tagLetters & TranscriptsGoing to Work Naked

Going to Work Naked


For the record, I don't dream of you going to work naked. Quite on the contrary, I'm much too selfish to want others to see how stunning your are in the nude. I'd much rather imagine you wearing clothes and me stripping them off of you slowly, pushed up against a wall or laying out on a bed.

Or perhaps my dream tonight will be you going to work like normal. Dressed cutely but professionally, sitting down in your office overlooking the central courtyard and while focusing at your computer screen you begin to feel the slightest of faint tickles as my lips brush down your ear. Moist and firm they go past your collar to your soft, silky neck and luscious breasts.

Of course in that dream you'd turn around, after biting your lower lip with your eyes closed for some minutes waiting to feel my hands on your, only to find that was a daydream. So while your skin is hot and flushed; your muscles clenched rock hard and your pussy suddenly almost soaking wet, you still have the rest of your work day ahead of you, so you should focus.

You take a momentary bathroom break, maybe to splash some cold water on your face and settle your head, but when you bend over slightly to put your face into your hands of cupped water you feel behind you my hands on your hips and my pelvis firmly but gently rubbing against your ass through our layers of clothes.

The water drips through your fingertips as you picture us naked in a steamy shower, water dripping through your hands, down your back and legs. Hands moving from thighs to butt to back, shoulders and neck; while all the while a firm press against your flesh from behind.

Seconds later when you open your eyes fully expecting to brace yourself against the shower wall under that pouring showerhead, instead you find the water in your hands all but gone, you're looking into the mirror, cheeks red hot once more, and now the flush of exhilaration extends down your neck to your cleavage.

Back to your desk you would go, no less horny at this point and almost on the edge of your seat. For a few minutes your focus resumes through sheer force of will, until you almost have to bite down a squeal of joyful surprise at the brush of my tongue over your clit, running down your inner thigh.

Your curtains are closed, your door shut, so you spread your legs, wondering how I got under your desk without you noticing, but not caring as my tongue penetrates you and you feel my hands grasp your chair so you can't escape this torturous pleasure. When you open your eyes you nearly pant catching your breath, realizing that you had been biting your lip rather hard and your eyes had been tightly squeezed.

Your thighs ache and your pussy quivers as you tense and release and tense and release. Your back is slightly arched and your feet are barely on the ground as you realize your thong must be moist by this point, and with your slacks on your daydreams aren't real.

You open your curtains and door and think perhaps fresh air and a walk will help. And for a change, they do. Your heart slows back to a normal pace, your temperature is less feverish and your breathing is normal.

That is until you start to head back and while in the elevator back up you feel my hand move down under your waistband to your clitoris, and in a gentle circle motion that matches the pattern of my tongue on the back of your neck your knees can't help but go weak as you feel yourself begin to lose control.

You regain control of yourself just before the doors slide open and coworkers file in while you head back to your desk, surely that smell of sex is just your imagination.

At lunch you leave for a meeting off-site, while sitting at a stop light you start to feel my hand move over your right thigh. In slow firm caresses, it moves down your thigh to the inside of your leg and moves aside your panties.

Slowly the fingers play over your clit, then your lips, and blissfully, finally a finger is inside of you. As you open your eyes, you only blinked for a second honestly, just in time to see the light change to green you wish you were wearing that skirt today because it would make driving with one hand while the other slipped down between your legs less conspicuous and much easier access and concealment.

After your presentation during the meeting, which you thankfully were able to muster your focus through, you sit back down with an internal sigh of relief. Perhaps the crazy hormone induced sex fantasy day dream is over, that is until you slip into a dream of the conference room cleared while I slip into you.

You can't help but imagine licking on me as I finger you and then bouncing on top of me as your ride me as hard as you can while I nibble and lick at your nipples and neck, finding your sweet mouth and tongue ever so briefly and passing on constantly wanting more.

When you come finally you'd swear that it had been building for days, and you yell out in some primal voice while warm rain patters down from the ceiling, flowing in a small waterfall off the edges of the conference table. As the rain falls you keep coming, second after second until your body is thoroughly racked and from sheer exhaustion you must collapse on top of me while I'm still inside of you.

Both of us are exhausted, spent, done, finished. As our sweat and such mingle and drip off our bodies we wrap ourselves in a warm blanket as the rush of oxytocin hits us cuddled together tightly as we both fall asleep.

When you wake up to find it was all a dream you take a shower, getting ready for your work day. You have to stand in the shower a little longer this morning before you can bring yourself to wash that dream from your body and mind. You file it away in the back of your mind, and remember it when you need the break.

The End.

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