tagBDSMGoing to a Party with Him

Going to a Party with Him


This wasn't her first time attending this party; she had been attending it for more than a year now, every month, without fail. However, it was the first time she had shown up with him. Him, the man who made her feel like no one else had, the man who made her feel so beautiful when she knelt in front of him, who made her feel ecstasy through the pain he inflicted on her. She had been coming to these parties for months, randomly playing with someone here and there, but no one who kept her wanting more until he approached her the previous month. She immediately looked in his eyes and knew that she wanted to follow all of his commands. She loved his style, clear and concise, always reminding her that their play was about him, his wants, his desires, and she achieved pleasure mostly by pleasing him.

She knew nothing about what he had planned for her, she asked questions about what to wear, how to do her hair and make up, and he made no decisions at all besides her shoes and what lipstick to bring. The man who would meticulously choose her outfits when they played seemed to not care in any way for tonight.

They made small talk in the car as he rested his hand on her thigh, riding up the already short slinky black dress she had on, matching her 5" black heels. His hand quickly moved high enough to realize she wasn't wearing any panties as part of her outfit "naughty girl" he said as his hand traced her hip bone.

"Well you didn't specify Sir," she replied, enjoying his hand fondling her and discovering what she was hoping would be a secret until much later in the night. As they pulled up next to the house he grabbed the toy bag and slung it over his shoulder, it's weight showing as his body compensated while carrying it and offering his arm to her for them to walk in together. As usual the beginning hour of the party was cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and then a bell rang for rules to be stated and the party to start. As the rules began she felt his hand on the small of her back and led her into a side bedroom.

He led her into the room and closed the door, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her against the door, as she reacted to the sudden changes to her inertia his hand went around her throat, her arms instinctively tried to raise up before she remembered what happened the last time she did that to him, and left them at her sides. He looked deep into her eyes as she stared back at him, his hand squeezing her windpipe and restrained the blood flow to her face, changing its color before slowly softening his grip and letting her regain her natural color and composure.

He walked to the center of the room next to a table that his toy bag was on. "Strip and hand me all of your clothes." She readily complied, removing her dress, and then her bra, maintaining eye contact with him as much as she could, feeling his words radiate in her head as much as the cool air did on her now naked skin. She stood there wearing nothing but her heels as he pulled out her collar, she instinctively knelt so he could put it on her. "Stand up," he said to her again, the leash dangling from her body, the leather between her breasts and the loop at the end resting against her thighs. He went to her purse, finding her lipstick, the deep red he told her to wear for him, and opened it up, walking toward her and grabbing her hair, asking "Who are you?"

"I'm your slut Sir," she responded as quickly as her mind would let her.

"Stay still," he ordered as he put the lipstick to her skin, marking her chest with the word "slut" in 6" high red letters, giving her an identity for the night to everyone who saw her. He next attached clamps to her nipples, the chain between them falling and forming a semi-arch underneath her supple breasts. "Turn around" he ordered "wrists behind you" as she felt leather restraints around her upper arms, pulling them together and sticking her chest forward, and then more around her wrists, securing her arms in their position. "Open Wide" he told her, his arms moving over her head holding a ballgag which he pushed deep into her mouth, pulling the straps back as hard as he could, moving her black hair out of the way as he secured it to its tightest setting. "Face me" he said and admired his work, running his hands over her body, really his body to use, lightly tugging at the chain, fondling her ass, and looking at her mouth as wide open as possible as she looked back at him, so occupied, so vulnerable. He put the toybag back on his shoulder, and grabbed her leash, "You are to stay a step behind me at all times slut." She nodded her head in understanding as they went back out to the party.

They continued to mingle around the house, the guests elegantly dressed in a very nice home. The entire upstairs was one giant room surrounded by comfortable leather chairs with the middle cleared for play. He grabbed a drink and sat down in a chair, holding the leash as she kneeled in front of him and laid her head on his lap. After talking to a few friends who enjoyed teasing his little slut, playing with the chain and talking about her like she wasn't there he took her to one of the beds in the room, ordering her to kneel on it.

He opened the toy bag, carefully putting all of his tools and utensils out, meticulously splaying them out on the side table for use. He pulled out more restraints, wrapping them around her thighs as he pushed her head down to the bed and unconnected her wrists together, only to connect them to her thighs, forcing her thighs up and under her, as well as spreading her wide on the bed, her ass in the air, her cunt slightly spread as he began to work on her. Starting slowly with his hands and building intensity with toys her skin began to become red as she strained against the ballgag to groan, her clamped nipples rubbing against the bed as her body squirmed and betrayed her, only causing her more pain that came in waves, first her ass, then feeling her nipples tugged at by the bed.

She heard his suit jacket fall on the floor, and then more of his clothing, turning her head to the side and seeing him standing there, shirtless, sweat starting to emerge out of his skin and being caught by the hair on his torso. They made eye contact as he grabbed a paddle and moved next to her, one hand grabbing her hair as the other let her ass feel the cold finish of the wood. It moved away and returned, slowly, softly, as she prepared mentally for it to change, to become harder, faster, more brutal. The extension of his hand moved into the air and rang down on her ass, a solid hit that moved her entire body forward, wanting to move into a relaxed position, but instead her body stayed put, confined to its position. This repeated over, and over, and over again, her ass turning red as she tried to catch her breath from what was happening to her. It stopped, she rubbed her watery eyes on the satin sheets so she could see, her eye make up smearing as she heard a noise that filled her body with both fear and delight, his belt was coming off. The metallic sound of the buckle and the leather sliding through the loops of his slacks rang in her ears as she felt the leather hit her. It was folded over as he smacked her ass with it over and over, marking her skin with red stripes, the end of the belt leaving bruises on her ass. "Breath," he said coldly, the belt still in his hands, merely waiting for her to catch her breath. He hit her again, and again, pushing the limits of her pain as the tears continued to come, and once her screams through the ballgag became louder, he tossed the belt on top of his toy bag. He moved behind her, slapping her ass as hard as his hand would allow, but knowing it wasn't near the level of the belt he had just used.

He let her sit there for a moment, breathing deeply and allowing the pain to coarse through her body, before grabbing a belt that was wider, thicker, and harder from his bag. He warned her of what he had picked up by hitting her with it, her reaction told him she wanted it, she nuzzled her face into the blankets and re-set her body to receive its pain. He was brutal. He hit her as hard as he could, standing, turning his body and releasing all the tension that was built in his muscles through his shoulder, his arm, and through the belt, it's wide leather leaving a swath of red on her. Two hits on each cheek, all the width of the belt would allow, alternating sides, again and again, the redness continuing, the bruises beginning to form as she laid there and took it, knowing how good it felt to receive all of his pain, to be his toy to play with, to be used by him to show off his skills and abilities that he had honed. He took a few steps back and stepped into a hit, causing her body to move as the pain flowed through her, going through her body like a wave all the way to her head lifting up and her toes attempting to curl. He knew she was done, that she had reached her limit, but he was nowhere near done with her.

In her state she had no cognizant thoughts of what was going on, she couldn't hear his shoes come off, his zipper be undone, or his pants falling to the floor. She didn't feel the bed move as he climbed behind her, she didn't know he was there until she felt his fingers on her pussy, touching her outer lips to feel how wet and warm it was and how invitingly it was spread with the position she was in. He pushed the head of his cock against it, she instinctively tried to move back against it, wanting it inside of her so badly. "Fuck my cock slut" he told her, as she moved back against him as much as her body would allow, forcing him deeper into her cunt, increasing the pace and speed as he stayed there, his hard cock sticking out from his body and engulfed by her as her goal was to please him, to feel him deeper inside of her, to feel that closeness that can only come from penetration. He reached forward and grabbed the back of her head, pulling it off of the bed and pulling her back more onto him as he thrusted forward, unable to be any deeper inside of her, quickening his pace as she moaned through the gag, feeling the fullness that she so desperately craved until she felt it twitch inside of her as he came, pushing his cock in deeply and feeling an increase of wetness inside of her even after he pulled out, his cock now covered by his cum and her juices. He stood next to her, undoing the ballgag "Clean me slut," he commanded, and she greedily used her tongue to clean him, taking him deep in her mouth and enjoying the sweet mix of juices. Once she was done he unbound her, finally letting her body into a resting position and laid next to her, waiting for her to recover.

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