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Going to the Club


Hi! Has it been about two years since I last submitted something? Wow.

Anyway, I intended to write a sequal or follow-up to one of my other stories but I kept getting side-tracked. Instead, I just had one character make a special appearance in this story.

This is slightly different than most my other vignettes. This has a little more story in it and to it. Probably not as much as some of the other writers have (beginning, middle and end with characters going somewhere) but still this more than my usual. :)

I really should edit it some more but after the eighteenth time, I'm sick of seeing it. :(

Thank you for all who have written me asking how I am and if I intended to submit more stories.

I am well and yes I intend to continue submitting stories.

And thanks to Literotica for keeping my stories alive for all to read and comment on.

As always, I wish you all well. Looking forward to your comments. (Hope it's not too long either!)

Vic ---

Jenny leans back in her chair and stretches. She lifts her arms over her head and that irresistible urge to yawn transforms her face for a moment. A very un-lady like noise slips from between her lips and she quickly covers her mouth with one hand. She turns to the door to see if anyone saw or heard her. She is glad no one was there. Jenny takes a quick glance at her watch.

Just another hour and a half to go, she thinks to herself. End of day is so close and yet so far away. Sighing to herself, she reaches for her keyboard to start on the next thing she needed to get done. It is mindless work. Not really, but she has done this so much that it is like mindless work to her. She starts thinking about this and that.

Jenny wanted to go out tonight and made it known to her boyfriend, Sam. Her girlfriends have been telling her about this new club downtown. Her girlfriends have been going every weekend for the last two months and not a single night was bad. (That is what they tell her.) Some of her girlfriends were single and some were not. Whether bringing someone or not, everyone seem to have a good time there.

Jenny is not much of a club go-er. She likes dancing and even enjoys the loud music sometimes. When she was younger, she did hang out with her friends. They went clubbing all the time. It was fun to let loose, working the stress away in the form of dancing, drinking and laughing. Today is one of those days where she wanted to do something. She wanted to go to dinner and have a good time. And if Sam was good to her, he may even get lucky. Jenny smiles to herself at that thought.

"Now that is one mischievous smile you have there, Miss Jenny." a voice broke her line of thought.

Jenny turns to see Jack pushing a covered cart, probably full of computer parts.

"Oh, hi Jack." She says, smiling at him.

Jack is one of the company's many IT guys. Jenny would say one of the nicest and best IT folks the company has on staff.

"So what kind of joke are you planning?" Jack says as he starts to move some computer parts aside.

"I'm going out tonight." She said, excitedly,

"But," she waves dismissively and continues, "No joke planning here."

"Good for you!" He glances up to smile at her. Then he looks back down into the cart and frowns.

"What's wrong?" Jenny asks.

"Oh, nothing. I just forgot to bring something."

Jenny nods.

"So. You're going out with the girls or the boyfriend tonight?" Jack says, continuing with the earlier subject.

Smiling, she says, "Both. I'm meeting the boyfriend for dinner and then the girls are going to meet us at the club. One of our friends knows someone who knows someone that put us on a list to get in tonight."

"The club?" He asks with surprise.

"I don't look like the club go-er?"

Jack laughs and says, "No no. Just surprised. After a week like the week everyone seemed to have had, I would have guessed everyone would go home to crash early."

Jenny nods, she understood completely. There had been a series of emergencies all week long and to top it off, there were some corporate wide computer problems. Luckily, there was nothing too serious with her department. The biggest problem she faced was computer related.

Still, Jenny had faced several days of restoring lost information or verifying recovered information for her boss.

"I don't know. I guess this week has got me all revved up. I feel like burning off some energy."

Jack winks at her and says, "Don't let the boyfriend hear that or else you'll never make it to the club."

She grins and says, "He can wait. If he is a good boy tonight, I'll reward him."

Jenny is happy to hear Jack talking so freely. It seems a few months back, it would have been very difficult to have gotten Jack to look her in the eye, let alone talk in such a manner. Not that they should and she is sure Jack would not complain to HR about such talk.

Jack whistles at this and Jenny laughs.

"What are you and Theresa doing tonight?"

Jack looks up at her and thought a moment.

"Oh no Jack, don't tell me you forgot!" Jenny giggles.

"No no, we're not doing much tonight. It's going to be dinner and movie at her place." Jack smiles at Jenny.

"You can join us at the club!" Jenny smiles at Jack.

She is hopeful and excited at the thought. Theresa also knows a couple of her girl friends, May and Mindy. Jenny thought it would be nice if Jack and Theresa enjoy an evening out with some other folks at work.

Shaking his head, he says, "Thanks, but maybe another time."

Jenny frowns slightly and nods but after a pause. She then slyly says "Maybe I should make a suggestion to Theresa or ask Susan to make an event of it."

Jack laughs nervously. He looks at his watch and quickly says, "I need to work on your computer. It might take a while." Jack adds, "You might want to call it an early day."

Jenny looks at her watch and asks, "How long will it take?"

"As I say to Theresa..." Jack says as he walks over to Jenny.

Jenny glances up at him as he leans down. She sees him smiling mischievously this time.

"I like to do it slowly and make sure everything is right." he whispers into her ear.

Jenny shivers inwardly and outwardly, she reaches up with a hand and pushes Jack away.

"Susan has been teaching you bad bad things. It is not right to tease a woman so and then tell her to go." She frowns at him.

Jack laughs and says, "Sorry, I couldn't resist. Look, it is going to take a couple of hours at least. Since your boss isn't around today, kick off early. I won't tell anyone."

Jenny smiles at him and the idea. She quickly gets her purse from her desk and stands up.

"But, Theresa is right, you're the nicest techie there is!" she says excitedly and gives him a quick hug.

Jack laughs and without looking at her he uses one hand and does one of those bored shooing motions.

"Okay, have a good weekend Jack. Give Theresa a big wet kiss for me." Jenny said with a wink.

Jack looks up into a blank space and leers at the fantasy Jenny just placed in his imagination.

Jenny mockingly says, "Men!" and storms out the door.

Jenny laughs to herself as she walks towards the elevator. She likes Jack. And even more so after he had come out of his 'shy shell'. And that was due to Theresa. Well, from the rumors, it was more Susan's doing. She heard stories about their antics starting from the Holiday party at the end of the year. But she could never get Jack or Theresa to admit to anything. Jenny and Theresa used to work in the same area. And she knows of Susan's many special events. Jenny has never participated but she has heard about them. Her friends May and Mindy have been at some of these events. If what she heard from May and Mindy about those events were true, then she is glad she never accepted an invitation. Even after moving down here in a different department, the stories and rumors and gossip reaches down here thanks to Susan.

Jenny's first boss had retired and got her the new position with her current boss. She has no complaints about her new boss and she was quite happy with the job.

She steps into the elevator and presses the button to get to street level. She steps back and hears her cell phone go off.

Picking it up, she answers, "Hello?"



"Yeah. So are we still on for dinner tonight?"

Smiling into the phone, she says, "Yeah. Then to that new club!"


Frowning, Jenny asks, "What's wrong?"

Sam pauses a second and answers, "Nothing's wrong, Jen. I did not think we'd be going out tonight."

"What do you mean? I told you I was thinking of going to the new club with the girls tonight."

"Sorry, I'm just a bit tired." Sam says.

"I want you to come. You'll have a great time." Jenny says.

"I don't like clubs. You know that. They're too loud. Everyone bumping into each other and if you're lucky, no one spills anything on you."

Jenny could picture Sam's expressions. Jenny and Sam have been going out for a little while now. They have gotten to know each other and some of their closer friends pretty well. It is a natural progression with relationships, as Jenny sees it. So she can say she knows Sam well enough to understand certain aspects of his mannerisms when he speaks.

She could picture him with one hand holding his cell to his ear and the other hand waving in the air as he told her he did not like going to clubs. Then he would roll his eyes at how loud the music would be.

If she had been by Sam, she would see how right she is.

"But I want you to go with me. I want to dance! Not only that, I want to dance with you. It has been a while."

"I know but I thought you were tired too. I thought you had a rough week. Wouldn't it be nice to stay home and relax? I could give you a massage..."

She could imagine the grin on his face at that suggestion.

Jenny walks out of the elevator towards the street. She does not say anything for the moment. She loves his massages. His hands moving along her body almost magically finding those many areas in need. Jenny could almost feel it. She looks around her quickly. She did not notice anyone looking at her as she turns the corner and heads towards the bus stop.

"That's not fair. I want to go clubbing with the girls. You do like my friends right?"

Sam says, letting his voice go slightly deeper and speaking deliberately slower, "I do, but I also love giving you slow massages."

She suddenly takes a misstep but catches herself.

"I..." she says as she turns around to see if anyone saw her trip.

"Okay, how about we discuss this during dinner?" Sam compromises as he mistakes Jenny's pause for her thinking of an excuse to change the subject back.

Jenny smiles at that suggestion, "Okay."

"Where are you now?" He asks.

"I got off work early, thanks to Jack. Going to head home to shower and meet you for dinner."

"Good ole Jack! Hmm…" Sam pauses for a second, "Maybe I should leave early too and head over to your shower. We can discuss it there."

Jenny laughs, "I don't think so, buddy. So where are we having dinner tonight?"

Sam sighs heavily, "Well, if you're going to be mean about it…"

He pauses a second to think before saying, "I dunno, where would you like to have dinner tonight? What do you feel like?"

"I feel like dancing!" She says in a sing-song voice.

Jenny hears Sam groan on the other end.

"I don't know. How do you feel about Italian?"

Jenny can almost see Jack nodding as he says, "Okay. How about we meet at Antonio's?"

"That sounds good. Okay, see you there at 7:30?"

"Okay. See you then."

Jenny puts her phone away and looks at the time. She's glad Jack gave her an excuse to leave early. While she does want to go out dancing tonight, she was truly also tired. This will give her a chance to take a nice long hot shower before having to run off to meet Sam. It is what she needs to get revitalized for the night.

Just as she reaches the bus stop, her bus arrives. She gets on and takes a seat alone near the back of the bus. Since it is kind of early for the evening rush, thankfully there is hardly anyone on the bus.

Jenny sits there looking out the window while the bus heads towards home. While she is still looking out the window she thought about it. She does want to go out tonight. She wants to have fun with the girls. At the same time, Jenny would love to spend the evening alone with Sam. Especially when he sounds like he is in a playful mood, like he was on the phone.

Truth is, Jenny is in the mood to play and that is one reason she does want to go out with the girls. She did not realize how much in a mood she is until Jack whispered to her. And it was made worse by Sam's suggestion of a massage.

She thought about it. All the things she wanted to do and try. Maybe she should stay in, she thought as a playful grin finds itself on her face. Or, perhaps, she should tease Sam when they are out tonight? She always loved doing that and since they're both in the mood, why not? Not like any of her friends had not done that before in front of the other girls. Sometimes they use it as a tease. Sometimes they help each other in teasing one another's boyfriends. Thankfully, it has never gotten out of hand, although some have come close. Over the years, they have even developed certain routines in teasing one another's boyfriends. It is funny, almost a well rehearsed play.

Jenny chuckles to herself. Excited and thinking of all the things they could do at the club to drive Sam crazy.

Jenny could not think of anything else on the ride home. The only other distraction from that was what she could do before hand to relieve some of the anticipation. Oh, it is going to be a good shower.

She stopped off at a nearby deli to pick up some juice and some other items she was running low on so she did not feel or hear her cell ring. Jenny noticed as she took her phone out after locking the door behind her. It was the girls, probably to confirm the time they are meeting.

She put her cell down on the kitchen table, deciding on calling back after her shower. Jenny looks over at her answering machine as she walks into her bedroom.

No messages. She goes to take out the outfit for tonight. The outfit is not nice enough for a special occasion but for tonight, it is perfect. It is also perfect if Sam decides he wants to play outside for a little bit before their meeting the girls at the club.

She thought about that for a minute as she gathers her things for the shower. Jenny has never had a boyfriend like Sam before. He is the type that enjoys playing in public. He does not mind getting caught either, as long as no police was called for their public displays of indecency. For some reason, Jenny seems to enjoy it when he plays in public. Although she has not gotten up the nerve to be the center of attention, she enjoys watching him as she 'helps' him along in the public path to pleasure.

Jenny has never let Sam get too far when he concentrates on her pleasure in public. She really finds it embarrassing, although there are other reasons. Jenny never lets Sam get too far. Part of it is she grew up like most people trained in the thought that it is something that should be done in private. It is also an experience that should only be shared by a couple. So she thought until she met Sam. She understands the tingle of excitement when they play in public. Jenny still does not let Sam go too far with her but when they play, she gets excited. When Sam gets caught, she loves to watch the look on his face and the look on the person or persons catching them.

It is kind of funny how some people react. Jenny found most enjoy watching. Some enjoy taking offense but still they stare. They do not call the authorities. Then there are those who seem to think they will do more or worse allow them to join in. Jenny chuckles at that thought.

She walks into the bathroom to turn on the water for the shower. Nice and hot. Well, not too hot just yet.

Jenny goes back into her bedroom when she realizes she had forgotten to get out her under garments. She places the clothes on the bed when she hears her cell go off. Walking quickly back out to the kitchen, she picks it up. Glancing at the phone number, she smiles and picks up the call.

"Hey honey."

"Take your shower yet?"

Laughing, she says "Nope."

Instead of standing there, she walks back into the bedroom.

"Oh good. Then I have enough time to get there and join you!"

She shakes her head, "I don't think so."

"Why not? Everyone's gone and I have nothing else to do."

"I am already half undressed and I'm not waiting for you." She exaggerates as she positions the phone between her ear and shoulder to free her hands in order to start removing her clothes.

"But you know I love helping you with that. And you know the way I would do it. Just like the other week."

Jenny feels a tingle of excitement as she removes her panties and remembers what happened the other week. She stands there, naked and remembering the last time he "helped" her undress.

Sam likes to tease. It is one thing she loves about him and hates about him, even though Jenny enjoys being teased. There is just something about doing that to someone and having it done to ones self. Maybe it is as her friends say 'a matter of control'. Maybe it is about that feeling of excitement and only being able to do so much. She has never given it much thought but when she and Sam tease each other, she wonders. It's almost a game to them. In private as well as in public, she loves the teasing. Sam would tease her and get her to the point where she is scratching the walls to finish. Jenny then hates what he does next. Sam would stop, let her cool down and then start to tease her to that point all over again. He could keep doing it to her. While she hates it, she also loves it. She cannot understand how much she loves it!

Then Jenny would do that with him. She is not as good as he is, she would always misjudge and he would go over. She would start over again and he would let her. She can tell he really gets off on the fact that she is trying but does not know when to stop and start over again.

Jenny also loves that he would do this anywhere. It is not that he does not have shame or cannot control himself, but he genuinely enjoys this kind of play in public or private.

She could remember the last time he helped her undressed. They ended up meeting their friends much later than expected. If it was up to Jenny, they would not have met their friends that evening. But it was planned and promises were made.

That day, Jenny remembers clearly him standing behind her. He kisses the side of her neck as he slips his hands under her arms to slowly unbutton her shirt. She did not know if he does it on purpose or not but when his hands move to unbutton her shirt, his hands would ever so lightly touch her. It did not tickle her. She would not describe it as sensual, it was more erotic. Well, that and the way his kissed her sensitive neck. And every now and again he would whisper things to her between kisses. That is another thing he loves about Sam. He does not just rely on touch to tease her. Sometimes it is the things he says to her. And the way he says it to her.

She opens her eyes as she hears him say her name again.


"Yes, I'm here."

He smiles to himself and says, "You know if I was there, I'd slowly help you take off those clothes right?"

"Yes, I know you would but we'd never get to the shower."

His smile deepens at that answer. Sam could almost feel how willing she is to playing.

"You know Jen. I would love to kiss your neck now. If anything, it is to feel your soft skin on my lips. Maybe nibble a little along your smooth skin."

"I am going to hang up now." she says. Her mind still fresh with the memory of him helping her undress, she could feel the familiar tingle of excitement along her body starting to give her that excited warmth.

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