tagGay MaleGoing Out Ch. 01

Going Out Ch. 01


This is a short story (for me!) and the second and final chapter will be up tomorrow, but there are related m/f stories on the way as well.

* * * * * *


"So how are things with Gary then?" I asked Cassie, taking a sip of my beer.

She pulled a face that implied a lot, but said, "We're good. It's all fine."

"But?" I questioned.

"It gets a bit samey after a while... Sometimes it feels like we are just good mates who happen to sleep together now and again."

"So I take it that you aren't getting much sex these days then?"

I laughed, and although she laughed with me it seemed a bit strained. I figured that having been together for so long must get a bit boring, but then I hadn't got any experience of long term in my life so far. Sometimes I regretted that, but it could be a lot of fun being single. Not lately though, and my right hand was getting too much use for my liking - I could do with finding a hot guy. At least a night out with my best friend made a pleasant change to being home alone.

Cassie interrupted my thoughts.

"Any prospects in your life? You need to find yourself a nice young man and get laid."

I smiled. "I know, but I'm not so sure I need nice!"

She started talking again, but I was suddenly distracted. A bunch of guys had just come down the stairs. They looked like a bunch of straight lads out for a night on the beers, but that didn't stop me admiring one of them, or at least part of him, until Cassie thumped me.

"Are you even listening to me James. What is so interesting..." she turned partly round and saw the men. "Which one do you think is cute? Or is it more than one?" she asked, with a dirty smile.

"I don't know if he's cute," I said quickly.

She looked puzzled by that and asked, "What are you looking at then?"

I went a bit red, but managed to tell her.

"He's got a cute arse. I haven't seen the front of him."

Cassie and I kept talking, but my mind, and my eyes, kept wandering over to the guy I had seen the back of. He and his friends went to sit at a table at the side of the pub and I could see him properly. The arse had been great, but the rest of him was really hot. He had dark hair that was styled neatly over a nice face, his eyes seemed to be blue but he was a bit far away to see that detail properly. He kept smiling and laughing with his friends and I was starting to wish I could make him smile at me like that. Somehow, I dragged myself back to the conversation with Cassie before he noticed I was staring.

"Remembered I am here then?" she asked as I looked back at her. "Got a case of lust on haven't you. You ought to go talk to him."

"I can't do that. It's not like he's going to be interested, and he probably wouldn't appreciate some bloke trying to chat him up. I could end up getting battered by him and his mates for my trouble. Doesn't hurt to admire the scenery though!" I said with a grin.

And he was definitely worth admiring. It was surprising because it had been a long time since I'd had any desire for someone, and sods law because it was a straight guy I'd never meet. At least I would have something to think about later when I was alone in my bed. Cassie was right, it was certainly lust I was feeling.

"I wasn't suggesting you chat him up," she said. "I just thought that you might start talking and find out he isn't what you think".

I sighed. "That would be too good to be true. He's cute but I'm not going to go introduce myself to some random stranger and all his mates just to find out I've got no chance."

Cassie smiled and began to turn around in her chair so she could lean back against the wall. I knew what that was about but tried to stop her.

"Don't look, he'll notice we're staring at him".

"I just want to see what the fuss is about. If you're right about him then he's not likely to mind me looking, and I've got to see the guy who's got you flustered after all this time. Which one?"

I knew I had no option. "Sitting on the far side of the table in the middle. Black t-shirt."

There was a moment of silence, in which I knew she was appraising him carefully. Then she started to turn back to face me.

"You've got good taste. He's not bad at all."

I pulled a face at her and actually had a pang of jealousy, even though I knew she wouldn't go after him, and I had no chance anyway.

"And the better news is you wouldn't have to go introduce yourself to random strangers because I know the guy he is sat next to. We can go talk to them if you like."

I quickly grabbed her arm to stop her from getting up.

"No way. I already told you. Don't make me make a fool of myself."

She looked a bit upset, but then smiled again.

"Sorry. I was only teasing, but it's gonna be a bit of a boring night for me if all you are going to do is lust over him."

"I'll do my best not to. I know it won't do me any good. It's just been a long time since anyone has caught my eye like that," I told her, smiling. "I'm all yours honey, honestly. At the end of the night I know I'll be going home with you. Not that that will do either of us any good!"

* * * * * *


I had been looking forward to going out tonight all week. Work seemed to take up far too much of my life and a good night out on the beers was definitely called for. I was out with a bunch of lads I worked with, although some of them I didn't know all that well. It certainly had the feel of a lads night and I was all for that, even though some of the guys had been joking about those of us who were single going on the pull.

I was happy to joke along a bit, but I knew their taste wasn't the same as mine. I didn't join in with the comments about the pretty girls in short skirts. I liked a pert backside as much as the rest of the guys, but I wanted it attached to a cute man. It's not that I was pretending to be straight, but I didn't advertise the fact I wasn't when I was in the office. I was fairly sure this kind of night out wouldn't be on the cards if some of the guys knew which side I batted for, and just because I was gay it didn't mean I didn't enjoy a beer down the pub.

We went down the stairs into the second pub of the night. There were quite a few people in, but there was still a table free and most of us headed for it whilst a couple went to get the next round. I sat down and was facing towards the stairs with Steve to one side of me and Rob on the other. Steve was the only one of them who knew about me, and probably my best friend of this crowd. I'd not been able to lie to him when he'd asked me a direct question one time, but he'd proved his worth firstly by not being bothered by it, and secondly by not telling anyone. He seemed to understand my reasons.

I was glancing around the bar and sipping my drink. I skimmed around the room but my eyes kept being drawn back to a couple at a table just the other side of the stairs. To be honest, it wasn't exactly the couple, it was the guy that drew my attention. The girl was really blonde, but that was about all I could say as she had her back to me, and she was sitting opposite a really cute man. He had blond hair as well although his was darker and probably natural rather than out of a bottle like hers.

I couldn't see his face perfectly but he still took my breath away from across the room, making me shake my head to get back to reality for a moment. Sneaking another look I could see them laughing with each other. I cussed myself mentally for eyeing him up and started listening back to the conversation in the group. They were deciding whether blonde or brunette was best. It seemed to be a fairly even split.

"I prefer blond," I said, glancing over at the man. Perhaps I was imagining it, but it seemed that he was already looking at me, although he quickly moved his attention back to the girl he was with.

More beers kept arriving and usually with them was a shooter as well. The latest beers had come with a black sambuca and we clinked glasses and downed them. I was definitely getting drunk, and I was also keeping an eye on the cute guy. I had been single for a long while and wanted to find someone. I could see he was with the girl, but I also thought I could feel his eyes on me from time to time.

Perhaps it was just the drink, but I was almost certain I had caught him looking a couple of times now. Rational thought was still with me though, and I knew that lusting after a straight guy was a bad idea. Still, I hadn't done much lusting for a while, and even if it was to be on a bloke I would never see again, he was good to look at. Thankfully the other guys were also getting pissed otherwise they might have noticed what I was doing.

I suddenly realised it was my round, and asked what everyone was having. Making a mental note of the list of beers and agreeing on a tequila each as well, I wandered over to the bar, aware that I was swaying slightly, but generally feeling in control. Rob had come with me to help take the drinks back, but as he stood beside me I heard him say hello to a woman on the other side of him and I turned to see him give her a hug.

As he moved away and I could see her properly I was surprised, because it had to be the blonde woman from the table that had taken so much of my attention that night. A quick glance over confirmed that the object of my lust was now sitting alone.

"Nick, this is Cassie, an old friend of mine."

Rob introduced us and I shook hands with her. She smiled at me and instantly came across as a nice friendly person. I mentally kicked myself yet again, this time for the likelihood that I had been eyeing up her man all night. Then Rob excused himself to go to the gents and I was left standing next to her waiting to get served.

"Having a good night?" she asked.

"Yeah, not bad. A few of us from work thought we would have a night on the town. What about you and your boyfriend, having fun in here?"

As I said it I knew I shouldn't have asked that. It was probably best not to know.

"My boyfriend?" she asked, clearly puzzled.

She looked over at the blond guy, as did I, and then back at me. It took me a moment longer than her to look back and when I did there was a look on her face as though she was thinking something over, then it cleared and she smiled at me again.

"That's James, he's my best friend, but we're not together." There was a pause and again it seemed like she was thinking hard. "I'm really not his type".

As she smiled again, I was frantically trying to work out whether there was an admission in that last comment. I was also wondering if it was obvious I was trying to get information about him.

"Sorry, I wasn't trying to pry." I said to try and cover myself. "I just saw you guys earlier on and made an assumption".

Oh God, I'd just put my foot in it again. Now she would know I had been looking at them, and given that I hadn't known either of them before two minutes ago that just made me sound weird. And that was obviously the vibe I was giving off as well as she was looking thoughtful and also seemed to be taking stock of me to decide whether I was a complete freak. In fact I was getting rather unnerved by her gaze.

"What?" I asked, as calmly as I could.

"I was just trying to confirm my suspicions about whether you were trying to chat me up, or work out if it was worth chatting him up."

She laughed, and was clearly trying to keep it light in case I wasn't impressed at the suggestion that I might want him.

"And what have you decided?" I asked, slightly scared.

I wasn't sure I wanted to hear the answer, especially if either she or I were barking up the wrong tree.

"I don't think I'm your type either." she replied slowly. "I hope I'm not completely wrong here because I don't want to offend you, but if you noticed us earlier it's much more likely you were looking at him than at the back of me."

She stopped and was almost nervously waiting for me to reply.

I felt my face going red. "You are right, and I think he's cute." I knew I was bright red by then. "You gonna tell me whether it's worth trying to chat him up?"

I felt a bit braver now and figured if she already knew I was gay it wouldn't hurt to ask. The worst I could find out is that he was straight or already taken, but I got the feeling from what she was saying that he was also gay, which made it more likely he was checking me out earlier. Despite my best efforts to keep a lid on it, I was getting my hopes up.

"I can't promise, but I don't think he'd mind. He's certainly took great interest in your backside when you walked in," she replied, smiling broadly as she said it.

My heart soared. I'd been trying to convince myself ever since I saw him that I was just being an idiot but now there was something to work with, and even better, he liked my arse! That had to be a good sign, and I knew I was grinning at her, and she looked really pleased. Just then I managed to get served and I got her drinks as well. Rob returned and started to take the drinks back to the table, looking at us smiling at each other, and when he winked at me I realised he thought I had pulled. Well, maybe I had, but certainly not the way he was thinking. As he came back for the last drinks, Cassie took my hand.

"I think you should come with me," The smile on her face was teasing.

Rob clearly got one impression and whispered in my ear, "Go on my son!"

I laughed at him but followed her, suddenly despite the drink feeling quite nervous.

* * * * * *


Cassie and I kept drinking and chatting. I managed to pay more attention to her, but was still stealing quick glances at the guy across the room. I tried not to let my imagination run away with me but couldn't help thinking about what he would look like with his hair messed up after I had run my fingers through it. I really needed to get laid, this lusting after strangers was not going to cut it. Once or twice I had to look away really quickly because he seemed to be looking in my direction.

When Cassie went off to the bar to get more drinks and I was left alone, I looked about the room generally for a bit and then looked back at the table for another perv. He wasn't there. I looked about again wildly and saw he was at the bar. And he was talking to Cassie. Please don't let her be telling him I have been checking him out all night, I prayed. I tried to relax and convince myself she wasn't that stupid, especially after I had mentioned the possibility of me getting beaten up.

As I looked again, they both turned to look at me, and I froze. She looked away after a moment but I thought he was staring for longer. I looked down and when I did look back up they had turned away again and I suddenly remembered to breathe. They were talking about me, that much was obvious. I wanted to run for the door but took some deep breaths. I had the sudden thought that he might be chatting her up, and felt the bile rising at the thought. I knew she wouldn't do anything, but I would still be jealous as hell if he was interested in her.

They finally got served and one of the guys from the group was taking drinks back to the table. He was chatting to Cassie and the mystery man for a moment and then she started to walk back with our drinks in one hand. After a moment it became clear that the other hand was leading the guy towards our table. She was bringing him over, despite all I had said. At least it was just him and not all his friends, but how was I going to be able to have a sensible conversation with the guy when I couldn't keep my mind off what he might look like naked?

When they reached the table I kept my eyes down not looking at him. Cassie put the drinks down and sat across from me, pulling the guy in beside her.

"James, this is Nick. He's out with a bunch of guys from work but I managed to persuade him to come talk to us for a bit".

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and looked up at him. I was right about the blue eyes, and seeing them properly made him even more gorgeous. I'm sure I gulped visibly, but I managed to take his hand to shake it. There was a kind of tingling in my hand as we touched and I felt a twinge down lower as my cock realised I was touching the guy I had had my mind on most of the night.

I think I was smiling, and as he smiled back at me I forgot the rest of the world existed. I knew I was staring at him now, and not a word had been said. Suddenly I realised I was still holding his hand and I released it quickly, my heart racing, and the contact making the response in my crotch even more insistent. I wriggled in my chair to get more comfortable and tried to speak.

"Hi Nick, nice to meet you," I managed to say.

He smiled again. "Nice to meet you too."

His voice was soft and deep and made me want to melt. I didn't know how I was actually holding it together, but I hoped I was managing not to look like an idiot. I decided on humour to relieve the tension.

"It's not like Cassie to pick blokes up at the bar."

She pulled a face at me, and he smiled and glanced at her, while I kicked myself for that line. It wasn't funny and probably made both me and her look like idiots.

"I thought it would make a change to have someone else to talk to given that you have been miles away all night." she said, smiling in a way that looks sweet except when you know her and realise that this is her evil grin. I was in trouble.

"Anyway, I wasn't picking him up. Well, I suppose I was, but not for me."

This smile was definitely evil. I looked across at Nick and he actually looked embarrassed by that comment.

"It seems your gaydar isn't working very well tonight James. And I need the toilet".

The last bit was announced as she stood up and Nick had to move to let her out. As he sat back down I was aware we were both looking surprised and watching her leave. I looked back at Nick and he was looking back at me.

"Strange girl that," he said. "I like her."

My mind was racing now. She was telling me he was gay and that she'd brought him over to talk to me. So what else did she tell him? I was aware that I was probably grinning inanely while I tried to keep a check on the lust I was feeling even more now, and work out what trouble Cass had got me into.

"Wondering what she said to get me over here?" he asked. "Don't worry, it wasn't really embarrassing.".

He laughed at his comment but I was hoping the ground would open and swallow me up.

"And she did make me admit I had been eyeing you up and thought you were cute before she told me you had been admiring my arse!"

He took a sip of his drink and grinned at me. That smile almost had me throwing myself at him across the table, but I controlled the thought. It was a moment before I realised that he had said he thought I was cute. Suddenly the fear was replaced by calm and I smiled at him broadly.

"Well at least she took some notice of my desire not to get beaten up before she embarrassed me. Seems my gaydar is on the blink."

"Mine too" he said. "I thought you two were probably together. Mind you, I did wonder why you kept checking me out if that was the case."

I blushed. "Sorry," I said, looking down at the table again as some of my rising confidence left me.

"I really didn't mind. It's nice to think someone is taking an interest. Especially when you are interested in them too."

As I looked up into his eyes again I was caught there. They really were the most incredible blue and showed a mirror of the smile on his face. I wondered what they would look like full of lust or even better, sated after I had made him come. I could imagine my hands on him and his on me, and my cock was not behaving itself at all. The instant connection with this guy was scary, but at the same time I was desperate to see where it went. Our moment was cut short when Cassie returned.

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