tagMatureGolf Club Wives Ch. 06

Golf Club Wives Ch. 06

bymangrove jack©

"They tell me you are filling in for the Police Commissioner and escorting his wife to her dinner," Stan said as they stood at the club bar watching the parade of lady members heading to the locker rooms. "Be careful mate she may be neglected by that big bastard but he'll do you in if he catches you with his missus." He waved at the passing paraded of women golfers, "Look at all that fresh young pussy out there, you'd have to be a bloody mug to go near trouble like her."

Mark laughed, "The commissioner asked me to cover for him and look after her so he can hardly complain if I do as he asked."

Even though he had dismissed Stan's words Mark knew the dinner could mean trouble. Stella the police commissioner's wife excited him. Her cool manner and the reserve she displayed publicly while acting like a bitch in heat privately made her all the more desirable.

On the surface the dinner went smoothly; Mark aware of the dangers of appearing too interested in Stella made sure he danced with nearly all of the visiting police officers wives before finally asking her to dance.

No one watching Stella and Mark dance could tell from the way she held him well away from her body what was really happening on the dance floor. She never looked at him, looking over his shoulder out at the assembled guests when she spoke. "Don't look at me look straight ahead, I want to be with you tonight. I want you naked in my arms. I want you in me on me and all over me."

She ran her tongue quickly over her lips as if her mouth was dry. "Because of who I am we may never have a golden opportunity like this again. Mark stole a glance to see that she was hardly moving her lips as she spoke. She saw his glance and frowned, "don't look at me and don't worry, I'll arrange for you to drive me home, but I want to go to your place first. We will only have an hour but tonight you are going to find out that I mean it when I say I want you. "

Nothing more was said as the dance ended and he escorted her from the floor. As she sat down with her friends she spoke so all could hear, "thank you I will tell my husband how you looked after all the ladies." She smiled at her table companions who were listening to her every word. "Now you had better be off I think there's another woman looking for you."

Mark hardly recognized the young police woman who had been so sympathetic and helpful after his wife's accident. He had only ever seen her in her police uniform. Tonight dressed in a long white gown that highlighted her healthy tanned body the contrast was dazzling. "My god you look magnificent," he growled. She curtsied and smiled, "Thank you for the compliment kind sir, but I really came over to ask if you will drive the Commissioners wife home It will allow me to use the few available cars to escort the wives of the visiting officers back to their hotels. "

"I'll be delighted," he replied as Stella's words rang in his ears. Later as the dinner ended he took the time to study Stella closely while watching her farewell her guests. Her over six foot long body appeared thin compared with the women he had enjoyed in recent days. Her breasts were small her body lacking Sally's generous curves but nevertheless it had an aura about it, something he could not define that created extremely erotic images, provoking thoughts of possible nights of violent passion.

In the car he gasped when she coolly whispered, "I have wanted to suck your cock since the first day I met you at the golf club. I love sucking cock. I can't wait to get you alone. I have had these fantastic dreams of your cock flooding my mouth and I plan to make them come true tonight."

Six Feet inside his front door Mark found himself under siege. Stella sank quickly down in front of his legs. She expertly loosened his belt and pulled his trousers down around his knees. "That is one lovely handsome cock," she whispered as she licked it and looked up into Marks eyes. "I knew it would be beautiful." Keeping her eyes on his face she held his cock up and took one of his balls in her mouth. "You could never know how much I have missed the thrill of a man's throbbing cock spurting in my mouth."

"I made a mistake years ago when I fell for the trappings of power and married the commissioner. He is a cruel and sadistic bastard. When he was so cruel to me on our honeymoon I cried to myself promising that he'll fry in hell before his cock ever touches my mouth again. He knows that I will bite it off if he tries."

Her anger seemed to dissipate as she lovingly caressed his cock. Covering it with saliva and murmuring words of love she captivated both Mark and his cock. "I want to kiss you," he whispered as he watched her take his cock deep into her mouth and throat. Coming up for air she looked at him, "let me do this please. I will make you very happy." Mark grinned, "I'm very happy already but my bloody legs are giving out. At least let me lie down or sit down before you sap all my energy and I fall down."

Stella stood up and stripped away his clothes even removing his shoes and socks until he stood nude in the hallway. She stepped back to admire his body then moved closer her hands reclaiming his cock. "I love it," she whispered, then surprised him when she ran her fingers up from his cock over his flat stomach to tweak his nipples, "nice to see a man without a beer gut."

Squeezing his cock lightly she led him down the hall. "Where's the bedroom? She asked. "Upstairs," he groaned. That's too far, times wasting," she growled as she brushed a telephone handset aside and pushed him back to sit on its small table. "Sit there and save your legs, while I take care of this handsome cock." She slowly sank down at the same time running her fingers lightly up the shaft of his cock and then as he shuddered her finger nail flicked ever so lightly over its head.

She held his cock lovingly rubbing it over her face and along her cheek as she looked up into his eyes. "I only had one boy friend before I was married. He used to let me suck his cock every time we met. I don't think I know anything more erotic and trusting than a man letting you put his cock in your mouth."

He sat on the phone table watching as her red lips closed over his tip. She held his shaft with one hand while the other played with his balls and her tongue worked lightly in her mouth caressing the tingling head of his now extremely hard cock.

To his delight never once during all this did her eyes leave his face. Her eyes were pools of lust telling him how much she loved what she was doing. She stopped kissing and broke away when he ran his hand through her hair. "Don't pull my head it reminds me of the commissioner. You won't be sorry if you just let me love you," she whispered "I will deep throat you. I will swallow. I will suck you dry and make you hard again and again. If you just let me make love to your magnificent cock."

She made love to his cock. it was not a blow job like any other blow job he had ever experienced before. She swirled her tongue over and around the head of his cock. All the time she kept her eyes on his face, talking, kissing, and giggling like a schoolgirl. "I am going to make you spurt cum down my throat. You will have no cum to spare for your other doxies when I'm finished loving this fine cock."

She concentrated on the little v area under the head of his cock where the head joined the shaft. He had never experienced erotic sensations like the ones she created when her tongue ran around the groove under his cocks head and lightly flicked that extremely sensitive patch. She felt him shudder and held his hips as they bucked. "It's called the frenulum," she whispered as she looked up at him. "Watch this." When she had his attention she quite deliberately ran her tongue over the frenulum, giggling when he moaned and shuddered. "My first boyfriend the one who taught me to love his cock was a medical student he taught me where a man's cock was most sensitive."

Mark remembered thinking he must look that word up in the dictionary but forgot all about it as she whispered, "My god I love your cock," and covered it in little kisses. "It has to be wet baby," she whispered when she covered it in saliva. "It has to be nice and wet so it can slide in and out without hurting itself."

The hour was too short. Mark was surprised at the number of times she milked cum from his cock before she signaled it was time to go. "But I haven't fucked you" he moaned. "I haven't kissed your pussy." She laughed as she reapplied her lipstick, "Don't worry you won't escape, I will arrange it so we can meet again." She reassured him as he drove her home, "the old bastard will never catch us."

Her house was in darkness when he drove up to the front door. "The bastards not home," she cried as she pressed buttons on her cell. "Where are you?" she growled down the phone as she winked at Mark. "I'm home. When will you get here?" She closed her mobile without a final goodbye, "he will be here in thirty minutes so come here," she urged as she unzipped his fly. "Let me have a last taste of that handsome cock before he gets home."

As he drove home Mark marveled at her composure. She had sucked him off while he leant against her front door, timing it so he was out of their driveway and down the street when the police car turned into the block. "She's bloody dangerous," he groaned, "bloody dangerous." Then he grinned, "Bloody hell it was worth it for the fantastic blow jobs."

Ayaha met him as he put the car away. "You want shower master?" she whispered a knowing smile on her pretty little face. He slipped his arm around her cupping her breast as they walked to the house. "Where were you hiding you little minx." he whispered. "I saw you in the hall," she replied quietly. "I waited to see you were ok."

He was singing when she joined him in the shower. "I'm glad the lady made you happy," she whispered as she took a warm cloth and commenced washing his cock. "But lady kept her clothes on," she smiled and reached up to pull on a nipple. She stuck her tongue out at him and ran it over her lips., "You never had chance to pinch her nipples." She moved her body so her breasts were rubbing on his stomach, "you can squeeze mine," she whispered.

Mark could not get over the way Ayaha took his blatant sexual activities in her stride. This was not the first time she had cleaned him up after he had been with a lover. Yet she was smiling and happy. There did not seem to be a jealous bone in her body.

While he was thinking what she meant to him Ayaha had fastened her lips on his nipple sucking and nibbling hungrily while she ran the warm wash cloth over his cock and balls.

He moaned, "Stop it Ayaha," as he felt his cock growing hard. She raised her face so she could look into his eyes, "you don't really want me to stop. Maybe you should play with my breasts they are ready for you." He could not stop himself from reaching for her soft breasts, "yes," she sighed, "oh yes, squeeze them for me pull my nipples like this."

She ducked her head and took his nipple between her teeth and pulled her head back until his cock lurched and dribbled and he nearly screamed. "Oh shit," he cried before dropping his head and biting down on her closest brown nipple. Ayaha's teeth pulled his nipple further and further until in retaliation he bit down harder making Ayaha grunt and let go.

"You made me come," she groaned as she licked her fingers. "You very horny, why lady no let you fuck her? Why you no try?" She looked down to see his cock bobbing up and down. "We do it now. Let me dry you down so we can go to bed." Mark stood in the shower looking down at her tiny brown body while she sat down on the shower floor and started to towel his legs dry.

A warm feeling swept over him as he looked at the loving way tiny Ayaha was caring for him. "Oh hell a little water won't make much difference" he moaned as he picked her little body up in his arms. "Come here you little vixen," he cried.

Ayaha giggled happily and snuggled in his arms as he carried her into the bedroom and laid her on this bed. As soon as he let her go she struggled and sat up. "Let me be on top," she giggled "you must be very tired after all those blow jobs." Later that night and later again in the morning he smiled to himself. He was tired but it wasn't the blow jobs that were making him tired.

Sex was the farthest thing from his mind when he met Madeline early next morning. If he had been more alert he would have noticed that Madeline was distracted. After a hug and a kiss they hit off down the fairway. They played the next two holes and were looking for her ball amongst the trees on the thirteenth when Madeline called loudly, "Tell me the truth are you really planning to sleep with my daughter?" Taken by surprise he looked away and stammered, "what, what do you mean?"

Madeline grabbed his arm, "look at me dam you, Rae says you took Rebecca's cherry and you were going to do the same to her and Simone on Sunday. She seems to think that we knew of your plans and deliberately kept them home. She has guessed what happens between you and I here each morning, and says I'm a hypocrite for stopping her having sex with you."

For a minute Mark thought about lying. But then thought what the hell. "Yes," he said as he looked Madeline straight in the eye. "Your daughter and her friends caught me with Ayaha when you sent them over to apologise. One thing led to another and the three of them ended up on my bed while Rebecca played with my cock."

"Ayaha who is the loveliest little thing listened to the girls when they asked me to be a father figure and take their cherries. She helped them persuade me to agree. I made love to young Rebecca that afternoon and the other two were going to come back Sunday."

"When they didn't I thought they had changed their minds but now I know what happened." He took her arm and shook her. "Listen to me, Rae says she knows you and I are up to something but I denied it and will continue to deny it. You marriage is safe and as far as I can see as long as you deny it. What happens next is up to Rae and Simone they are both over eighteen so it's their call."

The unhappy look on Madeline's face made him shrink inside. He didn't want to hurt her. He loved kissing her pussy every morning and wanted to continue those meetings. Uncertain of what might happen he reached for her, giving her the opportunity to say no, and heaved a sigh of relief when she melted into his arms. He took his time kissing her tenderly, his tongue gentle but insisting as it eased her mouth open encouraging her tongue to respond. Remembering how she had admitted he was the first and only man to kiss her pussy and the many orgasms she had had here in this clump of trees he whispered, "I want to kiss your hot little pussy. I want to run my tongue around its lips. Then I want to lick up and find your clit and suck it until it is screaming for relief."

Stopping for a second he slipped a button of her blouse and took a large nipple in his mouth. "When I know you're ready I will run my finger up in to your sweet little hole and work both my finger and my tongue until you cum. When you cum I won't stop, i'll keep making love to your pussy until you cum again."

He could feel the anger go out of her as they kissed. She was moaning and crying but was starting to help, pushing her thong down when he dropped her shorts. "I'm weak." she groaned, "but I love what you do to me. I couldn't believe you were going to fuck my daughter. It made me so mad. When I thought about it, I realised I was jealous. I didn't want to lose you."

While they were talking she let him strip her clothes away until she stood amongst the trees totally nude except for her golf shoes. "What a sight," he groaned "You're beautiful." Her lip trembled, "you make me feel so special I couldn't give you up, please tell me we will still meet each morning after you take Rae's cherry."

Madeline was late getting home that morning. She was in the kitchen making a cup of tea when Rae walked in. "Hi Mum, your late home today" she said when she spied her mother. "Mark must have been good this morning." Before Madeline could speak she put her hand over her mother's mouth. "I know he was good. I followed you this morning. I saw you and Mark. Oh mum it was awesome. My underclothes are still wet and sticky from come. I came nearly as many times as you did. I want to do it with him like you did. Please don't stop me."

Madeline was in a mellow mood, she had made up her mind before Mark made love to her that morning. She walked over and kissed Rae. "Don't get upset sweetheart. I know what you planned and I am sorry we upset those plans. I've spoken to Mark he will be home all morning. We both need to shower before I take you over to his house."

Rae was stunned, "what, what do you mean," she stammered. Madeline put her arms around her and hugged her close. "I never thought I'd ever be saying anything like this to my daughter but I've made up my mind. Put on your sexiest clothes Mark's waiting for you. I'll drive you over."

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