tagIncest/TabooGoldilocks & the Three Bares Ch. 01

Goldilocks & the Three Bares Ch. 01


I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. At 18 years old, and 5'8" I was one hot chickie standing there in my red gym shorts and white T-shirt. I smiled at myself fluffing the big ringlets of blonde curls that cascaded down my shoulders. My hair is why everyone called me Goldilocks. Ah, but if they only knew how horny I was they'd call me Goldilicks. I giggled at the thought. I'd never tried it with another girl before--but I was horny enough I'd sure love to try.

Actually, I'd never fucked a guy either but I wasn't a virgin, thanks to my trusty vibrator. I used to have to rub myself off on my bed post. Each bed post at the foot of my bed has a huge round knob that sticks up and I used to rub my twat against it just for kicks, pretending it was a nice big cock. Of course I always wore panties and shorts when I did that because I didn't want any tell tale stains or odors left behind that could get me into trouble if mom ever saw it. However, about a month ago one of my girl friends at school gave me a vibrator. She was dating an older guy who took her into one of those porn shops to buy sex toys for her, and she gave me one of those long slender battery operated types. She also gave me a cock-shaped sleeve to put over it. This thing looks and feels just like a real dick and when I turn the vibrator on and do myself it's sheer heaven. But, I was still horny for the real thing--and I was especially horny to have someone lick me, either male or female it didn't matter. To be able to fondle and lick another girl was a huge fantasy that I wanted to fulfill as soon as I could.

I turned sideways to the mirror and pulled my T-shirt to the back as tight as I could while sticking my chest out. My titties were so nice and firm, and the way they stuck out from my chest turned me on just to look at them. I couldn't help but fondle them while admiring myself in the mirror. I tugged on my nipples to make them protrude more through my T-shirt.

I turned back to the front to check out my crotch. My red gym shorts were so short and tight that the V of my crotch stood out prominently and I could even see the indentation where my slit was and the bulge of my puffy pussy lips. I touched myself down there wondering what it would be like to have someone really lick me---even if it was another girl.

Just thinking about it made me so fucking horny I could hardly stand it. We had some new neighbors that moved in next door and they had a girl my age. I wondered if she was as horny as I was. Maybe we could become friends and experiment with each other. I rubbed my swollen pussy lips through my shorts and panties as I thought about it.

There were rumors that our new neighbors went around their house all naked. Mom called them the "three bares" and made us keep all of the window shades on that side of the house down so we wouldn't feel tempted to try to look at them. We lived in a two story house, as they did, and my bedroom was on the side of the house facing theirs--and right now I felt mighty tempted to take a peek.

I turned the lights out in my room, pulled up a chair next to the window and pulled up the shade. There was a large tree in between our house and theirs which obstructed the view a bit, but I could see the lights on in the bedroom window across from me and a shadow of someone moving around in the room.

The excitement of doing something naughty like this, looking into someone's bedroom window only made my pussy all the wetter. I rubbed my thighs together in anticipation. Then the person stepped into clear view.

It was the mommy.

And she was all naked as rumored. She stood in front of a full-length mirror putting some lipstick on. She was a tall woman, straight, reddish-brown hair that cascaded down to her shoulders and a little beyond. Her well-rounded butt was facing me but I could see the rest of her in the reflection of the mirror. And she had the biggest tits I swear I've ever seen. Totally globular, I mean. Like a couple of basket balls sitting on her chest--and they didn't sag at all but were as pert as mine. And, then there were those huge nipples sticking out in front.

What fun it'd be, I thought, to be able to play with those big whoppers. When I thought about how nice it'd be to suck on her nipples it made my lips tingle as if on fire--and the fire raced down to my cunt and I found myself humping my hips back and forth on the chair while I played with my own nipples.

All too soon she turned off the light and left the room. I pulled the shade back down.

"Sandra Butler!" My mom shouted out from the bottom of the stairs. "What are you doing, young lady!"

I quickly turned my light back on and grabbed one of my text books off the bookshelf. "I'm doing my homework mom!" I slumped down on my bed and opened the book just as mom opened my bedroom door.

"Okay, dear. That's wonderful. Look your dad and I are going to go out dancing with some friends this evening and we won't be home until after midnight. So, you be a good girl and do your homework, but don't stay up all night."

"Not a problem, mom. I'm already a little tired now and it's only eight. Soon as I finish this chapter I'll probably hit the hay anyway." I stretched back and let out a yawn.

"Okay, sweetie. Bye, bye, now."

"Bye mom. Have a nice time."

With my heart thudding in my chest I waited until I heard their car pull away. Then I crept back to the window and let my shade back up. The window across the way was still dark but I figured sooner or later either the mom or the dad--or both of them--would have to come back to their bedroom to get ready for bed. And I wanted a bird's eye view of that.

There was a large branch from the tree that came up parallel to my window and another branch on the opposite side of the tree that went up close to their bedroom window. I opened up my window and climbed out swinging my leg over the large branch. I then made my way across the other branch until I was up next to their window. The branch sagged a little under my weight, but I could still clearly see over the ledge of their window into their bedroom.

Not only was their shade all the way up, but they had the window wide open with nothing but a screen between me and the room. This was obviously the master bedroom as I had suspected, but what surprised me was that there were three beds in it. On one side of the room, to my right were two queen-sized beds pushed together. I figured that was where momma "bare" and pappa "bare" slept. Then on the other side, to my left was a single twin bed.

I couldn't imagine them letting their daughter sleep in the same room with them, but what was that bed doing in there?

Before I could put my thoughts together someone entered the room and turned on the light. It was "baby" bare.

Her hair was long and straight like her mom's, but it was rust red. It was natural too because she had a nice little red bush framing her pussy. She had cute little freckles all over her face and chest. And, her tits stuck out almost as much as her mommy's--but they weren't quite as full. They were more like over-sized, gravity-defying pears than basketballs.

Fascinated, I watched her tittles bounce as she walked over to her bed. She laid down on her back and started fondling herself. I felt so naughty watching her like I was, but I couldn't help playing with myself just like she was. When she moved her left hand down to finger her pussy, I did the same wishing that we could be together to help each other out.

She was getting into it so much I could hear the "squish, squish, squish," sound coming from between her legs. Hell, I could even smell it, her cunt was so hot and wet. And that made me all the hotter and wetter too.

After a bit, pappa "bare" came into the room. He had red hair like his daughter. He was trim and fairly well-built--and he had an enormous hard-on. He paused just inside the doorway for a moment, and as I stared at his beautiful cock my pussy ached with hunger. I mean his hard-on was totally tubular like wow! He had as many lipstick marks on his dick as he did his face, so it was obvious what he and momma bare had been up to. No wonder he had such a hard-on.

As he walked towards his daughter his throbbing cock bounced maddeningly with each step. And, with each bounce of his hard tool, my pussy pulsed and shot new waves of hot girl goo into my panties and gym shorts.

He paused at her bedside smiling down at his daughter who smiled up at him--her hand still buried between her thighs. He reached down to pull a sheet up over her legs and tummy and leaned in to give her a good night kiss--on the lips.

As they kissed "baby bare" pulled her hand out of her crotch and caressed her dad's face. When her hot pussy-drenched hand touched his face and the tangy order of steamy cunt invaded his nostrils his throbbing cock jumped and spasmed, which made my pussy spasm too. Oh my God!

His cock continued to quiver as he kissed his daughter's cunt-stained hand, then he pulled away saying, "night, night, baby. Sweet dreams." Then he went to the other side of the room and climbed into bed. But, oooohmyyGod, as he walked from his daughter's bed to his own, he passed directly by the window and I got to see his awesome hard-on up close and personal. With each step it bobbed up and down right in front of my face. Oh my Gawd! How tubular. I wanted to suck it so bad. I wanted to feel it between my legs. I ached to have it pumping in and out of my hungry pussy.

Then momma bare entered the room. Her blonde bush glistened with woman sex. And, her gash was absolutely dribbling--obviously from what she and pappa bare had been doing. And her tits! Oh my Gawd, her tits! They were poking straight out at me like a couple of cannons. Her nipples were twice as big as before looking like a couple of angry bullets sticking straight out of those cannon shell mounds of hers. Totally sexy, like totally.

Momma bare clicked off the bedroom light, but she had left a hall light on allowing me to still see everything pretty well once my eyes got used to it. As she walked towards her daughter's bed those huge globes jiggled and bobbled like buckets of jello. The soft light from the hallway seemed to dance erotically off those bouncing buckets of flesh, and her rolling, heart-shaped hips. Those magnificent battleship hips swayed side-to-side so seductively as she walked. And, her fat, puffy pussy lips twitched and squirmed with each step gurgling the hot cunt juice between them, and going "slosh, slosh, slosh" with each step.

She stood at her daughter's bedside smiling down at her. Daughter bare, who had resumed masturbating and fondling herself after her father had left her bedside looked up at her mommy with a sheepish grin on her face.

Oh my Gawd! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Daughter bare had just been caught masturbating and instead of getting a verbal tirade from her mom, like I would have gotten, her mom just bent down and kissed her on the forehead!

As she kissed her daughter's forehead, her huge tits hung down and her hard-on nipples touched against her daughter's right arm. Daughter bare removed her left hand from her crotch and dripping with hot girl goo she cupped one of her mom's magnificent globes and lifted it towards her face. Suddenly her tongue shot out and flicked at her mom's huge, erect nipple making it bounce and twitch. And, she giggled.

Mommy bare giggled with her. "You little monkey," she said. Then she grabbed her daughter's face in both her hands and kissed her directly on the lips, her huge nipples now poking strongly against her daughter's upper arm.

Daughter bare now began fondling her mommy's tits with her cunt-stained hand while they kissed. And, this was much more than a good night kiss. Their mouths were plastered against each other and their cheeks bulged out from them tonguing each other.

Watching this made me feel so fucking weird. I tingled all over like ants were crawling all over inside my skin. I mean the idea of me kissing either of my parents like that was icky gross, man. But, for some strange reason watching them do it just fucking turned me on like I've never been turned on before in my life.

All too soon momma bare pulled away from her daughter's kiss, and pulled the blanket up over her. "Okay, dear, it's time to go to sleep now, we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

Momma bare then walked over to her bed on the other side of pappa bare. As she walked passed the open window the tangy scent of her sexual heat danced on my nostrils, then penetrating it soaked my whole being with sex and went straight to my own cunt escalating my own scalding horniness.

Momma bare didn't stay on her side of the double bed for very long. Soon, she had plastered her sexy body against pappa bare and they were fondling and making out with each other like a couple of teenagers naked together for the first time. Then momma bare pushed pappa bare back down on his back and climbed on top of him to insert his tool into her fiery furnace.

"Ngggggggggg," she moaned as her sloppy wet cunt swallowed up his huge throbbing hard-on to the hilt. Moaning and purring like a tigress she began fucking her husband while sitting up straight and looking down into his eyes.

I couldn't believe that they were actually fucking so openly while their daughter was right there in the room with them! Certainly they knew that daughter bare had not had enough time to fall asleep yet before they had started in. The fact that that didn't seem to bother anyone I thought was very sexy, and helped turn me on even more.

Momma bare was so hot and horny that as she fucked her husband her sloshy wet cunt went "squish, squish, squish" with each pump of her great hips. How could daughter bare not hear those sexy sounds? How could daughter bare not hear their moans of pleasure?

Sure enough, as I glanced back to daughter bare's bed I could see her hand jerking up and down underneath the covers. Suddenly she threw off her covers and jumped out of bed. As she walked past the window I got a close up view of her red-haired pussy with the glistening wet lips, and her pert tits bouncing with her now very erect nipples sticking out in front.

She stood at her parent's bedside, oh so close to her mommy's thrusting hips.

Momma bare stopped fucking pappa bare, and sitting on his crotch with his tool still embedded inside of her she looked quizzically at her daughter. "I thought you were supposed to be getting some sleep, young lady?"

"I'm sorry mommy, but I'm just too fucking horny to sleep, and watching you guys get it on has me too fucking wired to even think about sleep. Mommy, please, I'm so horny it hurts all over."

"Ah, sweety," momma bare said reaching her arms out to grasp her daughter and help her climb on to the bed with them, "come here and let's see if we can't kiss it and make it better.

With my heart throbbing in my throat and my cunt gushing girl goo all over my shorts and leaking out onto the limb of the tree, I watched as daughter bare sat on her father's stomach facing her mom. Mother and daughter then started making out furiously with tongues flashing and flicking, lips smacking and sucking tongue and their hands busy fondling each others tits.

Momma bare resumed her fucking of pappa bare's cock, gyrating her hips almost viciously on his crotch as she fondled and made out with her daughter.

Daughter bare too began gyrating her own hips, fucking her horny little cunt on her father's stomach.

I suddenly realized that I was trying to fuck myself on the tree branch just like daughter bare was fucking her twat on her father's stomach. There was a little knob that stuck up from the center of the branch I was sitting on, and I was able to position myself so I could rub my clit on it. At the same time I fondled my tits with one hand while trying to hold on to the branch with the other so as to keep from falling.

"Come here sweetie, sit on daddy's face so daddy can kiss you and make you all better," poppa bare said to daughter bare as he grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards towards his face.

As daughter bare scooted back to sit on her father's face, she bent forward and buried her own face into her mother's huge tits.

Daughter bare positioned herself with her cunt directly over her dad's face, then as his tongue shot up to lick her dripping slit, she lowered herself to sit directly on him, her thighs clamped tight against the sides of his face. As she sucked her mommy's huge nipples she began pumping her hips, fucking her cunt into her daddy's loving mouth.

As daughter bare sucked off her mommy's tits, her hungry mouth made these horny sucking sounds which made my own tits ache to be sucked like that. As she sucked and fondled, her mom's nipples seemed to double in size, growing as large as a pair of cocks.

The "lick," "lick," "lick," sounds of her daddy's skillful tongue slurping at her pussy made my own throb all the more to be licked like that.

And, above this symphony of sex sounds was the "slosh," "slosh," "slosh," of momma bare's steaming caldron gobbling up poppa bare's hot tool.

The smell of hot pussy, mother and daughter mixed together, was so strong that even through that distance it enveloped, mixed with my own, and made me ever more drunk with sex.

"Ngghghgghgggggg!" Momma bare groaned as she neared orgasm. Her body quivered and shook all over. Her hips gyrated furiously as she fucked the living hell out of poppa bare's crotch. She fucked so hard that her huge tits bounced and rippled all over the place even as her daughter was holding on to them and sucking on them.

"Gonna cum now," poppa bare mouthed into his daughter's cunt. Then he exploded his wad into momma bare's already overflowing swamp.

I watched fascinated as the buckets of white goo gushed out of momma bare's cunt back on to poppa bare's crotch and stomach. And, the sticky, sweet aroma of man cum now mixed with the tangy, tart aroma of mother-daughter cunt juice really drove me over the edge of horniness.

"Let's get up for moment, sweety, and give your daddy a rest," momma bare said to her daughter as she pulled her husband's spent cock out of her steaming gash. She stood at the side of the bed and helped her daughter off of poppa bear.

Momma bare and daughter bare then both stood beside the bed, face to face and tit to tit. Well, almost anyway. Momma bare had to bend over just a tad in order to touch her nipples to her daughter's. Of course, this only made her big, basketball-shaped butt cheeks stick even more sexily. As mother and daughter smiled at each other and gently rubbed their nipples against each other's, daughter bare reached her hands around to play with her mommy's ample ass.

"Ummm, sweety, I like that," momma bare purred as she teasingly flicked her tongue out towards her daughter's face.

And, what a tongue it was! It was the longest tongue I've ever seen in my life. It must have stuck a good 5 or 6 inches out from her mouth, then it flicked and bounced around like a serpent looking for something to strike.

Daughter bare then flicked her own considerable tongue out, and the two tongues danced and teased each other while they rubbed their tits together.

As they were playing like this, momma bare reached a hand down between her daughter's legs and began to play with her pussy. Daughter bare responded in kind.

As poppa bare watched mother and daughter play with each other like that, he started to get hard again. He sat up on the edge of the bed to get a closer view. Then, with his cock fully erect he stood up and stepped up behind daughter bare. He began slapping his hard-on against his daughter's ass cheeks while she made out with her mom.

Giggling she turned around to give her dad a kiss while grabbing his cock and balls. Keeping her hand around his throbbing cock she sat down on the edge of the bed pulling his cock meat towards her. With one hand on his ass and one hand on his balls, she flicked her tongue out at his hard on to make it bounce up and down in front of her face. She giggled, then began licking up and down the bottom of the shaft.

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