tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGoing To School

Going To School


The next day my wife Terry was up early and standing at the stove wearing only an apron when I went into the kitchen. The smell of bacon was filling the air.

"Ok, so what's going on today?" I asked.

I moved up behind my lovely wife and ran my hand over her necked ass as I kissed her on the neck. She put her hand on the side of my face and turned her head kissing me on the cheek. I moved over to pour my self-some coffee as she moved to put our food on the table and set down.

"Well remember Beth is coming over and we have to take her shopping. This will be the first day of school for her! The first day in her training as a exhibitionist and tease!"

I was kind of surprised, "WE! Am I going to!"

" Of course you're going with us! You will have to give her your opinion and tell her what looks good and what don't!"

"Well, ok but look, I'm kind of nervous about this. I mean I don't want you all pissed off at me if I get turned on doing this! I mean she is a good-looking woman and well I just don't want any trouble. Maybe you should just show her by you're self."

"Yes she is a good-looking woman and I expect you to get a little worked up! I think we can handle it. I mean it's not like anything is going to happen we are just going to help her out by showing her how to show off with out getting into trouble!"

I still wasn't too sure as I took my shower and shaved. I put on some loose fitting shorts and a long T-shirt just incase things got a little hard and went into the living room. Terry was setting there wearing a cotton top with spaghetti straps holding it up and a sarong tied around her waist. It was pulled open over her right leg all the way up to her waist as she sat there rubbing skin cream into it. She had on little strapy sandals with two inch heals I call fuck me pumps. Her nipples could plainly be seen just a little darker than her blouse and as she watched me looking at her they grew hard.

"Is this ok Sam?"

She stood up and turned for me to see the whole package just as the doorbell rang. Terry walked over to the door to let Beth in and the sunlight went right through her wrap. She kissed Beth on the cheek and turned to walk back letting her wrap open all the way up to her waist! It opened and fell back in place but not before I saw she wasn't wearing any panties either!

Beth came in and kissed me on the cheek. She also had on sandals with small heals. She had on a one-peace denim dress with snaps down the front. They were all snapped to!

Terry had set back down and put skin cream in her hand, "Just a minuet I have to do my other leg then we can go."

She pulled her wrap open over her leg and rubbed the cream in while both of us watched her.

"Sam is going to go with us and help you pick out some things that will help turn your old man into a bowl of Jell-O."

She finished and lifted her dress back over her leg showing us her short trimmed pussy hair and acted like we had not seen any thing as she spoke to us. Beth's eyes had shown her surprise at seeing my wife's bush but Terry never missed a beat as she moved to get her purse.

"Sam has good taste in how I should look when we have our fun, so I think he will help us out a lot. Besides he has to buy us lunch!"

Terry had known exactly what she was doing when she had shown us her pussy and that was one of the things that made her so good at the flashing games we played. No one ever knew if it was on purpose or not!

She turned and looked at Beth, "This is as good a place as any to start Beth honey. Come here."

Terry reached down and opened the bottom three snaps of her dress. This let it open just about a half inch below her crotch!

"Did you wear the panties I gave you?"

"Yes, but god they are so small! I mean they fit me ok they just don't cover me at all!"

"That's the whole point! You don't want it to covered too much if you are going to go out and show it off! Now come on let's go spend you old man's money!"

We all walked out to my truck and I opened the door's for them to get in. My truck has a small back seat that is big enough for short runs but I wouldn't want to take a trip in it. Any way, as Beth climbed in she bent over sticking her head in and then climbed up and her short dress rode up in the back letting Terry and I have a good view of her thighs before she turned and set down. Her dress fell open and her tine little panties came into view. Beth had set with her legs open and I saw how they had pulled up into her slit leaving her vagina lips fully exposed!

Beth reached for the seat belt and looked down at her self at the same time. Her head snapped up to look at me and when she realized I was seeing her full lips she turned bright red and closed her leg's then pulled her dress over them.

My dick lengthened in my pants as I turned to my wife who had also seen the whole show. Terry let her dress fall open fully as she sat down her lovely snatch coming into view. She smiled at me as I looked at her puffy pussy lip and I licked my lips. She was right I was going to have fun being with these two hot sexy ladies!

The girls' talked about clothes until we got to the mall and Terry never made a move to cover her self as we drove along.

"Aren't you afraid one of those truck drivers we passed will see you setting there all open like that?" Beth asked when we arrived at the mall.

"It's all part of the game my dear. If they saw anything they are wondering if I knew they had seen it and if I didn't know what would I do if I found out they had! Besides all they could see was my leg's!"

I open the truck door for them and Terry slipped out letting her wrap open way up above her hip fully exposing her right leg as she got out. Then she stood next to me as we watched as Beth try to get out with out showing any thing. It didn't work and as she slid across the seat both of her legs flashed into view. She stepped out and again blushed but said nothing.

"Listen, I know those panties are making you uncomfortable. Why don't you just take them off!" Terry smiled at Beth as she spoke.

Beth looked around, "I, I don't know! Maybe this is to much for me!"

Terry held open her sarong showing her necked pussy to her friend, "No one will see anything if you don't show him or her anything. Besides the whole point is to make your man nuts knowing you don't have anything on. Here I'll help!"

With that Terry bent over putting her hands under Beth's dress and hooking her fingers in the elastic oh the panties pulled them down in one move. Beth caught her breath and held onto the truck as she stepped out of them and Terry handed them to me! I couldn't help my self and put them to my nose pulling in the aroma of this young woman's sex!

"Her panties are wet aren't they Sam?"

"Yes they are! She likes this ok! You are going to be fine Beth! Come on lets go in."

Beth took my hand as Terry hooked her arm around her, "Oh God you guy's I'm so nervous! I have never went out with out any panties in my life and Sam you have seen more of me in a few minutes than any one but my husband has in my whole life!

Terry pulled her tight to her, "You are doing fine! Now come on lets go enjoy our selves!

I was still thinking about the fact that my wife of all these years had not only just pulled the panties off of her best friend but had handed them to me! I was smiling as I wondered just where all this was going!

Look for SHOPPING FUN in the next part of our story!

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