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Going Hiking


After a long week at work, I sped home to pack and get ready for my trip. Bill and I were going hiking and camping in the mountains about an hour from our house. I had already packed the night before and was just getting the last minute details squared away before we left.

I went into the house through the garage and grabbed a beer as I passed the fridge. I picked up my pack and tossed it over to the door. I changed from my suit into hiking boots, jean shorts, and a tank top. I scooped up my pack on the way out of the bedroom and tossed it into the bed of my pick-up truck. I surveyed the wall of equipment in the garage and picked several items. I grabbed the ropes and D-rings that we needed for climbing. I grabbed a harness for myself and then a sturdier one for Bill. Once all the gear was loaded, I called Bill to let him know I was on the way. I pulled another beer out of the fridge and locked my house on the way out.

I honked my horn as I pulled into Bill's driveway. He came out of the front door and started down the walkway. I admired the way Bill looked, as I always did. He was 6'2", 200 lbs., and short cropped black hair. He carried a dark tan all year around. He was dressed like I was, and the muscles of his powerful legs flexed with every step. The muscles of his chest and shoulders were obvious through the thin material of his tank top. We could have been brothers, as must people asked. We were both the classic ideal of the all-American man. No one would have ever guessed that we were lovers, and had been for 2 years. The sex was awesome, but we were also the best of friends. We shared the same love of sports and exercise, found humor in the same things, and enjoyed gourmet cooking.

We were well on our way to the mountain and had moved off the main roads as we climbed higher and higher. The traffic was very thin and I missed not being able to dodge slow moving cars to get up the mountain. The powerful engine could really get the short bed F-150 moving and passing cars was like being in a road race. So, I contented myself with tuning a new station on the radio. I brushed my hand against Bill's leg as I brought my hand back to the wheel. "Don't start something you can't finish, pal." Bill said as I looked over at him. He leaned over and got another beer out of the cooler on the floor and drug the cold can up my leg as he sat back up.

"Cooold!" I squealed. Bill rubbed the cold spot on my leg with his hand and took a swig of his beer. The hand on my leg was moving higher and I shifted in my seat to allow access to my hard cock if the hand should go that high. I hoped that it did. Just as I had hoped the hand began massaging my hard cock through the material of my jeans. Bill reached inside the pant leg of my shorts and freed my cock from its cage. I sighed as bill moistened his finger in a drop of pre-cum and rubbed it across the sensitive skin of the head of my cock. I was still not comfortable and so I unbuttoned my jeans and lifted my hips so I could slide then off. I felt so free without my shorts that I took off my shirt also.

I must have been a sight driving down the highway wearing only hiking boots, with one hand on the wheel and one hand on my dick. Bill reached over and pushed my hand away so that he could stroke my cock. He stroked up and down the length of my shaft and lubed up his hand with the pre-cum that was running out of the tip of my cock. As my excitement grew I urged Bill to take me in his mouth and finish me orally. Bill was an excellent cocksucker and really enjoyed his work. When Bill's lips touched my hot cock, I groaned and reached up to run my fingers through his close cropped hair. He licked all over the head and then slowly took my length down his throat.

He bobbed up and down on the shaft with a strong suction that drove me crazy. I tried to concentrate on the road, without much luck. I was close to my climax and yelled out " I'm cumming". Bill deep throated my cock just as a flood of cum escaped the tip. He sucked and swallowed every drop of my cum and then stroked the shaft trying to milk every last drop from me. Bill kissed the sensitive head and sat back in his seat. He reached for his beer and took a long pull. "Shot of cum with a beer chaser, bartender." We both laughed at his little joke, and I struggled to pull my shorts back on and stuff my deflated cock inside.

I had just zipped my shorts back up when we came into the small town that lodges hikers before the climb.

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