tagBDSMGoing Out With Mistress Jessica

Going Out With Mistress Jessica


This is the next day following our first evening with Mistress Jessica. So read “Two Slaves for Mistress Jessica” first.

What happened before: I had agreed to meet an online-friend for the first time on her 25th birthday and to please her as a willing sub together with a mature lady.

It was quite late when we awoke the next day. Elisabeth and I kissed and fondled our loved Mistress Jessica awake and we had a sexy shower, all three of us. After the shower all three of us were already hot and horny again. Jessica ordered us to kneel in front of her naked. The 25year old Swedish girl stood very close to us. Her slim legs almost touched our bodies. Both her hands played with our breasts. Her left hand massaged Elisabeth’s sagging, mature tits and her right hand massaged my firm, round 85B boobs. We both had hard nipples and a moist crotch area. Jessica’s well-trimmed bush was just before our eyes and I could see that she was wet too.

“I would love to go out with you two, my little slaves. But can I be sure that you will be good girls and obey me?” the blonde, young, dominating Beauty asked in a very sexy voice and squeezed our hard nipples.

Eagerly we both nodded.

“You can rely on us, Mistress Jessica. We will always obey you!”

“Let’s see, Let’s see.”

Mistress Jessica ordered us what to wear and I was quite happy to be in Stockholm, far away from home, where nobody would know me. Neither 52year old Elisabeth nor I (27) were allowed to wear any underwear; no bra, no panties and no pantyhose. I was dressed in a very tiny, black dress with a deep décolleté showing much more than only the beginnings of my boobs and the dress ended quite close to my little arse. I would never have worn that dress normally. The mature woman, Elisabeth, was wearing a white, almost see-through blouse and a very short skirt. Her breasts were quite good displayed, especially her hard nipples – but so were mine.

Mistress Jessica again was the sexiest of the three of us. She had brought very tight fitting, black trousers made of soft, fine leather. It outlined perfectly her beautiful, slim legs and her perfectly shaped, firm arse. Beyond she wore an also perfectly tight fitting, black shirt. One could see the curves of her nice, perky, firm breasts and her hard nipples.

She also had brought a necklace for both of us, that we had to wear. It was made of black leather and should show our status.

We three ladies earned quite some looks, when walking through the lobby of the hotel. And the looks did not stop when we were walking through the town. Obviously Mistress Jessica liked that looks and she liked to display us.

She had us walk left and right of her and her hands went beneath our dress and skirt. From behind it was clearly to see that this young woman had her hands on our arses and was massaging them. First I was a bit shocked, but very soon I was starting to enjoy her massage and I was getting wet.

In front of a small bar with big windows we stopped. Some of the guests of the bar saw us from inside and started looking at us. Obviously we seemed interesting to them.

“I want you to kiss now, my slaves. I want to see a good passionate kiss!”, suddenly Mistress Jessica commanded.

“But….,” I tried to object and immediately earned a slap with her hand to my ass. The guests saw it all. I blushed deeply. The mature woman seemed to have fewer problems with that situation. Her face was already close to mine and her lips met mine. I gave up my resistance too and obeyed my Mistress’s wishes. My lips parted and Elisabeth’s tongue slid into my mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about the watching people. Somehow I also found that situation arousing.

Elisabeth was a very good, erotic, experienced kisser and I really enjoyed her passionate French kiss.

“Feel that little German slut out, slave Elisabeth. Touch her sweet pussy and tell me how wet she is! And you, slutty Carmen, feel her breasts and squeeze her nipples and tell me how hard they are!”

I was a bit shocked about that request, but again Elisabeth was the more eagerly obeying one and quickly her hands went down my body, touching my breasts on their way down. The old lady seemed to enjoy that a lot. One of her hands went to my arse and pressed me close to her and the other directly found it’s way to my pussy. And she really found a wet, a very wet pussy. I even moaned and I too followed now and both my hands started massaging her soft, mature boobs and hard nipples. I did not look into the bar, but I could imagine the looks of the people inside. We must have been quite a big, erotic show. A mature and a young woman feeling themselves out and a sexy dressed blonde beauty commanding them!

“She is juicy, Mistress Jessica. Slave Carmen is a naughty, dirty wet slave-girl. She must be very horny!”

“I love to hear that. And what can you tell me about, slave Elisabeth?” she asked me.

I was now horny enough too, to speak dirty.

“Slave Elisabeth is a dirty, old brat, Mistress Jessica. She loves to feel me out, she is fondling my arse too and it feels good, hmmm. And she has rock hard nipples. So hard, you would love to lick and suck them!”

“So you are fondling my slaves arse? Did I tell you to do that, Slut?”

The horny old woman shook her head, but kept her hand at my arse cheeks.

“No, Mistress Jessica. You did not tell me. I’m naughty!”

“You will receive your punishment. You know that!”

Mistress Jessica stepped between of us and kissed us both. When we left I took a look into the bar. I think all guests were staring through the window. Somehow it made me hot; and I have never been an exhibitionist at all.

A bit later we stopped at a small bridge that led over a small river in a green park. There were no other people around us; but in some distance I could make out some walkers.

There was a small wall, protecting walkers of falling into the river.

“Lean forward, you dirty, old slut!”, Mistress Jessica ordered the 52year old Elisabeth. The woman obeyed and leaned against the small wall. Our blonde, beautiful, young Mistress stepped behind her, she kissed her neck and both her hands wrapped her and started massaging her breasts. But she was not only massaging them, she was also unbuttoning her blouse, till her sagging boobs hung freely. Elisabeth was deep red now in her face, but she did not object. Then Mistress Jessica lifted her skirt and thus displayed the naked, round, big arse of the overweight woman.

“Please her pussy and tits, slave Carmen, while I will give this slut the spanking she has earned.”

I think I was deep red now too, but I also was very horny and I loved to fondle this mature woman. I obeyed and one of my hands started fondling her soft breasts and one went beneath her skirt. My fingers glided along her wet slit and easily found entrance into her cunt. I slowly started fingerfucking her openly on the bridge. Elisabeth moaned with obvious excitement and sexual pleasure.

Mistress Jessica’s hand caressed her naked bum for a short while and then her hand hit her for a first blow. Each time Mistress Jessica’s hit her arse, her pussy pressed harder against my now two fingers inside of her pussy. Our blonde Mistress took her time with her spanking and after each strike she stroke her arse cheeks for a short time. There were ten hit’s to each of her cheeks. Elisabeth was already quite loud at the end of that obviously very arousing punishment.

I saw some walkers nearing the bridge.

Mistress’s Jessica’s hand met mine at her pussy. She slid another finger into her, so that now three fingers were inside of her. We found a common Rhythm and fucked her quick and hard now with our fingers till Elisabeth came. She had to bite her lips not to cry out loud her lusty orgasm.

Only seconds before the walkers would have seen the totally exposed mature woman, we removed our hands from her and the somewhat exhausted but satisfied Elisabeth quickly buttoned her blouse. I don’t know if the walkers had seen anything of our hot game.

Mistress Jessica licked her fingers to taste her slave’s juices and I did the same.

“Hmmm. Tasty. I think that made me hungry now. What about some good, hot lunch, my tow slaves,” she asked with a sexy smile and expressed the word “hot” specially.

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