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Golf Widows



[Exiled son returns when he hears that supersexy mom and her twin sister will be golf widows for the weekend.]


I think the quote was that 'those that sit and wait' also get served...eventually. It was long in coming, but eventually I got all that I dreamt of, and more.

I had wasted my high school days, thinking that they were more for playing laser tag, video games, or hoops. I kept a basketball in my trunk and would stop at every unoccupied basketball court. Ironically, this did nothing for my resume, so my career after graduation didn't exactly take off.

Kicked out of my house at eighteen, I took a tiny studio apartment. I might have been hired by my own father or his best friend (my uncle), but both of them said they'd take my application and think about it. As a result, I had to get a job as a sporting goods clerk at a retail store...yes, THAT retail store. Blue smock and all, I had to sell 'authentic Indian' bows and arrows made in China. My parents were understandably 'proud' of me.

My social life was equally fulfilling; all the high school girls I'd hit on now asked me what I was doing and what my plans were. When I told them the truth, they kind of laughed or looked down and told me they had to run. You never saw so many people who had 'left water running', 'had a doctor's appointment', or were 'late for an operation'.

Without a real social life, my fantasy life fell back to the two stars of my youth: my mother and her twin sister. They always appeared to be the soul of propriety, dressed like school marms. They were 39 but could pass for 25 easily. Okay, they had some lines around the eyes (crow's feet), some colors on their legs that shouldn't be there, and maybe a millimeter of looseness in a few places. That didn't change the fact that they were like living dolls, with Barbie dimensions.

I even watched my mom fit her twin sister for a wedding gown. I wasn't moved by her 37 hips or 24 waist, but the 36 up top with a D cup did 'inspire me'. All this time I thought that it was just padding up there, but no: it was all mom and her sis, all real.

I neared 18 and the mandatory move-out date. I couldn't help but notice that my mom and her sister spent more and more weekend time all alone as so-called 'golf widows' (when husbands play golf and neglect their wives.)

The weekend before I was to leave home, I turned 18. I overheard my mom planning the next weekend's events with her sister. I was shocked that my hyper-conservative mother was going to rent some adult films, get a case of Jack [Daniels], and order pizza, with a little 'surprise' for the delivery guy. I made a memo of all that and saved it.

My move-out went fine. Once I was fully moved, I summoned up my memo page of mom's plans for this weekend. I knew the exact time that mom was doing everything (her day-timer had plans for each hour). I figured that if I showed up before they called for that pizza, they wouldn't go ahead with it. If I played my cards right...

Among my meager possessions at the time was a great watch, a Rolex Mariner that my dad gave me. I treasured that even though, in reality, he'd bought it in Times Square for $17: a genuine 'Rolex Marimar'. Still, it kept perfect time and I got to mom's place at the exact right moment.

You never saw less of a welcome than the one that I got at the door. Mom and her sister were there, wearing only bathrobes. On the coffee table were four glasses, a half empty bottle of Jack, a six pack of Bud, and three cigars.

My beautiful mom spoke in a slow, slurred tone; she normally spoke in a crisp, genteel, ice cold fashion. Slightly drunk, she actually sounded, dare I say, like a tramp.

I sort of barged in, saying that I had forgotten some things from my old room. My aunt was now seated, her face looking away in embarrassment. Like my hot mom, she sure filled out that robe nicely. Her silky smooth legs, like my mother's, glistened from a bikini wax. Both of them were barefoot and beautiful, their feet perfect with sparkling red toes and the identical gold love chain ankle bracelet on their slender right ankle.

I don't know why but their jutting tits and fantastic legs were one thing; that sleazy ankle bracelet was what really turned me on. I was more than ever determined to bed my gorgeous mother and her twin sis. I wouldn't be content until they were both lying side by side, literally dripping out my potent seed. As it was, I had no idea that this happened to be my mother's fertile time. Her sister had gotten synchronized to her over the years spent together, so she was primed too.

Dutifully, I slipped away into my old bedroom, which was cut off by the garage on the other side of the house. Satisfied that they were alone after the door to the garage slammed, mom and her sis went back to their fun.

I waited for a half hour to let them get confident that I was settled in my old room. Then I quietly snuck back into the main house (an old one which we'd restored.) Literally tiptoeing, I got to mom's locked door which had a big, old fashioned keyhole. I got an eyeful, believe me...

On the large screen TV to the side of her bed, mom was playing a hard-core adult film. Meanwhile, I looked in shock as the two women of my wet dreams were nude, man, nude. My aunt and my mother were side-by-side on the old-fashioned bed on all fours. It had wooden posts at all four corners. By chance, the posts were at just the right height. As the women watched the film and moaned at the appropriate times, they were dragging their wet pussies against those bed posts. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.

At the high point of the film, when the actress and actor fake a simultaneous orgasm, my mom and her sister went off too, like clockwork. After that, the film ended, the two women kissed and made out, still dragging those tender tissues down there against those lucky bedposts. Then they sagged to the bed, exhausted and spent.

At this point, I just couldn't hold back. I came into the room. My mother and her sister covered what they could in false modesty, screeching about me coming in without knocking (and getting into their locked room?)

Me: "Wow that was quite a show. If I was a good son, I'd say that that was just one of those things. Like maybe I never saw anything, and leave it at that."

Mom: "Oh, God, thank you Jim. For a split second, we didn't know what to think. Let's just forget this, like it never happened."

Me: "Wait just a second...I said IF I was a good son...as you've told me before, I am NOT a good son. I also ran and got a camera and recorded enough footage thru the keyhole to go viral on the web and make your hubbies go postal on you." [Thank God they didn't grill me, as in 'well, where IS that camera?']

You never saw more mortified, embarrassed and concerned women. They huddled on the bed.

Mom: "Okay, you sneaky bastard. What do you want? I think we keep about $500 in dad's safe. Will that keep you quiet?"

Me: "That's a start...but I want more. I want IT!"

My MILF mother and her sister sat up at the end of the bed, cupping their oversized boobs with one arm and covering their blonde (real blonde) furry forests down there with the other. They were seething.

Mom: "If you think that Paula and I will open our legs for your worthless little worm, some 3 inch toy like your father and uncle's, you can go screw yourself. My advice is to take the money and run, you little bastard!"

Me: "You win; I'll take the money and leave. But just to show you what you're missing, let me show you what kind of meat I pack..."

Mom: "No, Jim...don't!! Please, we don't need to see your tiny equipment. We can look at our hubbies if we need a laugh...please don't!!"

Fortunately, I ignored them. For dramatic effect, I pulled back the jockey opening first, and then released the latch of my pants. Like an elephant trunk, my soft ten inch cock fell out, drooping down towards my knees. Both women gasped, my mom literally putting her hand over her mouth. My aunt licked her lips.

Aunt Paula: "You can do what you want, Sue, but I want THAT!! Enough of these boring DVD's and girl's only games. I could use a big healthy slab of meat in me and that sure looks good."

Well, there was no more chit-chat or debate. Almost instantly, there were four hands all over me. I was pushed on my back. My beautiful aunt was stroking my cock, her hand going up and down like a Ferrari's piston. Meanwhile, my supersexy mother was making out with me. I caressed her full breasts, doing my little trick. Instead of touching the nipples, I would caress around them. That always drove women wild. Sure enough: my mother soon grabbed my hand, forcing me to touch her pouting popped milk nozzles. A gentle pinch there set my mom off.

My aunt stopped her stroking of my ten inch manhood, jealous of my mom. She wiggled up to me and shoved an erect nipple into my mouth. I did my best impression of a nursing infant, suckling away at her thumb-sized nip. My aunt soon moaned in orgasm too. I thought that this was setting me on the road to ecstasy. But then, reality...

Mom: "Sweetheart, before this goes any further, I think you should stop. So far, we've just played around. If you had a condom, we MIGHT go farther...I don't know."

Me: "I don't want...I can't use them...they kill all feeling. I want you two to ride me bare back and now!"

Mom: "Dear, that isn't going to happen. I don't know if you know anything about 'cycles', but your aunt and I are at our peaks, so we risk getting knocked up...and you wouldn't want that, would you?"

Me: "What, knocking up two beautiful women? Heavens no, I'd be so ashamed. On the other hand: Mom, do you know where dad and my uncle are right now?"

Aunt Paula: "Let me cut in; they're at the Brocada Golf Course, doing the back nine."

Me: "More like the BACKDOOR nine...I never showed you this because I didn't want to start a fight. I intercepted it on the computer one day. He'd left his computer sign-in on by mistake, thinking 'sleep' was off."

Mom grabbed the printout, read it, and showed it to my aunt. It was a liaison for the weekend. It kind of explained why father's interest in sex with her dwindled down to zero and why he and my uncle were such 'good friends'. Suffice it to say, the foursome my father joined was all-male and never ventured out of their hotel room for golf.

My mother looked at me and then at her sister. There was that unmistakable and frightening look of a woman scorned.

Mom: "Well that's great; I sacrificed so much for his career. He's supposedly making big deals while hitting the links...Big deals, my ass! But, how can I hit him back where it really hurts?"

We all stood there in silence. Then I got an inspiration:

Me: "That's simple: the two of them obviously value you as their possessions: trophy wives. Let's take that away, right here and right now!"

Mom: "How can we do that?"

Me: "Simple: both of you get on your backs on the edge of the bed. This court is in session, we've already passed judgment, and here comes the judge!"

They were not certain that they wanted to go ahead with it. But with gentle prodding, I pushed back two of the most beautiful soccer moms that ever lived onto mom's king-sized bed. Before they could object I had their shapely legs up in the air and intertwined where they touched together.

Now it was just a simple matter of filling up two tanks. It only took a few strokes on my manhood to attain my full ten inches of steel hard cock. Both my mom and her sis begged me. They cooed that they wanted to feel it before it did its manly duty--while it was still like solid iron. Their small society hands worshipped my huge cock, only stopping when I pulled away.

I went up to my mother, kissing her demure and lovely foot as it was suspended in the air. Dragging the oversized cockhead against the slavering lips of her wet pussy sent her into orbit with a noisy orgasm. She ended up with six, her sister with seven. I went from woman to woman, each step of the way. I gave their clits proper attention, then sawed back and forth down both warm, tight, welcoming, soppy passageways.

Both of them let me know that they controlled those heavenly portals by using their muscles to grip, squeeze, and massage my manhood until I sighed in delight. My cockhead gently kissed their cervix at the deepest point of my efforts. When my babymaker touched my mother's innermost and deepest recesses, she moaned in yet another orgasm.

I stopped and picked up each woman off the bed. We kissed romantically, pliant lips meeting warm soft lips; a gentle tongue across the teeth, a shared breath, and a few words of love (to my mom.) Just as gently I returned each woman back for the final act in our play. The room was redolent in their favorite, Chanel No. 5. It was intoxicating as it permeated my senses...

As I began to complete my man-of-the-house duty, my aunt told me to stop. She wanted to feel me one last time before I was drained. Obediently, I went to her and offered my unit. She squeezed my love pole, feeling its strength, its hardness. Then she cupped and weighed my testes. They were enormous.

Aunt Paula: "My God, Sue! Your son is not only huge, his swollen balls are gigantic. Look at them! Each of them must hold a pint of potent seed. So much love, so much sperm, so many big strong babies. This really IS going to show those wimp dicks! Let's go, nephew! It's baby-time!"

I went up to my mom who gave me a loving caress of my manhood. She mouthed the words, "I love you" and "Give me a baby". Well, who was I to disobey my mother?

I pulled up the big oaken chair near the bed. Like taking some merchandise for sale at a store, I bent forward and reached to pick up my gorgeous mom. Holding her with ease (her lithe slim body was no problem for my strong arms), I lowered her onto my cock. She looked up and moaned in utter pleasure. I proceeded with the breeding, as her sister looked on, using her fingers to entertain herself.

That poor old chair creaked and cracked as the wood was taking a pounding. I was using my mom like a love toy. Her eyes teared up in excitement, her arms desperately trying to hold on for dear life. My hands were at either side of her. When I felt her shake and moan in total delight, the big 'O' as it was, I dropped her onto my ten inch lancer. She struck my lap with full force, sending my cock all the way inside of her.

All of a sudden, we both popped open our eyes and just froze for a moment. I saw her eyes again slowly close as the first geyser from my cock hit home. She could feel every splash, every squirt, every drop, of my unbelievable tidal wave of spunk. It only took two minutes to cum inside mom, but they were the best two minutes of my life.

After a tender kiss and a silent 'I love you' from my dear mother, I lifted her off me and replaced her on the bed. Then, as if I was just sampling another item, I lifted my aunt and carefully centered her over that same cock.

Thinking about the baby or babies I might be creating, my cock obligingly restored itself to rock hardness. By the time my aunt was totally impaled on my long love pole, I was fully re-charged and ready. Nature somehow determined that procreation was going on and I needed more seed, a lot more seed.

To do that I had used my aunt's sopping wet pussy as a way to recharge my batteries. I held her out from me, only letting her touch me gently--brushing up against the very sensitive tip of my mighty manhood. Once I was back up to ten inch size, I slowly entered her, dragging my throbbing cockhead against the tingling tissues of her inner canal. She winced when I hit bottom, only to instantly change into full orgasmic pleasure mode.

I continued my little game, tapping on her deepest and darkest walls as I entered and exited her with more and more fury. My mother now helped out by making out with me. God, I was making love to one incredible sexpot while making out with her twin sister. One of them was riding me 'bare back' while the other showed her gratitude for the colossal load I'd already emptied into her.

I pushed my mom away and took my aunt's face into my hands. We made out as I lifted off the chair, inserting myself even deeper inside of her. Finally, I came with even more force than I'd fired off inside my mother. No, she didn't get the pint of sperm-laden cum that her sister got; Aunt Paula would have to settle for about a half pint of life-giving baby batter. It was fired into her with incredible power, though.

After that second woman, I was totally beat. I sagged back into the chair. For their parts, my mother and her equally gorgeous sister made out briefly. They whispered plans for me, the future and the babies that might follow. Then they fell silent, fast asleep.

I awoke an hour later for some reason. I looked up and then remembered our evening. Laid out on the bed asleep were two gorgeous women. If Pamela Anderson had been one of triplets, then here were her two missing sisters. What was most exciting, most inspiring, was this:

On the edge of the bed near both women, there were small waterfalls, leaving two big puddles. You could trace back the white gooey liquid to the side of the bed, then up their thighs and back to the oozing opening of their respective womanhood. The puddle under my mom was about twice the size of my aunt's as I'd really filled up her tank. Man, what a sexy sight.

The day that was just beginning was Sunday, the last day of that weekend their hubbies were away 'playing golf'. I proceeded to service both women half a dozen times, each. We weren't just taking a chance on pregnancy but ensuring it. So much seed, so much vibrant healthy sperm, such fertile wombs... It wasn't so much a question of 'if' but 'when'. Sure enough, sometime during our wild Sunday, both my beautiful mother and her twin sister conceived.

Predictably, three weeks later, my mom got a call from her sister. She'd tested herself and the tester turned blue. She was 'in the family way'. My mother told her she had to go...immediately. She rushed and got a home pregnancy test and was delighted to see that turn blue too. She called her sister with the news.

The rest of the story played out quickly. At my suggestion, all three of us snuck up to see those husbands during another one of their 'golf weekends'. For $100, we got a room key from the maid and came into their room with cameras clicking and camcorders recording.

The divorces that followed were easy and fast. No court dates—the settlements were in camera, with non-disclosure agreements. For that, my mom and her sister made out like bandits. They got their homes, cars, and 3/4ths of everything else.

The only other suspense was the fate of those fetuses. I dreaded the idea that they would turn to the big 'A' option now that they'd gotten all they wanted in divorce mediation. It came as quite a relief when my mom re-assured me that they were going to give birth to those babies (my aunt had one but mom was bearing twins of mine).

Oh, yes, about my exciting career in sporting goods, wearing that blue smock... As tempting as it was to return there, I gave them a fond farewell. I mean, between my (now) wealthy mother and her equally well-off sister, I had two places where I could go and 'crash'. I also had three children of mine to play with.

We settled down to a nice arrangement. My mother had her home, my aunt another one. Some weekends they'd get a married friend to tend to all the kids at my aunt's while mom and her twin sister 'tended' to me. That ended when that married friend delivered the kids back early, seeing what was going on at mom's place.

On the next weekend 'alone', yet another married friend tended the kids while mom, Aunt Paula, AND that 1st married friend were entertained by yours truly. I never thought that 'doing it' could become work, but with three, I had reached my limit and gone beyond. I barely had enough stamina to crawl over to the 'guest' and do her.

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