tagErotic CouplingsGold Card Ch. 02

Gold Card Ch. 02


After my experience at the book store I was more than ready to explore the hidden benefits of my new Gold Card. In planning lunch I tried to figure out which nearby restaurant had the most attractive waitresses. Where normally the quality and price of food was what helped me decide where to eat, today I had a completely different standard. I finally decided upon a nearby Vietnamese restaurant where the food was always good, but a little on the expensive side.

Unlike many of the Vietnamese restaurants I go to which featured simple bare tables on a vinyl tile floor with acoustic ceilings and garish bright fluorescent lights, this one had a more elegant look to it with a quarry tile floor, wonderfully crafted screens and wall coverings and some special lighting. The tables had long tablecloths that hung to the floor and candles at each table added to the atmosphere.

I was greeted at the door, and though I knew they took my credit card, I showed them the Gold Card and asked if they accepted it there. I heard the receptionist whisper, "Gold Card," as she immediately ushered me to a table near the back. As I followed her I noticed the beautiful waitresses all wearing their Ao dai the elegant long tunic with the slit in the side. Under the tunic they wore either matching pants or a skirt, depending upon their own taste.

Sitting down at the table I noticed my waitress approach from behind some curtains. As she handed me a menu and set a glass of water on my table, I noticed that, though she wore the Ao dai like the other waitresses it appeared that she wasn't wearing anything under the tunic. Each time she moved and her tunic billowed slightly I caught a glimpse of her light brown skin through the slit.

I ordered a large Pho, their vermicelli and beef soup, with some iced tea to drink. The waitress bowed and walked slowly past me, giving me a long look though the slit in her tunic at her slender legs. I even got the briefest glimpse of the furry tuft of curly hair between her thighs as she stepped.

It was strange, even though it had been less than two hours since I came all over the cashier's face and breasts at the book store, my cock was rock hard and ready to go. I guess it was that brief glimpse as the waitresses legs and pubic hair that got me going, but I was ready.

The waitress appeared and set down a plate covered in bean sprouts, mint leaves, and several other types of leaves, along with some sliced jalapeño pepper and limes. She also set the tea next to the plate and returned to the kitchen. A few minutes later she appeared again and put the steaming bowl of Pho in front of me. I carefully plucked the mint and other leaves from their stalks, placed the bean sprouts into the soup using the chopsticks, dropped in a single slice of jalapeño and then squeezed several of the slices of lime, letting the juice trail down the chopstick into the soup.

I then grabbed the chopsticks in one hand and the small ceramic ladle in the other and grabbed a mass of noodles, pulling them up out of the broth. Blowing on the noodles to cool it a bit, I leaned forward, put the noodles in my mouth and bit them off, letting the remainder of the noodles to slink back into the bowl. After taking a few mouthfuls of noodles this way, I dipped the ladle into the broth and after blowing on it, carefully sipped it. The wonderful combination of the mint, lime, and the anise and other seasonings in the broth made my whole body seem to relax. The flavor was distinctive but not overwhelming.

I continued eating the Pho for a while until I felt something under the table moving up between my legs. Looking down I saw my waitress's face smiling up at me. She whispered, "Gold Card," and then unzipped my pants.

Well, my cock was still hard and was eager to get started when she pulled it out of my pants. Sitting back in my chair, I watched as her mouth slowly closed over the head of my cock and then slid down its shaft. Feeling her tongue circling over the glans and then feeling her wet lips sliding up and down my shaft, I began to lift my hips to push deeper into her mouth.

She would pause her up and down motion to suck on it for a while and then quickly move up and down again. As she had me in her mouth one of her hands cupped and gently squeezed my balls, while the other hand began siding up and down in unison with her mouth. I began to feel the pressure building up in my balls, a sensation that was surprising me.

Understand that at my age, I'm maybe good for one good orgasm a day, maybe a second with a hell of a lot of effort, but somehow, in just a few minutes she had me dangling on the edge. Moaning I closed my eyes and gave into the pleasure as my cock spurted it's cum into her mouth. She held me in her mouth until my cock shrank completely, then she carefully milked out the last droplets of cum, looped her tongue over it and swallowed.

I looked down to see her smiling up at me. She then lifted my cock up, gave me a quick kiss on the balls and then tucked me back into my pants. After carefully zipping me up she moved away. I never did see her come out from under the table, but a few minutes later she came over to the table and asked, "Is everything to your satisfaction?"

"Yes, everything is wonderful."

"Would you like some more tea?"

"Yes," I replied, handing her the glass. She moved to a counter not far behind me, filled my tea and returned it.

"Thank you," I whispered and then grabbed the ladle and returned to my soup. Getting a piece of the roast beef on the ladle, I grabbed a bottle of Sriracha Sauce squeezing a bit of the red sauce on the meat, then I grabbed the Hoisin Sauce and squeezed some of the brown sauce onto the beef and dipped it back into the broth. I then put the mixture into my mouth, savoring the spicy hot and sweet sauces as they mixed together with the flavor of the beef and broth, it was almost as good as the blow job I had just received.

I quickly finished up the Pho and gulped the last of my tea and got ready to leave. I handed the waitress the Gold Card and waited for her to return. As she handed me the card she waited for me to sign the ticket, so I quickly calculated a tip, wrote it down and signed the ticket. She reached out to me, but didn't take the ticket, instead she took my hand and guided it between the slit in her tunic over her furry patch of hair.

I slowly moved my hand down through the curly hair and found her slit. Slipping a finger between her lips I moved it downward and dipped it into her pussy, feeling her wetness flow over it. As I removed my finger she took my hand again and guided it out from under her tunic up to my mouth, where I slipped my finger in and tasted her. The earthy sour taste had my cock twitching a bit, and when I sucked the last bit of flavor from my finger I pulled it out of my mouth.

The waitress looked as me, smiled and said, "Next time, with the Gold Card, you taste more than the Pho." She then grabbed the ticket from dinner, whispered, "Thank you," and headed back through the curtains. I got up, adjusted my erection and headed out to my car. As I drove home I replayed the day's unbelievable events in my head, first the wonderful tittyfuck at the book store, then the incredible blow job at lunch and most unbelievable of all, my erection now. After coming twice in a day, something I rarely did in a week before I was erect and ready to go some more.

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