tagSci-Fi & FantasyGoldilocks Goes Home

Goldilocks Goes Home


Goldie Madison let herself into her house and sighed as she threw her coat on the coat tree beside the door. The first day of school was always stressful, especially for the teacher. For Goldie it was even more stressful as first grade teacher in the village where she had lived all her life. It never failed, the kids all wanted to hear "the story". Goldie shook her head as she thought about what a crazy phenomenon a simple mixed up six year old had created. "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" was her story and it would follow her all her life. She sighed again as she thought back on the past.

Goldie had wandered away from home one summer day and gotten lost in the woods near her home. Dazed and disoriented when she came across a house far into the woods, she read the name on the mailbox and decided that the Bears lived there. When she was finally found later she told the wild story that became her fairy tale.

Later she found out that the "bears" were actually John and Sharon Baer and their son Thomas. They had feed her and let her rest before they woke her to take her to her parents but she had been so young and frightened that she had run from them. Later they called her parents and explained. But the story had stuck by then. And her 20 years later it still made the children wide eyed with wonder.

The Baers had actually become good friends with the Madisons and Goldie and Thomas had become great friends, playing and exploring together for three years until the Baers decided to move away. John had found a job with a company in Seattle and they left. Goldie cried for hours after she watched them drive away. The Baers never sold the house but they also never came back. She and Thomas had talked on the phone a couple of times after that but as children do they just lost touch.

A car door brought Goldie back to the present. She rose and went to the door. It was Mary Jones, the local realtor, and Goldie's best friend.

"Hey, how was Day One?" Mary laughed.

"Not bad, except for the one kid who threw up. Always one the first day, even after a year of Kindergarten, they are still scared." Goldie held the door open and Mary came inside.

"Soooo, I have some news that I thought you might want to hear." Mary said cryptically.

"Oh Lord Mary, you are such a gossip," Goldie rolled her eyes, "which is why I love you."

Mary laughed and smiled, "Exactly, anyway, do you want to know or not?"

"Go ahead".

"The BEARS are back!" Mary fairly shouted, "Or at least some of them are. I got an email from Tom, saying he was opening up the house this weekend."

Goldie digested the information and then sank down in her favorite chair. She wasn't sure how to take this information. She often thought about what she would do if she ever saw Tom again. They had been best friends for a long time but time had faded that friendship. Still she would like to see him, see how he was, if he had a family, children.

"That's awesome. I hope I run into him while he's here."

"Wellll, I gave him your number, so maybe he will call you. He's single you know, and I hear he's grown up nicely." Mary grinned, always the matchmaker. "I would take him on myself except well, Harry might not like that and I'm all preggo too." She rubbed her very large baby bump. Ever since she had married her high school sweetheart Mary had been trying to find love for Goldie.

"Mary, it's been 16 years since I saw him, and I don't have time for a man, you know that."

"Whatever," Mary rolled her eyes, "you need to live beyond the classroom, and the pickings are slim here."

"You certainly have the truth of it there." Goldie laughed.

"It's a shame you know that you are so beautiful and stuck here in this backwoods town."

Goldie smiled at her friend. She thought about the image she saw in the mirror every morning. Slightly rounded curves from a on the go diet and a love for cheesecake was not exactly the top of fashion but she loved her curves. And her crowning glory, her sun gold hair that hung to her waist. All in all she was happy with herself.

"Well I have a house to show, I just wanted to stop by and tell you before Mrs. Hall did." Mary smiled, referring to the ancient neighbor that had a penchant for meddling.

"Have fun." Goldie walked Mary out and then she sank back into her chair. She sat there a long time before she nodded off, thinking about the Baers and her great friend Tom.

Goldie awoke in a sweat. Whatever she had been dreaming about had been very erotic and her heart was still beating wildly. "Mary and her matchmaking, sheesh." She shook her head and rose from the chair and headed to her bed. Truth was Goldie was sometimes lonely and sometimes she fantasized about a man who would rock her world. But she was a realist too, and she knew that those men were few and far between.

Friday finally arrived and the last bell rang. Goldie had not thought about that dream again because she had been very busy with work. She stopped at the local fresh market after work, deciding she wanted fresh vegetables for dinner.

As she was picking over the tomatoes and cucumbers, she heard someone call, "Goldie?"

She turned and saw a man smiling at her. He was tall and dark haired with a goatee. He had broad shoulders and the darkest eyes she had ever seen. As she looked into those eyes, she recognized something familiar. "Tom??"

He smiled and grabbed her in a hug so quickly she lost her breath. He smelled like something bold and masculine and she was shocked by the sudden quickening of her pulse. Then she looked up at him, and his eyes flashed. He released her quickly, and cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry, that was a little awkward." He laughed nervously. "I just couldn't resist. I am not sure what I was thinking."

"It's ok," she demurred, feeling a little disappointed that he regretted the hug. "How are you?"

"Good, glad to be back here. I have missed this place. I know it probably sounds crazy, but this place feels more like home than the city ever did."

"Not crazy at all, this place pulls you in and you can't escape."

He laughed and then he took a deep breath, "Hey have you got a little while, I would love to sit and get a cup of coffee."

"Yes, I would like that."

Goldie paid for her vegetables and then they made their way to the diner across the street from the marker. They sat at a corner table and talked for what seemed like forever.

Then Goldie looked at the clock and shook her head. "It's late. I should get home, and get dinner. It has been so good talking to you again."

"Goldie, don't leave yet." Tom grabbed her hand and a shiver went up her arm and plunged right into her stomach. "Better yet, come to the cottage and have dinner with me." His eyes were warm and inviting and she felt herself wanting to dive into them.

"I don't know, I haven't been there in years," she said.


Goldie found herself agreeing and they moved to leave.

Tom followed her to her house and they left her car there. She thought about the fact that she never got into a man's car on the first date. But this was Tom, surely he wasn't dangerous. Her subconscious whispered, 'maybe not in the conventional way, but he's dangerous alright.'

Tom ushered her inside the cottage with a smile. When he touched her back to guide her in, she felt the warmth of his skin all the way through to her insides.

The cottage was beautiful inside. Tom had built a fire and she sank into a long couch while he got her a glass of wine.

"I thought I would feed you here in front of the fire if you don't care."

"I think that would be nice."

They ate a dinner of cold chicken and her vegetables, but Goldie enjoyed it as if it were the finest gourmet meal. They talked about their lives since they had parted. Tom was an investment consultant who worked from wherever he was. She told him about her students and the magic of her "fairy tale".

When they finished eating, Tom cleared the dishes and settled down beside her on the couch. Where their legs met she felt as if she were on fire.

He folded his arm across her shoulders and pulled her close to him slowly. When she didn't resist he smiled and ran his fingers across her cheek.

"You are so beautiful Goldie. When I saw you in the market, it was like I was struck by lightning. All I wanted to do was kiss you senseless."

He tucked his hand at the nape of her neck and pulled her into him. Slowly he began to nibble at her lip, sending pulses of fire through her. His tongue darted into her mouth and plunged into her. She melted into his kiss.

Suddenly he pulled away, and she felt like she had lost part of herself.

"Goldie, I want you so bad I am aching, but I know this is sudden. If you want me to stop, tell me now."

"Tom, if you stop now, I might lose my mind."

Groaning he pulled her against him again. He pulled her into his lap and ran his hand under her shirt and up to her bra. Briefly she thought to herself 'Glad I wore my favorite red lace lingerie today.' His thumb tucked under her bra and found her nipple. Roughly he rolled it and it swelled tightly. She moaned with pleasure and felt her pussy go wet and start to throb.

He reacted to her moan with one of his own. He pulled away long enough to pull her top over her head. He reached behind her and undid her bra. When her breast sprang free, his eyes gleamed with pleasure. He cupped one breast and lowered his mouth to the other. He suckled and bit lightly until she was senseless, then he stopped and smiled at her with a question in his eyes. She nodded.

He stood and held out his hand and she took it. When she was standing he led her up the stairs to the master bedroom. The king size bed beckoned but before he laid her down he finished undressing her, sliding her skirt down and following the skirt with a trail of kisses. When she was naked, he laid her on the bed and towered over her.

He quickly took off his own clothes and soon he stood in front of her, his cock standing proud and hard. The sight made her mouth go dry and her clit start to throb.

He leaned over her on the bed and began to lick her, starting with her neck. He stopped to suck on first her earlobes, then, made his way down to her breasts, sucking each one until she was senseless.

Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore she felt his hands on her pussy and him slip one finger then two inside. He thrust inside her until she felt like she would fall over a cliff. He stopped and waited until she had calmed down, then he moved down between her legs with his head.

When she felt his tongue inside her she almost shot off the bed. He ran his tongue across her clit and into her pussy. He spent several minutes bringing her to the edge then suddenly she was coming hard and fast. He smiled as he lapped up her juices.

After her heartbeat came back to normal, she looked at him and smiled. She rolled him over on his back and began her own assault on him. She first followed the same trail on him that he had on her, nibbling at his earlobes, then scrapping her teeth gently across his nipples. She ran her fingers through the hair on his chest and started to move lower.

When she found his throbbing cock with her mouth she started slowly, nibbling around the tip, running her tongue down the length, while her hands massaged his balls softly. He groaned and she knew she had him as senseless as he held her minutes before. Then she took him in her mouth, to the back of her throat where she could feel the warm liquid starting to ooze from the tip. It tasted like ambrosia.

Before she could continue, he took her arms and moved her up his body.

"I want to come inside you this time. Next time you can finish what you started."

He rolled her over and parted her legs. Slowly he slid into her. He filled her tightly and sighed with pleasure as she tightened around him. He started to thrust building a rhythm that she met stroke for stroke. Goldie wrapped her legs around him and as she whimpered, her sounds spurred him on.

Suddenly Goldie, felt herself start to come again, violently and forever it seemed. As he saw her and felt her spasms he started to come too, shooting hot come inside her and down her legs. Oh how she loved that feeling. He collapsed onto her and she tightened around him, wanting to drain every drop from him and into her.

After she returned to earth, Goldie looked up to find Tom watching her, smiling. Shyly she smiled back.

"So what now?" she asked, wondering if he felt the connection she did.

"I hope you will stay here in it for a while yet. I plan on moving back here permanently and want to continue to explore this and see where it goes. And right now I want to make you come like that at LEAST one more time," he smiled lecherously at her.

As she reached up to tangle her hands in his hair, Goldie sighed and thought; "Now this bed truly is JUST RIGHT."

The End...for now

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