tagLoving WivesGoing Home

Going Home


It had been years since I'd been back to my home town.


She took me completely by surprise. As I strolled through the supermarket gathering the few items I would need for my brief stay, the voice came from behind me as if through a dream. I recognized it immediately, having heard it playing over in my mind for years. "What's a nice guy like you doing in a place like this." Chuckling lightly, I twisted to peer over my shoulder, catching Shari in my gaze for the first time in an eternity. Years of family life had been very kind to her, her warm smile and twinkling eyes softening my memories of her as an intensely passionate woman. Turning further, I then caught sight of her husband Fred following close behind her.

While I didn't hold any grudge against Fred, he had always personified a feeling of regret for me. I had been the one to leave town for my dreams. He had stayed behind and married the real dream. Our breakup had been amicable; she understood my wanderlust. It was just times like these where I'd see her, and he would always be nearby, giving me that grin. I never understood her attraction to him, his slight build completely contributed to what I had decided was a fairly active Napoleon complex. From my suspicious eyes, it seemed like everything in their relationship was all about him, never about her. Of course, I shouldn't criticize too deeply. I ran away. They got married and seem to be going the distance.

After a bit of small talk in the soup aisle, I found myself getting directions to their house and promising to be over that night for dinner. Cursing myself as I picked up a bottle of cabernet for the evening, I left the store, my mood beginning to match the darkening skies.


What the hell, I thought as I rang the bell. Fred opened the door with a look of concern, pulling me in with a handshake. Drenched with rain, I absentmindedly began to try to repair my wind-blown umbrella as he watched with slight amusement. After getting it back together, I cast a slightly embarrassed look in his direction and set my umbrella down.

Shari came around the corner, looking more dazzling than I could ever remember. A far cry from the jeans and sweatshirt she had worn when I'd seen her at the market, she now wore a tempting black evening gown. While I wouldn't describe it as slinky, it definitely fit her curves extremely well. The material clung to the swell of her hips as though it was a second skin, shimmering with her every move. The upper portion clung to her large breasts jealously, almost begrudgingly exposing her bountiful cleavage to the world. "Goodness, what a sight you are," she exclaimed as she shifted her gaze from me to my useless umbrella. Likewise, I thought as she invited me further into the house. After ushering us both into the living room, Shari took the bottle from me to get both Fred and I glasses of wine.

The wine and small talk with the two of them couldn't distract me from the pangs of regret I felt for ever losing Shari. It had been my own fault, insisting on chasing all of my dreams to faraway places. She had been my anchor at home, finally giving up on me and settling down into a calm marriage. I couldn't blame her, and was even able to attend the wedding. Fred had always known of my relationship with Shari and seemed to enjoy taunting me with the fact that she had married him and not me. For myself, I knew that she was a sacrifice that I had to make those many years ago. I felt like she was better off without me. I wondered if she felt the same way.

Knowing that I was only here for dinner, I curtailed my alcohol consumption, but Fred kept at it, finishing the bottle on his own and then starting a new one. Before the meal was over, Fred had a bit of a glassy expression on his face as he continued to try to maintain conversation. Before long, we had retired to the living room once more and Fred was snoring on the couch, still holding his glass.

As soon as it was clear that Fred was not going to move, Shari quietly stood up and beckoned for me to follow her. I still wasn't convinced I knew what she was doing, so I cautiously followed her into a very small laundry room on the other side of the house.

With a cautious glance behind her, she pushed me into the room and embraced me in a furious kiss. After several minutes of oral wrestling, Shari pushed me away with a serious look on her face. "I just want you to know that I love Fred dearly. He and I have built a beautiful life together, but I have never had the same sexual spark with him that I have with you. He just doesn't do the things to me that I need..." her words trailed off as her lips touched mine once again. I allowed my hands to explore her once familiar body as her kiss grew more serious. She then began to slide down my body until she was on her knees, her beautiful face only inches away from my zipper. "Let's see if you're still as healthy as I remember you," she said as she pulled my growing cock loose from my pants.

I closed my eyes as I first felt her tongue touch the tip. I had been there before, many years ago, but it felt like new territory as she tenderly toyed with me. Her fingers began to gently massage my thighs, inching closer to my more sensitive areas. Feeling a slightly different sensation, I opened my eyes to see Shari's tongue stabbing at the end of my cock, as if she could push it into me. One hand gripped my member to steady it as she began this new exploration. I once again closed my eyes and leaned my head back, surrendering myself momentarily to her will. Although in fact her tongue could only penetrate me there by a few millimeters I had never before felt this type of contact and delighted in it.

Ever the considerate and talented fellatio artist, Shari pushed one final time against the hole with her tongue and then sucked my entire cock deep into her mouth. This familiar sensation I remembered well from her. I opened my eyes to admire her from above. I had seen it dozens of times; the entire length of my shaft would disappear into her mouth until I felt her nose touch my skin. She would pause for a moment before pulling back, exposing my now slippery cock to the air before swallowing it again.

It's very easy to lose your mind when you're with a woman like this. To feel her pulling at you from the core. To have a slight sensation of weightlessness as she gently milks your soul from you in such a loving manner.

I opened my eyes to see Fred standing meekly in the doorway. The look of shock on his face at the sight of his lovely wife on her knees before me should have made me pause, but the obvious bulge in his pants betrayed his true state of mind. Feeling empowered, I merely leaned a little further back for a moment savoring the magic that Shari was bestowing upon me. Opening my eyes once again, I looked at him and saw him staring directly towards my crotch, which was obscured from his view by the back of Shari's head. After a few moments, he broke his attention away from that scene as his gaze traveled up to meet my eyes. I continued what must have been a cold stare for him until he looked back down again in shame. Triumphantly, I continued the stare, running my hands through Shari's hair, beginning to guide her slightly.

I'm not sure what exactly caught her attention, but she suddenly stopped and turned away from me to see him standing there. The look on her face was simply amazing to me. At first she wore shock.. Perhaps the same shock that I initially had on my face. In an instant, however, as she realized that Fred was not going to try to rescue her from my clutches, her expression changed to one of anger. Without a word or second thought, Shari turned her attention once again to my cock. After giving it a briefly teasing lick at the top, she swallowed the entire length in one motion and began to bob aggressively.

Now I would consider myself a fairly worldly man, having experienced my share of sexual gratification, but even I have to admit that this was a new dynamic for me. While it's true that I'd bedded a few women that I probably shouldn't have, I had never done so with their partner in the room, much less seemingly enjoying the act. Feeling a surge of courage and wanting to push things a bit, I looked over to Fred who had dropped his pants. He had started stroking his cock, which I happily noted was quite a bit smaller than my own.

"You know what to do," was all I said. Fred paused for a moment, and then as though he was a marionette, he let go of his cock and moved towards Shari. She continued to work on my cock, attempting to cooperate with him as he worked to free her body from the tightly fitting ensemble that she still wore. With very few interruptions to her skillful treatment of my manhood, Shari was soon completely and gloriously nude.

It had been years since I had seen them, but I had not forgotten exactly how perfect her breasts were. As befitting the magical creature that she truly was, it seemed as though gravity had not yet found Shari's tits. Full and round, Shari's large breasts sat fairly high on her chest, peaked by perfectly perky pink nipples. I took just a moment to try to enjoy the view of her treasures, looking past the spectacular blowjob that she was continuing to give me.

Now nude and apparently free of guilt, Shari began to pull my pants the rest of the way off. I kicked at my shoes flinging them across the laundry room in my fight to free myself of any encumbrance. Feeling silly wearing just socks and a shirt, I pulled off my shirt, resigning myself to the fact that the socks would have to wait. For her part, Shari continued to cheerfully bob up and down on my cock, oblivious to Fred stripping behind her.

Fully nude and erect, Fred stood and started to pull Shari up by the hips. She never slowed her work on my cock, but as my eyes met hers I made a conscious decision that I would claim her as my own, at least for the moment. Just as he was prepared to push his rod into Shari, I spoke.

"That's not for you right now. Get her ready for me." Fred looked like I'd slapped him. Shari slowed for a moment and then dove back in with renewed vigor as Fred settled behind her and spread her cheeks with his hands. His tongue tentatively poked out and separated her pussy lips. From my angle, Shari must have been extremely wet, because Fred's face was seemingly sliding all over her backside. As her passion mounted, she reached back with one hand and grabbed Fred by the hair, holding his face against her.

Shari's first orgasm shook her entire body. Simply holding onto my cock and Fred's hair, her mouth opened wide as she let out a silent scream of ecstasy. As the waves crashed through her, she found herself unable to be an active participant in our group; she was reduced to a mass of nerves, receiving very different stimulation from two very different sources.

Just as she was beginning to calm, I pulled her off of me and spun her around, bending her at the waist over the dryer. In one smooth move, my cock sank completely into her boiling pussy. I paused for a moment, allowing both of us to get accommodated to the intense contact, and then pulled almost completely back out of her. She composed herself just enough to grunt and force her hips back at me, impaling herself once again on my stiff phallus. I closed my eyes and worked with her to establish a pulsing rhythm, sliding myself in and out of her body.

I looked over to Fred, who was now sitting on the floor, eyes glazed in rapt attention at the treatment I was giving his wife. His hand was a blur as he pounded at his meat, clearly close to an explosion. Once again taking control of the scene, I spoke to Fred, "in her mouth now!" With visible glee, Fred sprung to his feet and offered his swelling organ to Shari.

With nearly imperceptible disappointment, Shari opened her mouth and accepted Fred's penis. The contrast in her body language was amazing to me. From her hips down she was a woman on fire, thrusting and gyrating with my every move. Fred's half of her body went about the business of sucking his cock with a disdain akin to what she might feel watching a documentary on the mating habits of sea slugs. Nevertheless, Fred appeared to be in his own world, screwing his eyes shut, only opening them momentarily to stare at my larger shaft violently spearing into his wife.

As Fred's orgasm loomed near, I leaned forward to whisper into Shari's ear, "don't you dare swallow it or I'll stop." She seemed to understand my point and suddenly came alive with passion, her entire body twisting and tensing, pulling at both Fred and I as though we were moths to a flame.

As soon as Shari's enthusiasm exploded into Fred, he likewise began to explode into her. Stifling a scream, Fred's entire body tensed as the spasms overtook his body. Shari continued to work his prick, her hands jerking at his shaft as his seed flowed into her ready mouth. As his excitement began to decline, Shari backed away from him and silently watched as he slinked back onto the floor, exhausted. I wondered momentarily how long it had been since he had felt such passion with his beautiful wife. Pushing that thought from my mind, I once again spoke to Fred, "kiss your wife, you fool. Kiss her if you love her."

Wearily, Fred rose again to his knees and gingerly caressed Shari's cheeks. Parting his lips, he met hers in a lover's embrace. Squirming against the assault I was continuing to give her pussy and feeling her own orgasm rising inside, Shari reached and grabbed Fred's head tightly and returned the kiss.

I'm not sure how exactly to describe the look of bewilderment that crossed Fred's face as his wife began to orgasm in that very moment. Her body at first went completely rigid, her arms pulling his lips to her mouth with a vice-like grip. The passion in the kiss that she gave to him was unmistakable, fueled by not only a long denied sense of sexuality, but also by the milky fluid that she then passed into his mouth. As Fred realized what she was doing, he immediately tried to pull away, but her grip was too strong, too sure. She continued the kiss, force feeding his entire load back out of her own mouth and into his. Responding to her authority in the matter, Fred surrendered all resistance, returning the kiss whole heartedly. He accepted her gift graciously, licking at her chin as her orgasm continued to tear at her.

The amazing movements of Shari's hips would have been plenty to push me over the edge into my own dizzying orgasm, but the sight of her snowballing him at my request was simply too much for me. Slamming my pelvis against her quivering ass, I grabbed onto her hips and drove myself as deep as I could as my own cock began to spurt ropes of semen into her boiling pussy. My legs began to tremble somewhat as the sensations coursed through my body, so I clung to her hips as a drowning man would to a piece of driftwood. Her own spasms beginning to dwindle, Shari gamely continued to gyrate her shapely ass, milking every bit that I had to give to her.

Collapsing to the ground in a heap, I leaned against the hamper by the wall, Shari still joined to me intimately below. Now in a sitting position, she tenderly reached over her shoulder to give me brief but passionate kiss as I began to feel my manhood deflating inside of her. Looking over to Fred, I decided that Shari needed one final triumph. One last piece to reassert her sexuality with this man whom she obviously loved yet also despised. I had seen his love for her in the moments before, and felt his surrender to her should be complete.

As my spent member popped out of Shari's pussy, I quietly said to Fred, "give her one more orgasm." Fred shamefully looked down at his own withering cock and all too quickly understood what I had asked of him. Shari had closed her eyes in post-orgasmic bliss and did not see as Fred meekly crawled between her legs. She opened them in amazement as she felt his hands gently spreading her legs for him to advance upon her mound, which had begun to ooze with my milky white deposit. Shyly at first, Fred began to lap at Shari's ravaged pussy, causing her to start grinding at his face. Semi-spooning in the upright position as we were, I was able to hug Shari close to me, my fingers inevitably finding her stiff nipples. I gently rolled them between my fingers, attempting to heighten her pleasure as Fred continued his task below us.

Hesitant at first, Fred now lapped at Shari's heated pussy with zeal. As her passion mounted for a final time, Shari started to gyrate, coaxing more of my seed to spill forth. From my angle over her shoulder, it was an amazing sight: her red pussy, my white cum, Fred's busy mouth. As quickly as each bulbous drop would burst forth from her wet lips, Fred would lick it and then continue to paint her throbbing pussy with his busy tongue. As stimulated as she was, Shari was quick to orgasm. Crying out in ecstasy, she crossed her legs behind Fred's head, securing his face against her sex. Fred continued his duties, aggressively lapping at her as she crested, then slowing as she came down from her high. Eventually, Fred backed away and lay down exhausted as Shari's limp body seemed to melt against my own.

Some time later, I awoke with a start, still feeling Shari's naked body against my own. My movements must have caught her attention as she also began to revive from a nap as well. She glanced quickly at Fred's sleeping form on the floor before us and then back over her shoulder at my smiling face. Quietly we managed to stand and exit the small room without disturbing him and met a few minutes later in the kitchen.

Quietly dressing, I spoke to Shari. "Are you okay with this?"

"With what, getting caught sucking off another man in front of my husband? The huge orgasms that followed that? Or the fact that I seem to now own him...," her words trailed off.

I laughed and started to move towards the door, "well I think you'd better go collect him and explain the new rules."

She laughed back, hugging me as I moved out the door into the night. "When will you be back in town again?"

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