Going Down?


He entered the elevator with his head down and his eyes on the document in his hands, just another busy executive making use of every moment. In the rear corner of the car, her attention sharpened and her eyes quickly scanned him.

He stood about five foot six and couldn't weigh more than 140 pounds. She weighed about that as well, but it was spread across a broad shouldered frame that was just an inch or so short of six feet tall. The result was that she looked like an Amazon warrior, statuesque and strong, yet clearly feminine.

Her last steady piece had called her Xena because of her powerful build and her sexual aggression. That aggression was the key element of her sexuality. She seldom allowed herself to come before her lover did, usually riding him until he came, then following with her own orgasm. It was actually difficult for her to come before her man. She described the feeling of a man coming within her and his moans as foreplay to her. So strong and dominant was she that she almost never tied her lovers to maintain control. It was so much more fun to simply force them to do her will.

But as thrilling as it was to physically dominate and control her lover, it was even more thrilling to hunt and take sexual prey in public places. It was that need that had brought her to this high rise office building. She had already ridden from lobby to top floor three times, watching for the right target.

She had taken prey, as she thought of it, almost a dozen times now, and each time the thrill of the hunt, the chance of being caught, and that tricky time between her initial assault and her victim's acceptance of his fate made her pussy gush and her heart pound.

As all this crossed her mind, the elevator stopped and several people got on, to her delight. It made her target have to move deeper into the car, which he did casually, never looking up from the papers in his hands. She quickly but unobtrusively positioned herself both closer to him and between him and the car's door. He seemed fairly attractive, but that wasn't her concern. A hard cock and a man she could physically overpower if need be were her criteria.

She continued to watch him, confident that he was headed towards the top floors of the eighty story building because he paid no attention to the floors as they passed. As the crowd dwindled, she eased back until she was against the car's rear wall and just a foot or two off his left shoulder. Finally, everyone but the two of them had gotten off. There were just three floors left to go to the top, and she could see the button lighted for the top one. As the door closed behind the last rider, she dropped her cell phone in front of the man she planned to fuck within the next few minutes.

He bent to retrieve it, as she had bet he would, and she reached across him with her long arm and pushed the STOP button on the panel. At the same time, as he began to straighten, she grabbed him by the back of the coat collar, spinning him, and almost slamming him into the wall at the rear of the car.

"Hey, goddamn it, what are you doing?" he yelled as she stepped in behind him and put her forearm across his neck, keeping his face pinned against the wall, as she moved her body in against his hips, forcing them to the wall as well. He was effectively pinned although he struggled hard to get free. She towered above him, and was clearly the more powerful of the two, especially with the element of surprise on her side.

The feel of him struggling against her sent a flood of heat to her pussy, as she whispered in his ear, "Relax. No one is going to hurt you."

The female voice surprised him. He had been so concentrated on his work that he had no idea who else, if anyone, was still in the car with him, until he saw the cell phone on the floor before him and without thinking, bent to pick it up. When he felt himself being spun into the wall, he assumed he was about to be mugged, but now the strong but decidedly female and sexy voice in his ear stopped his struggles for just a second.

That second was all she needed. The next thing he knew, a hand had snaked up between his legs from behind and grabbed his crotch, cock and balls. That grip was strong enough to make him fearful, yet knowing enough to make him begin to stiffen.

He also felt the woman's pelvis thrust against him, keeping his hips pinned and him off balance. The forearm across the back of his neck, and the weight behind it was sufficient to make him consider going along with his assailant, at least until he got his wits about him again. Her tits in his back felt large and firm.

She gave him little time for that however. He could hear the rustle of clothing behind him, even as she told him that he should relax and stop struggling. Soon, she stepped even closer to him, grabbing his right wrist and pulling his arm behind him. He groaned, but he wasn't sure if it was from pain or the excitement of being manhandled by this woman. One thing he knew -- his cock was getting hard and he was more and more inclined to see where this was headed.

She took the other wrist and pulled it back, then gathered them both in one large hand and pinned them in the small of his back, while her other hand reached around and unfastened his slacks, dropping them to his ankles and further reducing his ability to resist. Her hand quickly slipped inside his boxers and she found a surprisingly generous handful of cock, rapidly growing into a very nice hardon. It always surprised her how many small men had large cocks.

Forcing her right thigh between his legs, she pressed him even harder to the wall, while her leg pressed between his ass cheeks. "Little man, that's a nice dick you have. Now, I don't want to hear a lot of talking or arguing from you, but if you do what

I say, I promise it will be worth your while. Now we only have a few minutes, so just do what you're told, alright?"

When he didn't answer she squeezed his balls just enough to get his attention. "I said, alright?"

He nodded, rubbing his cheek against the wall where she kept his head pinned wither forearm. She slowly but firmly began to stroke his cock, first pulling his boxers down till his genitals and his ass cheeks were exposed. She went back and forth, jacking his dick and then kneading his ass cheeks. Soon all thoughts of resistance left his mind and pleasure became his purpose.

She sensed it when his body relaxed, and eased up on the pressure she had on him. She turned him quickly and squatted in the same motion, taking his cock in her mouth and sucking deep. Before the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, he was hers. As she bobbed up and down on his cock, he put his head back and relaxed, loving the feeling as she virtually attacked him. Her hands closed on his hips and she literally pulled his ass forward to meet her falling head as she sucked and pulled at his cock.

With his hands free, he placed one on each side of her head and fucked her face, sliding his long thin cock in and out of her mouth, as she drooled and slurped at him.

It wasn't long until he felt his balls begin to tighten and draw up beneath his cock. She felt it too, and quickly stood, opening her blouse and feeding her solid medium sized tits right in his face. Seizing his hands as he reached for her tits, she pinned one arm to each side and fed him the sweet meat of her breasts, while refusing to let him touch them. He bit and sucked and chewed at them as she forced them into his mouth and face.

His attentions soon had her pussy on fire and she stepped back just long enough to shuck her skirt, leaving her pussy bare, since panties hadn't been part of her plan this morning. She stood just two feet away and toyed with her clit and a pussy that was almost bare, with just a narrow patch of hair just above her slit. Her fingers slid briefly inside her pussy, between the fully meaty lips and the puffy mons, glistening with juice as they reappeared. Reaching her fingers toward him she watched as he sucked them, tasting her juices and never taking his eyes from hers. He was conquered alright. No doubt about that.

Stepping close, she reached down and grabbed his cock in her hand, stroking it several times and spreading several drops of precum across the head of it. She then raised one leg and placed his cock head at the mouth of her cunt. Her height made it easy to slide down on to his solid shaft and begin to work her pussy up and down. She soon had one long leg wrapped around his waist and hips and was slamming her pussy onto his cock ,taking more and more control of the action. At the same time, she pinned his hands above his head, their fingers entwined and their bellies slapping loudly against each other. With her free hand, she reached around and played with his ass, squeezing and pulling and running a long finger up between his ass cheeks and teasing at his asshole. His breathing became hoarse and labored as he strove to get more and more cock into her.

She was wet and he was close to coming when she looked him right in the eyes. "Give me that cum! I want to feel your hot sperm way up in my belly", and she bent her knees suddenly, driving his cock all the way to the back of her cunt. He came at once, shooting into her gain and again, as his slender cock lurched and twitched in her pussy.

Once she felt his cum burning in her belly, she came as well, streaming juices across his cock and down across his balls as well. They ground and thrust at each other for several moments, she gave him a deep tongue filled kiss, and stood on tiptoes to slide his cock out of her pussy. Bending to grab his boxers, she grinned. "These are my trophy," she said.

Spent and blown away by what had happened in just five minutes, he nodded weakly and watched as she punched the STOP button again and walked off the elevator when the door opened.

He had just gotten his pants back on when the car hit his floor and the door opened.

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