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Golf Tournament


I am a good golfer, but for some reason I had never reached my potential. It always seemed that something would go wrong and I would end up letting the first mistake frustrate me and cause more mistakes. Because of that I could play with all the other good women golfers until tournaments. Then I would eventually turn into a basket case, piling error on error until I was ready to cry.

I had entered the club tournament again this year and I was both looking forward to it and dreading it. I looked forward for the chance to compete, but I dreaded that first big error that always seemed to snowball into disaster. Usually my husband caddied for me but this year he was out of town and couldn’t. I depended on his support and I was somewhat depressed when I found out I was going to have to find some to caddie for me.

I played some practice rounds before the tournament started, trying several of the caddies. I didn’t really find one that I liked, but the last one intrigued me. He complimented my game and told me that he didn’t understand why I hadn’t won the club woman’s championship. I told him how I always seemed to self-destruct during the rounds and he told me that if I took one tip from him a day, he would guarantee that I would improve. I laughed. I had taken lessons from the golf pro and he hadn’t been able to move me past the mistakes that had plagued my game. The young man again guaranteed results. I told him if he could improve my game so that I at least was better than I had been I would give him a wish that he could claim. But I told him, nothing sexual. He grinned at me and agreed.

The first day I teed off and was my usual self, playing well until the twelfth hole when I hit into the trees. I hadn’t heard from my game-improving caddie yet and I was really down, feeling that the error I had just made was the start of my usual downfall. As we walked to my ball he was silent. When we found it and started looking for a way out of trouble he leaned close to me.

“First tip and don’t forget your promise.”

I was startled and looked at him. He pointed to a small gap in the trees and had me line up for that gap. Then he smiled at me.

“Move your back foot back and close your stance.”

He handed me a six iron.

“Keep your hands down and back and punch the ball through the opening.”

I had never had anyone tell me this. I adjusted my stance, kept my hands low and back and swung. The ball sailed through the opening and hooked slightly, bouncing, then rolling onto the front of the green.

“Remember that shot. I will take my payment later.”

I made my two puts for par and smiled at him.

“That was worth a payoff.”

He just smiled at me.

I kept playing and although I wasn’t one of the leaders, I was well within striking distance when I sank my last put! I was ecstatic! I asked him what my payoff was going to be. He just smiled and asked me to return to the club at dusk. I had a couple of drinks with friends and then dinner. As dust arrived I was standing in the parking lot. My caddie walked up.

“Ready to pay for your tip?”

I was a little nervous, but nodded yes. He took my hand and led me to the building were the caddies lockers were. No one else was around.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Johnson, nothing is going to happen to you that you won’t live through and you don’t have to worry about sex, I promise.”

I felt a little better as he led me around the side of the building. Several of the caddies were there and I was introduced to all of them. It was light enough to see. I stood as my caddie smiled at me.

“Mrs. Johnson, for my payoff, I’d like to see your underwear.”

I just looked at him in shock.

“I can’t do that!”

“Mrs. Johnson, you promised. I held up my end. Are you going to back out?”

He had me and I had never been known as some one who didn’t pay off.

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

“Nope, my payoff is right here.”

The other young caddies had heard everything. They were staring at me in anticipation. I turned bright red.

“Just hand me your shirt and shorts, Mrs. Johnson. You’ll still have as much a bikini on, won’t you?”

I didn’t bother to respond. I blushed. I undid the buttons on my polo shirt and slowly pulled it over my head. I held it in front of me briefly and then handed it to him. I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and let them fall, stepping out of them. He held out his hand and embarrassed beyond anything I had felt before I bent and grabbed the shorts and handed them to him.

“Turn around.”

I gulped, but I turned around, slowly so they all could see. I was wearing a sports bra and full underpants, but I felt naked as I could feel several pairs of eyes glued to my body. My nipples hardened and made points in my sports bra, which embarrassed me even more. My caddie flipped my top and shorts behind him and bent. He picked up my purse, took my arm and began walking me back to the parking lot.

“Stop it! Some one might see me!”

“Wouldn’t that be kind of exciting, Mrs. Johnson?”

I realized that he was right. It would be exciting to be caught like this, but I didn’t want it to happen. Just the chance that I might be caught was exciting enough. I pulled him to the side and crept along. He still held my purse and my arm. My nipples felt as though they were going to explode. We got to the darker side of the parking lot. He handed me my purse.

“Walk to your car, but don’t open your purse until you are there. See you at one tomorrow.”

Then he gently patted my ass making me jump. I glared at him. Then I began walking between cars, bent over. I finally made it to my car and looked back. He was standing, smiling at me. I opened my purse and dug for my car keys. When I found them I was shaking. I took a look back. He was still there. I waved, unlocked my car and drove off in my underwear. I was scared to death all the way home and opened the garage before I entered the driveway. I didn’t get out of my car until the garage door had closed. Then I grabbed my purse and ran into the house. I dropped my purse on the kitchen table and then took several deep breaths.

Then I looked down at myself and started to laugh hysterically. My husband would never believe this! My friends would never believe this! I had removed my clothes in front of several young men, except for my underwear and then driven home in just my underwear! I was embarrassed and excited both. I ran upstairs and ran a bath. I stripped. I got in the bath after I had run down stairs naked and gotten a bottle of wine and a flute. I sat in the bath and drank wine and fondled my breasts and pussy (I am ashamed to say that), never orgasming, but coming close. When the water cooled, I got out, dried off and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning still in a state of shock at what I had done, but laughing secretly inside. I blushed as I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I had never done anything like that ever before! I took my time to pick out my clothes for the day and the round of golf I had to play that afternoon. Today I choose french cut underpants. I still wore a sports bra. I was too big on top to wear a regular bra and play golf. I chose my shirt and shorts and soon it was time to go to the club.

I was early and looked at the standings. Oh my god! I was in the championship flight! I was so excited. I sensed some one behind me and turned. It was my caddie. I blushed and smiled at him.

“Ready to go Mrs. Johnson?”

“Yes, I am. This is the best I have ever done.”

“It’ll just get better Mrs. Johnson. I promise. Same as yesterday? If I improve your game I get another wish from you, right?”

I wanted to say no, but something inside me stopped me.

“Ah, yes, I suppose.”

“That’s not very positive Mrs. Johnson.”

“Yes, if you can make my game better, you get a wish.”

“Thank you Mrs. Johnson. We had better get moving.”

I looked at my watch and scurried to the locker room. I hurriedly put on my golf shoes and hurried out. My caddie was watching for me and took me to the driving range. I waited for him to give me another tip, but he leaned back and watched as I hit balls. I was sort of angry, but after a bucket of balls I was over it.

My tee time came and off we went I was playing good again, holding my own. I usually hit a fade and the dogleg left holes gave me problems. We came to the first one and I teed up my ball. My caddie stepped up next to me.

“Mrs. Johnson, turn your top hand over and close the club face. Then just swing as you usually do.”

I wrinkled my forehead. I looked at my grip. I turned my top hand over. It looked funny. But, I thought, he has been right so far. I closed the clubface and swung as normally as possible, even though it felt strange. My tee shoot took off and then began to hook gently to the left. I watched it hook right around the corner of the hole and roll farther than I had ever hit it before. I turned to my caddie and gave him a big grin, and then I blushed. I remembered my promise. Oh shit! He grinned at me and took my club and started walking. I picked up my tee and wondered what I had gotten myself into.

By the time the eighteenth hole arrived, I was three behind the leaders in fourth place. I had never done so well. My playing partners were surprised at the new me. So was I! I had forgotten about my promise. I hit another long hook off the tee and was on the green in two. I made a medium putt for a birdie, pulling me within two strokes of the lead. I was so damn excited and sorry my husband wasn't there to see me. My caddie took my putter and gave me a hug.

“See you at dusk Mrs. Johnson.”

I stiffened and blushed bright red. I looked at him. He smiled, a very cute smile. I could only nod; my voice had deserted me. He strolled away with my bag and I walked to the clubhouse.

I was only two out of the lead with one day to go. I should be jumping up and down. I was nervous instead. Even with the nervousness, I felt my nipples hardening. Good god!

I had a couple of drinks in the bar and waited until the last group came in. Someone had passed me and I was in third but still only two strokes back. Then I had dinner, although I wasn’t really hungry. I hung around and had a couple more drinks, more for courage than anything.

At dusk I walked out to the parking lot. My caddie was there. He smiled. I sort of smiled. He took my arm and led me back to the caddie house. I was nervous as hell again, but thinking that he had already seen me in underwear. How bad could it be?

I gulped as we turned the corner. I think every young male caddie in the club was there tonight. I looked around then dropped my eyes to the ground. I was embarrassed already and I hadn’t done anything.

“Mrs. Johnson, just a little more tonight. I’d like your bra too.”

I gasped and stared at him. All the young men were grinning. My nipples hardened involuntarily. I didn’t believe him!

“Isn’t it worth where you are in the championship? And besides, you did promise.”

He had me. I thought about what I would be showing and then remembered those damn french cut underpants! Oh shit!

Trembling, I slowly removed my polo shirt and handed it to him. He smiled, everyone else there smirked. My shaking hands undid my shorts and I stepped out of them. My caddie bent over and picked them up, taking a long look at my underpants. I was bright red.

Trembling even harder I took the bottom of my sports bra and lifted it up and over my head. He took it from me as one of my arms covered my breasts. He looked and shook his head at me. Blushing harder I forced myself to lower the arm and exposed myself to all the caddies. I tan fairly well and it was very noticeable. My breasts were white patches in the tan skin on the rest of my body. My nipples were dark and hard against those white patches, very visible.

“Holy shit!

“Nice tits.”

“Look at those nipples!”

“Turn around Mrs. Johnson.”

I turned, regretting the french cut underpants. I knew that good share of my ass was hanging out, white against the tan skin of my hips and legs. A couple of low whistles came from behind me, making my face turn hot. I could bear this for how good my game was now, I really could, I told myself. I ended up facing them. My breasts were bare and they could hardly miss how hard my nipples were. I was really embarrassed!

“Mrs. Johnson, I am sorry, but those panties do not look good on you at all. If you had an all over tan it wouldn’t matter, but with your tan lines, well, it just looks funny.”

I stared at him, then at the others. I whispered to him.

“Not here.”

He smiled at me. He dropped my bra on my shorts and shirt, bent to pick up my purse and took my arm. We walked to the edge of the parking lot, this time the other side. I wanted to cry. I had parked where he had taken me the night before and now my car was all the way across the lot.

“Let’s make you look your best Mrs. Johnson.”

He knelt and set my purse down, then his fingers slid up my legs to my hips and waistband of my underpants. I stood still, trembling, my skin almost burning where he had touched me. I felt his fingers slip into the waistband of my underpants and whimpered. Then I felt them sliding down, past my hips, down my legs and to my ankles. I closed my eyes and then opened them. Looking down I saw him staring at my neatly trimmed bush. I could see the white triangle where my bikini covered me. It was bisected by a strip of brown, my hair, leading down to the vee of my legs. He looked at me long and hard and I felt my nipples harden even more. Then he gently turned me until my white ass was in front of his face. His fingers stroked the sides of my white ass and then down the cleft. I shivered.

“No sex, no sex.”

“Mrs. Johnson, didn’t I promise you, no sex? Now just bend over from the waist and take off those panties.”

My face heated even more. I had to move my feet apart to balance myself, whimpering as I realized how much more I would show like that. But I bent over and slipped my underpants off. His hand touched the small of my back. I shivered.

“Absolutely lovely Mrs. Johnson, absolutely lovely.”

I blushed, but I didn’t straighten up until he told me I could. I didn’t shave my pussy lips but I could imagine what he was seeing! I felt absolutely wet between my legs and my nipples stuck out like pegs. He gripped my hips gently and turned me to face him again. My feet were apart and he could easily see my lips and how they were glistening. I felt so dirty and so embarrassed. I felt him looking up. I looked down. He leant forward and kissed my hair right above my pussy. I shivered. He stood up and looked me in the eyes. I said nothing. He bent over and kissed each nipple, making them tingle in the night air.

“What’s the worst part of your game, Mrs. Johnson?”

I felt absolutely nasty, standing near the club naked with him. And here he was asking me about my golf game as though I was dressed.


“We’ll work on that tomorrow. Now walk to your car, no fishing for the keys until you reach it. Unlock the trunk, take off your shoes and socks, put them in the trunk and close it. Then you can go home. Good night.”

He handed me my purse and I stupidly began to walk away from him. My white ass winking in the moonlight. I was halfway there before I realized I was standing up straight. I hurriedly crouched down and scuttled the rest of the way. I crouched down by the trunk and found my keys. I unlocked it. I had forgotten about the trunk like and almost shrieked when it came on. I tried to hold the lid down and get my shoes off but I couldn’t do both. I let the lid go and hurriedly pulled off my shoes and socks, throwing them into the trunk and closing it. I remembered just in time not to slam the lid down.

I scurried to the driver’s door and opened it, gritting my teeth as the interior lights came on. I scrambled inside and shut the door, breathing hard. I couldn’t help it; I had to touch my nipples. Jesus, were they stiff! I started the car and slowly drove out of the club. I was a nervous wreck driving home. I was sure some one was going to see me naked. I don’t think anyone did, but I couldn’t be sure.

I didn’t get out of the car until the garage door closed again, but tonight I raced upstairs, lay on our bed and masturbated until I orgasmed. That embarrassed me even more. Just as my breathing became normal the phone rang.

“Mrs. Johnson?”


“Don’t bother with underwear tomorrow.”

I heard the dial tone. He couldn’t be serious, could he? He couldn’t expect me to do that, could he? It took me a long time to go to sleep.

I woke the next morning naked and sprawled over our bed. If my husband only knew. Should I tell him? I didn’t know. Oh god. What would he think of me?

I showered and took out shorts and a top. Then I went to my underwear drawer. I looked at my naked body, at my underwear and then at my shorts and top. Nervous but grinning to myself, I dressed without a bra or underpants.

I hurried into the club. My caddie was there waiting for me. I got out of the car, feeling my nipples erecting beneath my shirt.

“Mrs. Johnson, let’s check to be sure you are following today’s dress code.”

“Not here!”

“Of course not Mrs. Johnson.”

He led me to the caddie shack. I just stumbled along beside him. When we got there, the caddies were waiting. I blushed. He took my purse and set it down. Then he lifted my shirt after pulling it out of my shorts. My breasts came into view and I heard some snickering and one low whistle. My breasts were big enough to hold my top up. It they hadn’t my nipples would have! I felt his hands at my shorts.


“Dress code, Mrs. Johnson.”

He undid and unzipped my shorts. The caddies were staring in disbelief as he let go and they puddled around my ankles. I could have died! My face was bright red as they stared at me, naked from shoulders to ankles. He turned me about and I had to shuffle since my shorts had trapped my ankles. My white parts were out in the open, seen by most of the caddies! When I had shown them my ass and was back facing them, he allowed me to pull up my shorts and pull down my shirt. I could not have been more embarrassed as I looked over all the faces that had seen what my husband had only seen.

He finally led me back and I hit some balls to warm up and then we were off. I used the hook he had taught me and the trouble shot twice. The first time I was in a trap he just watched me. It took me two to get out and I was so frustrated I two putted. I was now four behind. The next hole was a par three. I hit into the trap off the tee. I was really frustrated now. As I looked at my ball in the sand he came up to me.

“Get your feet set good in the sand. Don’t try to pick the ball out, hit about three inches behind it and down. Use a full swing. Trust me.”

I stared at him. Where had he been at the last hole? I had nothing to lose. I did exactly as he told me. The ball exploded out of the trap and rolled within two feet of the hole. I putted for par. I jumped up and ran up to my caddie. I hugged him and then remembered that I didn’t have a bra on! He whispered in my ear.

“Wonderful, Mrs. Johnson, just wonderful.”

I blushed. My nipples were like pegs again.

I played the best round of my life, but unfortunately I couldn’t make up four strokes. I did finish second, though. I spent the rest of the afternoon having drinks and talking with friends, all of whom congratulated me on my fine showing, the best I had ever done.

At dusk I walked to caddie shack. My caddie hadn’t met me and I was curious. He was sitting there with several others. He smiled at me. He walked to me and took my purse. It hit the ground. My shirt was tugged out of my shorts and off, tossed behind me. I undid my shorts and let them fall, then stepped out of them. I turned, letting them see my bare ass, then I walked up to each one and let them have a good look, front and back. He made me sit down and removed my shoes and socks. Completely naked, I let them look some more.

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