tagErotic HorrorGoing Under Ch. 04

Going Under Ch. 04


Chapter Four: Consummation

Part One

Sara pondered if she would ever feel as she had before. She wondered what chemicals the string of orgasms had released into her mind, into her bloodstream. Naughtily she ran her hand over her rubber-clad body, wishing to remain like this for ever. Her hand came to rest between her legs and she thought on the years of pleasure she would have with Cate. She knew it had to be love. Sara had enjoyed sex before, but this had lifted her to a different level, something she could not explain, it was just that the orgasms had come right from the core of her and she knew that with little effort Cate could trigger more. Love had reborn Sara as a true sexual creature.

"Concentrate." Cate said with a smile.

"I am, I am." Sara replied, blushing a little.

The couple sat in a fourth-floor apartment across from a diner on the western outskirts of Moscow. An incessant procession of small trucks and vans had been coming all evening.

"This is where that scum Krzysztof, back at the dojo, told me they were using a base. New recruits arrive here from Poland. You see that apartment block in the street behind: the nearest one. We had suspected they had bought it a while back, but it's been lying dormant, now people are moving in, into some of the other blocks too. I think Sophia's activities have driven the wolves out from the city centre and they're regrouping here. In fact, I guess we can probably thank Pavel. He's a better fighter than Sophia, but he's too beholden to Tatiana. We need to wean him off slender goth women, toying with them distracts him from what's important."

The two women turned from the window as they heard a key in the lock. Sara hardly recognised Sophia when she entered. Her clothing now resembled the rubber and leather that Cate and Sara wore, though with a midnight blue tinge to it. Her heavily booted feet soundly loudly in the flat and were soon followed by Pavel and then another man Sara did not know. Pavel was easy to recognise from the one time Sara had seen him in 'The Red Bar'. He was still pale and elegant, his long hair tied back, and now, though there was no hint of gold thread or embroidery about him, the pattern pressed into the matt leather of his coat and trousers marked him out from the shiny, smooth-clad women around him. However, Sara realised there was not even a fragment of desire for him in her, any attraction had been seared away by the passion she felt for Cate, no-one else came close. Sara turned slowly and looked at her lover, now deep in conversation with Sophia. Self-consciously Sara walked over to the vampiresses. She knew the last time Sophia had seen her, Sara had been nothing more than a mobile food source for Tatiana. Sara wondered if Sophia would despise her for that or whether she would even remember her: who knew the name of the cow that went to make up their hamburger?

Cate extended a protective arm around Sara and the two of them stood hip-to-hip. Sophia appraised Sara quickly, but no doubt saw the blade at her hip and connected the woman before her with the stories she had heard about Catherine's human lover.

"Are you ready?" Sophia asked simply.

Sara started to nod, but felt a verbal answer was more convincing. "Yes, ready when you are."

"Good." Sophia said and turned to call the other man forward. "This is Arkadi; Sara."

Arkadi was a dark-haired, bearded man in his late thirties, with a German style to him. He dropped a sports bag on the floor between the three women. He stooped to unzip it, then pulled out a brown leather jacket, jeans and cowboy boots. When everyone had seen them. he let them fall back into the bag

"We've gone for the kind of thing you'd expect in a diner, pretty much American style, even on the outskirts of Moscow. I used Catherine's sizes, I guess you're much the same."

"Certainly." Sara picked up the bag and went to the apartment's bedroom.

Sara hesitated for a moment and let out a deep breath. It was not real fear that she felt, more a deep uncertainty. The plan was for her to go undercover, try at least to get a job at the diner, at worst become a regular there. The hope was she would be able to glean information which would lead the vampires, if not direct to Maciej, at least back on to his path. From what Cate had relayed to her, the vampire consensus was that he would be hosting, or, at least, the main speaker at, a lycanthrope rally; most likely at the next full moon the following week, because it fell so close to the equinox. Like vampires, lycanthropes revelled in ceremonies and to Sara, for near immortals, they seemed strangely obsessed in marking the passage of time. Sara's qualms were whether she could pull this off, and what would happen if the werewolves discovered her mission. Knowing from the damage she'd seen inflicted on Ulrich Heyse that a furious wolf could cleave her throat in a stroke hardly helped calm her.

Reluctantly Sara shed her leather coat and unbuckled first her dagger belt then her corset. Part of her wished that Cate was doing this for her, but knew it would probably turn to love making and there was no time for that now. Evening was approaching, a time that she and Cate had come to know the diner would get busy and she could mingle more easily. Sara sat on the edge of the bed, unbuckling her boots, then she stood again to slide down the zip of her rubber catsuit. Her skin shivered a little at the feel of the cool air, and Sara knew she would miss the skin-tightness of the rubber that had become so familiar and comforting to her. Naked she felt vulnerable, the confidence of appearing like a vampiress warrior was gone, and Sara worried that at best it was nothing more than a role play game she and Cate had been indulging in. Then again, she told herself, if she did well in the coming days, it would certainly be a role that continued, and heartened by that thought she moved a little quicker to put on her new clothes.

Sara pulled out the bra and panties, white, tasteful and well-fitting. Sophia was good at something. They felt strange to her. These days her breasts and bum were coated directly with black rubber, to have textiles so close was odd, but she guessed she would adapt. The tight white top and the skin-tight jeans were reassuringly clinging. Sara slipped her crucifix out of sight beneath the top. With the thick aviator style leather jacket on and her feet sliding into black cowboy boots, Sara felt more confident, though still a little unnatural. She took out the hairspray, and used it to volumise her hair. Then, looking into a small hand mirror, she painted her lips, cheeks and eyelids with the make-up Sophia had provided to make herself appear the perfect truck-stop princess. Sara turned as she heard the door open. It was Cate who entered, slowly taking in the sight of her lover.


"A lot of it is up to Sophia, the clothes, the make-up, they're spot on."

"Yes, certainly you look like a suitable Ukrainian of Polish extraction coming to the big city to find your fortune. They'll drink you in."

"I'll miss you." Sara said quietly.

Sara closed the few paces between them and kissed Sara deeply. Sara ran her hands over Cate, touching the slippery leather and rubber she so loved, breathing in their scents and the aroma of Cate, her unique musk, below them.

"I'll be with you always." Cate whispered into Sara's ear and she knew it as the truth.

The two women parted. "It'll be fun stripping you out of that gear and easing you back into your catsuit, a delicious transformation." Cate said, smiling gently.

The pair joined the others.

"Right, here's the mobile phone you can use. Just press hash any time and we'll come to wherever you are. To report in, just call up 'Dmitri' from the phone book on it." Pavel explained, handing over the tiny phone that Sara slipped into the back pocket of her jeans.

"Don't take unnecessary risks. We just need to know where and when they are having this rally. Any other information like how many guards Maciej has and what weaponry they're carrying would be of use, but it's not vital. We want you out of this alive." Sophia said with a vehemence that surprised Sara.

"Okay, I'll be looking out for my own backside." Sara responded trying to make it light.

"Remember," Sophia continued, "their contamination is in their saliva. If one of them bites you, in whatever form, but particularly if they have become wolves, then the only way is to cut out the infected area with silver. We can't risk giving you a blade, they're very sensitive to the metal and might get suspicious. That crucifix you wear will be all you can take, they'll not question it of a good Catholic girl, if they did, it would look too suspicious."

"Okay." Sara said, glad she could hold on to her token of Cate.

"Right, you're ready. Go with Arkadi. He'll drop you at the station, get a bus from there. We'll be out of here, too many vampires around and there's always a danger a wolf will scent us, but there'll be someone looking out for you over here, around the clock." Sophia said, turning away, signalling clearly that the briefing was done and Sara should be on her way.

Sara slung her own handbag over her shoulder, with documents that would back up her story in case anyone checked. Arkadi headed towards the door and a little reluctantly Sara followed. However, in moments she picked up the scent of Cate and seconds later felt a reassuring touch on her bum.

"Once this is out of the way, we'll be free to move on. Where do you fancy next? Bratislava? Padua? Oxford? Ulm? Gothenburg? Cordoba?"

The two of them left the apartment, letting the door close behind them. Arkadi was hurrying down the stairs, but Cate and Sarah followed at a more leisurely pace. Sara did not reply to Cate, she would have found it difficult if she had tried. Sara's body was shivering, a heady mix of fear about what she was going to do, blended in pleasure at Cate's discussion of their future together. They reached the door of the apartment block. It was very dull outside and evening was fast approaching but Sara could see Arkadi had pulled an ear flapped hat on, and she knew that for Cate stepping outside could be like getting a dose of radiation.

"When I return we'll talk." Sara allowed no thought that that would not happen to enter her mind, but added, "I love you." as if it was their last time.

Cate's lips melted against Sara's, and their grip of each other left marks on the flesh below their clothing. Neither said anything more, and by the time the block door had closed behind Sara, Cate was gone from sight.

Part Two

Sara pushed open the diner door and walked in. She felt somehow protected by the tight and tough clothes, but apprehensive too. She wondered what she was mixed up in, and thought back to a time when she had thought vampires and werewolves were simply the invention of folktales, Victorian novelists and Hollywood directors. Then she reminded herself that she was here voluntarily, and that she had volunteered because something now burned more brightly in her life than any small fear about facing strangers and lying to them. Her feelings for Cate put everything else into shadow and succeeding here made them both much safer, freed them from Cate's commitments in Moscow and it would truly open the door to their new life together.

Sara slumped down in a booth. This place was so much like a stereotypical US diner made familiar to the world through a score of movies. The only thing was that with the Cyrillic writing on every surface and the typically East European faces on the TV and around her, this was like a Minnesota diner where the Soviets had won the Cold War.

"Drink? Eat?" The waitress asked.

Sara snapped back to the here and now. She picked up the Polish accent in the woman's Russian and was reminded again why she was here.

"Just coffee for the moment." Sara replied, trying Polish, laying on her best West Ukrainian accent.

"Certainly." The waitress replied in Polish and smiled. She looked at Sara for a moment before stepping away.

Sara watched the waitress go. The woman had thick dark hair emerging from beneath her hat, plaited to keep it away from her face. She was a little short of Sara's height, but well built. Since the decline of state sponsorship, Sara was sure that athletes had to work hard to get any cash, and, of course, as in any country, only a fraction of even the best could get to glory: who remembered who came fourth in any Olympic race? Sara assessed the woman, dismissing the old jokes about East European female competitors. The waitress was no shot putter, but, maybe javelin? Sara checked herself, was it now that she knew she loved women, a woman, that she could read their bodies? Was this lust? Had hanging around with vampires brought out other skills? Was she eyeing the waitress as a one-night stand or as fodder?

"Don't I know you?" The waitress said as returned to Sara with a mug of steaming coffee. "You were Wladyslaw's friend, I saw you with him the night he was killed, when those bastards came for us."

"Yes." Sara said, put out by this unfamiliar woman recognising her. "Terrible night, I had to get away. Wladyslaw, it was such a shock."

"The militia hardly bothered even looking into it. The restaurant closed a couple of months ago, apparently someone from Krakow's bought it now, but he's not recruiting yet."

"Right." Sara realised this woman must have been a waitress at the Polish restaurant, well that made sense. "I went back once."

Sara probed into her memories, everything from the time she was with Tatiana seemed so vague, even the evening with Wladyslaw was like something from a film she had not seen in years. She guessed it was for the best, she suspected there was pain there that she would not enjoy revisiting.

"Do you remember when I caught you two out the back? I felt so guilty, if you'd stayed there, Wladyslaw might have been alive."

Sara looked up into the waitress's dark eyes, and reached out a consoling hand. "No, they would have hunted him down, wherever he was."

"But he wasn't part of the pack, even."

"You know Moscow, the innocent suffer."

"Yes, you are right. Thank you."

"I have a lot to thank you for, if we had not got out in the yard, they most likely would have killed me too. I'm here because of you."

The waitress smiled weakly, keeping back tears.

"I'm Krystyna." Sara said briskly, aiming to move the conversation away from werewolves and vampires, towards things on which she could connect with this woman.

"Paulina." The waitress replied, pushing out her hand for Sara to shake. "I'm so glad you came in here. What brings you to this side of town? Looking for work?"

Sara nodded.

"Well, you've found it. I'll talk to the boss, Lukasz, tomorrow when he comes in. I'm sure it'll be alright. Give me a number, he might want to call you in to check you out, he might not bother."

"That sounds great." Sara said scribbling her false name and a mobile phone number on to a paper tissue.

"Hello ladies!"

Both Sara and Paulina turned as the door swung open. In strode a tall, dark-haired man.

"Mr. Jachowicz, I didn't think you'd be in until tomorrow."

"Call me Lukasz, you know that Paulina...

"Only when he's in a good mood, that is." Paulina said in a whisper to Sara.

"... No, I decided I'd check in today as I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, erm, checking out potential new suppliers. You know there's the event for Benedykt's arrival just a week away."

Lukasz walked over to Paulina with a swagger and wrapped a large arm around her. She did not resist as he kissed her. Sara's interest piqued at the mention of this Benedykt and an 'event', but she pushed her feelings deep so as not to attract attention. For now she looked Lukasz over. Though he had the characteristic East European fat moustache, he was younger than she had expected; his body less flabby that she had anticipated.

"Who's your friend?" The boss asked as Paulina broke from his imposed kiss.

"This is Krystyna."

Sara simpered on cue. "Mr. Jachowicz." She said demurely, playing the role that both of them expected.

Lukasz kissed her proffered hand. "Looking for work?"


"Good, I hoped so. We always seem short of waitresses, certainly ones of Paulina's character. Too many of them seem to get scared of the burly truckers that come in here. Do you think you could handle them?"

"Certainly." Sara replied, wondering what they would think if she demonstrated her honed gun skills to them. "I've worked enough bars to cope."

"Good, good. Well, there's just the interview to do out back and you can start right away. You can have Aniela's old room. It's not much, but it'll be yours, and you'll be sharing the apartment with Paulina. Sound good?"

Sara nodded as if it was the best offer she had had that year.

"Right, come through to the office, I'll do the interview and then we'll get you into your uniform, there's no need to hang around, and I'm sure you'll be glad of the roubles, no?"

"Yes, I would be."

"Good, good, come with me."

Sara smiled at Paulina who turned away to tend to a man and a woman who had just entered. Lukasz led Sara through the door behind the counter into a short corridor that ended in his office. Sara knew what she would have to do, it was probably standard across Canada and the US as much as it was in Europe. Women in such low positions were exploited all ways, financially and sexually. She knew that for her this would be short-lived, she was on a mission, she had to play a role, but in the moments she took the few short steps to the office, her heart went out to all of those women for whom this was real, this was their life, full of its exploitations.

Lukasz lowered himself into the big bowl chair that sat behind his desk. He shunted it round so that it now ran parallel to his desk and there was space on the floor in front of him. As he widened the stance of his legs and began unbuttoning his fly, Sara moved into position, lowering herself to the floor, sliding her head between his jean-coated legs. She was just glad that he was clean. Images of her head locked between greasy jeans with some beer gut protruding above her flickered through her mind. This was bad, but it could be worse.

Lukasz's cock emerged from his pants and he fingered it a little. Clearly he was not as excited about this as he might have been, and Sara thought how much both of them were simply doing what was expected. Her lips closed around his shaft. It was hard and large, but not so much so that she gagged on it. She had given blow jobs to boyfriends back in Canada, but would barely count herself an expert. Her tongue though had become skilled in pleasuring her lover, in connecting with Cate and that was all she thought of now as she felt the hot meat on her tongue, knocking against the roof of her mouth. Fortunately he was happy to let her ease it back to her lips and it was her tongue, dextrously lapping round the head which brought him pleasure, rather than trying to bury it deep in her throat.

Sara was not going to prevaricate and she knew she was having an effect as Lukasz's breathing turned to panting, and he began the repetitive, squeaked words of rising pleasure.

"Good, good, good, yes, yess, yesss ..."

Now his words became grunts. For an instant these unnerved Sara as they deepened and the growls that emerged showed her that the diner's boss was also a werewolf. It seemed clear that Lukasz was barely with her, his head tilted to the heavens, his eyes closed and like a well-trained pro, Sara substituted her cupped hand for her mouth. In seconds Lukasz was spurting between her fingers, which she kept clasping like sucking lips. As he came down and began to re-focus she wiped her hand clean on the floor and dabbed a tiny speck of spunk by her lip.

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