tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGolf Course Encounter? Ch. 02

Golf Course Encounter? Ch. 02


My story started one night, when I lost a bet with my husband over the World Series. The Padres let me down, and our bet was for the loser to fulfill the other's sexual fantasy. As my husband and I had a relatively conventional sex life, I felt that it was a safe bet, and that I couldn't lose either way. Boy, was I wrong!

My husband is an exhibitionist, and loves to make love outdoors in secluded areas, where the excitement level is high, but relatively low risk as far as getting caught goes. Tom's desire was to go to our local golf course, and have a kinky sexual episode on the links! I agreed, as long as it took place after dark, and we had clothes somewhere nearby. He countered with using our satin capes from our Halloween costumes from last year, when we were matching vampires.

The next moonless night, we dug out our capes, and wearing nothing else, hopped in the car and off we went. I was somewhat self-conscious at the stoplights we had to stop for, even though it was after 3:30 in the morning, as the cape only did a fair job of hiding my 36C breasts. We parked on the back side of the course, and as we got out, Tom grabbed a small tote bag. I asked him what was inside, and he told me "You'll see!"

As we walked further onto the course, the breeze was starting to pick up, and I was glad that we lived in Arizona, where it was warm 24 hours a day! The breeze really did feel good, though, and I let my cape blow freely in the wind. The feel of the satin brushing against my ass, thighs, tits and crotch was starting to turn me on!

Presently, my husband stopped next to some trees, and told me to get ready, it was my turn to fulfill his wish. As we were all alone, I felt secure and relaxed and ready to please him! He placed a blindfold on my eyes, and as I stood there, I heard him rustle something in the trees next to us. Then he grabbed my wrist and placed a cuff on it, hooking it behind my back. He then did the same thing with my other wrist, hooking them together! I was now immobile, and as I tested my bonds, I heard a mechanical click. My husband was taking flash pictures of me!!!

After a bunch of shots, I heard Tom mutter "Shit!" As I started to panic, thinking we were discovered, he said he was out of film, and left the other roll in the car. I felt him close in on me and pinch my nipple as he kissed me. He then said he was going to run to the car and not to go anywhere!

I heard him run off, and as he did, it dawned on me that the car was about half a mile away! I was blindfolded, tied up; wearing nothing but a satin cape, and even that was blowing in the wind, not covering my privates in the least!

After a little while, I heard footsteps cautiously approach. I whispered out "Tom, is that you?" and only got a whispered "Shhhh" in return. I felt the heat of a body next to mine, and then my nipple was being pinched lightly. I love it when my husband does this, rolling my nipple between his finger and thumb, making it rock hard! A small moan escaped from my lips, as I leaned as far forward as I could. If this was my husband's fantasy, I was determined to make it the best for him! I felt his hands grabbing my breasts, kneading them with more and more force. My heart was pounding now, and I could feel my pussy starting to get really wet from the arousal! I felt his hand move to my behind, and massage my ass, working around to my pussy, running his fingers through my hair and around my lower lips. I had my mouth open so I could breathe, and he placed his mouth over mine and gave me a very passionate French kiss. It was so dreamy I lost track of what was happening to me, and I eagerly bent over at the force of his touch behind my head, eager to suck on his cock!

My lips parted as the head of his cock was pushed at me, and I opened my mouth to take him deep-throat style. He grabbed my head by the hair and started to face-fuck me, just giving me enough time between thrusts to breathe. I was getting lost in the excitement of sucking his cock in the open, when I heard a zipper open! I tried to disengage the cock I was sucking, but the hold on my hair was too tight. I started to squirm, and as I did so, I felt the familiar sensation of a cock being pressed against my pussy! The pressure grew and grew, until my lips parted, and a hard penis thrust inside me! I heard a moaned word in a language I didn't know, and a second voice responded in what I think was the same language. My husband is from the mid-west, and he doesn't know a single word of anything other than English! Whoever these guys were, I was being fucked by two complete strangers! I tried to think of how to get out of this situation, but the cock in my mouth was just giving me barely enough time to breathe, and the cock in my vagina was giving me a fit of a different kind!

The thrusting in my mouth was getting faster and faster, and I knew from the taste, that he was past the point of no return. It was all I could do to not choke on the cum that was spurting into my mouth! I kept my mouth open, and let the jism drip out, off my chin and onto the ground. While I was trying not to drown, I couldn't cry out from the pleasure my pussy was receiving because my throat was otherwise occupied. I could feel the tingling sensation of an orgasm building in my spine and spreading to all parts of my body. I shuddered and struggled against the wrist restraints as they held my hands behind me and were keeping me from being able to defend myself. I felt my cape being rubbed over my back, ass, and thighs, and this stranger's cock pumping in and out of me!

The cock in my mouth finally softened to the point where I could spit it out, and I luxuriated in being able to take a full, deep breath. As I did, a loud moan escaped from my lips, as the penis continued to thrust deep within me! My breathing became faster and faster, as the thrusting quickened, and finally I was pushed forward by one mighty thrust as his hips bumped and ground against my ass. He pushed forward until my hands were tight against the restraints hooked to the tree, leaving his dick deep inside me. I had an involuntary contraction of my pussy muscles, and a stifled groan came from behind me, as my pussy drained him of his seed!

I heard the rustle of clothes being put on, and a hushed whisper in that same language. I then heard footsteps receding from me, off into the distance. Some time later, my husband returned, and he just stepped up to me, and murmured "I'm back. Did you miss me?"

He stepped behind me and proceeded to give me his own version of fucking in the open, and after he was through, he released me and we went to the car. He never asked me if I had any visitors, and I didn't know if I should tell him or not, so I kept my mouth shut. That was 8 days ago, and I am now 4 days late, and feeling nauseous most of the time...

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