tagErotic CouplingsGolf Club Wives Ch. 03

Golf Club Wives Ch. 03

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Mark woke with a start. Someone was in his room. He sat up and stared at the slim dark skinned girl. My god, he thought as she passed between the light from the window and his bed, there is nothing but woman under that shift.

Memories of last night came flooding back. He rubbed his semi hard cock and smiled. Shelia Jones a bubbly blonde from the golf club had entertained him behind the trees on the back lawn after asking if he would take this young Philippine woman as a live in maid.

Entertained was one way of describing how she had deep throated his cock while he played with her firm full tits. His cock lurched when he recalled how her husband had told him on the phone that she could take her time as he was going to bed. Shelia had taken more than her time leaving him still dazed at her urgency and enthusiasm.

He sat up and watched as the morning sun now streaming through his bedroom window highlighted the young maid's body. Her tiny shift left nothing to the imagination. Unaware of his scrutiny and the effect the light from the sun was having on her thin shift, she brought tea and toast on a tray to his bedside.

"Its Ayaha isn't it?" he asked. "Yes master Mark" she replied meekly dropping her eyes. Mark was embarrassed. Jumping out of bed, he looked down into her face and smiled. "You don't have to bring me breakfast in bed; I like to come down to breakfast."

"Yes master, I will do what ever you want," Ayaha stood staring at him with her big black eyes. Mark realized he was only in his boxers and quickly took her shoulder to turn her away towards the door.

As soon as his hand touched her body, he lost some of his anger. "You're very beautiful and I'm pleased to have you here in my home but you must stop this master talk immediately. I'm not your master and I don't want to be addressed like that."

She moved close her breasts touching his chest. "Don't you want me?" she whispered. Before he could reply she started to cry." Now I have baby nobody wants me," she wailed.

Unnerved by the feelings her tiny body was creating and upset by her tears he did the only thing he could think of and pulled her close. "Don't be silly," he whispered as her ran his hands up her back. "You're so beautiful any man couldn't say no to you." They stood silently for a minute as she slowly stopped crying. Then his cock lurched and stood up between them when he felt her lips touching his chest. He held his breath as her lips encircled his nipple and her teeth grazed it lightly.

Her lips sent tingles racing through his body. To his amazement, his cock after all the action it had experienced yesterday grew harder straining between their bodies. He was starting to tell her to go away but before he could his excitement branded him a liar. Then as he struggled to make up his mind Ayaha`s hands sought the top of his boxers and eased them down over his surging cock until they fell around his ankles.

Ayaha waited for Mark's reaction when she eased his boxers over his long hard cock. She had become depressed even thinking of taking her own life when she was deserted and left homeless with a tiny baby. Then last night Mrs. Jones had told her that she had found her a place as a maid with a local businessman who had just lost his wife in a tragic accident.

Mark had been very kind when she moved in but made it clear to Mrs. Jones that the arrangement was only temporary. During the night she had settled into the quarters he had provided and made up her mind to do anything short of prostitution to keep a roof over her babies head. The thought of seducing him to keep her job never crossed her mind but this morning she had spent some time studying his long hard body as he slept and realized how much she missed having a man in her life.

Now she had let her desires take over. She wanted him. If he rejected her or misread her motives that was bad luck. She just wanted that long hard cock and she knew she would have to take the lead if they were to make love. Mark was also thinking as her hands started to massage his balls. Do I want this woman to give her self to me just so she can keep her job? Do I want a live in lover when I have so many offers from the golf club ladies?

To both those questions he knew the answer should be no. All thoughts of doing the right think disappeared when his body let him down. Instead of stopping her as she dropped down and took his cock in her mouth he ran his hands through her hair and pulled her face onto his cock. "My god that's wonderful," he groaned. Ayaha raised her head to answer still holding his cock in her hands. She ran her tongue around its head. "Tell me what you like," she whispered. "I will do whatever you ask."

Mark knew what he would like. He lifted her tiny body up and laid her on his bed. "I want to fuck you," he growled as he stripped her tiny shift away. Giving her no time to reply he eased her legs apart and bent her legs pushing them back so her pussy lay exposed to his gaze. Then he decided to taste her glistening slit before they fucked. She groaned as he dropped his head down until his tongue could just touch her enlarged clit.

Mark felt her body buck as his tongue and finger parted her pussy lips. "My god you're a hot little thing," he groaned as he grabbed her hips pulling her close until his nose ran up to the top of her pussy. He groaned, "I love the scent of your lovely pussy."

He was surprised when her hands pulled his head up." I want your cock in me," she cried. "I'm wet; we can kiss later, do me now." Mark smiled, nodding his head, he pushed hard and deep until his hard cock filled her pussy. She used her muscles to grip and hold him there forcing a gasp from his lips as he felt her body close around his cock.

"Don't move," he cried when her body started to buck up from the bed. She stopped quickly but it was too late. Her movements had started an eruption that he could not stop as his cock pulsed and spewed spurt after spurt. Mark was disappointed that he had come so quickly. He tried to stay hard. As his cock kept pulsing. He prayed that it would stay hard but to no avail. His cock emptied its load and started to shrink.

"I'm sorry love," he cried as his weakening cock slipped from her pussy. He was surprised when Ayaha did not seem at all concerned at his early ejaculation. He had quickly grown used to the demands of the golf club ladies and the high-powered sex from Sally. They would have been extremely disappointed at his poor performance and would have told him. Ayaha was the first woman he had experienced that seemed more interested in him than her own pleasure. She was intent on pleasuring him; intent on seeing that he was sexually satisfied.

His heart beat slowed and his worries subsided when she cooed little words of love and continued to kiss and lick him all over. Meanwhile her fingers gently massaged his soft cock whispering quietly so he had to strain to hear her tell his cock how big and beautiful it was when soft. Her gentle loving had him on tenterhooks forcing him to hold his breath as he waited for her next move. Slowly ever so slowly her mouth moved down to nibble and suck on his balls.

Instead of feeling guilty that he had come so quickly she made him feel elated as she whispered and stroked him telling him he was fabulous. "You make so much come it flooded and filled my pussy," she whispered. "You have a wonderful body so hard and firm. Your cock so big and long." She kissed him on the mouth her tongue caressing his working magic. She held his head looking into his eyes and sighed. "Just laying here in your arms is a dream come true for me."

She did not speak again, her eyes closing as she caught her breath. When he asked if she was OK she replied. "I will always be OK in your bed. If you are happy to have me I am happy." Gradually he relaxed. He no longer felt guilty or embarrassed. His cock responded to her ministrations. It grew hard in her hand. "Kiss my breasts, finger me," she whispered.

He sucked on her breasts. She made kissing her breasts seem different. She used one hand to guide his head from breast to breast talking to him telling him how his tongue running lightly over her nipples was bringing her close to orgasm, "Now!" she whispered, "now! Its time, we must do it now." Slowly gently, she took control of his body until he felt as though he was in a dream. They rolled over together until he was in her and she was on top.

Then suddenly she grunted and mewed, her body told him she was ready to come. That knowledge caused his body to tingle and shudder as his cock once more erupted and they both melted into a convulsion of love. Mark was amazed. He could not believe the amount of come her pussy milked from his cock. He seemed to spurt and flow forever responding to her body her hands and her kisses.

They lay together on the bed as their heart beats slowed and they regained their breath. In the quiet, they both spoke at once, "that was fantastic, you were mind blowing, thank you," their words jumbled together until they lay back laughing.

The noisy ring of the bedside phone interrupted their gentle slow appreciation of each other's body.

"Answer it," she whispered, as she left the bed gathered her dress and ran off to the kitchen.

"Where are you," a quiet voice asked.

"Having breakfast in bed," Mark answered as he tried to work out who it was.

"You don't remember me do you?" She asked.

"Its Madeline, the early morning golfer." he whispered,

"That's nice," she laughed. "I didn't think you would remember me."

"I never forget a pretty face," he replied.

Madeline burst out laughing, "I hope your golf swing is as smooth as your line. I rang to ask you to join me on the back nine. I am on my way. Think it over, I will wait exactly thirty minutes then play on. Are you coming?"

"I'll be there," he groaned as he jumped in the shower.

Mark found their morning both challenging and rewarding. Madeline was one of the clubs top lady golfers. She was tall and very fit. Her shorts displayed long legs that were brown and tanned; she did not carry an ounce of extra fat. From the tenth tee she set a fast pace, making Mark keep up as they played the back nine holes.

Walking behind her, he noticed that her thighs were big and hard making her look a little small on top even though her breasts looked substantial.

She wore no makeup, her hair tied back. He smiled; she was good looking but obviously did not try to highlight her looks.

Back in the clubhouse, she asked for a cup of tea when Mark ordered a scotch. She looked him over. "I can see why you won the club championships years ago. You will not need much to hit the top again. Most of the golfers here are social players. They join more for business and pleasure than golf. I play nearly every morning. Join me if you like. Just give me a ring the night before."

He kissed her in the car park. After the lack of any sexual byplay during the round of Golf, he was delighted when her tongue entered his mouth. She kissed him thoroughly. Her hands moving down his back to pull him close.

"Hmmm, very nice," she whispered as she looked around to see if anyone was watching. "You will make a great playing partner."

After arranging to meet the next day, Mark headed into town to his office. He was delighted when Sally was all business. You would never have know from the way she met him and brought him the papers he needed that they had tried to fuck each other to death less than 24 hours earlier.

My god she is beautiful, he thought as he watched her work. Her outfit left nothing to the imagination. She wore a white top that hugged her large breasts. It left a bare patch of skin between the top and a close fitting light blue pair of slacks. No panty lines or bra straps interfered with the smooth horny view of a great body.

As he sat and watched Sally, he thought of the cardinal rule. Don't mix business with pleasure. He had already broken that cardinal rule with Sally his personal assistant. She had caught him when he was at his weakest point. Her blatant sexuality had made him so horny that he had not even stopped to consider his rules. Now he had added to his problem by sleeping with his new maid.

He leant back in his chair and smiled as he thought of Ayaha. She was different in many ways to the ladies from the golf club.

He swung his feet up on the desk and gave his cock a rub as he recalled their time together this morning. She had drained his cock twice in less than half an hour with her gentle kind lovemaking.

He dropped his hand from his cock when Sally walked past and leered at him. Sally had used his body for her enjoyment she had ridden him and ate him with an enthusiasm that had overwhelmed him. Sally was the ultimate sex machine. Even though Ayaha was not as beautiful or as exciting, she was in some ways far more satisfying more loving. His cock grew hard as he thought of her.

He looked up when the door clicked shut. "I hope you were thinking of me while you were rubbing that thing," Sally whispered as she stood in the doorway and shed her top. Mark gasped when her breasts sprung free. Her young hard blonde body was magnificent. Her breasts were perfect their natural beauty made them look much better than many of the plastic giants that graced the pages of girlie magazines. They were large and firm, no tan lines marred their perfect surface. Her nipples stood out like golf tees making his mouth water.

Sally stood with her hands on her hips. "All work and no play makes Mark a dull boy," she whispered sexily as she ran her tongue out over her lips. He watched in awe, his breath starting to tighten as her fingers found the zip on the side of her skintight light blue slacks. Running the zip down she raised her arms high above her head and shimmied, her body moving like a Middle Eastern belly dancer.

Mark stared as the light blue cloth slowly slid down over her hips at first giving tantalizing glimpses of her shaven pussy then allowing him a full view of those heavy pussy lips wedged between her long tanned thighs. He could hear his breathing growing ragged. His heart was beating faster and faster. This was the ultimate sex machine the ultimate tease, Sally was a walking horn maker.

"I have always wanted to do it on a desk," she whispered as she moved around now dressed only in her high heels. She pushed his chair back the rollers carrying him away from the desk. Then she stepped in and bent over the desk her legs apart. Slowly she laid the top of her body down squashing her breasts moving her legs so her pussy was on display. She looked back and whispered, "Fuck me on your desk big boy."

Mark did not take the time to undress. He just unzipped his fly before moving to stand behind her and ram his cock home. He heard the wind rush from her lungs as he pounded her hard. He kept pounding grunting as he tried to make her cry out. She did not complain, she was wheezing and groaning urging him on.

"Come on," she growled. "Fuck me. Make me cum. Ram that big cock home and fill me." He bent his knees, grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. Her body rode up higher on the desk as the desk started to move under his assault. "Fuck this stupid desk," she moaned trying to hold it steady. Mark took no notice he kept on battering her body his stomach bashing against her back as his knees felt weak and his balls started to tighten.

This wasn't making love. This was a challenge, a fight to see who came first and he was not about to give in. Sally was urging him on, trying to raise and push her body back to get more and more of his cock. He started to notice little things as his mind wondered. They were covered in sweat. Sweat dropped from his brow onto her back and ran down the groove of her back. His mind was playing tricks.

Then Sally started to scream. "Yes, oh yes, I'm coming. Fuck me you bastard. Don't stop, keep going, and fill me now." He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "Shut up," he cried. "People will hear you." Then all worries about people hearing were forgotten as he felt her body respond. His balls tightened and he heaved a sigh as he felt her shudder and come.

They slumped together on the desk breathing heavy gasping and groaning. Mark lay on her back his cock still leaking into her pussy. He slipped his hand down to touch her clit that stood out like a little prick. His finger grazed it lightly and she came again. This time she groaned. "No, no more," as his finger returned to touch her lightly. She tried to lift her body but could not under his weight "Oh hell," she groaned. "Let me up, that was awesome."

Mark made his way to the golf club before heading home. At the club, Shelia Jones collared him as he entered the bar. "How is Ayaha settling in," she asked when they were joined by Madam President. When she left, Shelia whispered. "That was lovely last night. I will call again tonight to see if Ayaha needs anything." She winked and licked her lips. "Make sure you stay home."

At home, Ayaha had an excellent meal ready. She hovered around keeping out of his way. He wondered what was up but didn't try anything leaving it to her to sort out her problems. Finally, he had to call her so he could tell how pleased he was with the meal and the work she had done cleaning up the house. "Thank you Master Mark," she whispered. "I am glad you are happy I am very happy here."

He watched her as she cleared the table and cleaned up. She was only about five foot four very petite with as he knew from experience a perfectly formed tiny dark skinned body. She noticed him watching and moved so that he could look at her. She had a delicate way of moving that highlighted her tiny figure. He was growing horny when he heard a knock on the door.

Ayaha slipped away to leave him with Shelia Jones. Shelia kissed him her teeth holding his lip, "let me talk to Ayaha and I'll be back," she whispered. I can't stay long my husband wants to go out tonight."

He had moved into his den when she returned. "Thank you for giving Ayala a home she seems quite relaxed," she whispered as she kissed him this time more thoroughly more hungrily.

"I don't have much time, we will have to hurry," she groaned as she stripped off her clothes and turned to him. "Come on I want a quick fuck before I go."

She pushed him down on the floor of the den and pulled his pants off over his shoes. Her eyes lit up when she spied his hard cock. "Oh my, I think it's bigger than I remembered. You weren't behind the door when they handed out the big ones were you," she laughed as she jumped on him and raised her body over his cock.

"Let me do it," she cried when he tried to help. Slowly she settled down until his cock was deep inside her pulsating pussy. She pushed her body back so his cock was bent yet firm inside and then started to ride him faster and faster. "Oh my god you're big. I think you could split me in two," she moaned as he arched his back and pushed up to meet her downward thrusts. Their hands were all over each other finally finding each other's breasts. "Play with them," she moaned as she pinched his nipples.

Mark was growing near to a climax when he noticed a movement at the door of the den. Looking over he saw Ayaha`s face, her eyes staring at the couple on the floor as she closed the door. Knowing she was watching made him feel guilty but his cock responded differently as it started to surge and pulse. "I'm going to come," he groaned as he felt his juice flood from his balls up his cock.

His words spurred Shelia to greater efforts. Her body bounced up and down slapping against his, whilst her hands pinched and pulled his nipples. "Oh shit," she groaned as her body slowed and shuddered. "I needed that."

Once she came, she was all business. She climbed off, dressed and kissed him. "I have to go, my husbands waiting in the car," she cried as she ran out the door. Mark was stunned Shelia Jones had left her bloody husband waiting in the car while she fucked him. The club pro`s wife had fucked him in their shop while her husband was coaching outside. Even the police commissioner's wife was looking for a fling. He shook his head. "I'll have to be careful with these crazy wives or I'll have one of their bloody husbands shoot me."

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