Gold Lounge


She raced down the hallway, down the elevator, out of the hotel, caught a cab, and was back in her room shortly. She wilted with relief to see that her friend was not yet back, and she stripped out of her clothes quickly. She flipped the metal security bolt on the door, so that she'd get a bit of warning if her friend returned before she was done. She lay down on her back on the bed. She turned the lamp so that her dripping pussy was lit up, and began to take pictures of her sticky, wet, creamy pussy. He had cum so much, and it smelled amazing, mixed as it was with her own juices. She took a picture, then admired it, then took another, over and over. In between shots, she would slowly finger-fuck herself, and swirl the cum around on her clit. She was so close to cumming, but held off. As she played with her pussy and their mingled cum, she thought about what her husband would do if he were here, how incredibly turned on he'd be, and how he'd clean her pussy for her, then cum inside of her, and clean her again, and then do it all over. She started to get incredibly turned on, thinking about what he would do... and anticipating his reaction when she got home to him in a few days. So she used the stranger's thick, sticky cum and her own dripping juices to bring herself to a raging orgasm, and then another. Then she texted, "Guess what I just did..." and began sending the pictures, one after another, to her husband's phone. She quickly wrote a brief email to him, describing her night, and promising a more detailed recounting later. She unbolted the door, and got in the shower, and grinned from ear to ear, thinking about the surprise he'd find when he woke up for work that day... and wondered how late he'd be for work.

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