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Going with the Flow


"I hate this!" I thought to myself, tears forming in my eyes. I understand why my wife had to be gone so much on business but damn, did I miss her. I'd just put our newest addition to our little family down for the night after feeding. Even with our daughter drinking regularly and me pumping, my breasts still ached from all of the milk that filled them. I didn't expect Amanda home from Australia for a couple of more days. It seemed that ever since I'd found out that the impregnation had worked and I was expecting our first child, all she cared about was providing for us. I even agreed to put my career on hold, trying to be the best "stay at home" mommy that I could be but sometimes I felt trapped in our little New York apartment.

Amanda and I had met when we both attended college at Cooper Union in the Big Apple. There was an immediate attraction from both of us. I loved her intelligence, drive, and lithe, athletic body and she fell in love with my artistic creativity, devil may care attitude and long, flowing red locks that fell in curls down to my ass, emerald green eyes, and large tits which she loved to suck on. We dated for almost two years before she got down on one knee in our favorite restaurant, Sensuelle's, and proposed to me. Two years later, her career was off to a strong start and mine was struggling a bit. Fine arts is a great major but the term "starving artist" applies when you are trying to sell your pieces. Amanda and I had talked about having kids and I chose to be the mother. Nine months after visiting the clinic, our daughter, Jennifer Isabella, was born. But, of course, Amanda's work interfered with our happy family and off she went Down Under to help with some construction of some new building or something. I knew that it was necessary and, thanks to technology, she and I could at least face time each other but I would always cry after putting on a brave face for her while we were talking.

After making some tea, I put soothing music on the stereo and sat down in the darkened living room, reclining in my chair and just relaxing. My thoughts drifted to my love as they always did. I could picture her intense blue eyes looking at me, the crooked "come hither" smile on her face that never failed to get me wet, as she licked her soft, kissable lips in anticipation. Spreading open my robe, I caressed my nipples, feeling them tingle as little drops appeared on their surface. Coating my fingertip with milk, I tentatively brought it to my mouth and tasted it. A little sweet, not at all like the milk from a jug. My other hand trailed down to my panties as I closed my eyes, thinking back to the last time we'd made love. Amanda usually was a very intense lover, aggressive and dominant. That's one of the things that I loved about her. But, our little bundle of joy was still in my womb at the time and she toned down her aggressiveness, being gentle with me. She didn't even fuck me with her strap on. I was appreciative with the gesture but missed the way she pounded me, pulling on my hair, spanking my ass as she thrust hard from behind. I began to finger myself at the memories of our lovemaking, quickly bringing myself off to a short but ultimately unsatisfying orgasm. God, I missed her.

The next day, after taking care of Jenny's needs, I spent it cleaning and preparing for Amanda's return. She is a horrible neat freak and I am, well, more carefree with my living conditions. My workshop that I used to rent downtown Amanda would call "Sarah's explosion" because it looked like a bomb had gone off in there with all of the clutter. I did try my best to keep our apartment clean for her, though. It gave me something to do besides moping around when she was gone. Finally, after a long day, I was ready to relax. Tomorrow, my wife would be home. I was tempted to go to bed early just so I could wake up and it would be the next day but I decided against it. After feeding and bathing the baby, I went to the kitchen to make my tea. I was thinking about a nice relaxing bath and then pumping milk out before bed time. Jennibelle, my pet name for our little one, hadn't been that hungry tonight and my breasts were still mostly filled with milk. I was busy preparing a light snack to go with my tea when I honestly got the biggest shock of my life. Hands wrapped around my body, one covering my mouth and the other grabbing my right tit while lips, so soft and kissable, pressed against my neck. My eyes flew open in surprise and I let out a muffled scream of shock until my brain kicked back in. "Wait!" I thought to myself. "I know those hands!" I turned around and gazed into the mischievously smiling visage of my wife.

I tried to be angry, punching Amanda's shoulder, but my elation quickly overrode all the negative feelings I had and I let out a squeal of delight as I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her deeply. "You almost scared the piss out of me!" I exclaimed after we broke our kiss. "What are you doing home? I was expecting you back tomorrow." She gave me her sexiest smile before replying.

"Oh, I changed my plans at the last minute. I wanted to surprise you. God, Sarah, I've missed you so much." Amanda added before kissing me again. This kiss was a little more aggressive as her hands began to roam all over my body; caressing my tits, rubbing my legs, groping my ass. I began to pant into her mouth as I felt her fingers clawing at the waistband of my panties. Amanda practically tore them off of my body and then pushed my robe from my shoulders. I was standing in our little kitchen, stark naked, as my wife, still in her business suit, began to ravish me, kissing and caressing the curves and contours of my body. Then my knees buckled when I felt her luscious lips fasten themselves on my right nipple.

Amanda began to suck and lick it gently while she ran her fingers through the dark red hair covering my mons before tickling the lips of my pussy. I felt my milk start to flow and fill my lover's mouth. I thought that she would pull away and spit it out but my hormones kicked into a higher gear when Amanda began to swallow. She moistened her fingers with the juices that were leaking out of my vagina before plunging them deep inside me. I watched my wife suckling my breast through half lidded eyes as I felt my climax draw near. Biting my lip as to not cry out and wake the baby, I clenched down, coating Amanda's hand with my orgasmic fluid. She kept drinking from my tit and moving her fingers until my legs couldn't support me anymore and I slowly sank to the floor.

Looking up, I saw Amanda standing over me with that sexy smile of hers. I could see little droplets of milk on her painted lips as she brought the hand that she used to get me off to her face and lick it clean like a cat. I just sat there, trying to catch my breath, then gratefully accepted her hand so that she could help me stand. We kissed again, I could faintly taste myself on her lips, before I donned my robe and panties. "Wow! Um...I guess you did miss me." I said. The intensity at which she ravaged me still had me turned on.

"Yes, yes I did my love." Amanda replied, her voice husky with desire. "Let's go check on our daughter. I want to see her." I nodded and began to walk back to the baby's room. The next thing Amanda said stopped me in my tracks. "Then, get ready for round two."

Amanda and I walked softly, hand in hand, to the baby's room. Jennibelle was sleeping soundly in her bassinet and, for a moment, we both just stood there, looking down upon our daughter. My heart swelled with love for both my wife and my baby when I glanced over at Amanda and saw tears glistening in her eyes. She looked my way and we shared a smile and a hug before we quietly left the room.

Once inside our bedroom, Amanda grabbed my hair and pulled me into a ferocious kiss. I felt the all too wonderful tingle in my pussy when she did this and couldn't help but smile when we pulled back. "Strip girl. Now." Amanda whispered in my ear. Shucking off my robe and letting my panties fall from my body didn't take but a few seconds and I felt a shudder pass through me. The delicious feeling of vulnerability took hold as I saw the look of a predator in Amanda's eyes. It was the same look I had noticed when I first saw her glancing at me in college. It was what had first attracted me to her.

"Fetch it." I nodded and went to the closet, pulled down the old shoe box, opened it and withdrew the 8" plastic prick and harness. It was my first year anniversary gift to my wife. Kneeling down in front of her, I slowly unzipped Amanda's skirt, taking my time to expose her body. I guided the garment down her legs, exposing her favorite pair of black, lacy thongs. They were already damp with her juices and the fabric had settled in between the lips of her pussy. My mouth started watering at the sight and I heard Amanda's breath catch when I leaned in and licked the exposed lips. I reached up and began to pull them off of her when she stopped me. "No!" she exclaimed softly. "With your teeth." I looked up at her and we locked eyes as I leaned in again, grasped the fabric covering her mons and slowly pulled the panties off of her. The pungent scent of her aroused vagina hit my nostrils and I was momentarily overwhelmed with the desire to just dive in and feast on my wife's soaking wet pussy right then but I fought against it, lowering the soaked thong all the way down until my forehead was resting on floor.

Amanda casually stepped out of the garments and kicked them to the side. She then offered me her right foot. I knew what was expected and I kissed each toe in turn before she pressed her left one against my lips for the same treatment. "Put it on me." she demanded. Grasping the strap on, I fastened it onto her with practiced ease. The dildo stuck out from her crotch obscenely, twitching and quivering as if it was a part of her. I felt Amanda's hand petting my hair as I did this and then winced in pain when I was finished buckling the last strap. "Worship me." she said, her voice still quiet but her tone commanding. I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around the head of the realistic looking dildo. Running my tongue around the tip, I started bobbing my head up and down, taking a little more into my mouth with each pass.

I must have not been going fast enough for Amanda because the grip on my hair tightened and she began thrusting her hips, forcing it down my throat. It wasn't long before my nose bumped against the leather of the harness. I started to choke a little and I could feel my throat bulging from the plastic intrusion but I did my best to satisfy her, gripping her tight ass in my hands. For a moment, I thought of all of the times this had been inside me, whether it was my mouth, my pussy or my ass and wondered where Amanda was going to decide to ram it next.

The answer was forthcoming because Amanda quickly withdrew the dildo from my mouth and pulled me up to a standing position by my hair. "Assume the position." I climbed onto the bed and lowered my head and shoulders down so that my ass and pussy were sticking up in the air. Amanda began to tease me again, dipping her finger into the cleft of my vagina, rubbing it up and down, then lightly pinching my clit. I couldn't help but let out a little squeak of pain and then moaned as I felt my juices start flowing again. That's when I felt the head of the dildo press against the entrance of my vagina.

Strong hands gripped my hips and with one hard push, Amanda buried the entire length of the strap on deep inside me. My breathing stopped at the force of the thrust as she just held it there for a second before starting to pump the dildo into me at a rapid, aggressive pace. This was no gentle lovemaking. Amanda fucked me. Hard. It was if all of past nine months of my pregnancy were building to this point. There was no need for her to hold back anymore. She was free to fuck the hell out of me again. I felt my body act on its own accord and rock back in perfect synchronization. I could feel every molded ridge scraping against the walls of my pussy as the first tremors of an orgasm passed through me.

Closing my eyes, I gripped the comforter tightly as Amanda relentlessly pounded me. One of the things that always amazed me about my beautiful wife was her stamina. She often would fuck me to the point of exhaustion on my part, only stopping because I begged her that I couldn't go on. Another orgasm rippled through me as she picked up the pace, the strap rubbing her clit just right. Through the haze created by the orgasm, I heard her breathing quickening and I knew that she would be cumming soon just as my body was building up to the biggest release of the night so far.

Time seemed to slow down as Amanda's relentless assault on my pussy pushed me over the edge and I clamped down on the dildo. Juices sprayed out of me, coating the leather harness and our legs as I screamed into the bed. With one final thrust, she came as well, letting out a little choking sob as she did her best to remain quiet. Finally, I fell forward, pulling her on top of me. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my back as we both laid there, trying our best to regain our breaths and senses. Amanda pushed herself up, slowly withdrawing the strap on from my body, before flopping onto the bed beside me. The scent of our sex permeated the room and my fluids felt cool as they dried on my skin.

We just laid there for a while. I felt my wife's hand lightly caressing my back and arm. Her touch made me smile and I opened my eyes to see her looking at me. I had thought it was over but one look at the hunger still in her soul and I could tell that she still had plans for me. I rolled over on my side and immediately, Amanda's hand went to my breast, tracing abstract patterns in my flesh and toying with my engorged tip. I could see her hardened nipples pressing against the fabric of her blouse and I reached out to rub them. Shifting my body, I kissed her, silently thanking her for such an amazing fuck. When we broke the kiss, Amanda turned my head so that I was looking down at the plastic phallus sticking up in the air. She brought her lips to my ear, gently nibbling on the lobe before whispering "Clean me."

I moved my body down hers until I was level with her crotch. Starting at the base of the cock, I began to lick it clean, tasting myself in the process. I knew not to stop until I was told to, making sure to cover every inch with my saliva. When I felt her grip my hair and direct me to her legs, I licked and sucked up all the juices our combined orgasms had produced.

Finally, Amanda seemed happy and stopped me by pulling my head up. I rose to my knees and watched as she situated her body so that she was lying with her head on the pillow. "Ride me slut" she said, her voice husky. I threw my leg over her body, straddling her hips, positioning my vagina so that the tip of the dildo was just at the entrance and then slowly sank down, feeling every inch push into me. I was already a little sore from the previous fucking and had to stop for a second or two a couple of times but soon, my ass was sitting on her legs. It felt so good to have her in me that I raised my hands above my head and stretched which had the effect of thrusting my breasts forward. Both of Amanda's hands went to my tits, squeezing them non too gently and pinching and pulling my sensitive nipples.

I began to rock my hips, slowly at first, but picking up speed as I felt the rubber prick rubbing my inner wall. Bouncing up and down as I rocked back and forth not only gave me more pleasure but caused my milk swollen teats to jiggle. It didn't take too long before I felt the stirrings of another orgasm, the fourth of the night for me, to start tingling deep in my belly. I threw my head back and moaned as Amanda's hands gripped me tighter. "Come on, my baby's mommy. Cum for your wife." she said as I picked up the pace. I could feel droplets of milk start to leak out as my orgasm grew ever closer. Then, I felt the milk start spraying out of me. Amanda was literally milking me as I rode her.

Opening my eyes, I watched in amazement as my nipples were raining milk down onto my wife and onto the headboard. She pulled me forward so that my tits were hanging down. I felt her lips clamp down on my left nipple and start sucking hard. The pain of her forceful suckling with an occasional bite drove me over the edge and I let out an involuntary scream as, again, I flooded her crotch with my orgasmic fluids.

I couldn't stand it anymore and limply rolled over onto the bed, my breaths coming in sobs. Amanda knew that I was at my point right then and unbuckled the strap on herself before cuddling me. I felt so safe and secure in her arms that my breathing quickly returned to normal and my pounding heart calmed down in my chest. I could feel myself drifting on the clouds of bliss as quiet serenity filled our room.

Then I heard the baby start crying.

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by shellytess6905/18/18


The story is pure love ,lust ,desire for the girl you love. The way the girls longed for each other and practically ravaged each other is supremely hot. That’s how all the girls want it to be once amore...

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by Anonymous05/13/18

Wow! _ This One's Outstanding!

Hallo Bree!

This story goes way beyond, just pretty good,,, yes!.... It is super hot, and well written with nonstop sex!.... Love, I was sitting in wet panties long before I got anywhere near the endmore...

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by stroudle05/10/18

Sizzling hot

Thats the sort of suprise i love.
Dominant but full of love , perfect.
You got me all hot and wet now, great way to start the day
Thank you

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