beginning of the sunrise. But I saw her there under a waterfall with the sunlight slowly crawling up her body as she rinsed herself off.

Her breasts (obviously my favorite part of her, other than her face) were what I could only describe as heavenly. They were perky despite their obvious size yet they were so mesmerizing to look at that most people stared when she wasn't even wearing revealing clothing.

But now they were full and tense. Her hair was a stunning shade of blond and was running straight down her front divided at her neck and ran a couple of inches below her shoulder. Her long legs were well toned and a perfect shade of white/gold (very light gold, matching with the sun), and her stomach was also thin but toned. Then she dove in the pool and swam to her clothes to get dressed. Then five minutes later she came out to greet me (not knowing that I was watching).

"I planned for us to watch the sun rise but you were late so I took a quick shower. Hope you don't mind..." She teased. Then she walked up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck looked up into my eyes and gave me a soft kiss. "How're you feeling?" She said.

She was wearing a flower in her hair that looked beautiful. Also she wore a knee length skirt that was decorated with bright flowers, and a shirt that well...dared me to imagine. The shirt was an ordinary shirt, only wet. It was sticking to her chest not hiding any of its dimensions.

"Famished! I brought us a little something to eat," she flirted.

"Oh really, is that so? Well what has the master chef served up today?"

In between a couple of kisses she said, "Just some bread and cheese and fruit....and some, drum roll please...wine,"

"Ooh aren't we daring?"

After about a half of an hour of our flirting, drinking, and making out, she asked me "Do you ever wonder why all those men line up to have sex with those priestesses?"

"It's supposed to be fun...duh, especially since the priestesses are hot," I responded.

"Am I hot?" she asked as she looked into my eyes.

"Sorry dear, you're beautiful, not really hot. Being 'hot' means that the only reason people like you is because they want to fuck you. But you're beautiful, meaning that not only do people want to fuck you they want to do it because they love you."

"Awww. But I meant what do they feel? They look like animals when they do it"

"I don't know."

"More wine?"

"Sure," I'd had too much wine and was getting drunk by now, but I didn't care.

She poured some wine in my glass and waited for me to finish it before she came and sat in my lap with her legs wrapped around me.

"You know, we've been going out for a long time already....."

And I cut her off with a nice long deep passionate kiss. Then she sat down on me; letting me know that she wasn't wearing any panties. Oh man, when she gets horny, she gets horny. And now she had a particularly eager look in her eye. One that showed all of the deep thought, fantasies, and in particular love she had for me. Still I couldn't see anything because of her long skirt, but I knew what must be there. My dick grew to full size near immediately. How embarrassing it was to not have any control. Ironically, she looked at it and the eagerness in her eyes grew. Then she broke our kiss and unbuttoned my shirt. I lay down on the grass making it a bit harder for her. Then she took the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulled it off of me thereby leaning over me to get the shirt off and giving me a good view of her breasts. They were magnificent. Her shirt was still wet but now her nipples were clearly visible. Then she pulled down my pants and stared and my dick.

"Shit, this is bigger then I expected..." She teased.

"Hey, what did you think? That I'm puny?"

"No, you're even bigger than the larger ones who screw the priestesses. You should take it as a compliment."

"What you watch the men have sex with the priestesses? God I love you! You look ravishing yourself."

"Oh, little old me?" She said playfully. Then she held my dick in her hand. Her fingers were so soft yet also very cold. It sent a satisfying chill through my body. I sat up and started kissing her again. Then she guided my dick inside her as she sat down on my lap. She stopped the kiss and gave a small, soft shriek, her face immediately displaying a mix of both pleasure and pain. Then she collapsed on her back. Her cunt was so tight she had a hard time getting my dick in. After a few inches it seemed to hit something. It was obvious that we were both virgins, but still. I leaned over her and asked her if it was too much. First she wrapped her arms around my neck and brought our heads side by side. Then she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me all the way into her.

As I started pulling back out she relaxed and started to enjoy it. Then I pushed all the way back into her and she cried out in ecstasy. Wow, she was already ready to cum...She was really sensitive. As I continued her breathing accelerated and she started moving her cunt to me to give more pleasure in the impact while using her legs to push me into her harder. After about half of a minute of sex and increasingly loud moaning she was ready to cum. I felt her already vice tight cunt clamp down on my dick as she started gushing all of her liquids onto my dick. She screamed with pure pleasure as she was overtaken with orgasm after orgasm. The power of her orgasms was clear as daylight as she started to convulse under me faster and faster with each new orgasm.

Yet I was only getting started. I felt her breasts heaving into my chest as her breathing quickened even more. I kept pistoning in and out of her, watching her lovely face discover new expressions. Her orgasms continued for fifteen minutes until I could take it no longer. She seemed to sense that I was close and so kept me as deep as I could be inside of her. Then I shot load after load of cum into her waiting womb.

After I finished cumming in her I sat up and looked at her. She was the most beautiful thing ever. Her whole face and chest was flushed a deep pink. She couldn't look and more beautiful, sexy, hot, and also innocent. What I saw then must have been god's inspiration in creating heaven; right there in her soul, her happiness that was clearly radiating from her. I'm not being metaphorical here. There were really rings of color, of warmth, radiating from her; warming my heart and deepening my love for her.

She started saying "I lov-" but passed out from her last orgasm.

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