tagIncest/TabooGoldilocks & the Three Bares Ch. 02

Goldilocks & the Three Bares Ch. 02


(Readers are advised to read chapter one first to learn how 18-year old Goldilocks got herself into this predicament).


The next morning at breakfast mom told me that her and dad planned to visit friends at their cabin in the mountains for the weekend. When they asked me to go along with them, I, of course made excuses like I had lots of homework and stuff to do. At the same time, knowing that my parents would be gone for the whole weekend would give me lots of opportunity to do some more peeping Jane. My face immediately got red and my pussy wet as I began to fantasize about the prospects of seeing another hot sex show that evening. Little did I know that I was about to get a lot more than just a free sex show.

As soon as my folks pulled away, I rushed upstairs to my room and pulled the shade up. What I saw dismayed me. The three bares were in their driveway wearing beach ware, and were loading up their car with beach gear. Just my luck, I thought. The one time my folks leave me alone for a weekend, the three bares have to take off as well.

However, after the three bares pulled away, I was seized by an uncontrollable desire to be in their home—perhaps in hopes that some of their sexiness would rub off on me. Both their front and back doors were locked so I crawled across on the tree limbs from my bedroom window. Their bedroom window was still open so all I had to do was slide the screen out of the way and climb in.

Upon stepping into their bedroom where all that nasty incestuous sex took place last night I got an instant rush. I decided then and there that I best do them honor by stripping out of my clothes. When in Rome do as the Romans do, my history teacher always said. Leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor by the window I felt even hornier now being naked in their bedroom. I laid down upon baby bare's bed and started playing with myself remembering how baby bare had played with herself when her mommy and daddy came in and caught her.

Then I moved over to the pappa bare's bed and masturbated some more thinking about how big his cock was and how it bounced and throbbed when he walked—and about how good it'd feel inside my cunt right about now.

Finally, I slid over to momma bare's bed and continued masturbating thinking about how big her tits were and how erect her nipples were, how long her tongue was and how I'd love to have it licking my slit, and about how all three of them had hot incest sex right here in this bed.

After all of this masturbation, I was hungry; so I went downstairs to the kitchen. I found three bowls of unfinished porridge sitting on their breakfast table, so I sat down and finished them off. Heck, I figured that if they were going to be gone all weekend, they wouldn't want to eat cold porridge when they got back anyway.

Upon finishing off the last bowl of porridge I noticed a door off to the side that our house didn't have. Curious, I opened it up and found a stair case leading down to God knows what. Overcome with curiosity, I went down the stairs into the basement-turned rec room. Except that this wasn't just any old rec room. Matresses were spread out along each of the side walls. A pair of ankle cuffs were bolted to the middle of the floor. Directly above the ankle cuffs a pair of wrist cuffs hung from the ceiling. A large flat screen covered most of the back wall. A DVD player sat in the corner. A couple of couches faced the cuffs and the screen on the far wall. I turned on the DVD player and was both shocked and delighted to see a porn film pop into view. I sat back on one of the couches to watch the porn and play with myself. I was so engrossed in the movie that I failed to hear when the three bares unexpectedly returned home early.


The three bares had no more than left the outskirts of town than they ran into a traffic jam on the free way. Cars were backed up for miles. They heard on the news that a semi had overturned and spilled a strange chemical on the freeway up ahead, so they decided to can the trip to the beach. They crossed the grassy median and returned home.

Upon entering their home the three bares immediately rushed upstairs to divest themselves of their clothing. That's when pappa Bare first noticed the blonde pubic hairs and fresh girl goo staining his sheets.

"Someone's been masturbating in my bed," growled pappa Bare.

"Someone's been masturbating in my bed, too," chimed in momma Bare as she too noticed the blonde pubic hairs and fresh girl goo staining her sheets.

"And someone's been masturbating in my bed," cried baby Bare as she ran her hand over the still very warm wetness on her sheets.

Noticing the pile of clothes by the window, momma Bare picked up the wet panties and held them up for all to see. "Look! The culprit must still be in the house. Let's find her."

The three Bares then rushed down stairs to check out their kitchen and dinning area.

"Someone's been eating my porridge," growled pappa Bare as he held up his empty bowl.

"Someone's been eating my porridge too," said momma Bare, running her long tongue along the inside of the empty bowl.

"And, someone's been eating my porridge too," cried baby Bare turning her bowl upside down and pretending to dump its non-existent contents as if to emphasize that it was empty.

It was then that the three Bares heard the sounds coming from the basement. They looked at each other, then pappa Bare nodded towards the staircase and they all rushed downstairs.

"Well, well, well," Momma Bare said when they caught Goldilocks sitting on their couch all naked and playing with herself while watching one of their porn movies, "if it isn't the little neighbor girl."

"Ooooops!" Goldilocks gasped when she finally noticed that the three Bares had returned home and had caught her red-handed—or red-fingered and red-cunted might be more accurate.

"What should we do with her mommy?" Baby Bare asked as poppa Bare stepped in front of Goldilocks to turn off the DVD.

"I-I-I-I'm sorry," Goldilocks stuttered as she vainly tried to hide her nakedness from them. "I didn't mean any harm. Please don't tell my parents. I'll do anything."

Momma Bare approached the cowering, trembling Goldilocks looking her up and down with an evil smirk on her face. She walked a complete circle around the young blonde girl as if inspecting every square inch of her flesh. Then she nodded at Poppa Bare and turned to baby bare. "Let's cuff her sweetie."

Momma Bare and Poppa Bare suddenly grabbed poor little Goldilocks as Baby Bare fastened the ankle cuffs to her ankle. Poppa Bare then raised her hands overhead to fasten the handcuffs to her wrists.

Goldilocks was scared silly at first about what might happen to her, but the feel of their naked bodies against hers as they grabbed her and cuffed her re-ignited the horniness she felt from watching their porn flicks.

Momma Bare then stood directly in front of Goldilocks, her huge nipples pointing menacingly at her. She stepped up close until her hard-on nipples almost touched those of Goldilocks. Goldilocks's nipples just ached to be touched and the closeness of momma Bare's huge erections to hers made electricity jump the nanometer from the older woman's nips to hers, then flooded her body with electric lust.

Momma Bare licked her lips, then said. "Such a naughty, naughty girl you've been Goldilocks. Me thinks you deserve a spanking."

Poppa Bare and Baby Bare then stood behind Goldilocks and took turns swatting her butt cheeks, and with each smack of her ass, Goldilock's body was pushed forward just enough to make her throbbing nipples rub against momma Bare's.

"Ummmmmmm, yessss!" Momma Bare said licking her lips, "spank her good."

Goldilocks got so hot her cunt juice began to dribble down her legs, but she couldn't do anything to bring herself off as the Bare's continued to torment her.

Then, just as Goldilocks thought she was going to cum anyway, momma Bare stepped back away from her and poppa Bare and Baby Bare joined her. The three Bares put their arms around each other and stared at Goldilocks, taking in her erect nipples, her inflamed labia, her erect clit, and her dribbling slit.

Momma Bare then kissed her daughter letting her long tongue slither across her daughter's sensitive lips while looking Goldilocks in the eye. "Sweetie," she addressed her daughter, "what'd mommy tell you about playing with your food before eating?"

Giggling baby Bare approached the chained blonde girl and rubbed their nipples together, then she licked and sucked on Goldilock's nipples while fondling Goldilock's ass. Baby Bare licked her way down the blonde girl's body until she was squatting down in front of her. Still fondling her ass she gave her slit a few good licks, teased her clit, then as Goldilocks quivered in pleasure and dribbled more hot cunt juice out her puffy lips, baby Bare giggled and back away.

Baby Bare and momma Bare then knelt down before poppa Bare and began licking his hard cock, flicking their tongues all over it, making it bounce and bob in the air—while alternately looking at Goldilocks and teasing her with their eyes, and pursing their lips at her.

When momma Bare and baby Bare had sucked poppa Bare's cock to even more enormous proportions they then moved around behind Goldilocks as poppa Bare stepped up close to her, his bouncing throbbing cock driving her crazy only inches away from her hungry, slobbering pussy.

Momma Bare and baby Bare then began to spank the blonde girl's ass again, and with each swat, Goldilock's body swung forward just enough so that the very tip of her aching hard-on clit touched the little cum hole of poppa Bare's throbbing cock.

"Smack! Smack! Smack!" went momma Bare and baby Bare on Goldilock's ass.

"Nghghghggh," moaned Goldilocks each time her clit touched poppa Bare's cock and hot pre-cum from the little cum hole scalded her pleasure button.

Just when Goldilocks thought she was once again near coming, the three Bare's traded places. Poppa Bare stood behind Goldilocks and whipped his hard-on against her ass cheeks. "Smack! Smack! Smack!" While momma Bare and baby Bare licked her, sucked her, teased her, fondled her, tits and cunt, from the front.

Goldilocks felt her lusts flying higher and higher, her brain cells frying hotter and hotter, and her pussy dribbling wetter and wetter. She felt like nanocritters of electric pleasure were crawling all over the inside of her skin. Her body trembled and shook all over. "Ummmmmmmngngngngod!" She moaned, feeling herself once again trying to slip over the edge into orgasm just from the torment they were dishing out to her.

That's when they suddenly stopped, leaving her whimpering and quivering and begging for more.

"Will you be a good girl now?" Momma Bare asked standing up close to Goldilocks and holding her face tightly in both hands.

"Y-y-y-y-yes! Anything you say, anything!"

"Let me hear you call me mommy, then, just like my own daughter does."

"Yes-s-s, mommy!"

"That's better, now. You'll do everything mommy says?"

"Y-y-yes mommy! Anything!"

"Very well." Momma Bare said mashing her face to the young blonde girl's. When her long, hot tongue slithered between Goldilock's sensitive lips, the young girl thought she'd die from the pleasure. She trembled all over as that sexy woman's tongue skittered and danced all over the inside of her mouth.

Than, all too soon momma Bare pulled back away, and licking her lips with that gorgeous tongue she nodded to poppa Bare and baby Bare who then undid Goldilock's shackles.

Goldilocks rubbed her wrists upon being released.

"Now, get down on your knees in front of poppa Bare and ask him if he'll let you suck his cock—and you'd better call him daddy!"

"Yes mommy!" Goldilocks got down on all fours, her face only inches away from poppa Bare's still throbbing toy. "Daddy, can I suck your cock?"

"Why, yes, sweetie, please, go right ahead," Poppa Bare said, placing his hands on her blonde head to guide her towards his tool.

Baby Bare then got on her back and scooted up between Goldilocks's legs so her head was directly under Goldilock's crotch.

Momma Bare also got on her knees, and straddling her daughter's prone body she pressed up against Goldilocks, rubbed her own very hot, slobbering cunt all over the blonde girl's ass while embracing her and playing with her tits. "That's it now sweetie," momma Bare said. "Lick daddy's cock first. Tease it with your tongue. That's a good girl, now kiss the tip of it while my daughter licks your hot cunt out."

Goldilocks eagerly sucked the steel-hard, hot cock into her mouth. The throbbing vitality of it sent more electric shocks of pleasure throughout her body, goose bumps crawled up and down her skin, and her pussy quivered and dribbled more hot juice into baby Bare's sucking, licking mouth. Goldilocks took the cock all the way into her mouth until her lips touched poppa Bare's pubic hairs, then she clamped her lips down tight and sucked as hard as she could while slowly drawing her head back. Pulling her head back while sucking so hard created a vacuum inside her mouth causing her cheeks to cave in and making it feel like her brains were being sucked on.

Momma Bare's steaming cunt fucking her ass and momma Bare's huge tits and hard-on nipples stabbing her in the back and racking up and down, and momma Bare's long hot tongue licking her face and neck while fondling her tits all added to Goldilock's kinky pleasures.

Goldilocks quivered and shook all over as her body spasmed into orgasm. As she was dribbling her last gush of girl goo into baby Bare's slurping mouth, pappa Bare shot his wad filling Goldilock's mouth with hot, sticky cum.

Baby Bare then crawled out from under Goldilock's cunt to join her mom in licking poppa Bare's cum from Goldilock's mouth.

Goldilocks found herself getting all hot and horny again from the hot man cum in her mouth and the two sexy tongues of mother and daughter licking her orifice out.

"That was a good girl, Goldilocks," momma Bare said. "You really sucked off poppa Bare good and sexy. Now you've gotta give momma Bare some head while I take care of my daughter."

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Yes what?" Momma Bare looked at her sternly.

"Yes, mommy, please let me lick your pussy."

"That's more like it," Momma Bare said as she laid down on her back. Momma Bare pulled her knees up and spread her legs. Goldilocks drooled at the hot, pink cunt palpitating before her eyes with the huge clit peeking out from its hood daring her to lick and suck it. As she scooted herself up between momma Bare's thighs she watched fascinated as baby Bare squatted down over her mom's face and that huge, sexy long tongue shot upwards from betwixt those womanly red lips to lick at the sweet nectar dribbling from her daughter's pussy.

Goldilocks found herself getting so turned on from licking momma Bare's pussy while watching momma Bare eat out her own daughter that she impulsively fucked her cunt in the air, her hips taking on a life of their own making her pump her crotch back and forth.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmommmmmyeeeee!" Baby Bare moaned as she too began fucking her cunt against her mom's licking face.

Soon momma Bare and baby Bare were both thrashing and humping like crazy as they went into orgasm; and Goldilocks thrashed and humped right with them as she licked and sucked--though she had nothing to cum against. At the last moment, just when she sensed that momma Bare was near the end, she clamped her lips around her huge clit-on and sucked it off just as she had sucked off poppa Bare's cock.

And then momma Bare and baby Bare both popped off at the same time.

In the mean time, poppa Bare, who had sat on the couch to rest his cock while watching the women get it on, was all hot and bothered again. His tool, erect once again, bobbed and throbbed as strongly as it did the first time around.

Without a word, he came in behind Goldilocks, just as the blonde girl was licking up the last drops of woman cum from momma Bare's hot cunt. Poppa Bare's searing hot tool banged against the insides of Goldilock's thighs. Then he used it to poke her butt cheeks in, first one then the other making her shiver in delight.

Momma Bare then scooted underneath Goldilocks to help guide her husband's cock into the horny young girl's sloppy wet cunt.

Meanwhile, baby Bare got down on the floor in front of Goldilocks and spread her legs wide and scooted up until her throbbing wet cunt, framed by her red pubic hairs, was right under Goldilock's nose.

When poppa Bare's hot, throbbing toy penetrated her hungry pussy lips, Goldilocks let out a gasp of pleasure against baby Bare's slippery slick slit.

Then the hot, throbbing cock filled her all the way up and she suddenly felt herself lifted up as if on a cloud floating through the heavens. Then he pulled it back out part of the way and her hungry cunt begged for more, practically sucking him back in.

She no longer knew who she was or where she was. She was a sex angel licking and sucking baby Bare's pussy while that heavenly rod of poppa Bare fucked her cunt in and out. And momma Bare licked away at her clit making her shiver and shake all over.

"Ngngngngodfuck!" Baby Bare moaned as she fucked her cunt into Goldilock's face and played with her own nipples at the same time.

Goldilocks, still floating through the clouds having no more control of her body than an insect, joined baby Bare in orgasm as she thrashed and shivered all over. As the night rocked on, Goldilocks and the three Bares continued to fuck and suck each other in every possible combination until all were fully satiated.

After Goldilocks retrieved her clothes and was preparing to leave, momma Bare put her arm around her and gave her a soft kiss on the side of the face. "Thanks for the wonderful evening sweetie," she said. "You are welcome to come over and join us anytime you want to have a little fun."

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