tagIncest/TabooGoing Out With Daddy Ch. 03

Going Out With Daddy Ch. 03


The week slipped by quickly. Tim wasn't sure how it had happened, but he found himself set up to go out with his daughter again on Friday night. Had he asked her? He was pretty sure he had, but somehow, his wife had set up the dinner reservation for him. It was a pretty swanky dinner and dancing place, and he knew that people tended to get a little crazy there after a tough work week.

"Are you sure it's the kind of place I should be taking Marie?"

"Don't be a fuddy-duddy," Carol said, laughing easily. "She's a grown-up now. She can handle herself."

But it wasn't his daughter he was worried about. He had noticed how free and easy she was around him this week. If that was the sole benefit of his going out with her, well, that was something to be happy about. She didn't treat him like somebody from another planet any more. But the benefit came with a curse as well.

It was as if she was unaware of her body now. He got glimpses of things fathers simply were not meant to see. Her nighttime attire had gotten outrageously skimpy. Every morning he was treated to the sight of her coming downstairs in a half-tee and a pair of panties. She would lounge around the kitchen without a shred of self-consciousness.

Sipping a cup of coffee with one leg up on the chair and the other on the floor, hunched over the style pages; he would see the band of her panties over her sex, pooching out. Stretching up to reach the top shelf; her ass cheeks, outlined perfectly by the muscles straining to get her arms higher, would present themselves. Leaning forward to get the sugar across the table from him; her tee would fall away from her body, showing him those sweet cone-like breasts, their nipples just puffy mounds on the tip.

Half the time he would hide himself behind the business section, scared of what he would see if he lowered the paper. The other half of the time, he found himself watching her like a hawk, awaiting the next innocent display.

"Don't you think you should wear a bit more, Marie?" He could have shot himself for asking the question, but he had to be fatherly.

"Why, Daddy? If it's just us around, I don't have anything to hide." She smiled innocently at him. God, it was hard to hide his arousal from her all of the time.

"What are you wearing there, anyway?"

"What, these?" She turned and looked down at herself over her shoulder, as if noticing her panties for the first time. "Boy shorts. Cute, huh?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess," he said, staring at her butt in the yellow skin tight panties.

Marie loved how open she could be with her father now. It was wonderful to be grown up with him, to be able to let him see how much she had grown, how much she had developed. She had gone to the salon on Tuesday, and had allowed the woman there to take everything off. Her mother had told her to ask for the Brazilian waxing, which she had been grateful for. She would have died of embarrassment if she had had to ask the beautician to wax all of her hair off.

It had hurt, but not too badly. The woman had been very professional, and the removal of the wax had been done quickly. It had surprised her that they had waxed the area around her anus as well, but she hadn't said anything. It was clear that the woman had known what she was doing. She had been warned not to wear anything too tight over the area for the next day, so she had gone commando under her skirt.

Now, everything felt so wonderful. The panties against her skin, the feel of the water in the shower, even wiping herself. It was like she had been reborn as a sensual being.

Tonight, she had left plenty of time to get ready. She was sitting in front of her mirror when her mother came in.

"How are things going in here, Marie?"

"Pretty good, I think, Mom. Do you think this eyeliner makes me look too slutty?"

"No, perfect, I think." My God, she thought. What a beautiful woman my girl is. Thank God I've nothing to get jealous over. Things were certainly moving in the right direction, she mused. Marie had followed her advice perfectly. Allowing herself to be 'comfortable' with her father had created just the right atmosphere for tonight's date.

"You look really lovely, sweetie," she said. "Daddy's not going to believe his eyes when you come downstairs tonight."

"I know, right?" Marie giggled. Her body felt electric all over, tingly and excited. "Wait until he sees how grown up his little girl is!"

"I think he has an idea," Carol smiled. "He just doesn't know yet how sexy she is."

"Really? Really, Mom?" The teenager practically bounced out of her chair. "Do you mean it? He'll think I'm sexy?" The change in her daughter was astonishing. Last week at this time, she had been reluctant even to consider going out with her father.

"Honey, any man would tonight. You just go down there and knock him out for me, okay?"

"All right, Mom. Ooh, this is so much fun!"

Tim was on tenterhooks all evening. He was wearing a nice shirt and tie with a new blazer. His shoes were polished, his hair neat and his face shaved. He hadn't put this much effort into going out since he had started dating Marie's mother. He had some nice flowers for his date, and he paced the living room waiting for her to come down.

"Hi, Daddy." The soft voice stopped him in his tracks. He turned around slowly, and there she was. Even with all of the teasing and glimpses he had caught during the week, he was unprepared for the reality of the girl standing in front of him now.

She had her lovely brown hair up in the back, with a few loose tendrils framing her pretty face. Her eyes appeared larger than usual, her lips redder, but only as enhancements of her every-day beauty.

Her body was encased in the simple little black dress. The halter top bared her graceful shoulders and neck, and encased her chest with elegance. The skirt portion was skin tight around the waist and hips before flaring out girlishly around her upper legs. She had strappy high heels on. The whole picture was one of maturity and sexuality. He was blown away.

"I take it you like it," she said in a sultry whisper. He nodded and dumbly held out his flowers to her. "Oh, how sweet," she cooed, taking the bouquet. "Mom? Can you find a vase for these?"

"Sure, Marie. Well, Tim? Don't just stand there. Come give your daughter a nice kiss for taking the time to look nice for you."

Tim willed his legs to move. They felt wooden, stiff and unusable. What had come over him? How could he be so undone by the sight of his daughter in a nice dress? He approached Marie, and looked down at her. Her heels had brought her to only a few inches lower than his height, so he had the strange feeling of being closer to her than usual. He gave her a fatherly peck on the cheek.

That would never do, thought Carol. We need to move things forward here. She looked around and her eyes lit on the camera.

"Wait! You two look so lovely together. Let's get a picture." She grabbed the camera. "Stand over here, so the light will be right." The man and his daughter moved into the right place, and Carol had them stand like in a prom photo, facing each other, their heads turned to the camera.

Click. The setting was almost right. Carol felt warm all over at the sight of the two of them standing together so intimately. She had to push this a little further.

"Marie, stand in front of your father. Tim, you stand behind her, and put your arms around her waist." Marie giggled. This was fun, just like going out to the prom. Standing in front of her father, she leaned back against him.

Tim was unsure of himself. He didn't know how to react. But the sight of his daughter's sweet body in such a sexy dress had had an effect on him. Now, with that body pressed up against him, he felt himself begin to stiffen. Worse, since Marie was in heels, her ass was pressed right against his groin. He tried to create more distance between them.

Marie felt him shift away. His arms were around her, however, so she had a leverage point. Grasping his hands, she pulled him tight against her. And she felt him.

"Mmmm," she hummed quietly. He wasn't all the way hard, but she could fix that, she knew. She moved her ass over him as if trying to find a comfortable position. At the same time, she pulled his arms higher around her so that her boobs rested on his strong forearms. She wasn't even sure why she was doing it, only that she wanted him to know that she was a grown woman, and that she knew what the effect of her body on him was.

Tim was feeling a little panicky. It was like a trap, now, Marie's body the only thing between him and his wife's knowledge of his insane lust. But he couldn't help it. He had to feel Marie against him fully, had to let himself get all the way hard. It was an obsession. He would find a way to hide it from Carol when the time came.

"Tim, relax," Carol said. "You look like you're having a heart attack. Show some gratitude to Marie for her efforts."

And that was all that it took. Tim allowed himself to feel Marie against him. His cock, now fully hard, stood up in his pants, his daughter's ass against it, nestling him in the crack between her cheeks. He hugged her to him, and she melted into him, her head leaning back on his shoulder. He could smell the fruity odor of her shampoo, so feminine, so lovely.


"That's better, Tim."


Without thinking, he leaned his head forward and kissed his sweet girl on the neck just where it joined her shoulder, right next to the halter strap. His sex was so hard. And it was so lovingly pressed on by her tight ass. She knew, she had to know, the effect she was having on him. And she accepted it. It was like a dream come true.


"That's so sweet, you two. Marie, just give him a kiss back, would you?"

The girl looked up at her father, twisting her head to him. Her deep blue eyes, so trusting, so innocent. So loving. She put her lips on his in a soft sweet kiss.

Click. Click. Click.

"Oh, that's so great, guys. It'll be the perfect addition to the family album." Tim looked up at her, gaze clouded with lust. He blinked.

"We'd best be going, honey," he said. Marie spun away from him coquettishly. He had no time to cover up, to hide his erection. Carol stood there, smiling at him. His head spun with the craziness of his actions.

"You look all worked up," Carol whispered. "But any man would be, right? Our daughter is quite the little sweetie."

"Uh huh," he managed to reply.

"Just treat her right. That's all I ask. Treat her like a gentleman."

"I will, Carol." What had he just agreed to?


Tim was in a daze all the way to the restaurant. It was like Marie was two people at the same time. On the one hand, she was still his daughter, his little girl. He was reminded of that every time he looked at her. But on the other hand, she was this incredibly sexy girl. He had been treated to a flash of her long legs as he had held the car door for her. And the image of her sweet thighs under the dress stuck with him.

For her part, Marie was flying high with the knowledge that she had made her father hard just by leaning against him. It was like this power that she had never known she possessed. She thought of her friend Valentine, who had always seemed to have the ability to line cute guys up. Maybe she could give her a run for her money now.

At the same time, she felt this sweet love for her father. He was so adorable, so gentle with her. Any guy at school she had been this forward with would have tried to get into her pants by now. But not her father. He was so sweet. Everything seemed so intense. It was like a week-long high for her since their first date. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling her bare lips in their scrap of covering rubbing against each other. God, she never wanted to come down from this.

The restaurant was elegant, with dim lighting, secluded booths, and an open dance floor where some couples were already swaying to the soft slow music. There was a live band playing standards. Tim ordered wine without even thinking about it.

"So, Mom told me about that first night between you two." Tim choked on his water. Marie giggled at his reaction. "Seriously! You two were so crazy!"

"W—what did she tell you?"

"Don't play coy, Daddy. She told me she went down on you in the coat closet. When you said she was adventurous, I had no idea that's what you meant!"

"Marie, honey, lower your voice a little." Tim looked around. In truth, there was nobody around who could hear. Or would care, for that matter. But he needed a second to gather his thoughts.

"Did you like it when she did that?"

"Honestly?" Marie nodded. "Yes and no. It was maybe too adventurous for me at that time. I was scared that someone would catch me and I would get a bad rep on my first job."

"But yes, also?" She smiled mischievously at him.

"Well, for crying out loud, Marie. I am a guy."

"And when a girl starts to go down on you, you're not going to stop her."

"Most of the time no."

"Most of the time?"

"All right, all right," he laughed. "All of the time."

"Oh, God... it's so sexy to think about the two of you doing that."


"Yeah, Daddy. Just the thought of what Mom would do in order to make sure that she got you. It's so romantic!"

"Huh. I would have thought a young girl like you would have thought it gross."

"What, you think I haven't gone down on a guy?" The thought was mind-blowing to Tim. He had never thought about it really, or not in any kind of detail. He had presumed that she had some sexual experience, but not the type of interaction. And now he had a mental picture of those full red lips pursed around some kid's rod. What he had thought would be horrifying instead caused a surge of lust in his groin.

"Oh, you have, have you," he said, raising one eyebrow.

"Dad!! I am eighteen, you know."

"So you have a lot of experience, then, I guess?"

"Not a lot, no." His heart felt lighter. She was still innocent. "Still," she continued, "giving blow-jobs is kind of the substitute for full sex nowadays."

"I'd heard that."

"So, yeah, I have given a few." She smiled easily at her father, who smiled back. How wonderful to have this conversation with him, unfettered by guilt, by shame, by fear. He was really a wonderful guy.

"Mom said she did it to make sure she 'got me?'" Tim frowned a little.

"Not just for that, Daddy. Don't be worried. She also found you attractive."

"Is that all?"

"No." She smiled theatrically. "She also said you tasted good." Tim coughed, shocked, and Marie laughed heartily.

"Oh, ha, ha," he said, when he had recovered his breath.


As dinner went by, and Tim and Marie shared a bottle of wine, they felt completely comfortable with each other. They shared each other's entrees. They watched the dancing couples. They toasted Carol in her absence.

"Look at that couple," Marie said while they awaited dessert. "They're really going at it on the floor, aren't they?"

Tim looked at the loving pair as they swayed together. They were locked in a deep soul searching kiss, their mouths fixed to each other. Her hands were in his hair; he had one hand on her back, the other on her butt, pulling her to him tightly. They ground their pelvises together.

"Yeah, it can get pretty hot in here, sweetie. This place kind of has that reputation."

"Really? And people can get away with doing that sort of thing?"

"As long as they keep it clean, you know?"

Marie watched the couple in silence. It was incredibly sexy to see the two writhe against each other right there in front of her.

"Do you want to dance, Daddy?" Tim stared at her. She was entranced by the couple making out on the dance floor.

"Uh, I'm not sure that would be appropriate."

She laughed. It was a sweet trill of a laugh, girlish, delighted. Her eyes twinkled.

"My goodness, Daddy. It's just a dance, you know. Daddies and daughters dance together all of the time."

"But not usually in a place like this," he replied, intrigued now. He almost wanted her to convince him.

"I didn't think you were square, Daddy. Didn't Mommy make the reservations for us to eat here?"

"Hmmm. Yes. Yes, she did."

"And she knows it's a dinner and dancing place, right?" Tim started smiling along with his beautiful daughter.

"Uh huh. She definitely knows that."

"So she probably expects us to dance together. And if she's okay with it, why do you have a problem?"

"All right, all right," he laughed. "You've convinced me." Marie stood up and looked down at her handsome father.

"Let's go already!" He smiled up at her, and stood up to escort her onto the floor. Once there, she put her arms around his neck, and he held her around the waist. There was a little distance between them, but that would never do. She wanted the whole experience of going out to a grown-up dinner/dancing restaurant. Tightening her arms around his neck, she pulled up right against him, molding her body to his.

She felt divine in his arms, so slim, so alive. Her breasts were pushed against his chest, her hips against his. When she moved close to him, his first instinct was to move away, but she laid her head on his shoulder, and he was lost. Lost in the sensations of his girl's closeness. Her will seemed indomitable, just like her mother's.

They swayed in time to the music, the dim lights and the other couples around making them feel anonymous, alone. She pushed against him, harder. She sought something more, something to make the feeling complete. She knew deep inside exactly what that was, and how to go about feeling it.

And he wanted it as well, had been wanting it ever since the week before when he had pressed into her at the car. The feelings earlier that night when his wife had taken pictures of them simply whetted that desire. He couldn't believe that he could give into the insanity of his desire so easily, but Marie was so real, so there. How could he resist?

Her heart sang when he shifted slightly during their dancing, and then reestablished contact. There it was. The evidence of her desirability. The proof that she was so sexy she could excite even her own father. It was like a thick rod placed between them, trapped between their bodies, throbbing with his life, his arousal.

But more than that. For her heels had raised her higher than she had been the week before, and those few inches placed his root directly against her mound. And she was on fire, suddenly, the sensitivity of her newly bared skin, even under her clothes, pressed by his erection sending thrills through every part of her.


Her little moan was like throwing fuel on a wildfire to Tim. Every bit of his life experience had taught him that a woman's moan like that meant that she was excited herself. He pulled her tighter against him, longing to feel her body with every inch of his own. He let a hand drift down, resting in the small of her back, pulling her midsection closer, if possible.

She responded by starting to rhythmically grind her pelvis against his. How crazy was this? She was standing in the middle of a dance floor, swaying just enough to keep up the pretense of dancing, while dry humping her own father. She didn't dare look up at him; even though she knew he was turned on, she still felt embarrassed by her own boldness.

The insistent pressure of his cock pushed tight against her pussy, pressing her panties against her labia. By rocking back and forth, she was able to push his hardness against her lips, there on the dance floor. But it wasn't enough. There was too much in the way.

"Mmm. Ooh. Oh, Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom. But I wanna dance again when I get back, okay?"

Tim could not have mistaken her meaning, especially considering the way she had been rocking against him so deliberately. God, this might be insane, he knew. This was beyond insane. This was so dangerous. But he was beyond the point of reason. His sex was doing all of the thinking for him.

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