tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGolf Course Encounter? Ch. 04

Golf Course Encounter? Ch. 04


I was out shopping for Christmas presents last week, and I saw this sexy red satin nightgown, one that had a slit up the front of both legs, all the way up to the breasts, and a full, sweeping skirt down to the ankle. My husband was going to love it, as it allowed me to fully expose my pussy to him, and keep the rest of me covered. Perfect for sex in the community back yard we shared with the other neighbors. I looked forward to watching my husband's eyes fall out when he saw me!

That Friday night, I waited until very late, and slipped into the nightgown, and tingled as the shiny, soft, shimmering fabric fell across my breasts, and over my butt. The front flap of the gown fell between my legs as I walked, and further tickled my pussy hair, while the skirt brushed around my ass and thighs. I had also purchased a matching red satin robe at the store, and wrapped myself in that as well. I went to the back of the house, and turned off the light where my husband was, and proceeded to stand in front of the TV, to subtly get his attention. My husband's mouth dropped open, and I opened the front of my robe for him to see. As I spun around to show him my purchases, Brad started to get up and approach.

"No, " I started, "you have to wait!" With that, I opened the back door and went into the back yard, shedding the robe as I went. The weather was breezy and cool, and the wind caught the skirt of my gown and lifted it up, exposing my ass to the neighborhood! As I looked around, the breeze was giving me a slight shiver, but the shiver was not from the temperature! My skirt was flying around, and the front flap was blowing aside, exposing my pussy and ass to everyone who cared to take a peek, and my husband comes out, holding his hand behind his back.

"Hold still," he commanded. With that, he approached me, and then bound my hands together with the sash from my robe, hooking me to a small tree, and then placed a blindfold over my eyes. Just then, the phone rang, and Brad ran to answer it! He left me all alone, tied to a tree, wearing a satin nightgown that the wind was blowing freely up past my waist!

I could hear him talking on the phone, and he started to laugh and continue the conversation. It seemed he forgot all about me. However, someone else did not!

While I was standing there, I began to get tired, so I dropped to my knees so I could rest. I felt the satin blowing across my body, and my body was trembling with the stress of being so exposed and vulnerable, yet excited about what might happen! I did not have long to wait!

I heard footsteps approach, and at the same time, I could hear Brad talking as though he had nothing better to do! The footsteps drew closer, and I heard the sound of a zipper being opened. I turned my head to try and hear my surroundings better, and as I turned to my left, I felt the head of a cock being brushed against my lips! I knew that I was in serious trouble, but I was also tempted by the thought of being wantonly used! I opened my mouth and started licking the head. It was salty and growing hard as I teased the tip with my tongue. I was starting to get hot, and the breeze felt great as it blew my skirt higher and higher. I started to suck on the cock harder, drawing it into my mouth, and I felt a hand grasp my left titty and pinch my nipple to hardness.

My juices were starting to flow, and my pussy ached for a long hard rod to scratch the wonderful itch I felt. After a short time, I felt the hand on my breast slide down my body to my crotch. Fingers groped through my pubic hair, and worked my lips apart, releasing some of my wetness to flow. A moan escaped me, and I spit out the cock in my mouth and moaned "I need your cock in me!"

I felt my knees being pushed apart, and the cock being rubbed around my vagina, teasing my already swollen clit. I bent over, trying to expose my rear to make it easier to enter me, and the wind was being helpful, blowing my gown up onto my back. I felt the cock center on my hole, pressing firmly until my lips spread open, admitting his cock into the sweetest of honey pots!

I groaned as he entered me, and I could still hear Brad laughing and joking on the phone, oblivious to what was happening to his wife only 30 feet away! I felt the cock pump in and out, slowly at first. As he went faster, I felt his balls and thighs slap against my rear. His hands also grabbed my tits, squeezing tightly, to the point it almost hurt. He continued thrusting away at me for just a few minutes, then I felt him stiffen and thrust furiously. I heard him grunt one time, and thrust into me so hard it lifted me off the ground! He left his cock buried in me as I could feel his semen coursing through his cock and into my vagina! As his cock softened, he slipped out of my gaping pussy, and I heard the rustle of clothes being put on, and his zipper being fastened. I heard him take a step and I hissed "Wait! I want to see what you look like!"

The steps returned, and I felt the blindfold lift over my head. I blinked my eyes, and looking up, I saw the son of the neighbor two doors down! He was looking at me, kind of embarrassed, with a crooked smile on his face. I must have looked like quite a sight, as I was still bound to the tree, on my knees, and my gown blowing freely in the wind. "I hope you like what you see," was all I could think of to say.

"I'd do you anytime!" he replied. And later on, he did. But that's another story...

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