tagIncest/TabooGoing Out With Daddy Ch. 04

Going Out With Daddy Ch. 04


Tim woke up in an empty bed, and lay there for a good twenty minutes, thinking about the events of the night before.

Had it really happened, or had it all been a dream? Things had moved so fast, it seemed like a vision rather than a memory. Dancing slow and tight with Marie, holding that sweet ass in his hands... The hot kiss with her on the dance floor... Her tongue in his mouth and his in hers... The surreal encounter with that guy and the charade that he and Marie were on a hot date.

Charade? Who was he kidding? That had been more real at that moment than if he had come out with the truth. Christ. And then in the car. He had been out of control, holding his little girl's panties in his hands.

They had still been warm, and the musky odor that had come off of them had enraged his senses. Knowing that his little girl had taken them off to dance with him, and that the smell that arose from the scanty item had come from her most secret areas. Even better, that they smelled that way because of being with him.

He had had to taste it, and so he put his tongue to the lacy thing. His own daughter's juices in his mouth, the product of her pussy (bare, oh God, bare) spreading over his tastebuds. So tangy, and yet so sweet, honey to his senses.

His hand found his sex under the sheets, touching himself as he recalled his crazy actions. He was unsurprised to find himself hard again. This was an endless source of eroticism now. And how could he feel bad about it? Marie had actually gone down on him, just like Carol. Christ!

In the car, in the darkness of the poorly lit parking lot, his daughter had unzipped him and pulled out his hard cock. She had leaned down and licked him from root to tip in a wet swirl of tongue and breath. He had moaned, unsure of what to do, how to react. When she reached the top, her sweet red lips had encircled his head, taking it into the warm cavern of her mouth.

The position had been awkward, and his pants were tight around him. These were the only reasons he hadn't exploded right at that very second into the depths of his girl's mouth. His hands fell onto her head, resting lightly in her thick brown hair. He had closed his eyes, his head falling back.

She had tried to take more of him, but there wasn't space, so she had hummed contentedly around the end, moving her head in short little jerks. And the crisis came upon him, rushing up from his balls.

He had tried to warn her, he thought, stroking his erection more firmly now. But the sweet girl had only increased her sucking, and he had burst forth into her mouth. It was the built up pressure of that night's teasing, combined with all of the week-long glimpses of her hot little body.

Oh, God. What a feeling. The orgasm had been awesome, but the added spice was the feeling of Marie gulping to keep up with his ejaculation. His daughter, swallowing his spend with gusto, élan. She had moaned around his cock in between swallows, her body trembling in its own right.

And then she had sat up, a little dribble of glistening creamy white running down her chin. She smiled at him, her face red from the exertion, a little sweaty, her eyes moist. She deliberately ran a finger through the excess sperm on her face and held it up to examine it. Then she slowly sucked it off of her finger, her eyes never leaving his.

"Mmm," she had said, smiling wickedly. "Tasty. Just like Mom said!"

Tim masturbated harder at the thought, the memory of the little minx slutting it up for him, there in the front seat of the family car. Reminding him of her mother at that moment! So bold...

"Tim! Are you up yet?" His wife's steps on the stairs brought him to his senses. What the hell was going on around here? His hand flew off of his cock, and he turned on his side away from the door so that she wouldn't be able to see how hard he was.

"Uh, yeah, just waking up, hon." Carol came in. Tim looked a little red in the face. She had a guess as to what he was doing. He hadn't done it the night before when he had come in, which was different from the week before. She had wondered whether that meant things had progressed further. Now she wasn't sure.

"Well, it's about time, sleepyhead," she teased. "I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to wake up. Marie, too. I think she's still zonked out in her room. I've got some breakfast ready for you, if you want it."

"Sure," Tim muttered. "I'll be down in a minute." As she left, he thought about the events of the last week, especially how Carol had seemed to encourage him in this developing relationship. But no, that wasn't possible. It was just his overheated imagination. Carol couldn't possibly want him and Marie...

In any case, his erection was gone now, so he got up and made his way downstairs.


Marie1990: so now im going to tan in my new suit

Valygrl18: isnt ur mom there

Marie1990: yeah but she bought it 4 me :0

Valygrl18: is it hot

Marie1990: maybe 2 much

Marie1990: wait

Marie1990: ill show u

Valygrl18: wow

Valygrl18: ur gonna show that much skin

Marie1990: u think its 2 much?

Valygrl18: not 4 spring break

Valygrl18: u look sweet in it no doubt

Valygrl18: but 4 ur dad?

Marie1990: but thats the point rite

Marie1990: the tease

Marie1990: 2 see him panting like a puppy

Valygrl18: it was more than a tease last nite

Valygrl18: still hot thinkin about it

Marie1990: that was on a date

Marie1990: lol

Valygrl18: snort

Marie1990: this is in our backyard

Marie1990: nothings gonna happen there

Valygrl18: rite

Valygrl18: if u say so

Valygrl18: but i wanna hear all the details anyway

Marie1990: wish me luck

Valygrl18: luck grl


Marie took a deep breath, steeling her nerve, before opening the door to the back yard deck. She was already moist between her legs, just at the thought of presenting herself this way to her father's eyes. Sure, they had already crossed the line the night before. But this was in front of her mother, and no matter how relaxed she might be, Marie couldn't imagine that she would be happy with what had happened after dinner.

The morning sunshine was bright and hot, with a refreshing breeze that picked up every now and again, sending little ripples reflecting off of the pool. It was a perfect morning for sunning. Her mother and father were already relaxing in deck chairs, sipping coffee and reading the paper.

She made her way past her father, letting her shadow cross over him.

"Morning, Daddy," she said in a soft voice. Tim looked up, but all he could see at first was her outline, the sun behind her obscuring all detail.

"Oh, hey, sweetie," he replied. "What are y-" He stopped short in mid-sentence as she moved out of the sunshine and he took in her tiny swimsuit. Swimsuit? It was more like a walking advertisement for sex.

"Marie! Is that one of the new bikinis we bought?"

"Yeah, Mom. Is it all right?"

"Let me see," Carol said, standing up to get a better look at her daughter. Marie stepped towards her, and then slowly turned around.

It was nominally a string bikini, the strings in red, the fabric of the bikini itself in white. However, it was mostly string, and much less bikini. The top had two triangular patches to cover her breasts, but they were small. Even on Marie's less than voluptuous chest, they simply perched on the curves of her tits, covering merely the puffy areoles and nipples. The bottom curve of her breasts sat underneath the triangles, and Carol couldn't help but admire the way they jutted outward rather than hanging down.

The bottom was even smaller, the red strings running above her hips before coming down to the tiny patch of white pretending to modestly cover her sex. The triangle here was only about an inch and a half wide, and only came up halfway where her pubic hair used to be. The material was thin, and molded itself to the contours of her pussy, so that Carol could easily make out an indentation down the middle, a vertical line proclaiming the presence of her labia beneath.

In the back, the strings came together in a minuscule triangle of white just at the top of her ass. From there, a red string disappeared between her luscious ass cheeks to connect underneath at the center of her womanhood.

"Wow." Carol whistled. "Very sexy, sweetie. Don't you think so, Tim?" She looked over at her husband, who was still staring at his daughter. "You can close your mouth, honey. It's just Marie, after all." Mother and daughter giggled together, and Tim blinked, embarrassed.

"Well, what do you think, Daddy," Marie asked sweetly. "Do you like it?"

"Uh, yeah, honey, sure. I guess I do," he stuttered, red in the face.

"I think he more than likes it," Carol said in a stage whisper. "I think he really loves it."

"Yeah, me too," Marie smiled.

"Did you get everything taken off?" Carol turned back to Marie and held her at arms length, looking down at her bare stomach and the hairless expanse of skin below.

"Uh huh," the girl said simply. "See?" And she pulled her bikini bottom away from her stomach so that her mother could see down the front.

"Mmm. Very nice. I know your father would approve," she laughed musically. Tim snapped his eyes back to his paper. He was envious of the view his wife had just been afforded. And worse, he was getting hard yet again, here, in his back yard, with Carol right there! He bent his knees and settled the paper against his legs to hide the growing tent in his pants.

"But listen, Marie. Don't forget to put a lot of sunscreen on. It's very bright today, and you've got a lot of skin there which hasn't been exposed yet."

"I know, right? You can totally see where my old suit covered, especially on my boobs." She traced the border of her untanned skin across her chest with one fingernail. "Would you put some on my back? I'm gonna start on my stomach." Marie really wanted her father to put it on, but she couldn't think of a good reason to ask him without seeming suspicious.

"Sure, honey. Why don't you get situated, and I'll put it on." Marie made her way to the chair next to her father and lay down on it face first, her head turned away from him. She wanted him to be able to look at her as much as he wanted, without worrying about what she thought. Let him see just how much of a woman she was now.

Carol took the sunscreen and made a big show of squirting some into her hands and rubbing it together to get it warm. Her plans were in place. Just when she put her hands on Marie's shoulders, the phone rang. Perfect timing.

"Tim, could you get that? My hands are full right now."

"Uh huh," Tim replied, getting up and shuffling awkwardly to the table where his wife's cell was ringing.

"Hi. Tim here."

"Oh, hey, Tim. It's Don. Mom around?" Tim's step-son Don had always called him by his first name. It had been by design when he married the boy's mother.

"Sure. Hang on a sec. Carol? It's Don for you."

"Darn. Tell him to hang on a sec." Carol stood up and wiped her hands on a towel, then took the phone. "Tim, could you finish up here? I don't want Marie to get too much sun without protection." And she stood up and walked into the house. She had to give the two of them some space.

Tim looked down at his lovely daughter. So much skin there to see, especially from the back, where there were only the strings from her top and bottom interrupting the lovely flow of femininity. He looked up to see Carol disappearing into the house.

"Hurry up, Daddy. I don't want to get skin cancer, you know." This was too much. He had been given permission... no, he had been told that he needed to rub his daughter down by his wife. The lotion that Carol had put on Marie's upper back was still there, waiting for him to soothe it into her warm skin.

Marie sighed when she felt the weight of her father's knee on the side of the chair. Thank God! He was going to do it. She had been worried that he would balk, even with her mom's insistence.

"Hang on," she murmured. "Just undo the strings of my top, 'kay? I don't want any lines across there." Was it too much? No, she felt the tug at the upper bow, the knot giving way, the strings pulled to the side and dropped on either side of her neck. Then, the gentle pulling at the bow across the middle of her back, the give as the knot surrendered, the coolness of the breeze on the now exposed sides of her breasts.

She might as well have been naked there in front of him for all that the little string covered at the base of her back. His cock, semi-hard before, pulsed along his leg, down the inside of his trunks. He wanted to savor this vision. Her head was still turned away from him, her hair in that cute teen pony-tail. He lifted it and pushed it to the side so he could properly attend to all of that skin.

She had never felt so exposed in all her life. What a rush! So little kept secret, here in the open, under the blazing eye of the sun. His hands descended, making contact with her shoulders, rubbing the silky lotion around in loving circles. She gasped at his touch, the feel of his strong hands, so male, so wrong, but so wonderful.

He couldn't believe how soft she was. She was still so young, so fresh. Every inch of her was perfection. The feel of her hard young muscles under her sweet skin, the protrusion of her bones, the curve of shoulder into upper arm, scapula to spine. It was a wonder to behold and feel.

His hands dipped around her arms, circling them, lifting them. She felt limp before him, relaxed, accepting. Whatever he wanted to do...

God, was there enough time? He wanted to do this right, but how could he with Carol just inside the house? Pulling back on an arm lifted her torso slightly. She made no complaint, no reprimand. Her right breast pulled away from the cushion, teasing him with its weight, the tip still in contact, hidden from his view. He reluctantly let her back down, only to repeat the same on the other side, although now he couldn't even see anything because he was stuck over here.

He sighed; he was frustrated, she could tell. She wondered if he was hard, as hard as the night before. Oh, fuck. The night before. Just the thought of it made her hot, squirmy, tingly. That and his hands...

"Daddy?" He stopped short, his hands frozen in her upper back. "No, don't stop, please. I just have... uh, like a question?"

"Okay, Princess," he murmured. He had been worried for a second, worried that she would stop him, that she would be upset for some reason. He was finished with her arms, and started to work lotion down the center of her back. He massaged it in, working from the center out.

"Uh... Mmm. Feels really nice, Daddy."

"Your question?"

"Right. Uh." She giggled nervously. "How big are you?"

"Huh? I guess about one-eighty, one-eighty-five." His hands slipped along the curve of her torso at the sides of her back. Her ribs felt familiar somehow, and he found himself recalling tickling her when she was much younger, just along here.

"No, silly," she laughed. "Not how much do you weigh. How big are you?" Her emphasis made her meaning clear. He was fully hard now, his trunks constraining him down the leg. But he didn't want to adjust it right now. Carol could come out at any second and it would be easier to hide this way.

"What, you couldn't tell?" His whisper had a teasing quality to it. His hands worked along her sides now, inching upward. Did he dare? Would he really touch her, here, now, with Mom just inside the house? Just the thought was so hot, so erotic, she had to wiggle under his caress.

"You mean last night?" Her boldness was beyond belief. Maybe it was just that she wasn't looking at him. She felt like she could say anything. "No, I couldn't tell. Too dark. Plus I couldn't really get at all of you, you know?"

His fingertips grazed at the edges of her breasts. They pushed out from the side of her torso, squashed by the weight of her body. He skirted them lightly, at least nominally covering the skin behind them with the sunscreen.

"Do you think I'm naughty for asking, Daddy? I'm just, like, curious. I want to know how you compare to like other guys I've been with."

"Have you been with many?"

"Oh, my," she giggled. "Now who's the naughty one? Seriously, Daddy. Do you want to know?"

His hands had crept onto the sides of her breasts now. So cautious, so careful. He was like a puppy dog, seeing what he could get away with. It was so cute.

"Well, I, uh... I just worry that..."

"Aww, Daddy. Were you hoping that I was a virgin still? Pure and innocent and all that shit?" He gasped at her frankness, his hands frozen at the edges of her tits. "Well, Daddy dearest, I'm no virgin, but I'm no slut either, get it? I've only ever been with a couple of guys."

"Uh, maybe that was more information than I wanted," he admitted.

"Too bad. You get what you ask for," she teased. He relaxed at her tone of voice. He had been afraid he had offended her. His fingers started moving again, massaging the sides of her breasts. The flesh was so resilient and yet so soft. "So, anyway, you still haven't answered my question."

"Um, I'm not sure I should."

"Hmph. You're no fun. Mmm. Your fingers feel nice, though." He had let himself advance even further, so that his hands were now caressing the entire visible portion of her cute tits. "Let's see..." Her right hand was suddenly on the inside of his leg, perilously close to the opening of his trunks. He gasped in shock. She was so close to the tip of his cock!

"If I remember rightly, I should get my answer somewhere around here," she giggled, her fingers tickling lightly along his sensitive inner thigh.

"Marie!" His hands were still on her breasts as he looked down in shock at her questing hand.

"What are you worried about, Daddy? That Mommy might see? That she might see her daughter, with her hand where it don't ought to be?"

"Uh... I—I don't think..."

"Don't think what, Daddy?" Her fingers were inside his trunks now, and he involuntarily jerked slightly, moving back so they came back out. Christ, why didn't he just grab her hand and move it? Carol was just inside the house. But instead he simply watched as she moved back to reclaim the lost territory.

"I'm pretty sure you're not thinking right now, Daddy." Those slim fingers slipped further up and touched the tip of his throbbing erection. "Mmm. I thought it was pretty big, and it certainly feels that way." A gentle fingertip circled the head, before slipping up beyond the flare of its rim. "Feels kinda tight in here, you know?"

Tim groaned, his eyes closed. He couldn't move if his life depended on it. All of his senses were fixated on that light touch.

"I just wanna know how big it is, Daddy. Is that so wrong? I don't know if I can tell like this. Hang on a sec..." Her little hand grasped around the end of his shaft, and with a flick, she somehow managed to push his trunks back so that his erect cock could stand up, freed from its prison.

"Mmmm. Yeah, that's better, right?"

"Uh, y—yeah, it is better," he stammered, staring down at the sight of her sweet little hand on his inflamed organ. Her fingers barely wrapped around it, and it throbbed in her grasp.

"Daddy, you're not rubbing. You have to massage the sunscreen in, you know." She laughed. Her head was still turned away from him, but he knew her mischievous smile. "Like this, silly." Her hand stroked down his erection, smoothly, slowly, until her pinky came up against the base.

"Hey, guys!" Tim nearly fainted when he heard Carol's voice behind him. His hands jumped of their own accord, finding safe ground in the middle of his daughter's back. Thankfully, he had his back to the deck, so that his exposed cock was hidden from his wife's view. He knew that the shock would allow him to go down when Marie let him go, so he thought he should be okay.

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