tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGoing Up? Or Going Down?

Going Up? Or Going Down?


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!


The mechanical sound of a camera being opened and the film unwound from within signified the end of another magazine cover shoot for Eva Longoria. The Latin beauty stood up from her position sprawled out in her little bikini, reaching out to politely decline the gown being offered to her.

"It's not like everyone hasn't seen me now," she said with a smile to the runner offering it.

"That's all we need Eva, more than enough for the magazine," Said the head of the photo shoot, standing up from his chair where he'd been looking at some previews of earlier photos taken to make his mind up about when they'd got enough.

"Excellent, I'll go get dressed," she said with a slight giggle, keeping her humour about the shoot. Dressed in only a tight little red bikini, her curves and lovely tanned skin was shown off to the best degree, breasts pushed high and almost threatening to escape. She sauntered off, unable to keep herself from teasingly wiggling her hips as she walked to her dressing room, giving the perfect sway to her tight arse. Eva knew some of the crew were watching her, it was hard not to notice, and just wanted to give them a little thrill. Opening the door to her dressing room, she slipped inside, to the chagrin of many a red blooded male working on the shoot.

Eva emerged a few minutes later from her dressing room, noting how quickly the team had packed up the equipment that just minutes before had been photographing her delicious form. She was wearing a loose pink top, offering a little cleavage and showing she evidently was braless, with a floaty, short white skirt, which led down her smooth legs to a pair of light, sandy coloured high-heeled sandals. Eva scanned around and found her manager, who she sashayed over to.

"Great shoot Eva, should be a good cover," he said with a smile.

"Yeah, hope so. I'll give you a call tomorrow or something," she said with a pleasant smile.

"Sure, don't wanna discuss business now. Have a nice evening," he said with a smile that ended their conversation, limited as it was. She turned and walked out, her heels clicking on the floor as she reached the door. Eva turned and gave a little wave to her manager as she slid out, crossing the corridor to the elevators and pushing the button. She reached into her bag and found her mobile phone, and figured she'd ring a few friends to see if they fancied meeting up for a little night out. A few calls later and she was arranged to meet four of her girlfriends at one of their favourite little nightspots in L.A., a good way to relax on a warm summer night. They were mid-way through their night, just enjoying girlie chat and various differently named cocktails, a mild buzz in Eva to just warm her and help her unwind. She went to the bar to get herself another drink, a guy already there ordering. Eva couldn't help but eye him up as she walked over, thinking he looked like her kinda guy, worth a go at least. Smiling to herself, she reached the bar and put the thoughts from her mind, knowing it was merely a silly idea.

"Hey aren't you Eva Longoria?" he suddenly said, looking at her. She turned and smiled at him, looking up at him, again noticing he seemed pretty good-looking.

"Yes I am, how you doing?" she said, offering her hand. He reached out and lightly shook it, wide eyed and smiling himself at meeting her.

"I'm doing good, better now I've met you!" he said, trying not to sound too excited.

"Thanks," she said, enjoying the effect she could have on men at times.

"Hey uhh, could I buy you a drink?" he said tentatively, just trying his luck with the Latino beauty.

"Sure," she purred with a sexy glance at him out of the corner of her eye.

"What would you like?" he said, grabbing a bit more money out of his pocket.

"I'll just take a Bacardi and coke I think, keep it simple," she said, leaning sideways against the bar as he ordered their drinks. He got his change and stuffed it in his pocket as she sipped her drink, eyeing him again rather temptedly.

"So what else you doing this evening?" he ventured, taking a drink of his beer and trying not to get caught looking over her.

"I'm just here for a little evening out with some girlfriends," she said, indicating the table with her friends.

"Ah right, well I'll leave you to get back to your friends," he said, starting to turn away and find a place to sit again.

"Hold on. If you want, I might let you walk me home," she said with a glint in her sexy brown eyes.

"Really?" he said, hoping he didn't sound too eager.

"Sure, just follow me out when I leave and you can walk me to my hotel," she said, picking up her drink and walking back to her friends. She flicked her hips slightly, her sexy rear and slender legs captivating him till she reached her table, when he turned away and found a place to sit and drink his beer. He couldn't help but keep looking at her for the rest of the night, catching her gaze a couple of times. They stayed a couple of hours longer, going well into the early hours before he saw her get up to leave. Eva turned and gave him a little wink as she left, saying goodbye to her friends outside as he got up and walked out the door, moving past her and waiting. She walked along, heels clicking on the pavement as she caught up to him, dropping into step beside him.

"Hey there," she purred, smirking up at him.

"Hi...good evening?" he said, now calmed by some alcohol.

"Yeah it was, one of a few good ways to relax," she said softly, sliding her hand into his and interlocking their fingers.

"What the..." he mumbled, a little taken aback by her boldness.

"Ssh, don't you want to be the envy of all these guys?" she said, glancing round at the few other men they passed on the street. He looked around and saw a couple of people, both men and women, look at them as she held his hand. He didn't say anything else, and just her lead the way back to her hotel through the streets of L.A. It only took around ten minutes till they arrived at her hotel, the huge illuminated glass front standing out in the early morning, around 3am now. Holding his hand still, she led him through the revolving door into the lobby, her heels making loud, echoing taps on the floor as she walked to the elevators. She pressed the button, and after just a couple of seconds the doors slid open. Since it was early morning, there weren't a lot of people around using the lifts.

She stepped into the lift, pulling him in behind her and turning to reach the buttons. Eva extended her arm and pressed the button for the eighteenth floor, up where the luxurious suites were situated.

"High up huh?" he mused, listening to the quiet, corny music inside the lift. He noticed her nipples were standing to attention, easily noticed through her thin top.

"Yep, above the rest of the people," she said with smile. He just smiled back, standing next to the Latino beauty as the lift rose. It seemed painfully slow, the numbers just ticking over gradually.

"Doesn't this damn thing go any faster?" he grumbled to himself, not wanting to be losing time in a lift, whether he was with Eva or not.

"The elevator might not go any faster, but I sure do," she said simply, leaning forwards and flicking the emergency stop button. He shook slightly as the lift lurched to a halt, looking down at the sexy lady as she looked up at him saucily, turning to face him fully with a suggestive smile. Eva slid her arm up round his neck and pulled him down, kissing him fully. He slid his arm round her slender back, ruffling the loose, thin pink top as her soft lips parted slightly and she probed with her tongue, only having to wait a moment before his met hers just inside his own lips, sliding past it. She gave a little murmur of a giggle as he started to eagerly return her kiss, intertwining his tongue with hers and fully locking their lips. She let herself be pushed back against the wall of the lift, sliding her handbag onto the floor next to her so it was out the way.

"Mmm, bit faster than the lift huh?" she mumbled, breaking the kiss for a moment to take a good breath as her fingers deftly flicked over the buttons of his shirt in just a few moments. She leaned up and started to softly and wetly kiss and suck at his neck, sensually using her lips on him as her silky hands stroked over his chest. Her fingers started to draw circles on him, her nail circling his nipple as she leaned back up to lock lips with him. Eva dragged her nails almost threateningly down his body, over his lightly toned stomach to the belt of his jeans. His hands slid from round her back onto the sides of her slim body. He pushed them down onto her hips, and then a little further and slid them round onto her tight arse. Giving a good squeeze of her pert rear, she let out a slight moan as they continued to kiss, tongues battling with each other's. She started to undo the button of his jeans as he pulled his hands back up, sliding them over her delightful body. Her loose pink top dragged up tantalizingly before dropping back down as he his hands found their way to her firm breasts.

"Took your time didn't you?" she teased, pulling back from him slightly as she pulled his zip down. He started to thoroughly fondle her breasts, firmly squeezing and groping her, making her breathe quite heavily as her rock hard nipples poked through against his hands. She leaned her head on his shoulder for a moment, offering him a full scent of her sweet perfume, adding to the atmosphere. He leaned down and kissed her neck, rubbing her with the tip of his tongue as he sucked softly at her smooth, tanned skin as he continue to grope her. Her slim hand pushed into the front of his jeans, taking hold of his now rock hard cock through his shorts. Eva started a gentle jerking motion back and forth, stroking his cock patiently through his underwear as he continued to fondle her.

"Hope you have other plans," she whispered sexily into his ear, before giving it a quick lick.

"Plenty," he replied simply, drawing her into another full French kiss as his hands pulled her top up. Using his fingers to draw it up into grasp, he took hold of it and pulled the loose fitting top up her body, over her breasts before she pulled away and raised her arms so he could pull it off her. Eva shook her hair out as he stared for a moment at her perky breasts, the mound just perfect hand size with her nipples sticking out invitingly. He moved in again, giving her tits another quick squeeze before he leaned down, bending over so he could reach her breasts with his mouth. She groaned as he attached his lips to her left nipple, sucking and tonguing at it as his hand reached up to caress her right breast for a moment. Switching nipples quickly, he sucked at her hardened right one as his hand slid down, sliding up her skirt onto her warm, soft thigh. She just cooed softly, reaching up to idly stroke his hair as his hand slid up her leg, finding the soft material of her knickers.

He didn't waste any time, dragging his fingers over her underwear up her slit, pushing slightly into the moist haven. She gave a gasp and shivered, making him smile as his hand slipped up and then down into her knickers, over smooth skin to her clean shaven pussy. He rubbed teasingly at her swollen pussy lips for a moment before introducing a finger and using the heel of his hand to stimulate her stiff clit. She gave a moan of pleasure and pushed against his hand, her slick juices spreading over his palm. He pushed a second finger into the beauty, feeling her sweet pussy squeeze and grip at him as he drove them all the way up into her. He started to move his arm so his fingers thrust in and out of her as his hand pressured her nub, which made her groan and start to gently rock her hips to his rhythm. Smiling with success, he moved his other hand down and under her skirt, pulling at her underwear so that he could get them off her. Glancing down, he saw a plain white thong slide down her smooth legs as he continued to suckle at her nipple and finger her sweet pussy.

"Mmm that feels great," she gasped as he worked her hot snatch, feeling her muscles grabbing and rippling round him.

"My turn, gimme a go," she pouted, raising his head from her succulent breasts. He leaned up, sliding his hand out from under her skirt as he stood. She stepped out of her thong, flicking it aside with her foot. Eva then wasted no time, sliding down onto her knees in front of him, her hands going for his jeans straight away. She pulled them down his legs to his knees, leaving only his seriously tented shorts. Not wasting any time, she sexily kissed his bulge as she took hold of his waistband and pulled it up and over his hardon, sliding his shorts down to his jeans near his knees to expose his rock hard cock. She eyed it lustily, a smile playing over her sweet lips as she slid her hand round him.

"All for me huh," she teased as she stroked his cock, sliding up and down with a firm grip.

"Yeah," he breathed as she slowly jerked him, not aiming to get him off with her hand. He closed his eyes as her sweet hand worked him, before feeling her hot breath on his cock, he felt her lips brush him and looked down, just in time to see her slide her mouth down over him. He groaned as she slipped down on him, her tongue pushing up the underside of his shaft as she pushed down to take just over half his 7" cock in between her hot lips. She took hold of his hips and started to slip up and down his member, lapping with her tongue cheekily as she moved, giving little moans and mumbles of pleasure as she sucked on him. He groaned in pleasure, just about refraining from grabbing her head as she gave him a blowjob. Eva didn't continue though, abruptly stopping and sliding off him, standing from the floor of the lift.

"Come on, gonna make my night?" she purred, looking up at him sexily with her pretty eyes.

"God yes," he said simply, leaning down and fiercely kissing her, sliding his arms round her back and lifting her up. He pinned her against the wall of the elevator and she wrapped her legs round him as he let her slide down till the tip of his solid cock met her swollen, wet pussy. She wiggled a little and then he slid her down, his cock sliding straight into her dripping hole, her tight body taking every inch of him straight away. They both groaned as her tight pussy enveloped him, her velvet walls rippling and squeezing at him as she ground herself against him or something. He pushed her back up a little against the wall so he only had about half his cock in her, giving him the space to thrust. Eva wrapped her smooth legs round him fully, taking a good grip with them as he started to pump.

"Mm come on," she breathed as he started to kiss at her neck, tickling her slightly as he started to thrust into her, pushing about 5" of his length into her in a steady rhythm as she squeezed at him with her skilful muscles.

"Mm Eva," he moaned as he pushed her back against the wall of the lift, leaning back to up lock lips with her again. Their tongues immediately found each other's as they kissed, her body giving a little shiver as he gave a slightly deeper thrust, ever contour and ridge of his cock felt by the soft walls of her pussy. He started to pick up the pace, pulling back so his head was almost pulling out of her and then pushing back in fast, her slick pussy swallowing him up with ease and buzzing her clit. She moved her hips as he best she could with him, grinding a little and making circles slightly as he pumped her, not holding back now. Eva gave a grunt as he pushed full depth again, his swollen head stretching her open a little deep inside.

"Oh yeah," she breathed, closing her eyes and leaning her head back. He started to pump fast on her, reaching down to slide his hands under her tight arse. Giving it a squeeze, he thrust in and out of her hard, stroking all 7" of his rock hard cock into her sweet pussy. She was squeezing and grasping at him with her muscles as he moved in and out, feeling her stomach flutter somewhat at the hint of an orgasm that was building. He was thrusting hard into her soaked pussy, loving how she was massaging him with her talented muscles, which just drove him wild. He tried to go a bit faster, and pulled back a bit far, his cock popping out of her tight pussy. Before he'd slowed he pushed up, he cock driving through her pussy lips and over her prominent clit, making her moan with pleasure and shudder. He reached down to penetrate her again when she spoke up.

"No baby, from behind," she gasped, looking down at him with her passionate eyes. He looked up at her for a moment, then nodded and pulled back from the wall. She unwrapped her slender legs from him and he lowered her to the floor, where she seemed a little shaky. Eva flicked her hair back from her face and turned round, bending over and leaning against the wall with her hands. He reached down and pulled her short white skirt up, revealing her peachy arse, tight and toned. She shuffled her high heels back a little more and arched her back to push her bum out and let the juicy bulge of her pussy show between her legs. He couldn't resist, leaning back before laying a firm spank on her with a delightful slap. She looked back sexily and gave a little growl.

"Come on, fuck me," she said huskily, wiggling her arse at him a little. He didn't resist her invitation, reaching downwards and taking hold of her hips. Moving down a little he pushed his cock back to her hot, wet pussy and then thrust into her in strongly, pushing all 7" of his cock in again. They both groaned loudly as he bottomed out, his hips pushing against her firm rear. He took a firm hold and started to pump her, going pretty fast and giving her his full length, loving the way her full pussy lips bulged as he pulled back to the very brink of her haven. She used her new position to push back to meet him, helping him thrust as deep as he could into her. He slid his hands up her smooth sides and under to find her perky breasts, squeezing them firmly and eliciting a groan from her. He tweaked her nipples with his fingers as he energetically fucked her from behind, slamming his hips against her arse now.

He groaned in pleasure from her hot pussy working his cock and pumped on the Latino beauty as hard as he could, feeling her slamming back to meet him. They were both breathing loudly and moaning in between as they fucked, Eva's legs tight from the strain. She'd felt the orgasm building in her, and it was now almost on her, just a serious stimulation away from taking her. He was much the same, the pressure now taking its toll on him, now feeling the sensation, which warned of impending climax. He pumped everything he had into her, feeling her giving him everything back so they slapped noisily together in the lift. Both of them were now on the brink, and he decided to get her off there and then, so slid his hand quickly down in front of her. Her stiff clit wasn't hard to locate, and a quick rub set her off.

"Oh god!" she squeaked, her body tensing up and pussy clamping down on him before she gave a spasm and almighty shudder. It was like an explosion, a loud squeal of pleasure escaping her mouth as her pussy rippled and grabbed at him powerfully, setting off his own orgasm. His fingers dug into her soft skin as he drove in as hard as he could, the tip of his cock bumping her tight cervix just before he blew his load hard, giving a shudder of his own as his come spurted powerfully deep inside her. She gasped as his hot juices spurted into her, feeling them fill her round his cock. He held himself in her and felt his cock giving the last of its load as her pussy squeezed and contracted on him, slowing as her orgasm faded. They both stopped coming and all there was to break the silence was loud breathing. After a moment he slipped out of her, stepping back.

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