tagErotic CouplingsGoing Braless Pays Off

Going Braless Pays Off


Jenny was her name. She was 5'5" tall with dark brown, shoulder length hair. Her 115 lb. Figure was very firm with all the right curves. Jenny worked our computer room as an operator. I didn't see her very much because I was responsible for the entire information systems organization of 400+ people.

One day I overheard some other computer operators talking about Jenny not wearing a bra and her tits nearly spilling out of her blouse. I ventured into the computer room to see what all the fuss was about and acted as if I was making one of my normal random walkthroughs. I spotted Jenny and she was pre-occupied with her work as she moved briskly about the equipment. She was dressed in all black.

She wore black leather boots that came up to just below her knees. She also was wearing a black midi skirt that was cut about 8" above her knees; she did not wear any nylons or hose. Her blouse was also black with the top 3 or 4 buttons undone and you could clearly see her bra-less tits straining to get out. Her tits are very firm and her brisk movements allowed them to be seen from certain angles, particularly when she bent over from the waist to pick something up.

I stood there for awhile watching her and felt myself becoming aroused. I decided to approach her about the distraction and how she was impacting male productivity in the computer room.

"Jenny, when you have a minute may I see you in my office," I asked her.

"Right away, Mr. Cole," she responded. I returned to my office to wait for her.

When she arrived she had buttoned her blouse up but her firm tit nipples were very obvious through the material. I asked her to close the door and I could tell that she was nervous.

"Do you know why I asked to see you, Jenny?" I asked.

"No I don't," she replied.

"Well we do have a dress code policy here at our company and it is very specific about nudity. I observed you working in the computer room with your blouse open and it is obvious that you are not wearing a bra. Also it is very distracting to your fellow male workers and is impacting their productivity," I informed her.

"I don't know what you are talking about Mr. Cole," she replied with a tremble in her voice.

I walked over to lock and close the door to my office and I reminded her of the severity of this particular company policy that could result in termination. I also cautioned her about telling the truth.

"Really I don't know what you are referring to," she said unconvincingly.

My patience was worn thin and I said, "Very well, please remove your blouse and if you are wearing a bra then this meeting is over."

She hesitated without speaking and I told her the other option was to leave her I.D. with me and she was fired. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She stood there with her hands at her side with her gorgeous tits pointing right at me. She had pert, firm tits with eraser hard nipples that pointed up slightly toward the ceiling.

"Please don't fire me I really need this job," she begged me.

I stared at her for what seemed to be a long time but was probably less than a minute. I felt my cock rising in my pants and it was hard to conceal an 8" cock as thick as mine.

I moved over to her and took both of her tits in my hands as I said, "You really have beautiful tits and I am sure that we can work something out."

I stroked her tits lovingly and rolled her nipples in between my fingers. Jenny began to moan. "Would you like me to kiss and suck on your tits?" I asked.

"Oh yes it feels so good my husband never plays with my tits." she gasped.

I kissed her tits tenderly and sucked on her nipples, running my tongue around them and gently nipping them with my teeth. She was going wild and without warning she exploded with an orgasm. I held her as she shook and slipped my hand under her skirt. Her panties were soaked and I asked her if she would like me to take her panties off. She nodded yes almost shyly as if she was embarrassed. I knelt down if front of her and pushed her midi skirt up to her waist. Jenny had beautiful legs with delicious thighs. I kissed all around her thighs and tummy and slowly slipped her panties down and off her legs.

She leaned back against my conference table opening her legs a little and giving my tongue access to her tasty pussy. I licked her pussy and fingered her as well. I rolled her clit in my fingers and reached up with my free hand to tweak her nipples. She started to shake uncontrollably with another orgasm and creamed my face with her female juices. I laid her back on the conference table and stood between her legs. I lowered my trousers and underwear to reveal my engorged cock.

I could tell she was impressed with my organ and at the same time a little apprehensive. I eased my dick into her juicy pussy and fucked her slowly until I was buried balls deep in her cunt. Jenny wrapped her legs around my back and humped herself on my cock bringing herself off with many more orgasms before I finally filled her pussy with my cum. I kept fucking her through my orgasm and I was able to remain hard.

I pulled out of Jenny's pussy and I turned her around. I had her place her hands on the table and arch her back. She looked so good with her perfect ass facing me. I re-entered her pussy from behind and started to fuck her again. She loved it when I reached around and played with her tits and rock hard nipples. I also started to finger her asshole, which I was certain was still virgin. Butt fucking is my favorite and I never pass up the opportunity when it presents itself.

Jenny seemed to like the double penetration with cock and finger. I decided to add a second finger to her asshole and although I met with some resistance at first I was soon sawing two fingers in and out of her ass. I continued to add her pussy juice and my saliva to my fingers to keep them slick. I slipped my cock out of her cunt and positioned it at the entrance to her asshole.

Jenny looked over her shoulder, almost in a helpless state and said, "I'm not sure I want to do this I never have been fucked in my ass."

I told her that she shouldn't worry that the girls that have tried it loved it. I also told her that we would stop any time she wanted, but to be a little patient.

I pushed the head of cock past her sphincter and left it there for a few minutes allowing her to adjust to the girth of my cock. Then I eased my cock in a little more than back out, each time adding about a ¼ or ½ inch to the penetration. It took about 15 minutes before I was totally buried in her ass. Her asshole contracted around my cock and I kept adding pussy juice and saliva to keep it slick.

I began moving faster and then got into a good rhythm pulling almost all the way out and then burying my cock to the hilt in her ass. Jenny was gasping but had clearly adjusted to the sodomy. With my free hands I fingered her cunt and diddled her clit while I played with her tits and nipples with the other. Soon we were both panting rapidly and I was really picking up the pace. I could feel my balls tightening in preparation of another orgasm and Jenny was building to one also.

She came first flooding my fingers in her cunt with her female spunk. Her asshole contracted rapidly as she came and started milking the cum from my cock. I blasted her asshole with my jizm filling it with so much that the cum ran out of her ass while my cock was still buried in her.

Jenny leaned forward on the conference table with her tits crushed into the top of it. I leaned over her and kissed her neck and cheeks. She was murmuring, "Thank you, thank you."

Shortly afterward we both cleaned up the best we could and got dressed. Jenny still looked a little sheepish, so I consoled her and told her not to worry that I was very discreet and that our encounter would just be between us. She seemed relieved and told me that she would like to get together again.

"Do I need to wear a bra tomorrow?" she asked.

I smiled and told her that if she didn't she would have to come to my office again.

"Sounds like a plan," she said wickedly.

We both returned to work.

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