tagMind ControlGolden Hills University Ch. 04

Golden Hills University Ch. 04


Alone at last in her patrol car, Officer Nicole Henley looked around to make sure that no one was nearby, then pulled up the video on her phone. She had to see it again, had to understand what it meant.

It started with a small crowd of students gathered on a grassy field. Daylight, maybe mid-morning or early afternoon. There was the student center behind them; this took place right in the heart of the campus.

The camera holder edged through the throng, until the view came to rest on a girl - Stacey Albright, according to the report. Sophomore honors student, with a double major in psychology and education. A bright young student, full of promise - and here she was, wearing a thin pink bikini, kneeling on the ground, her eyes closed, greedily sucking a hard penis. It looked like a big one, but Stacey was having no trouble with it. Her head glided quickly back and forth, and she stopped occasionally to swirl her tongue around the thick, bulbous head.

The camera panned up to show the boy's face - Bill Matheson, also a psychology major, but with less than average grades. He was known more for throwing wild parties at his frat house than for anything else. In the video, his eyes were closed, and he moaned with pleasure, his fingers in Stacey's hair as she eagerly sucked him off. It sounded like he was getting close; any minute now, and his swollen cock was going to erupt.

Then he stopped her, withdrawing his glistening phallus from her wet lips and forcing her down onto the grass. She looked like she knew what was coming, and quickly yanked her bikini bottom off and spread her thighs apart. He climbed on top of her, his engorged penis dangling near her wet slit.

"Fuck me," she said, in a sultry purr. "Fuck me with that big hard cock."

The view went in closer as he nudged the tip of his rod against her pink labia. She gasped and panted as the stiff meat sank inside her, inch by inch, filling her hungry hole. A raucous cheer went through the crowd.

And then the fucking began. Like a locomotive, he started slowly at first, gradually picking up steam, until finally his cock was sliding in and out of her cunt with quick, eager strokes. Stacey groaned loudly; she had tugged her bikini top down and was now pinching her stiff nipples. The camera panned briefly around the crowd, showing girls with their hands in their shorts, and boys with no shorts at all rubbing their own erections.

The view switched back to Bill, who was now ramming his cock in and out of Stacey's twat with fierce determination. The girl's head was twisting left and right, her mouth open in a silent moan, clearly lost in orgasm. The thick cock pistoned in and out of her juicy slit, faster and faster. Bill's teeth were clenched; he stared at her huge, wobbling breasts as he mercilessly pumped his ravening organ in and out of her gooey slit. Then, with an animalistic grunt, he shoved it all the way in, keeping it buried inside her as the semen pulsed into her womb.

From that point on, the video turned into chaos. When Bill's penis finally left Stacey's cum-drenched pussy, another boy quickly crawled on top of her and began to push his own cock inside her, eliciting fresh moans from the delirious girl. Then the camera was moving around, showing other students apparently inspired to similar acts of debauchery. Girls sucking cocks, boys licking nipples and clits, and some couples already down on the grass, fucking like rabbits. The video ended with a red-haired girl dropping her shorts, getting down on all fours, and inviting the camera-holder to "shove it in."

The first time she had watched the video, Henley thought it was horrifying and obscene. That had been in the security office, with the other officers - all of them men. They had shaken their heads with disgust, but Henley was acutely aware of being the only female cop on the team, and she couldn't help but wonder how many of her fellow officers had grown erect while watching the young co-ed get ravaged.

The general complicity made it particularly disturbing. Why had none of the students called for help? They had all just stood there and watched this poor girl get pounded, minute after minute, helplessly writhing and mewling. Instead of putting a stop to it, they had turned on each other, slurping and fucking like a pack of horny animals. Something was happening on this campus - something virally corruptive - and these images gave proof.

But now that she had watched it again, somehow it didn't seem so horrible. The girl - Stacey - was clearly an eager participant. You could see the desire on her face, you could hear it in her moans - a sexual hunger so fierce, it had made her lie there, naked in front of everybody, letting this thug shove his cock in and out of her. Obscene or not, Henley could feel her body starting to react to the lurid images. She hit "replay" again, listening to the girl's whimpers, begging the guy to fuck her harder, to fuck her senseless, again and again. She watched that huge cock plunging in and out, in and out, and it was making her pretty damn horny! Her fingers slid down into her panties and found her pussy thoroughly wet. She tried to imagine what it was like, lying there on the grass, with that thick organ driving inside her, churning her vagina with relentless hunger. Moaning softly, her fingers glided rhythmically up and down her slit as she watched the girl twist and succumb to that hard male meat. No one was coming to her rescue. Overpowered by lust, all she could do was moan and squirm as the fucking continued. Henley let out a moan of her own, prodding her swollen clit as she saw the boy getting closer and closer, until she came at the same time he did, her twat convulsing as he pumped his virile cream into the young girl's snatch.

A voice crackled on her radio. "Henley, you there?"

"Uh...yeah...what is it?" she replied shakily.

"We got a call. There's some sort of disturbance over at the East Dormitory."

"Okay. I'm on my way," she replied, her pussy a quivering mess.


Officer Greg Marconi was nervous. Watching that pretty young girl get fucked had turned him on in a big way. When they played the video back at the office, his cock had grown so stiff, he was afraid that the others might notice. He had always had a weakness for college girls, and that hadn't changed after graduating. Seducing a young student was a favorite fantasy of his, though that's all it was - a fantasy. Only now he had just seen the real thing - every girl in that clip had looked eager to get involved in some hot sex. How would he have reacted had he been there, with some horny young coed inviting him to feel her up? He couldn't lose control - his job and reputation depended on it.

But now he was outside a girl's dormitory, about to go inside. A lot of strange things had been going on around campus lately, and sex was everywhere. The thought of what he might find inside made him both anxious and excited.

And it didn't help when Henley showed up. She was practically a college girl herself, barely twenty-four years old. At five and a half feet, she didn't exactly have a formidable height for a police officer. With her long, wavy blonde hair, her bright blue eyes, and her coppery skin, she looked more like a surfer girl than an ardent enforcer of justice. It was hard not to notice her curvy body, especially those beautiful breasts that seemed to be getting a little bigger every day. Her uniform looked deliciously tight on her, but he forced himself to look at her eyes as he explained the situation.

"Some sort of disturbance. Third floor, room 318. They think there's a party going on."

"Sounds familiar," said Henley. "A lot of that going on these days. Let's go have a look."

Marconi could help but watch Henley's sweet bottom as she climbed the staircase ahead of him. She would probably be an amazing fuck. Imagine if they just did it, right here in the stairwell? Her lusty moans echoing along the drab grey walls...


They could hear the music as soon as they opened the door to the third floor. It was a steady, throbbing beat, vibrating through the walls. "I told them to turn it down," said Mary, a small mousy girl wearing glasses and pajamas. "They didn't even come to the door. I need to get some sleep - I have an exam tomorrow morning."

At room 318, Marconi tried knocking loudly. "Campus security. Open up."

No response.

He tried the door, and found it unlocked. The door swung open.

The first thing he saw was a blonde girl lying half-naked on the floor. Her legs were bent and spread open, and a boy with no shirt crouched in front of her, his hands on her thighs and his face in her crotch. His back was to the door, so he took no notice of the police officers standing in the doorway. Nor did the other boy, who was crouched naked on all fours above the girl's head, his rigid penis gliding in and out of her mouth. On the bed nearby, a brunette was watching her roommate with rapt attention, her face flushed as the boy sitting next to her fondled her breasts through her T-shirt. Another girl with long dark hair sat near the window with one hand inside her panties, moaning softly.

It took a minute for the officers to process what they were seeing. The minute lasted longer than it should have, as they watched the girl on the floor squirming with pleasure as the boys worked on her. For Marconi, it was a scene from one of his erotic dreams, and he would have happily kept watching - or maybe even joined in - had his duty not dictated otherwise. "All right, guys, that's enough. Get off of her."

The boys didn't even look up. They just kept going, picking up the pace of their assault. The guy between her legs was now licking and sucking her clit, doing everything in his power to make her come. The other was fucking her mouth as fast as he could, his wet penis swelling by the second. After a dozen more thrusts, he groaned loudly, lifting his head back as he pumped his cream into the girl's mouth. His orgasm triggered hers, and her hips bucked wildly as she writhed on the carpet, her frantic moans muffled by the thick cock in her mouth. The boy on the floor kept licking her cunt until she couldn't stand it anymore and pushed his head away from her drooling snatch.

Only then did the boys stand up. The naked one didn't bother to hide the glistening cock that dangled between his muscular thighs, and Marconi noticed that all of the females in the room had their eyes on it - including his young partner. Her cheeks were flushed, and there was a somewhat dazed look in her eyes - not unlike Stacey Albright in that video.

"I think...I think I should take these guys back to the office," she murmured distractedly, her eyes still on that wet penis. "For questioning, I mean. I want to...I want to see if I can get anything out of them."

"Yeah, that sounds great, officer!" said the guy who had been licking the blonde's cunt just a moment ago. "We'll come quietly...won't we, guys?" His friends grinned and nodded.

"Whoa, hold on a minute," said Marconi. He turned to Henley. "What are you doing?" he asked quietly.

"I'm gonna interrogate them," she said, but there was something fishy about the way she said it.

"What makes you think they won't overpower you? You might end up like her." He gestured toward the girl lying dazed on the floor, absent-mindedly fingering her wet pussy.

Henley shook her head slowly, her eyes still looking somewhat vacant. "Don't worry about me. I can handle these three. You stay here and take care of the girls. See if you can find out what's going on." She turned and walked into the hallway, followed closely by the grinning boys, one of whom still wasn't wearing any clothes. The door closed, and they were gone.

"Well, officer," said the girl sitting on the windowsill. "I guess that just leaves us. What do you want to do now?"


Henley descended the stairs as if in a trance, her heart racing. What was she thinking, leading these guys off by herself? A strange voice in her head kept insisting that she could get them to tell her what was going on - why they had been in that dorm room, why they had been all over that girl. Maybe they could tell her why the whole campus was so sex-crazed lately, and then she could put a stop to it.

But deep down, she knew this wasn't about investigation. Watching these guys work on that young blonde had stirred up the lust that had been simmering inside her all night. Part of her - a dark and dangerous part - wanted to be lying on that carpet, getting her twat licked, with a big fat dong sliding in and out of her mouth. The thought of it made her head spin. And now these young, lusty hunks were right behind her. What were they going to do to her?

Outside, the night felt just as hot and humid as the day had been. The air was rich with the scent of flowers and damp earth. Maybe it would be okay, she thought. Maybe they would leave her alone as they walked toward the security office. She was a police officer, after all; perhaps they wouldn't dare to mess with her. Oddly, that thought triggered a twinge of disappointment.

Then she felt a hand on her ass. Just a quick, firm touch, then it was gone.

Her heart skipped a beat as she whirled around. "All right, who did that?"

They all shrugged with mock innocence.

"Wasn't me, officer."

"Not me."

"No clue."

She put on her best scowl and tried to look stern. "What are your names, anyway?"

"I'm Brad," said the pussy-licker..

"Steve," said the naked boy with the cock that seemed to be getting bigger again.

"Josh," said the third. "What's your name?"

"Me? Oh, I'm Nicole. Um, Officer Henley, I mean."

"Nice to meet you, Officer Horny.".

"Henley. Not horny."

"Yeah, well, we'll see about that, won't we?" He flashed her a wicked smile, and she felt her cheeks go red again. She turned away from them and continued walking toward the office - but as she did so, she could feel her crotch starting to awaken again. These guys were going to try something, she just knew it.

And sure enough, she soon felt another pat on her behind.

She froze, then turned around with her hands on her hips. "That's enough," she scolded, trying to look threatening. "You don't just go around putting your hands on girls' butts."

"Where else should we put our hands?" asked Brad.

"Nowhere!" she said. "You should keep your hands to yourself."

"You mean like this?" said Steve, who reached down and began to stroke his large penis. As Henley watched, the organ swelled and stiffened, its shiny tip pointing directly toward her. "Is this what I should do with my hands, Officer Horny?"

"I'm not...I mean...no. Just stop it," said Henley, wrenching her gaze from the tantalizingly rigid flesh. She walked away from them a little more slowly and unsteadily now, her mind awhirl, her pussy starting to get really wet. She knew that she was in trouble. They were definitely after her body, and she was worried that she would not be able to stop them.

Josh grabbed her ass again, and this time he kept it there. "Sorry, Officer," he murmured into her ear. "You look so hot, I just can't keep my hands off you."

She should have told him to stop, but the words wouldn't come. Feeling that strong hand on her butt flooded her with an erotic thrill, which only grew stronger as he began to massage her bottom through the dark pants. She couldn't move - especially not when Brad came up and brazenly slid his hands down into the front of her pants. She looked at him pleadingly as his fingers wormed their way lower, and his eyes met hers as he patiently delved inside her panties. She knew what was coming, but she still gasped as his fingers found her moist twat and began to rub.

"How does this feel, Officer Horny?" he asked.

She looked at him and moaned softly.

"Feels good, huh?"

She hesitated for a second, then nodded.

"I thought so. I can feel how wet you are." His fingers kept moving, patiently gliding along the edge of her hungry vagina. "I think we better get you ready."

Henley felt feverish and helpless as the boys quickly unfastened her pants and tugged them down her legs.

"Better take the panties off, too. They're just gonna get in the way, right?"

The soft fabric descended her legs, and Henley stepped out of them. She was still wearing her dark police shirt with its shiny badge and insignia, but from the waist down there was nothing except bare thighs and her unguarded, sweltering pussy. Just half a police officer, now, she thought. The other half of her was pure lust, breathlessly waiting to be taken.

Steve stepped in, pressing her close against his bare, muscular torso. He brushed his lips against hers - once, twice, and then she couldn't resist it anymore. She kissed him hungrily, her tongue entwining his, communicating raw, hot desire. His rigid cock was pressing against her thigh, thrillingly close to where she wanted it. She edged her legs further apart, letting his shaft nestle between her thighs, right beneath her slavering cunt.

"You want it?" he asked, whispering the question into her ear. She felt his organ gliding against her pussy now, growing slick with her juices. "You want it, Officer Horny?" He maneuvered the tip of his penis so that it was nudging her nether lips, teasing them open. "'Cause I want you. I wanna fuck you so bad. I wanna fuck you all night, fill you so full of cum that you don't even know who are you are anymore."

Horrible, obscene words, slithering into her ear, tonguing her lust-ridden brain. There was no way for her to resist him, or what he was about to do.


Marconi sat on a chair next to a computer desk, keeping his distance from the three girls as they lounged on the carpet. They were all watching him with avid expressions, like cats waiting for a mouse to try to flee. He didn't trust them, and he trusted himself even less. His cock was still restless.

"So this started...what, two weeks ago?"

Melissa nodded. She was the one who had been sitting on the windowsill, and she was still wearing only a black T-shirt and a skimpy pair of red panties. "I'd say it was right around spring break. When I came back, it seemed like everyone was kissing in the halls."

"And wearing less and less," added Brenda, the blonde whose amazing body was now covered in a soft white robe. "I mean mini shorts, crop tops...I remember Lynn coming to class one day wearing this loose camisole that opened down the middle. It was like she wanted everyone to see her breasts."

"Everyone did see them," said Melissa. "At the cafeteria, Mike pulled the straps off and just started sucking her tits, right there in front of the whole lunch crowd."

"No one tried to stop them?" asked Marconi.

"They did at first," said Melissa. "But then it started happening more and more. Like it was contagious or something. You could tell them to stop, but they'd just ignore you."

"You don't understand what it feels like," said Brenda, staring intently at Marconi. "It's the strongest urge; it just totally takes you over. I tried to fight it - I really did. But when those guys came over tonight, and they put their hands on me, and their lips on me, it was like lust times a thousand. And then their cum made it even worse."

"Ooooh, that cum," cooed Melissa. "Best stuff ever." She licked her lips, then turned to her other roommate and grinned. "Natalie wouldn't know - she hasn't had any yet."

"Leave me out of it," said Natalie in a quiet voice.

"Oh, come on. I know you want it. You were practically in heat when Josh was playing with your tits just now, and I bet your pussy's just as wet as mine is." She glanced at Marconi. "Maybe the officer here will help you out?"

"No way," said Brenda. "He's mine." She stood up and began to untie her robe. "I was about to get a nice hard dick inside me before he showed up."

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