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Golf Pro Delights


This is the first selection of stories about the adventures of these three. Any comment are always welcome.


Rick looked at the two women in front of him, under the shelter behind the 13th green, watching the steady rainfall. Lydia, the taller of the two, had a slim figure with small firm breasts. Her long red hair, wet from the rain and tied in a pony tail, hung down her back between her shoulder blades. Large hoop earrings hung from her earlobes. The other woman standing next to her, Sandie stood a good two inches shorter than her counterpart. It was evident to Rick that she had the more athletic body with a firm stomach and thighs. Her short blond hair, cut just below her ears, hung just above her shoulders in the back. Her diamond stud earrings were small in comparison to Lydia’s. Rick looked at her large breasts hidden by the red and white blouse and wondered how she ever got her arms to swing the club freely. He had watched her closely over the last few weeks and it reminded him of the television announcer who made a disparaging comment about women's breasts getting in the way of their golf swing. With the added protrusions from their chests, he surmised that women could not be as good at golf as men. He smiled as he watched the two women, thinking back to the first day he met them.

He was behind the counter in the pro shop when these two lovely ladies came through the door. They were a whirlwind of conversation as they looked through the merchandise on display throughout the pro shop. They picked up clothing items, holding them up for each to inspect, then discussing how they would look on the course. Rick watched with mild amusement as the woman wandered aimlessly through the racks trying to find the right outfit.

Rick had seen these types of women in the past. The kind that had plenty of money to spend and time on their hands while their husbands slaved away earning enough to keep them happy. He had been in the business long enough to spot the ones who were bored with their husbands and were looking for more excitement to fill their lonely days. His last love affair, Kathy, was one of those women.

Kathy was lonely because her inattentive husband did not give her the pleasure she needed in the bedroom. She had gotten to know Rick from the private lessons her husband gave her as a birthday present. At that time, Rick was bouncing around the country, playing in tournaments trying to make it to the big tour. Kathy was fascinated with his stories of adventure from different parts of the country and felt, with each story, that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.

Their love affair started after a late lesson. Rick had sent the younger employees home and was closing the pro shop when he heard knocking on the locked outer door. Going to investigate, he saw Kathy standing at the door, waiting for someone to answer her knock. When Rick opened the door, she asked if it would be ok to look at some sweaters she was interested in buying. He smiled and told her he didn't mind her looking while he finished closing. He locked the door behind her after she entered, brushing close to him. As Rick went about his business of closing for the night, she rummaged through the clothes racks picking up sweaters and holding them against her as she looked in the mirror.

"What do you think of this one?" she asked holding a bright yellow knit sweater against her chest.

"I think it goes very well with your tan. It brings out your lovely features" Rick responded looking more at her ample tits than the sweater itself.

"Do you really think so?"

"Ohhh most definitely. It’s the right color for your complexion."

"Would you mind if I try it on before I buy it."

"I'm sorry but we don't have a changing room here."

"Why don't I go into your office and close the door? There are no windows, besides we are the only ones here" she said winking at him.

He knew he shouldn't let her but he really wanted to see her in the sweater. "I guess it won't hurt anything if you use my office" he said, envisioning her naked in his office.

Kathy brushed past him, making sure her ample breasts brushed against his arm. She left the office door slightly ajar, giving Rick a view into his office when he looked in that direction. He watched as she quickly pulled her top and bra off exposing her breasts to the cool air conditioned air. Her nipples immediately hardened and her hands instinctively covered her breasts, softly squeezing the large mounds. The fingers of each hand found the hard bud, slowly twisting them, making her cry out softly with passion.

Rick watched as she pulled the sweater over her head, seeing her hard nipples protruding from the knit fabric. What she did next made his cock harden. Pulling off her shorts, she sat in his large desk chair with her feet on the desk. When she had gotten herself situated, she looked up and saw Rick peering through the partially open door. Rick's mouth dropped open when he saw the fingers of one hand rubbing the wet outline on her panties while the other hand softly squeezed her covered breast.

"Do you think the sweater looks good on me?" she questioned, grinning and watching him stand there speechless.

"I, huh, I, huh, think it looks great on you" he stammered.

There was a moment of silence as the two weighed their options. Kathy knew it was now or never. She stood up, walking toward him, saying "I've wanted you for a long time. Every time you stood close to me on the practice range, I wanted to reach out and touch you."

"I've dreamed about your naked body every time I watched you swing" he said taking her into his arms.

Their kiss was passionate as their lips crushed together. He tasted her red lipstick with his tongue, snaking along her sensuous lips. Their arms encircled one another drawing them tight together. Heavy breathing from one mouth intermingled with the other, lips sliding hard against the others, tongues licking, and then delving into the opposite mouth, bringing moans of pleasure from each of them. Their hands grabbed at the others body, massaging and pulling each other closer.

They broke their kiss, only to begin kissing the others neck. Rick's hands roamed over her tight ass, pulling her against his hardness. One hand stayed glued to her round ass squeezing and pulling her against him as his other hand sought out her breasts. Sliding upwards he felt the soft sweater material separating his hand from her flesh. She let out a moan when his hand found her breast, softly squeezing the sensitive nipple through the sweater.

As Rick's hands explored her body, Kathy's hands roamed over his, finding his hard butt muscles before circling in front and feeling his hardness pressed against her. He groaned into her neck when her hand slid along his stiff manhood, pressing and squeezing as it moved downward.

"I need to feel your naked body against mine" he said slipping his hand off her ass and under the sweater.

They were both beyond reason now, pulling at the others clothes, wanting to feel hot flesh against hot flesh. Their heavy breathing filled the tiny office as each piece of clothing was removed. Kathy hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt as his hands worked her sweater up over her head. When Rick saw her breasts for the first time, he smiled and quickly lowered his head to kiss each one. Kathy wasted no time unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants while she moaned softly from his kisses. With a push of her hand and a bit of wiggling from his hips, Rick's pants fell around his ankles. Stepping from them their bodies melted together, pressing urgently against one another. Only their underwear separated them from being totally naked. Their lips meshed together feverishly as their hands simultaneously began the final unveiling of their bodies. They helped each other wiggle here and shake there to free themselves of the last article of clothing.

Their bodies came together again only now his hardness pressed against the soft pubic hair covering her mound. Their hands explored freely the flesh that they both daydreamed about touching. Rick felt her hard nipples dig into his chest when she pressed them against him, moving back and forth. Her hand found his hardness once again, slowly stroking it, listening to him moan into her mouth.

"I want to feel your hard cock deep in my pussy" she said moving back to the edge of the desk.

Rick pushed away some papers, giving her a place to lie back on the desk. He pushed her back and watched as her body lay in waiting for him. He took his time, letting his hands roam over her breasts, down her flat stomach, over her thighs, finally landing at her pussy. Kathy let out a load groan when his finger found her slit, slowly stroking up and down from her hard clit to the wetness of her entrance to her treasure. Her hips bucked upward when his finger plunged deep into her waiting pussy.

"Ohhhh ... yeaaaa ... push them in deeper" she called out rolling her head from side to side.

Rick felt her heat on his fingers when he slipped them further into her. Her vaginal muscles sucked on them, trying to keep them buried deep within her hot tunnel. His fingers were coated with her juices when he pulled them from her hot inferno. Kathy looked at his glistening fingers, reached out, grabbing his hand and pulling it to her mouth.

"I want your hard cock in my cunt now" she said as her mouth licked at her juices covering his fingers.

"I'm going to fuck your hot pussy. I'm going to fuck your cunt hard and fast" he replied pushing his cock against her opening.

Rick watched Kathy take his hand and suck on his wet fingers. His cock, poised at the entrance to her treasure, jumped when her hot cunt made contact with his engorged head. Pushing slightly, his cock slid easily into her hot pussy. He felt Kathy suck harder on his fingers, as his hardness slid deeper into the hot abyss. His balls hit her ass when his cock was fully inside her. He began a slow rhythmic fucking motion, pulling out of her cunt until his cock was at the very tip of her entrance, then plunging deep inside her. His free hand found her breast, squeezing and massaging it, feeling the hard nipple between his fingers. As he plunged in and out of her hot furnace, grabbing her swollen nipple between his thumb and index finger, pulling it until it extended as far as it could go. She moaned around his fingers stuck in her mouth when he let it go, allowing gravity to pull it back to her body. Her ass jumped off the desk, wanting to devour his cock. He didn't how much longer he would last as he picked up speed, pushing and pulling his cock in and out of her pleasure box.

"Ohhh baby, fuck my hard cock. Your pussy is so hot" he cried out, thrusting his hips hard against hers.

Kathy moaned softly and then thrust her hips against his, wanting him to keep his hard cock buried deep within her. She clenched her vaginal muscles around his hardness, increasing the friction between her pussy and his cock. She watched his face, filled with desire, deep in concentration, as his thrusting movements increased. She sensed he was nearing his orgasmic release, his body moving back and forth rapidly, his breathing becoming more ragged from the physical and emotional exertion.

Her body was on fire, needing to find the sweet release of pleasure that only comes from an orgasm. She pushed her hips upwards against his, encouraging him onward "aggghhhh yeaaaa fuck my hot pussy with your hard cock. Fuck me baby. Yeaaaa ... harder ... ohhh ... yessssss baby ... that's it baby harder."

Rick's cock twitched and throbbed from her words and his constant thrusting into and out of her pussy. He grabbed her nipples in each hand, twisting ... massaging ... listening to her moan louder as her fucked her harder. He felt the surge of sperm start deep in his balls, knowing that he had crossed the line of no return. Thrusting harder and faster, Rick grunted "I'm going to fill your hot pussy with my hot juices."

Kathy felt his cock throbbed as he held it deep inside her hot tunnel. She wiggled her ass against the stiff intruder, waiting for the hot load to spill into her cunt. She grabbed his arms, calling out to him "shoot your hot load into my cunt baby ... ohhhh your cock is so fucking hard ... fuck me faster baby ... yesssss ... faster."

Rick closed his eyes tight, grunting, then feeling the sperm build. Finally the urge to shoot his load was so great he couldn't stop it now even if he wanted too. Kathy's pussy clenched his cock as he deposited one load then another into her steamy cunt. Her ass bucked wildly on the desk as each load shot deep into her. Rick opened his eyes, seeing the beautiful woman writhing on his desk. It was apparent that she had not reached her climax yet as he watched her head roll back and forth, breathing heavily.

Pulling his cock out which was now going limp brought a moan of disapproval from Kathy's lips. Rick bent over and kissed her lower stomach, letting his tongue slide along the sweaty surface of her skin. His lips and tongue moved further down to her mound, feeling her hips slowly undulate in anticipation of his tongue. Her body jerked suddenly when his tongue pierced through her outer lips, lightly touching her hardened clit. His tongue slowly circled her hard clit, feeling it against the smooth texture of his tongue. He felt her hands grab his hair, pulling him harder against her so he might sample her sexual delights. Sliding downward, his tongue became coated with hers and his intermingled juices. Kathy moaned louder when his tongue circled her entrance where his cock had just been.

Kathy knew she was close to the brink of orgasm as she enjoyed Rick's tongue sliding over her wet vagina. She pulled his hair making his head push against her mound when she wanted harder stimulation. Her ass was moving as if on its own, up and down, round and round, grinding against his sweet tongue and lips. Her body jerked spastically when his lips captured her clit, sucking it into his mouth.

She called out deliriously "agggh baby use your tongue on my clit ... ohhh that's it honey ... suck my clitty harder ... ohhhh fuck I'm going to cum on your sweet face."

Her ass rose off the desk, clenching his head tight between her thighs. Breathing harder, she wiggled her pussy in his face trying to have him suck her clit and then trying to get away form the sweet painful pleasure of her impending orgasm. Her sensitive clit throbbed as she felt her orgasm hit hard. Grabbing his hair hard, she pulled Rick's face against her slippery cunt, moaning and thrashing about, riding her orgasm.

Rick continued to lick her wet mound as her orgasm subsided. Every time he touched her clit, she yelped as if in pain. Pushing his face away, she explained that her clit was very sensitive after sex and it sometimes is almost unbearable to touch it. Rick pulled her to a sitting position, embraced her and tenderly kissed her fully on the lips. Their kiss lasted several minutes before they both realized that they were in his office and not the privacy of a bedroom.

That was the beginning of their love affair. A few months later, Kathy left her husband to live with Rick as he continued to try and make the pro tour. Rick and Kathy left the country club behind in the fall to travel the lonely circuit of tournament golf. Since Rick had no exemptions to the tournaments, he had to qualify for each. On Monday's the tournament held qualifiers, selecting only a few lucky pros to stay for the week and try to make the cut into the weekend.

At first, life was exciting for Rick and Kathy. He found his swing and began to qualify for tournaments. He practiced each day with the other pros, trying to figure out how to play the course when play started on Thursday. Each night, he and Kathy played in the bedroom of the motel. She was starry eyed, seeing all the well known players and their wives hanging around the clubhouse. She lay in bed after sex and dreamed of being the wife of a rich golfer, lying around the pool as her husband brought in large amounts of money from golf tournaments.

Rick couldn't believe his good fortune. He was playing well and had made the cut into the weekend in several tournaments assuring him a paycheck for that week. While he was hitting the ball consistently, he could never manage to finish in the top twenty-five on Sunday. The money he made was enough to keep him going to the next tournament but never enough to give Kathy the pool she desired. He attributed his good fortune to having Kathy near him on the course and in the bedroom at night. Sometimes he wanted to pinch himself thinking he would wake up and this was all a dream.

While Rick was enjoying the fruits of his labor, Kathy began to feel left out. As Rick played better, he spent more and more time away from her trying to hone his game to the next level. He stayed at the driving range until dark, often arriving back at the motel too tired to eat or have sex. Kathy complained that she was getting lonesome, sitting around the motel by herself all day. She felt she had no friends and the few ladies who did follow their men around the golf course didn't seem like the types she wanted to hang around. Their sex life became more sporadic than it had been and sometimes she felt the old spark was not burning inside him anymore.

Rick knew she was troubled by her loneliness but he seemed too helpless to do anything. His main focus was on trying to play better and finish high enough in the final Sunday standings that someone might notice him and give him an exemption the following week. He felt he had his game under control as he left the driving range earlier than he normally did. He felt bad about neglecting Kathy and decided to splurge and take her out to a nice dinner and then back to the motel to try and find that sexual spark that seemed to be flickering lately.

Rick didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when he parked his car outside the motel. His mind was thinking about Kathy and what he wanted to do to her tonight during their lovemaking session. When he opened the door, he stared directly into the eyes of a tall man leaning over his girlfriend from behind, plunging his cock into pussy. Kathy's eyes flew open when she heard the door open unexpectedly. She pushed herself up against the man trying to free his cock from her body. She didn't have time to get any words out of her mouth when she him speak.

"You've got one hour to clear you stuff out of here bitch" he screamed, slamming the door on his way out.

Kathy yelled his name but to no avail. She pushed the man away trying to find some clothes to throw on and go after Rick, telling him to get the fuck out. When she finally got to the parking lot, she saw his car leaving. Going back to the room, she decided to wait for his return. As she waited, she questioned her actions and realized that this life of a golfer’s girlfriend was not for her. She knew he was hurting but at the same time she knew that he would probably not make it to the big time. Sadly, she packed her clothes, wrote a note and called a cab to take her to the airport. She had made up her mind that she would try to get her husband back.

When Rick returned later that night he was hoping she would still be there. He had gone to a local bar and was somewhat drunk when he left the establishment. He knew he neglected her and was willing to try and patch things up. The note was the first thing he saw when he entered the room. Laying on the nightstand next to the bed, he picked it up with a little hesitancy, not wanting to believe that Kathy had really left. He was hoping that the note would tell him where he could find her so he could go after her and try to patch things up.

Sitting on the bed, he slowly opened the note and read it twice to make sure he had not misread it. She told him of all the fun times they had together but today was not the first time she had sexual relations with another man. She needed to get her life back and knew now it was a mistake to leave her husband. She finished by telling him that she was going to go back home and beg her husband to take her back.

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