tagNonHumanGolden Keeper Ch. 05

Golden Keeper Ch. 05


Chapter Five: Indulgence

He looked down at the female in his arms. Charamaine, he thought, it suits her. When he asked her about her family he was happy to see that she had some, but it broke his heart to see her mourn… even if was over another male, and that fact alone made him hold back a snarl. However he was unable to hold back a small growl when she mentioned another's name with such absolute terror.


This state of semi-coherency was seriously starting to piss her off but, while she thought back to everything that monster had done to her, it was inevitable. Her dreams were only the beginning of her seemingly endless torture. May had some comfort, thought. Just being in Grant's arms made her feel safe. She didn't question why considering any other male that close would have sent her into cardiac arrest. He was her savior of sorts… he was there every time she fell—literally.

May looked up and found him staring at her. His molten gold eyes intent upon her pale face with a look of concern, maybe a little rage, and… lust? No, she thought with a scolding edge, impossible. May focused again on his face. She thought it was perfect… so perfect that it was scarily god-like. Dark eyebrows continued to rise over intense eyes the longer she stared but she paid no heed. Her eyes skimmed over the span of his delectable, tanned, forehead half-hidden under disheveled, shaggy, black hair. Her gaze started down his strong nose to his chiseled cheek bones of golden paragon. Listen to me, I sound like a foolish, love-struck creeper, May almost snickered at the thought. His chin had the slightest indentation of a dimple and suddenly all she really wanted to do was reach up to kiss her way from his masculine yet boyishly adorable chin up to his symmetrical, dark lips… which she now realized were saying something… Come on, May, she chided, focus…

She tore her eyes away from his tempting mouth and tuned into what he was asking her.

"Chara, baby, what's wrong? What did Collin do?" Only then did she realize her pale eyes were still leaking a copious amount of tears.

"H-he… he," May hiccupped then started again, "I'd been-n going out with him for a c-couple of months…" May was so focused on getting her words out she missed the growl that escaped Grant's lips, "and one night, I… we were… and Emmett told me not to go but—but did. I went to him… and LOOK!" she exclaimed. May jumped out of his hold and twirled, flaring her black wings out. "Look what happened!" she turned back to the window with her back to him, shame etched across her features.

"He did this to you?" he asked her.

"W-ell… when I woke up—I-in the forest…" May paused to think about her answer for a moment then continued, "I don't really know."

"So then what did he do, Charamaine? You can tell me," he pleaded with her.

May looked into his eyes and felt the overwhelming sense of trust she craved. "He… I don't know where to start," she whimpered. May hated to feel so helpless and pathetic but she really had no idea how to begin.

"Just start from the beginning," he encouraged, "what happened after Emmett told you not to go?"

Charamaine twirled back around to see Grant with his arms open wide to her. The sight almost melted her and it was impossible to resist so she walked forwards slowly and relaxed into the embrace of her new confidant.


He was tense. That much was obvious. What he hoped wasn't as palpable was the overpowering dilemma he fought within himself over whether to comfort the delicate angel in his arms of find the said torment-inflicting-sonofabitch, Collin, and rip of his appendages one by one… Grant wiped away his vicious thoughts and kept his turmoil hidden because he knew that performing the latter option—while it would give him much satisfaction—would be almost as bad as was Collin did to Charamaine.

"Don't," he heard a small voice say, and Grant looked down and saw Charamaine staring at him.

"Don't what?" he asked, perplexed.

"Don't do it," she added. "If you do you'll be like him. I don't want that, so please… not even he should have to go through what I did."

I beg to differ was his first thought then came, wait… "How'd you know?" Grant figured he'd done well to his emotions but apparently not.

She merely shrugged her slender shoulders, "I'm good at reading people?" Since the end of that was a question it didn't sit easy with him, but he let her continue. "The only thing I want is for someone to go back and help the rest of them… oh—and to find my Emmett…" she added sadly.

Grant didn't even hesitate with his response of, "That can be arranged." He offered this in high hopes of making her smile but Charamaine whipped her head up and glared at him.

"Don't play with me like that."

"Playing?" he asked with a raised eyebrow until he realized that there was no innuendo there and that she was completely serious. "Charamaine, I'm serious. I'll get someone on it, promise."

"Don't—" she started.

"I promise, May, promise." Grant decided he liked her real name, Charamaine, better than the nickname.

Her eyes softened and she became genuinely surprised by his offer and having her only wishes so easily granted. Emmett, she thought with a hopeful undertone, he's got to be fine. He's so strong… "Really?" she asked him, her eyes now wide with expectancy and gratitude. "I would be so, so, grateful!" she made a tiny, cheerful, celebratory motion with her fists then starched her arms up to wind around his neck in what was supposed to be an innocent hug.


The moment she reached up she knew it was not her greatest idea. He smells so good, was May's first thought then she shifted so her head rested in the crook oh his neck. Her senses were naturally heightened since her… transformation… but now they were on overload. Wherever her skin was now in contact with his it was set ablaze.

She could feel the slight stubble along his chin and neck that was surprisingly, sexy, she considered with a prurient smile and May could feel her nipples harden at the thought. She had to suppress a small, feminine moan when their budding hardness chafed against the hard wall of his bare chest through the thin shirt she was still wearing. May was still relatively new to these sensations and all she knew was that she wanted some type of release. She arched her back slightly and discretely rubbed herself against him. Try to pass of her movement as a simple shift she wiggled around innocently in his lap to get more 'comfortable.' In the midst of this her womanhood came in contact with something particularly warm and hard. Unbeknownst to her what it was, she wiggled around some more. May started to feel aroused and shocked herself when a tiny mewling sound came from her throat.


He figured Charamaine had no idea what she was doing to him when her frail arms wrapped around his neck. He felt her breathing increase rapidly when she moved her face to rest on his shoulder. At first he thought she was afraid but she said nothing so he left it alone. However it did not pass his notice when she rubbed herself against his torso. Her hard nipples were clearly visible straining through the fabric of their containment. Seeing this along with the other sensations he was feeling from her Grant became aroused in a matter of seconds. As Charamaine started to move her pert bottom around in his lap the soft, heated folds of her sex repeatedly slid over his now painfully-hard erection. Even though Grant was pleased with her actions it was bittersweet. He could tell she had no idea what was going on so he figured he should stop her before he went too far.

Grant almost lost it when he heard the small moan that escaped her lips. He quickly wrapped his arms tighter around her in an effort to still her movements but her soft, supple skin only further ignited the flames of their desire. He then decided that words might work better than actions.

"Little one, hold still." His voice sounded strained and a growl slipped up when he finally felt her wetness seep through his jeans, staining the denim.


May felt the peak of her breasts tighten and harden even further if possible when she felt his chest rumble, sending sensual vibrations along her body. She became so absorbed in the feelings deep in her stomach that she missed that he said and the accompanying growl.

When May started to writhe semi-innocently against him, she heard him though the haze of lust clouding her mind, "Little one, really."

"Hmmm?" She questioned, still aroused beyond belief, in response to his vague statement.

"Be still," he ordered.

May had no response to that so she just hugged him tighter. She heard him groan that time and asked him what was wrong, hoping he understood her mush of words.

"You're playing with fire, Charamaine," he said abstractly.

"I don't understand," she said although pleased with at the sound of her name on his lips, "what's happening?" She tilted her head up to look at him; her lips open slightly, inhaling and exhaling heavily. Her eyes were a darker shade of blue through their haze of longing underneath weighty lids. "Please, Grant," she pleaded, "make it go away."

"Do you really want them gone?" he asked her breathlessly while openly staring at her parted lips.

"I—" she started but was suddenly unsure. "Please," she pleaded again, only for what was unknown to her.

Before she could say anything else she felt pressure, seductively moist and burning, at her lips. May hadn't realized her eyes were closed until she opened them to find the source of this new arousing and passionate force. When her eyes focused she was, quite literally, face to face with Grant. His golden eyes were open to; watching for any sense of reluctance or fear on her part. But underneath that she saw the same crazed lust she knew could be seen in her eyes. Those eyes will be the end of me, she thought. Moaning softly, her eyes flittered closed again and she pressed harder against him. She felt him respond and he started to stroke her. He started with her wings and May sighed in ecstasy, letting her mouth fall open to Grant's searching, playful tongue that sent her mouth up in a scorching fire. May gripped at his arms then let her hands wander down the bare, hard, sculpted planes of his chest. She may have been only exploring somewhat platonically but she was leaving paths of burning heat across his body. She felt Grant move his hand to her sides and he caressed her hips and thighs. May had no idea that kissing someone could be to lascivious. She started to claw at his muscles; wanting something she knew only he could give her.

"Please," she whimpered when she left his mouth long enough to speak. She raked her nails down his chest and across his nipples; and the erotic sensation was a wake up call for Grant. With loud growl, the heat source that was putting Hell to shame and her body in an uproar was wretched from her lips. Her eyes open lazily and she saw that Grant has pulled away looking just as confused as she, only he was now on the other side of the bed.

"Wh—" May started to object to the sudden, vast space between them when she was cut of by his fast stream of words.

"I-we can't," he said, "Not like this. While you're still so innocent… pure… and after everything you've been through. Everything you told me— Gods! You must think I'm some lust-filled pervert preying on…ugh," he shuddered then continued his rant, "I can't take advantage of you… I won't."

May didn't understand so she just moved stealthily forwards and jumped to capture his lips with hers again. She felt him give in but only for the moment before he tore his mouth away again. This time, instead of backing away, he leaned down and rested his forehead against hers and spoke lightly against her swollen lips.

"Don't you see?" he asked quietly, "You're so fragile… I would hurt myself before I hurt you." He gently stroked her arms in a not sensual but loving way. May looked into his eyes and saw that even though he seemed in control he was just as raw as she was; ready to rip at the seams. His golden eyes dripped with a passion that she felt as well but didn't understand but didn't think she had to at the moment.

"No," she said, muffling her own protest by firmly attaching her lips to his again to reclaim her territory.

The pace was set slower but they were still just as feverish. Both of them yearned to feel every inch of the other.

May moved, pushing him gently but forcefully down onto the bed and—with her lip still cemented to his—swinging her left leg over both of his to straddle his as she sat in his lap. He tasted so good to her. Too good. Intoxicating. Wanting more, she shoved at his wide shoulder insistently and urgently until he fell back onto the bed; his 'oomph' easily captured by May's lips still feasting hungrily at his. It changed into a groan as she dug her fingers into the locks of his black hair to massage his scalp with one hand and tug on the hair at the nape of his neck with the other. May fleetingly noticed that his hair was chopped shorter in two places but her body wouldn't let her mind give it much thought.

She would never breathe again if she didn't have to. Unfortunately for her she did and a sigh of disappointed came from her when she lifted her head up for air. Opening her eyes she saw that their heads were cocooned in her silvery-blonde locks of hair. The silky strands fell from around her to frame Grant's face. He smiled up at her and he glided the pad of his thumb across her bottom lip. May bit down seductively and her cheeks flamed at her boldness. Was I always this… wanton? She asked herself. Grants fingers moved slowly from her mouth, along her jaw then down her neck. He dipped into the valley between her breasts with his index finger through neck hole of the too-large shirt she was wearing. Then, just as quick, his hand came back up and he grasped both sides of her face and brought her down for a smoldering kiss.

Her hands moved to rub the spots behind his ears and he let out a long moan. She smiled against his lips than kiss the corner of his mouth, marking the start of her journey. Her mouth worked along his jaw-line then down his neck. She used her tongue and laved one particular spot were she sucked hard enough to leave a mark. Grants hands lowered leisurely down her body and he palmed the uncovered, round cheeks of her ass. May started lightly biting the underside of his chin and was encouraged to bite harder by his tell-tale groans so she made little, sharp love bites all along his jaw to his ear. When she pulled Grants earlobe into her mouth and nibble she was suddenly on her back with Grant feverishly attacking her mouth. Her wings folded easily underneath her, relieving her tiny spurt of panic about re-injuring her extremities. He alternated between taking her breath away and saying everything he would do to her. Only May didn't hear a single word; she was too 'caught up in the moment' to care.

"I don't know where this side of you came from, little one," he said, repeating her thoughts from earlier. She could hear him because she was drawn to the spot where his mumblings left vibrations along her neck. He shifted and brought his face up sporting a crooked smile that made her heart skip a beat. He bent down to kiss her warmly and she tugged on his bottom lip with her teeth before he continued, "But I like it."

The bottom of her—his—shirt was gradually rising as he toyed with it and she began to get hot and impatient. May pressed her hips up and arched into him but apparently he wasn't getting the hint… or he enjoyed to play with her. Regardless, she felt he was going too slowly so she reached down, grabbed the hem of the plain, white tee and lifted it up and over her head. She ran into a problem when she tried to throw it away. Her wings. She grumbled and tugged at it with no avail, wondering how he managed to get it on her in the first place.

"Grant," she cried. He wasn't listening though; he was devouring her with his eyes in a way that made her shiver.


He felt so hot. She was squirming under him at his attentions. He played with the bottom of the shirt she was wearing, undecided about how far she wanted to go, when she snatched it from his grasp and brought it up and over her head exposing her to his lustful gaze.

Grant thought he'd surely died and gone to heaven… if there was such a place for weres. Her ample bosom wasn't too big or too small, just a perfect handful, capped of with small, eraser-sized, light pink nipples; their areola tightened in their erect state. He forced his eyes down across her thin but fit stomach, her muscles clenched in the throws of desire. He stopped at her belly-button, knowing that he could very well explode in his pants if he were to glace at the haven below. Just as he was about to give in he heard her cry his name, bringing his gaze back up to a distraught Charamaine.

"Grant," she said again, looking from him back to the shirt that was still in her arms.

He was confused, but concerned at her call, "What is it, baby?" his voice sounded deep and he knew his wolf was too close to the surface, he didn't want to scare her off.

"My shirt," she said, and looked at him with an annoyed expression, "get it off, please."

"So polite," he teased then startled her by taking the shirt and ripping it down the middle. He heard her gasp and chuckled, then tossed the shirt on the other side of the bed. Grant wanted to move things along so he ducked his head and captured a tight, pink nipple in his warm mouth… surprising her so that her back arched she almost bucked him off the bed, crying out loudly as she did so.

Grant rumbled against her breast, pleased at his accomplishment. He continuously flicked his moist tongue over the taught bud in his mouth, making Charamaine bite her bottom lip in an attempt to muffle the sounds of her pleasure. Grant moved his head to seal his lips over the other breast. He sucked most of her flesh into his mouth then released it to suckle her other nipple. He fondled the recently vacated breast and twisted her still-wet nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her moans got louder and more uncontrollable, which pleased Grant greatly. She's so responsive, he thought as his lips left a wet trail in their wake when he moved down her body. He licked his way down her stomach and he could now feel her muscles contracting and shuddering. His tongue swirled in her navel then he sucked and kissed his way even lower.

When he reached her pubic bone he started giving her gentle bites as he moved to her left hip, and then her right. Grant could smell her arousal and he swooned at the sweet aphrodisiac. When his tongue finally touched her folds his wolf howled in delight and Charamaine bucked her hips high off the bed, releasing a long, hearty moan.

Grant smiled and parted her sex with his fingers as he took in the beauty before him.


Charamaine thought she'd surely died and gone to heaven… she'd fit right in with her wings and all… He left a hot trail from her breasts down to her womanhood and she felt like she was coiled to spring.

She knew what he was going to do, she looked down and saw he was staring at her most private parts with a hungry gaze, but she still thought it was so… intimate. Even so, she wanted him with every last cell in her body to continue. At his first lick she reveled in the feel of his smooth, yet rough tongue against her heated, damp flesh. He spread her nectar around, coating her sex in her own arousal, and the musty smell became abundant in the air. May reached her hands down and held his head to her in a death grip. She didn't care if she ripped his hair out… and she didn't think he would care much either.

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