Going Green


Sam sat down — or rather collapsed because his weak knees refused to support him any longer — and fought to keep his eyes open while she untied his shoes, removed them, and then dispensed with his pants as well. He felt as if he was burning up, and removed his shirt with trembling hands.

Denise stood back up, and let her skirt fall to the floor. Her panties followed immediately after, and she climbed into the bed next to him. She kissed his neck, and then whispered into his ear. "I want to play with my toy for you. Would you like that?"

Sam nodded and managed to breathe, "Uh huh."

She moved to the foot of the bed, picking up the vibrator along the way, and lay back to spread her legs wide. She shook the toy vigorously, making sure it had a nice strong charge, while Sam lay down on his side facing her. He drank in the sight of her, still somewhat in disbelief that it was really happening.

Either satisfied with her efforts, or unwilling to wait any longer, Denise stopped shaking the toy and turned it on. She brought the tip to her moist nether lips, and sucked in a sharp gasp. Sam watched the copy of his cock slide up and down the parting of her lips, getting the tip wet, and then she slid it inside her.

Denise rotated the humming cock, making sure it was good and wet, from tip to base, and then started stroking it. She built up speed quickly, the clackity-clack of the magnet sliding mingled with her moans, the hum of the toy, and the wet crackle that sounded with every thrust.

The vibe pumped faster, and Denise writhed on the bed from the pleasure it was giving her. "Oh, it feels so good. I can't wait to have the real thing."

Sam felt the first twitches of life between his legs upon hearing those sexy words. It would still be a little while before he could get hard again, but he was perfectly content to watch her fuck herself with his creation.

Denise added a finger rubbing her clit as her passion mounted. "Mmm — Oh. I'm going to come so hard. Do you want to see me come?"

"Oh yeah."

"I'm getting so close. It feels so good. Tell me to."

"Come for me," Sam blurted out.

"Oh yes," Denise squealed, and then the fingers on her bud moved faster. Soon enough, they were almost a blur, and her head began to lash on the pillow, whipping her auburn tresses.

Her breasts jiggled from her efforts, and milky white cream dribbled out around the vibrator as she moved toward a crescendo. "Oh! Oh! I'm gonna come!"

Denise stiffened as she reached the cusp of ecstasy. Her writhing ceased. Her face tightened and grew flushed. Her mouth dropped open, her jaw trembling, and then she rammed the vibrator home with all of her strength.

Sam started from the volume of her scream as she gave voice to her pleasure. Her head popped up off the pillow, and then immediately thumped back down. Her body convulsed as if from an inner quake, and she held the vibrator buried inside her with both hands. Finally, she screamed again, and collapsed limp to the bed.

Though he'd watched thousands of hours of porn in his time, nothing could compare to the sight of a real woman having a real orgasm only inches away from him. To see his beautiful co-worker in the throes of ecstasy was like pure heaven. He'd certainly never experienced anything like it in his few, awkward sexual encounters, already many years past.

Denise pulled the vibrator from her depths with trembling hands, and let it fall to the bed. It continued to hum up against her butt as she slowly came down from her peak, panting for breath.

Without taking his eyes from her, Sam picked up the toy and turned it off. Denise's eyelids fluttered open, and she smiled at him before a full body shiver shook her and drew out a moan. "Did you... Did you like that?"

"I loved it."

Denise giggled. "Me too." Her hand crept between her legs and she gasped from the touch at first. After a couple of deep breaths, she caressed her nether lips, parting them, and said, "You know what I want? I want your mouth on me. I want you to eat my pussy."

Sam's stomach knotted up with nervousness, but the sound of her voice and the sight of her caused him to rise. He moved between her parted legs, his heart pounding in his ears, and then the scent of her arousal tickled his nose. Drawn in by her womanly perfume, he tasted her.

Denise let out a moan with his touch and rocked her hips up to his lips. Intoxicated by the scent and taste of her, Sam lapped up her bittersweet juices. He wanted nothing more than to see her come again, but had no idea if he could accomplish it.

Desperate to make her come, Sam latched on to flashes of memory. Though porn might not be the greatest teacher for pleasuring a woman, it did at least give him some ideas of things to try. His first experiment was to suck her folds between his lips. Tingles shot up and down his spine when she gasped, and then breathed, "Oh yes."

Sam was on the top of the world when her reaction told him that she liked what he was doing. Encouraged by that, he latched on to the next thing that crossed his mind. It took him a moment to figure out that he needed to tilt his head to the side, but he managed to find the angle to stab his tongue deep inside her.

"Oh!" Denise cried out, and then shivered as she chuckled, the sound both sensual and surprised at the same time.

Sam swirled his tongue over her walls, fascinated by the texture and the even tangier flow of juices from her depths. Her hands moved to the side of his head and her fingers twined into his hair.

"That feels so good. Don't stop."

He continued to try every little trick he could remember, and quickly discovered that the things he'd seen in lesbian porn were having a much stronger effect on her. Denise began to writhe, rubbing her pussy into his face. Sam felt almost drunk — lightheaded and silly. She was getting off on his tongue, her moans and squeals a siren's song that hypnotized him, making him want more.

Subtle guidance from her hands and her words helped him find her every sensitive spot. His neck and jaw both began to ache, but he had little trouble ignoring the pain as the sounds she made grew louder by the moment.

Denise tugged him toward the apex of her lips and gasped out, "My clit."

Sam probed with his tongue, having a general idea of where the sensitive little bud was. The moment his tongue touched it, Denise yelped and pulled him tighter against him.

"Right there. Faster. Don't stop."

Sam flicked his tongue as fast as he could manage, and she began to tremble. He homed in on her clit, able to feel the difference between it and the rest of her fragrant folds. In a flash of inspiration, he sucked it between his lips, and continued to caress it with his tongue.

"Yes! I'm... I'm..." Denise screamed in orgasm, her legs clamping down on the side of his head as her fingers tugged at the roots of his hair. Sam rode her bucking hips, having little choice in the matter. She held him in a vice-like grip, the sound of her cries muffled by her smooth thighs pressed against his ears. Though he found it difficult to even draw breath, he just kept licking — and she kept coming.

Finally, her legs collapsed to the bed, and her hands followed. Sam pulled back to suck air into his starved lungs, and marveled at the sight of her. She twitched from the jolts of pleasure still shooting through her. Her pussy was smeared with his saliva and her juices, glistening in the light.

When she opened her eyes and smiled at him, Sam asked, "Was it good?"

"Wonderful," Denise moaned, and then shivered as an aftershock claimed her.

Sam sat up, the discomfort of lying in the same position for so long finally catching up to him. When he did, he revealed something that made Denise's grin grow even wider.

"Mmm — you're hard again." Her back arched a final time and she gasped before she sat up. "Lie down."

Denise scooted over to the side of the bed, her eyes locked on his cock. Sam throbbed in anticipation as he turned around and lay back. She straddled his legs before he'd even fully settled, and stroked her hands over his chest. The tip of his cock just bumped against her gorgeous ass.

"You should be able to last longer this way, and I love being on top." She leaned forward to support her weight on her hands, her nipples brushing against his chest, and kissed him. "Just tell me if you're getting too close."

Sam nodded, and couldn't help smiling when she grinned at him.

"Oh god, I need you," Denise breathed, and then reached between their bodies with one hand.

Sam groaned in an explosive breath as she pressed the tip of his cock against her wet folds. She shifted her hips a little, guided him into her canal, and sat down on his cock with a loud gasp.

Denise's hot pussy wrapped around him, squeezing him like nothing he'd ever felt before. She straightened over his erection, wiggled her hips from side to side for a second, and looked down at him to say, "Your cock feels so good."

"Your... You too," Sam responded, finding it difficult to think with his cock buried inside her.

Denise's hips lifted, revealing just a little over an inch of his cock, which was already coated in her wetness. She bounced on his hard shaft, causing her breasts to jiggle in the most eye-catching way, and sucked on two fingers in a sexy display. A second later, the wet digits slipped down to her clit.

Once again, Sam knew he was in trouble. The tight grip of her slippery walls was bringing him toward the edge at warp speed. As before, his efforts to fight it were proving useless. With his cum bubbling up for release, he put his hands on her legs and said, "W-wait."

Denise froze in place, though she continued to trace small circles over her clit. "Already close?"

"Sorry." Sam's cheeks burned, and he closed his eyes with a defeated sigh.

"It's okay. I told you that I like being able to get you there so fast." She let out a long moan and added, "Besides, I've already two wonderful orgasms, and you feel so good inside me like this."

"Yeah, but..."

"Shh. Just relax. Look at me. It makes me tingle all over to see how much you want me."

Sam opened his eyes, and it was hard for him to continue feeling ashamed, in light of the aroused look on Denise's face. She was still masturbating, and used her other hand to lift her breast so that she could lick the nipple, as soon as he opened his eyes.

Denise let her breast drop back down and reached out to trace the lines of his abdomen. "You've been hiding some muscles."

"Not really."

"Uh huh. You may not have a six-pack, but you look delicious." She swiveled her hips a little and continued, "You were certainly doing a good job of hiding this big cock. I'm glad you did, because now I get you all to myself."

"You are so hot."

"Mmm — thank you. You okay now?"

"I don't know for how long."

"Just stop me if I lose control and start hurting you, okay?"

"Okay," Sam responded, though he doubted that he would last long enough for her to lose control.

Denise changed tactics, rocking and circling her hips, stirring her depths with his cock. It felt wonderful to him, but didn't seem to be causing the same urgency that had overtaken him earlier. Her fingers began to move faster on her clit, and she let out a long moan.

Sam's spirit soared as her sounds of pleasure grew louder, and more frequent. Her hips began to move faster, and he still didn't feel as if he was going to erupt inside her any time soon. He understood her warning when he felt a twinge of discomfort each time her hips moved away from him, pulling his cock into a slightly unnatural angle. As soon as he realized that it was what was keeping him from going off, he was able to ignore it with a smile on his face.

Denise's moans mingled with sensual growls as her hips bucked harder. Sam could feel a trickle of her juices dripping down his balls toward the bed below. "Oh god. Oh yes," she cried out between rapid, heavy breaths.

"Are you gonna come?"

Denise's breath blasted from between her clenched teeth as she rose toward a crescendo. "Uh huh — uh huh."

"Oh yeah — do it."

Denise suddenly shifted position, and started to bounce on his cock again. This time, the heat of her passion caused her to raise high above him, and slam down on his cock. Her ass smacked against his legs. Her juices spattered out around him. She rode him hard, driving his ass deep into the mattress.

Sam knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. The hot friction of her pussy stroking him so fast was taking its toll. He fought with all his strength, willing her to come before he did.

He got his wish.

Denise slammed her hips down a final time and threw her head back. She screamed to the ceiling above, her hands snapping up to her breasts to squeeze them.

Her walls clenched tight around him, and Sam felt the itch in the tip of his cock grow white hot. A sudden chill passed through him, and his muscles contracted, pumping cum into her hot canal. He was still fighting to hold on, and didn't erupt as he had in her mouth. A second contraction dribbled more hot cream from his tip, but it felt more akin to the tail end of an orgasm than the beginning of one.

After several heavy, almost pained sounding breaths, Denise fell forward on her hands. A second later, she collapsed completely atop him, her body damp with sweat, and her chest heaving. She trembled, and a few whimpers fought their way free as she continued to come.

Sam wrapped his arms around her, and she let out a broken moan of satisfaction. The quake inside her settled as a lingering groan that had hints of a chuckle to it escaped her. He held her and stroked her hair, basking in the feeling of her climaxing with his cock still buried deep inside her.

When she finally caught her breath, Denise asked, "Did you come?"

"I think. A little," he answered, not exactly sure what had happened.

Her walls clamped down again, driven by an aftershock of her orgasm. Her eyebrows twitched up, and she looked into his eyes. "You're still hard."

"Yeah, I think so."

Denise took three fast, deep breaths, and then lurched off of his cock as she sucked air into her lungs a fourth time. She yelped from the heat of him sliding free of her, and then rolled over onto her back.

After a swallow and another deep breath, she said, "Fuck me. Come for me."

She parted her legs wide, pulling her knees up toward her chest as Sam sat up. He got up onto his knees and moved into position, amazed that he was not only hard, but throbbing. Denise guided him with her hand as he pressed his cock against her folds, and he sank inside her again.

"Do it. Fuck me." Her voice somehow sounded as though she was demanding and pleading at the same time.

Sam thrust hard, his fingers digging into her thighs. He kept his eyes closed, and concentrated on the motion of his hips, trying to stave off the inevitable.

To his amazement, he found it took little effort. He opened his eyes, and gasped at the sight of her breasts bouncing. He could feel the tingling of a climax building in his loins, but it was dull — almost numb. It was as if the strange half-orgasm that he'd had earlier had satisfied his need to come without stealing his erection in the process.

Since he was caught in the magical little limbo, he decided to take advantage of it.

"Oh!" Denise yelped when he slammed his cock inside her with all the power he could muster. This she followed with a sexy moan as he kept up the pace, fucking her hard and fast. She let go of one of her legs so that she could frig her clit again.

Sam grunted with effort, his eyes roving over her. Her fingers flashed over her clit as his pussy-slick cock drove relentlessly into her depths. Her breasts now bounced and jiggled erratically, and her face was growing flushed.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! I'm getting there again."

Sam smiled in surprise, and swelled with pride as he considered the possibility that he might make her come again before he reached the point of no return. He pulled his knees a little closer together, trying to relieve a twinge of pain coming from them, and found that the position let him thrust even faster.

Denise reacted with a loud squeal, and then exclaimed, in a rush, "Oh! Right there! Don't stop! Faster!"

Nothing so perfect could last forever, and Sam felt the numbness begin to fade. Seconds away from an explosion, he let out a long growl that stuttered in time with his thrusts, and then suddenly spiked in volume as he buried his cock inside her.

Denise screamed loud and long, her back arching high up from the mattress as Sam blasted cum into her pussy. No other word could possibly describe the sensation, because he felt like a cannon going off inside her. He growled with every burst, and then his breath seeped from him in a tapering groan as he leaked the last of his seed into her.

Sam's chin dropped to his chest, because he didn't have enough strength left to hold his head up. If it weren't for his weight leaning against her bent legs, he couldn't even have remained upright. Denise whimpered and laughed, still caught in the throes of her unexpected orgasm, and loving every second of it.

After a minute or so, the effort he'd expended and the sharp jolts from her pussy squeezing his over-sensitive cock caught up with him. "Got... Got to move."

Denise moaned in disapproval, but relented by saying, "Go on."

Sam didn't have much choice. An odd, bubbly moan passed his lips as he pulled his softening cock free, and then he collapsed onto the bed, utterly spent.

Denise rolled over onto her side and pulled a pillow beneath her head. She stroked his cheek with her fingertips until he forced his eyes open, and then she asked. "W-where did that come from? Not that I'm complaining. Oh god, I'm defiantly not complaining."

"Dunno. Wow."

"Very wow."

The pair lounged on the bed and looked into each other's eyes for several minutes. Both wore languid, satisfied grins, and reveled in the warm afterglow of their near simultaneous orgasms.

Denise's eyes shot open and she let out an oh of surprise when the pool of Sam's cream inside her started trying to dribble out.

"I need to go tinkle, and I need some water. Do you want some?"

"Please," Sam answered, and then chuckled for no particular reason.

Denise kissed his forehead. "Be back soon." She then cupped her hand over her pussy and wiggled to the edge of the bed.

Sam rolled over to watch her quickly waddle to the bathroom, trying to avoid dripping cum on the carpet. His eyes drifted closed.

"Been saving that for a while?" Denise flippantly asked when she emerged from the bathroom a short while later, startling Sam out of a doze. "Oh my, you really filled me up." She gave her bottom a smack as she turned to leave for the kitchen, and looked back over her shoulder at him while swaying her naked ass with exaggerated sensuality.

She was still strutting for his enjoyment when she returned with two bottles of water a minute later. She hopped into the bed with all the exuberance of a schoolgirl, and held out one of the bottles to him.

Once the both of them soothed their parched throats, Denise kissed him with a tender passion that finally made him understand every kiss he'd ever seen. When their lips parted, she remained close to him.

"Sam Green, do you remember in that email where I said that going green had never felt so good?"


"Well, you just topped it, by a lot."

The two shared a laugh and leaned in close to hold each other. After a few minutes of cuddling, Denise turned toward him with a mischievous smile.

"I was wondering what I was going to do when I turned out the lights tonight for Earth Hour." She leaned in close, her lips parting and her voice dropping into almost a moan. "I know what I want to do now."

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