tagRomanceGoldie Goes Country

Goldie Goes Country

byGrey Eagle 286©

I woke up and looked over at Goldie, she was sleeping soundly. She had a soft smile on her lips. I wanted to kiss her but instead I got up and went to relieve myself. When I returned she was sitting on the side of the bed. I sat beside her and pushed her back and kissed her sweet lips, she tried to pull away but my hand slipped under her gown and between her legs. She stopped struggling and her arms went around my neck.

She pulled her face back, "Please let me go to the bathroom. I'll be right back, my love." She returned carrying her gown over her shoulder and wearing nothing but a smile. "Do you like them?" she asked holding her breasts in her hands, "I love them, they are just right now. I thank you for them my sweet husband."

I told her they were just perfect. I meant it too! She was beautiful before, but now she was drop dead gorgeous. Her slightly augmented breasts gave her a new self-confidence in her beauty and in herself as a person. I loved it. She rubbed a perfect breast against my face and traced the rubbery nipple across my lips. I could in no way resist the offering and sucked it right in my mouth as far as I was able without causing discomfort. She moaned and drew that nipple away from me and replaced it with it's twin. I loved it too.

Just then the phone rang. I answered it. It was a wake up call from the hotel desk. I thanked them and hung up. Goldie looked at me with tears in her eyes, "I hate for you to go. Please stay a few more days."

"Darling, I hate to go too, I want to stay but you know I have to be home for the meetings with the project backers, if it were just my money I would pull out, but Mike, Angela, Hiro, and Anna all have money in it too. I must go back, I'll see you as soon as you finish up here. OK."

"Teddy, Dearest Husband, I will call Mackie and tell her I just can't do this. I want to be with you."

"No, I won't hear of it, this has been your dream for years, you have to give it a shot. Mackie has put a lot of effort into getting you this try out. You just go and give them hell and don't forget you have a old geezer back home who loves you."

"You know I won't forget you, I love you."

We dressed and I kissed Goldie goodbye and went down and caught a limo to the airport. The weather was fine and looked good all the way home according to Flight Service. I filed my flight plan. I was in the air and was level and cruising along in the old Grumman Goose when my cell phone rang. It was Goldie, "Where are you Sweetheart, I miss you already, what am I going to do tonight?"

"You have two choices, get a hot young lover and enjoy your self or do like I am going to do, cry a lot."

"Ted, I could never do that, I'll call you this evening and we can cry together."

"I'll be waiting for your call. I have to go now, my Darling, they are calling me. Bye."

"I keyed off, then dialed another number. It rang and was answered. "Tag, how are you? Missing your wife?"

"Damned right I am Ted, where are you?"

"I am on my way home, I hate to leave Goldie in Nashville. I hope she doesn't get too carried away with all the attention and glamour."

"I know Ted, damned hard to let go of them, but you gotta trust them."

"Yeah, but Mackie has been through this for years, this is Goldie's first taste of it."

"Right Ted, All I can say is that you should get your ass back out there as fast as you can."

"Don't worry about that, please ask Mackie to keep an eye on her. Talk to ya later. Bye."

The flight home was uneventful. I sat up that night and waited for Goldie to call. It was almost midnight when she called. She was very excited about her day and even more excited about a cocktail party she and Mackie had attended. All the big stars were there and she met most of them. She told me all the names. Most I was not that familiar with. She told me she missed me and loved me. I cried a bit and told her I didn't know how long I was going to be able to do this."

She told me missed me and sobbed a little too. I knew she was tired and I was pretty bushed myself. We said our goodbyes and hung up.

The meeting seemed to drag on without any real progress. Goldie called about the same time the next night and said she had a busy day recording and was very tired. I asked why she was so late calling. She said she had gone to dinner with a bunch of the musicians and singers. I told her that she shouldn't do that, she needed her rest. She said she wasn't going to do it anymore.

She didn't call the next night. I called her suite and got no answer. I was worried, scared and pissed off. I had been really a bastard at the meeting and sick at heart all day. She called at about ten that night. She said she had fallen asleep the night before and was sorry she hadn't called. I was a little short with her. I apologized and told her I had a very bad day and that I was sorry.

The next day we made real progress and everything was agreed to in principal. The minions could finish the paperwork for the attorneys to read over and we could sign after that. Several of the people asked me out to dinner with them and I agreed. It was late when I got home and I tried Goldie's number, no answer.

The next morning I called Tag, He said he had talked with Mackie the night before. She said she had not seen Goldie in a few days and was worried about the people she was hanging out with. "God knows it breaks my heart to tell you that, Ted. I just felt you ought to know."

I thanked him and sat and stared at the wall for a bit.

I went and talked to my son, Mike. I gave him a power of attorney to sign for me on the deal. If there were a problem he was to call me on my cell phone. I had him get the little A-37 jet ready for me while I had Hiro pack a bag for me. I filed a flight plan with Flight Service and then strapped my ass in the seat and was in the air. The little Cessna jet was not as comfortable as the old Goose but it was twice as fast. I arrived in Nashville and got a cab to Goldie's hotel. I talked the desk clerk into giving me a key to her rooms after he saw my ID. Her rooms were full of flowers. I looked at the cards. I didn't know any of the names. I tried to call her at the studio but the person there said no personal calls were allowed. I called Mike, he said everything was taken care of and it all went perfectly. I told him I still hadn't seen Goldie. He said, "Shit."

I ordered a meal from room service and was finished and the dishes collected and gone when I heard voices at the door. I stepped into the bathroom and only left the door open a crack. The door opened and Goldie entered laughing. A tall handsome man followed her. She put her purse down and picked up the phone, "This is Mrs. Stewart, have I had any calls? Alright, thank you?"

The man took her by the shoulders and drew her to him. I planed to wait to see how far it would go but when I saw him kissing her I couldn't help my self. I opened the door and said, "Excuse me, I thought I left a wife here, I was wrong!" She screamed, "No Ted, don't go, please Ted don't and I heard no more as I slammed the door. I ran to the elevator and went down to the lobby and into the first cab I could find. "Take me to a good nearby bar please." He stopped about a block later. I handed him a twenty and went in the bar. I felt a tightness in my chest. Suddenly I couldn't get my breath. My legs gave out and everything went black.

I woke up in a Hospital. I felt terrible. I could feel a cannula in my nose and IVs in my arms. I couldn't move. I struggled but couldn't open my eyes. I could hear all the noises of a hospital, I smelled the antiseptic odors of a hospital.

I heard a voice say, "Well, we traced him to a son in Florida who is on his way. The son said he had notified his wife who is here in town. She is supposed to be here any time now." I needed to rest a bit. I was tired.

I awoke again. I heard voices again but they were muffled. I could make out someone sobbing. My eyes wouldn't open. I tried to talk. "Hello," I said. "What came out was a moan."

"Did you hear that? I think he said something." I said, "Hello." again. It was another moan. Someone touched my hand and held it. I felt tear drops on my hand. The sobbing was closer. "Oh! My God, what did I do to this poor man? I love him so much and I hurt him. I'll never forgive myself." It was Goldie. I heard Mike say. "I don't exactly understand what you did."

"I went out with some of the people from the Studio. We didn't stop recording until after nine and we all went and got dinner. It was fun. Billy escorted me home. When we entered my room, your dad must have been there. I guess he saw Billy kiss me. That was as far as it went, as far as it ever went, I would never let it go further. I know now that it was too far. I've killed the only man I have ever loved. Sob, I want to die too! I am no good. I let him down. I checked for a call from him. I needed to hear his voice, I missed him so damned much. Sob. What did I do?"

I tried to say her name. It was a grunt. "I think Dad can hear us. Make a noise if you hear us Dad." I got out another grunt. "He hears us. Get the doctor."

"Doc, he can hear and his brain must be working. Watch. Dad, grunt if you hear me." I grunted. "Now grunt twice for yes and once for no. Do you know me?" I grunted twice. "Am I Jimmy your son?" One Grunt. "Am I Mike." Two grunts. "He is functioning pretty well. The brain damage may not be as bad as we feared." I grunted. I strained to open my eyes. I felt the lids flutter. I saw a glimpse of light. Goldie said, "Look he is trying to open his eyes." I grunted once. "Do you want us to open your eyes for you?" I grunted twice. I felt gentle fingers push my eye lids open. They stayed open. I could see. I could move my eyes. I looked at Goldie and felt tears run from my eyes. "Look, he is crying." Mike said, Are you in pain Dad?" I grunted once. "We all love you Dad. Please get well." I grunted once. "We all don't love you?" One grunt. Goldie burst into tears and ran from the room. Angela ran after her. I could hear weeping and sobbing from the hall way. I grunted three times. "What does that mean, Do you love Goldie?" two grunts. "Do you want her to come back." two grunts. "I'll go get her." two grunts.

I was able to move my head a little and I saw her come back in the room. She sat on the side of the bed and took my hand in hers, she said, "I love you Teddy, with all my heart and soul."

I strained and struggled to say 'I love you." but not much came out. I guess she read my lips. Tears ran from her eyes as she sobbed and sobbed. "I am so sorry if I did this to you, my love. I will never forgive myself. I know what you thought, IT was NOT what you thought. These people kiss each other all the time. It wasn't a sexy kiss, it was a 'Thanks good buddy.' kiss. No one but you has ever touched me since I met you and no one ever will. I love only you Teddy, only you", Tears flowed from her eyes. I tried my damnedest to squeeze her hand.

Her head jerked up, "He squeezed my hand, I felt him do it, He squeezed it again." She reached over and pressed a button on the night stand by the bed. A nurse hurried in. Goldie told her what had happened. The nurse left and returned with a man who asked me to squeeze his hand. I did it as hard as I could. He grinned at me. "Can you move your eyes too. Oh! That is great. Keep trying to move everything you can."

I thought I could move my toes. Mike said, "Look his toes are moving too." I turned my head a little to look at Goldie. She pressed her lips to mine. That felt great. I managed to whisper, "I love you."

"He talked, he said he loves me!"

The doctor grinned. "Hopefully it will all come back soon. Cross your fingers."

I crossed mine. Goldie held my hand up. Every one laughed.

The next day I was much better. Mike and Goldie decided to take me home the following day. I could sit up now and could talk softly. I couldn't write or feed myself or walk but the Doctor agreed to let me go. Mackie and Tag were going to fly me home in her Learjet. Mike was leaving with Angie tonight in the little Cessna jet to get things ready for my return home. Goldie was going to ride with me.

I felt like a worthless old man when they wheeled me out in a wheelchair with a blanket over my legs. I hated it.

This whole thing started one evening months ago when a large group of us sat on our patio. Mackie and Tag , Jessie and Ted and others. Mackie had been singing and she put her guitar down beside Goldie. Goldie looked at her and asked "May I?" Mackie nodded.

Goldie giggled, "Here is how Mackie sings 'Amazing Grace.'" She strummed a few chords and sang beautifully. She did sound exactly like Mackie Ann. Everyone stared at her. I was dumbfounded. She stopped. "Here is Dolly Parton." And she sounded exactly like Dolly. "Guess who this is?"

Everyone said "Shania Twain." "One more," she sang beautifully and everyone looked blank. Goldie giggled and said, "That is me." She put down the guitar. Everyone clapped and my Goldie blushed. "You have to have something to do on a cold Montana night."

Mackie ran to her and pulled her to her feet and hugged her. "Goldie, that is the best imitation I have ever heard of my voice. It is exact. Here, give me the guitar, let us sing a duet." She started 'Amazing Grace' and Goldie joined right in. It was stunning, Goldie sang the chorus over and over. When they finished Mackie was jumping up and down. "We have to record this, Girl. It will hit gold in a week."

Everyone was excited and enthusiastic about the idea. Goldie was excited too! That is how we ended up in Nashville.

I was feeling better every day and the studio wanted Goldie to come back and finish up the recording. She flat absolutely refused. She told them I was not up to travel and she would never leave me again.

They called every day wanting Goldie to come back. I told Goldie to tell them to come here. There had to be a recording studio in Ocala or Gainesville. They said they would think about it.

They evidently made enquiries and called back and said they would come to us. They were booking a studio and were making reservations for rooms and caterers in Ocala. They would let us know when they would be here.

Mackie called and said she had been contacted about coming to Ocala to record some songs with Goldie. We invited Mackie and Tag and her kids to stay with us.

That evening I asked Goldie to think of her favorite ten songs she knew really well. She sat at the desk in my office and wrote out a list for me. I looked it over and told her to get her guitar and we went out on the patio and she started at the top of the list and sang her rendition of the old Hank Williams 'Love sick blues.' I loved it. She sang an other old song. I heard clapping behind us when she finished that one. I looked and Mike, Angela, Hiro and Anna were standing there. We went over a lot of old songs Goldie knew, she did all of them well. I got up and went to the bath room. As I was returning I heard someone talking in my office. I listened. It was Goldie talking to someone on the phone. She said, "Jason, I think you are a fine young man. I like you very much as a friend. Please don't call again. No! I mean that. I am married and I love my husband. No! I can't tell you what would happen if he were not here. He is here and I love him. I will never leave him. Good bye." I walked quickly away and watched her join the others. I stood and thought for a long time. Then I rejoined the group. I sat with them for a while. Then I told all of them would be back in a few minutes, that I had something to do in my office. I sat down and wrote the toughest letter of my life. I told her I loved her and that the only thing I wanted from life was her happiness. I told her I had heard her conversation with her friend or lover Jason. I told her that if she wanted a young handsome virile man, I could certainly understand that. I told her she had my permission to try him out. If he was what she wanted, so be it. I said my attorney would be available at her disposale and she could have anything or everything I owned. I said I thought she needed time to think about it. I said I would see her in about six months if I were still alive. I sealed the note in an envelope and addressed it to her. I left it on my desk. I wrote a note to my son Mike and told him to give Goldie any thing she needed in the way of money or anything else. I told him loved him and hoped I would see him again someday. I took a checkbook and my address book and I walked out to the hangar and found the old Grumman Goose. She was full of fuel and was ready for anything. I opened the hangar doors. I climbed in and pulled in the boarding ladder and latched the door. I started the Engines and taxied out. As I turned on the strip I hit the landing lights and poured the coal to her and was in the air shortly. I held her down to about eight hundred feet and headed south south west. I had plenty of time to think as I droned along. I saw Alligator Alley and flew a ways south. I was exhausted and I dropped down lower and turned the landing lights on. I was over watery swamp. I let down slowly and set down in what appeared to be a clear place. I shut everything down and let two seats in the back down to form a bunk. I got a blanket from a locker and lay down and tried to sleep.

The next morning I got out my phone book. I found the phone I wanted and picked up my cell phone. It said I had missed fourteen calls. I dialed the number and the friend I wanted answered and I told him what I wanted him to do for me. He agreed. I copied down the GPS numbers he gave me. I fired up the old Goose and took off. I found his place without trouble. I landed and taxied down the waterways to the cabins. I nosed into the dock and secured the plane. Several hours later I heard an air boat coming. It was Rick Martin and his wife Keiko. She was a very cute Japanesse girl. They were very much in love. I was jealouse. We pulled the old Goose into the cypress and other trees. He had two large camo nets we threw over her. She virtually disappeared. I helped them unload the food and stuff they brought me. We sat and sipped a few beers while I told them my sad story. Keiko looked at me. "I know she loves you, and only you. I hope you are not making a mistake."

"That is sweet of you to say that. I only want her happiness. If it costs mine, that is a price I am willing to pay." They stayed the night and left in the morning. I used the cell phone he left me and called Mike and gave him the number. I didn't tell him where I was. He said I should come home. He said Goldie was very upset and was crying her eyes out. He said, "Dad, I would bet my life she loves no one but you. Please come home." He promised he would tell no one I had called. I got tired of fishing pretty quick. I watched the satillite TV. I watched Enterainment Tonight religiously. Two weeks later I caught an anouncement that the album and CD released by Mackie Ann Stone and her protogee Golden Dawn Stewart was a smash hit and that the two had signed a contract to do a TV Special in two months. The reporters mentioned that Goldie was heartbroken over the disapearance of her husband. The Special was to be shot at the 'Grand Old Opery' in Nashville.

A couple of weeks before the show was due to air I flew the Goose to a small field near Nashville and rented a car. I staked out the theater and watched the limo drop Mackie and Goldie off for practice every morning. I would bribe the guy on the door to let me watch from the back. She looked beautiful. Part of the show was a duet with Goldie and Jason Guthrie the Country music Star. I watched it for a few minutes and my eyes filled with tears and I turned to leave. I ran into a large man. "Ted, I thought you would be here somewhere. How are you?"

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