tagLesbian SexGoing Goth Ch. 02

Going Goth Ch. 02


Niki quickly closed the door, saying "I knew you guys were getting it on, I just knew it."

"Ohhh, no," Teri moaned, beginning to cry, "They'll break us up, they'll send me away, please don't tell anyone Niki, please."

Snapping out of her shock at their being discovered, Brittany said "Get dressed, Teri, we'll bluff our way out of this. Where's the folks, squirt?"

"Downstairs arguing about something as usual," Niki replied, smirking, "I'll keep 'em busy until you get ready to come down." Going out the door, she turned, said "I knew it" and was gone. Dressing hurriedly, the girls straightened the bed sheet, put Teri's overnight bag in the closet and went downstairs to greet the family.


The parents having gone upstairs to bed, the three girls sat talking in the family room. Brittany and Teri, their arms around each other, told Niki what had happened and how they were in love.

"I think it's sweet," Niki said, "But what are you guys gonna do now? If the parents find out they'll shit."

"We're gonna keep it a secret," Teri said, defiantly. "After I graduate we're gonna go to State College and live together. I won't let anyone come between us."

"That's the woman I love," Brittany said, kissing her. "You think the folks bought our story about studying, squirt?"

"Yeah, sure," Niki said dismissively. "They don't have a clue."

"And I want to keep it that way," Brittany replied, "Why'd you guys come back early?"

"Ahhh, the usual," Niki said. "You know Mom and Aunt Sylvia; they can't be around each other for very long before they start arguing about something. Mom got pissed; Sylvia's ankle was feeling better, so we left. It's damn lucky for you guys I came upstairs first."

Brittany and Teri hugged and nodded in assent; the prospect of being found out and separated this early in their relationship was too terrible to contemplate.

"Can I ask you guys something?" Niki continued.

"Sure, what do you want to know," Brittany replied.

"What's it like, I mean making it with a woman?" Niki said, genuinely curious.

"It's wonderful," Teri said happily, "Brit's such a gentle and considerate lover and she makes me cum so hard I see stars."

"Being with a woman is totally different than being with a guy," Brittany continued, "It's nowhere near as rough, it's soft and sensual and a woman knows just how to please another woman, then there's the multiple orgasms and your partner doesn't roll over and go to sleep when you're finished. I'm not saying I don't like guys and I do enjoy being fucked; it's just ... different."

"Can I ask you something else," Niki said, hesitating, then "Would you consider including me in sometime? I've always been bi-curious, but I've never had the nerve to approach anyone I know. I mean, if they turned me down and told other people, my life would be pure hell."

"Yeah," Teri said, "That's another reason why Brit and I are keeping our love a secret. I don't want to be referred to as 'the dyke' or 'the queer' while I'm still in high school. I bet some of those tough biker and motor head girls would try to beat me up too."

"I dunno about you joining us, squirt," Brittany said, "You're my sister and that would be Incest."

"And you're my BFF," Teri continued, "We've known each other since kindergarten. I love you like a sister. It'd be kinda weird."

"Yeah, you're right," Niki replied, "Still; I think it'd be sooo sexy. Will you think about it at least?"

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to think about it," Teri said, looking a Brittany, "Whattaya think sweetie?"

"We'll think about it," Brittany replied, "Hey, it's going on eleven, I better get you home before your folks start calling and blow the whole thing. I'll be back in a few, Niki."

"Bye, Niki," Teri said, hugging her, "Thanks for not telling, you're the best friend ever."

"I may be a lot of things, but I'm no squealer," Niki said, grinning, "See ya tomorrow, Teri."

She watched the lovers leave hand in hand, then went upstairs to her room, undressed and lay on her bed. Thinking about her sister and Teri doing her like she'd seen those women in those Lesbian videos got her hot and she began to rub her clit. Her orgasm was quick and powerful and she put her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream of release. Overcome, she lay for a moment, feeling weak and breathing hard, and then went to take a shower and cool down.


Brittany turned off her car lights before they turned into Teri's parent's driveway so as not to alert them they were there. They slid to the center of the seat and snuggled, not yet willing to say goodnight.

"I hate it when you're not with me," Brittany said, nuzzling Teri's neck, "I love you so much."

"I feel so lost when you're not near me," Teri replied, "It's like a part of me is gone."

They quickly became aroused and, spreading their legs across each other, they began to finger their partner's wet pussy, kissing open mouthed and moaning softly at the stimulation they were receiving. Soon they were fucking each other with four fingers, rubbing their lover's swollen clit with their thumbs. Moaning and whimpering they felt their lover near orgasm and fucked each other harder, plunging their fingers deep inside their partner's gooey cunts until they came together with sobbing moans, bodies jerking in release. They fucked to a second mutual orgasm and clung together satiated, happy and so much in love.

Saying goodbye at last, Brittany waited until Teri was at her front door waving, then backed out and drove away, leaving her car lights on until she was down the street from the house. She missed Teri already, wanting to be with her forever. Part of her still marveled at how she had fallen so hard for a younger member of her own sex and how their lovemaking was so terrifically exciting; so different than being with a man.


The weeks passed quickly. Brittany and Teri saw each other whenever they could, made love whenever they could, stayed focused on their studies and dreamed of their future together. Brittany saved all the money she could spare so when she and Teri struck out on their own they'd have something to fall back on if things got tough.

Brittany returned home one evening to find her mother sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea and reading a magazine. Her senses went on full alert; Mom was always in bed by this time, something was up.

"Good evening, dear," Susan said cheerfully, "How are you this evening?"

"I'm okay," Brittany replied warily.

"Would you like some tea?"

"Um ... sure ... that'd be nice."

Susan arose, prepared a cup and placed it before Brittany who had seated herself in the chair opposite.

"I ran into Leslie in the market today," Susan continued, "I hadn't seen her for a while; we had a long conversation over lunch, y'know, catching up on things."

Brittany kept her expression neutral, but her heart and mind were racing. Leslie was Teri's mother. What had they been discussing?

"She had such nice things to say about you," Susan said. "How Teri's grades have improved since you began tutoring her and how much happier she's been lately. She used to be so gloomy and withdrawn since she started running with that Goth crowd."

"Teri's very nice once you get to know her," Brittany said, her voice even. "She learns fast and she's fun to be around."

"Leslie mentioned something interesting she'd seen on Teri's computer," Susan replied. "She was putting some clean clothes away in Teri's room the other day and saw some pictures of you on the screen."

'Oh, shit,' Brittany thought, 'I didn't think she had any pictures of me. I hope they weren't of us ...'

"She had made a collage of pictures of you," Susan said, "Some were of you sleeping. How did she take those I wonder?"

"I must have fallen asleep once or twice when we were studying," Brittany replied, thinking fast.

"I think she may have a bit of a crush on you," Susan continued. "Girls her age can be quite impressionable."

"First I heard of it," Brittany said, heart racing. "She's never said anything to me about it."

"Leslie's wondering if Teri may be interested in girls," Susan bored on. "She's a little concerned about it."

Brittany showed little reaction, saying "Lots of girls have crushes on other girls when they're Teri's age. Many of them experiment too. Most of them finally decide they prefer boys, some don't. Some are bisexual. They enjoy anybody. We learned all that in Sex Ed when I was a sophomore in high school. Why is Mrs. Dean so concerned anyway?"

"She doesn't want her to suffer all the prejudices against Lesbian and Gay people," Susan said. "She's a sweet girl and her mother worries about her, that's all."

"There's a lot of that out there," Brittany agreed. "Some people are so ignorant it's amazing. If Teri is a Lesbian, she's tougher than her mother gives her credit for. She'll be okay."

"You're a good friend, Brittany. I know you're protective of Teri, I've seen you two together."

"She's a sweet kid and I like her. I think I'll go to bed now, Mom, it's been a rough day and I'm beat."

"Good night, dear. I'm glad we can talk like this. I love you."

"Me too, Mom, I love you, goodnight."

Susan watched her daughter leave and sipped her lukewarm tea. She knew that Brittany and Theresa were more than just friends; she could feel it in her bones. The memories of how much she and JoAnne were in love when they were roommates in college were still fresh in her mind after all these years. She sighed, washed her cup and said aloud "I don't want you to suffer as I did, my darling girl."


Brittany was clocking out at the Bargain Barn when her phone warbled, it was Teri.

"Hi sweetie, what's goin' on?"

"I need you, baby," Teri answered, she sounded as if she'd been crying.

"What's wrong, love?"

"I'm at Fat Freddie's Barbecue on 10th; I'll tell you when you get here. Please hurry."

When Brittany pulled into Fat Freddie's parking lot, she saw Teri sitting on the curb of a planter island, her head down. She parked next to her and ran to her side "What's wrong baby?"

Teri looked up, her hair was a mess, her black top and patterned stockings were torn, her white makeup smudged and streaked with her tears. Brittany helped her to her feet, sat her in the car, slid behind the wheel and drove away.

"What happened, baby? Why are you all messed up?"

"I got in a fight at school," Teri said disconsolately. "I'm on a week's suspension. My folks are gonna shit a brick."

"A fight, who with, is someone bothering you?"

"One of those mean girls at school, her names Gina, she wasn't bothering me and I started it."

"You did, that's not your style baby, what happened?"

"It was after class. There's this girl I know named Carolyn, she's nice and I like her. She wears her hair in a buzz cut and wears jeans and a t-shirt a lot. Well, we were walking together and Gina and her pals said something about look at the dyke and it pissed me off.

I went up to her and said that was mean what she said and she said I must be a dyke too if I'm with her. I saw red and slapped her as hard as I could and knocked her on her ass. She came up swinging and we were going at it when the Vice-Principal saw us and marched us into her office. Now we're both suspended and I don't care. Gina's a bitch saying stuff like that."

She paused for breath, her hands balled into fists, face flushed with anger. "She better stay out of my way or I'll really hurt her next time."

Brittany was taken aback, her sweet, gentle Teri had become a tigress and it was a side of her she'd never seen. She felt a rush of pride and affection for her combative lover and wanted nothing more than to hold her close and kiss her anger away. An opportunity presented itself to do just that when the entrance to a wilderness area came into view.

Brittany's car rumbled down a gravel road until they were in a secluded area where they stopped. She turned off the engine, grabbed a blanket from the back seat, helped Teri out of the car and they lay down in the shade of a big Oak tree. They embraced and held each other for several minutes, Teri's heart pounding until she calmed and kissed Brittany tenderly on the lips.

"I don't know what came over me, baby," she began, "It was as if that bitch was calling us names. I just wanted to smash her face in." She nestled her face between her lover's breasts, sobbing "I love you so much. I won't let anyone hurt you."

Brittany hugged her with one arm, stroking her hair with her free hand, murmuring soothing words of affection until the girl stopped crying, smiled and kissed her on the lips again.

"I won't let anyone hurt you either," Brittany said, "We'll always have the others back. We're a team you and I as well as friends and lovers."

Teri sighed and nuzzled her lover's neck at the shoulder, knowing her points of arousal. They slowly removed the others clothing, kissing the revealed flesh until they were naked. Brittany lay back and spread her legs, Teri nestled between them and they began rubbing their pussies together. Moaning and whimpering they rubbed harder as their desires consumed them.

Teri threw one leg over Brittany's to make better contact and sat up straddling her crotch, their increasingly wet pussies making squishing sounds as their labial lips and stiff clits ground together. Brittany lifted one leg which Teri grasped to gain more leverage and raised her hips, swiveling back and forth against her lover's wet crotch.

They began to shiver as their orgasms grew deep within them, rising like steam from boiling water, building and building until they exploded in bursts of sheer ecstasy as they screamed again and again continuing to grind together until another orgasm left them breathless. Teri slumped on top of Brittany who embraced her trembling body until they finally relaxed.

"I love you so much, baby," Brittany purred, kissing Teri's cheek, "You always make me cum so hard."

"I couldn't ask for a sweeter lover," Teri replied, "I never want to stop fucking you and giving you pleasure."

"Giving us pleasure you mean," Brittany replied. "We better get you home before your folks start to worry."

They dressed quickly and drove to Teri's house, sitting close together until they turned onto her street, and then slid apart, still holding hands. Brittany turned into the driveway, stopped with the motor running, they kissed and Teri got out, bounding across the lawn and up the front steps waving 'Bye' as Brittany backed out and drove away, waving back.


Leslie Dean was watching TV in the media room when her daughter walked in. Seeing her disheveled appearance, she went to her saying "Teri, dear, what happened to you?"

"I was fighting, mother," Teri said, wearily. "Now I'm suspended for a week and I don't care, that bitch deserved it."

"Theresa Marie Dean," Leslie said, sternly, "Proper young ladies don't swear or get into fights. Now who were these hooligans that assaulted you? I'll have them spoken to by the principal."

Teri flopped in a chair saying "I started it, mother. She said something nasty about one of my friends and I slapped her good and hard across the face. She hit me back and then we were wrestling and hitting and the Vice Principal caught us and suspended us for fighting. I'm just sorry she stopped us because I wanted to kick her ass."

Leslie was stunned by Teri's outburst; suddenly her sweet, ladylike little daughter was swearing and fighting like a common thug. It must be that Goth crowd she fancied; low life all of them. She'd soon put a stop to this.

"I never heard of such a thing, young lady. The very idea; brawling and using foul language, you're grounded for a week. You can just stay in your room and reflect on what you've done. You may come downstairs for meals, but that's it. Your father would be appalled if he was here."

"Grounded? But mother, Brittany and I were going to study tomorrow night at her house. Can't I at least go out for that? Please?"

"No exceptions, Theresa, Brittany will have to wait to study with you until your punishment is over. Furthermore, I don't want you associating with those scruffy friends of yours, those Goth children, they're a bad influence."

Teri began to cry, not to see Brittany for a week was unthinkable and she was not supposed not to see her friends either; her sorrow quickly turned to rage.

"For Christ's sake mother I'm eighteen years old, I'm not some little kid you can order around. I'll be going to college soon and I'll be on my own and you won't be able to control my life. Brittany's my closest and dearest friend and we're going to college together and we're gonna be roomies and ... and ... Aughhh, I'm going to my room."

Leslie watched openmouthed as her daughter stormed out, stomped up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door. What had gotten into the girl? Granted, she was almost a woman, but she was still under her roof and she'd obey her rules. Why, the nerve of the little snip. Then a pungent scent reached her nose emanating from where Teri had been sitting. She went closer and sniffed again. It was the smell of sex, recent sex; her daughter had been having sex with someone; probably one of those boys she hung around with.

So that's what the fight was about! Her daughter and another girl had been fighting over some boys attentions, Teri had won and she and that boy had run off somewhere and had sex. How dare this ruffian corrupt her darling little girl? She'd see that he was punished severely; Theresa too. What if she would get pregnant? The whole town would find out and she would be humiliated in front of her friends. Theresa would have to be sent away and the child put up for adoption, how utterly shameful. She'd get to the bottom of this if it was the last thing she did.


Brittany snapped her phone shut and sighed. She and Teri had talked for hours commiserating over this latest intrusion into their relationship and how unfair it was. They had jilled off twice during their conversation if only to hear their partners moans and cries of release each imagining it was the others fingers getting them off. She turned off the bedside lamp, slid under the covers and drifted into sleep.

The feel of a warm body spooning against her back and a soft hand cupping her breast caused Brittany to awaken with a start. Then a soft voice purred "Mmmm, you feel so good." It was Niki.

"What do you think you're doing?" Brittany said as Niki rubbed her barely furred pussy on her sister's bare ass. "You shouldn't be in here, what if the folks come in?"

"They're asleep, I checked," was the reply. "Fuck me, Brit. I want to know what it's like."

"I said Teri and I would think about it," Brittany said, the touch of her sisters body arousing her, "I'm not going to cheat on her with you."

"I love you and Teri more than anyone else in the world," Niki replied, rolling her sisters stiff nipple between her fingers, "It wouldn't be cheating on her, I'm your sister and it's okay if sisters fuck, we're family."

"Then it's Incest," Brittany said, her resolve weakening even as she spoke the words. "It's just not right, Niki."

"It's not right that we enjoy each other?" Niki breathed, nibbling Brittany's ear. "C'mon Brit, you know you want to, let's fuck." Her hand moved from her sister's breast down to her pussy, "Mmmm, you're all gooey, someone's been jilling off, let me help you do it again."

Brittany jerked and moaned as her sister's finger rubbed her clit and slid into her soaked pussy. It was if she was frozen in place, helpless to resist her sister's attentions. "No, don't, please," she whimpered, but spread her legs giving her younger sibling further access to her pussy as lust rose within her and all she wanted was Niki to make her cum.

Niki wriggled against her sister, her other arm curling around Brittany's shoulders, holding her in place as she finger fucked her, her own pussy rubbing wetly against her sister's firm ass cheek. Brittany thrust herself onto Niki's slim fingers, wanting them deeper inside her, shivering in arousal as an orgasm blossomed in her very core.

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