tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGoing to the Doctor

Going to the Doctor


I knew what I had planned, the problem was going through with it. I set up the appointment for assistance with erection problems (a lie) but I needed to have something to get the cute doctor to look at my dick. I went sans underwear for shock value. I arrived and sat in the waiting room looking at the saps in there. Sniffles and coughs bounced off the walls and made thinking about sex all that more difficult. Finally I was called back by a nurse named Cindy. Once in the exam room Cindy took my vitals and noted that my blood pressure was a bit high. I told her I was nervous because of my problem. She inquired saying I didn't have to tell her but she was there to listen if I wanted to talk. I figured what the hell I might get two cute girls in here looking at my dick. I told her that it when I got an erection my dick would lose sensation and I couldn't cum. She seemed a bit embarrassed by the story but she took it in stride. She kept glancing at my crotch for the rest of the intake screening process. When she was finished she said she would go get the doctor. I waited for a few minutes and in walked Doctor Neelson, her name tag displayed "Helen", her first name.

"Hi there, how are we feeling?"

"Ok I guess."

"If that were so you wouldn't be here. I see by your chart you are having erection problems, would you prefer a male doctor?"

"No, no, you're fine." I blushed almost giving away my rouse. "The less people know about this the better."

"I may need some assistance from a nurse would that be OK?"

"Cindy would be ok, we have already talked and she knows about my problem."

"That will be fine, now go ahead and strip off your pants and let's have a look." Helen went over to the workstation and slipped on a pair of latex gloves. I dropped my pants to my ankles and sat on the end of the bed. The paper was cold and rough, it made a loud crinkling sound as I sat on it. Helen turned around and looked with a smile. She rolled a small round stool over to the end of the bed and sat down about chest high to my crotch. I was beginning to feel nervous again, I wasn't sure I could pull off not feeling aroused when she touched me. I closed my eyes and tried to think of cars and such, anything but being here. I felt her hand touch my dick, she rolled it around a bit and squeezed it a couple times, it felt good. CARS, BASEBALL, OCEAN. I tried to keep from getting too excited at first, make her think there really was a problem. She grasped my balls in her other hand and rolled them around a bit.

"I can find nothing unusual here, you do seem to have some loss of feeling though. I would have thought you would have an erection by now." I am going to do some experiments if you don't mind, nothing painful I promise."

"Whatever you can do to help, Helen, is fine by me."

"I'll be right back." Helen left the room and the door didn't close all the way behind her. I watched as the door eased back open all on its own. From my perspective I couldn't see the hallway but from the angle I guessed that people walking by could see my waist and legs, and more importantly my dick laying there. The door was just out of my reach, and I couldn't very well get up and hobble over to it and close it with my pants around my ankles. I decided to ignore it and just close my eyes and listen. It felt like forever as I laid there exposed. No one seemed to be walking through this area and I felt ok with it.

I thought I heard Helen returning with Cindy so I fiddled with my dick a little to get it back in the mood, but when the two women walked by I heard one of them say "I think they wanted us to wait in here." The voice was different then I heard them walk in and gasp. I looked up in horror, they were nubile and fairly cute but this was no way to make a first impression.

They just stood there staring at my half erect dick.

I was torn between embarrassment and excitement. "Can I help you?"

"I just never saw one before." The dark haired girl said. The amber haired girl confessed the same.

"I'm not shy, look all you want. You can even touch it if you want."

"Oh, yeah right, you wish." said the brunette.

"I will." agreed the blonde as she stepped forward all glassy eyed. Her hand was cold to the touch. "It's so soft and smooth." Her fingers slid up the shaft to the tip and down one side over the lip of the helmet grazing that sensitive spot sending signals all through me. It reacted in kind and began to grow. "Becky, check this out, it's getting bigger."

Becky stepped forward to see. She wanted to seem didn't want to but I could tell there was some interest there. "We should go."

"Here touch it, it's soft and hard at the same time."

Becky looked around for some excuse to run out of there but failing to find one she slowly moved her hand forward, it was hot in comparison. She put one finger on it and moved it around a bit. I was getting into this and I was hard as hell by now. The blonde noticed that the helmet was getting darker as it filled with blood. She moved in closer to see and I twitched the muscles in my groin making it jump. They both squealed and jumped back. I laughed and they joined in. "You two are pretty adventurous." I said.

"Curious is all." the blonde commented.

"Come on Gina we better go."

"Just a second I want to try something, if you don't mind?" she asked me.

"Go for it. I am at your disposal."

She stroked it a few times and I breathed heavily. "You like that?" she asked innocently.

"That is fantastic, you're a natural."

I felt my dick twitch again and a little bead of precum seeped out. "Is that cum?"

"Just a little, it's like your juices, it acts as a lubricant during sex." I explained.

"What does it taste like?"

"Only one way to find out."

Becky was watching the door until she heard our conversation and she turned her attention towards us instead. Gina leaned in and I could feel her hot breath on my boner. Her tongue snuck out and she laid my dick's head on the flat of her tongue and slid it over the top scooping up the precum there. "It's not bad, I thought it might taste horrid but it was kind of salty-sweet."

"You keep that up and you'll get a lot more."

"How much more?"

Gina was a slut in disguise and turning from dick teaser to dick pleaser. "You want to find out?"

"How long will it take?"

"About a minute depending on your hand speed."

"How about you do it and we watch."

Now there is something you don't hear every day, I was willing to play instructor for these two nymphs. "On one condition, you have to let me cum in your mouth. I can't have the doctor come back and be covered in cum."

Becky chimed in "That's gross, I'm outta here, you coming Gina?"

"Actually I think I am." Her face was flush and she was smiling at me. "He has me really turned on right now, I can't believe you don't want to try this."

"We are sooo going to get caught."

"So keep watch then."

"You are such a slut, Gina."

"Fuck you Becky, you touched it too."

"I'm not the one trying to get him off though."

"He was nice enough to let us experiment, it is the least we can do for him. Besides I want to see him cum, and so do you."

"I do not."

Gina bent down real close and watched as I stroked myself as fast as I could, knowing she was going to let me cum in her mouth was really making me horny. I felt several great pre-orgasmic spikes rush through my spine and I felt the cum swelling in my balls.

"It's close."

Gina got excited. She placed her hand below mine at the base of my dick and moved in closer. I was almost there and I let go so she could stroke me the rest of the way off. She took over with great enthusiasm and speed. She was a great study. I told her it was time and I was going to cum soon. She leaned over the head and opened her mouth and her hot breath touched my dick head, that was all I needed. I let loose with my load but Gina wasn't prepared. The first stream ran a line across her cheek to just below her right eye. The second and third left spots on her neck and shirt. Her hand was soaked. I hadn't notice but Becky was standing right there too watching every drop fly.

The nurse came back in and Becky tried to block her view of Gina. It didn't work. The nurse asked them what they were doing in here. Gina couldn't hide the cum streaked across her face.

The nurse looked embarrassed. "Clean yourself up and get out."

Gina retreated to the sink as the nurse approached me. She wrapped her hand around my slowly dying prick and gave it a little shake dribbling cum on my stomach. "I see that you are over your little problem."

"Gina was a big help, but what if I have this problem again? Can I come back to see you?"

"No, but if you hurry you can get Gina's phone number and call her next time."


"Oh and don't forget to stop by the receptionist and collect your bill."

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