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Golf with Paige Spiranac


I'd just finished lunch on another dull day in my 9-5 job in Bristol, UK when I got the call. My name is Bill, I'm 40 years old, divorced, single and bored. I'm 6'5" tall, with very grey balding hair. I've never been that good looking, but I've improved with age, shall we say. That being said, a little middle-aged-spread didn't help matters. I lacked a certain confidence around women. Anyhow, enough about me. Let's get back to the story of what happened.

My mobile rang. It never did during the day. The number was American but unknown to me. I answered with my customary 'hullo?'

"Is that Bill Galbraith?" a very American male voice asked, to which I affirmed it was.

"Hi Bill. Good news! This is Tom Frankwell from TaylorMade. I'm ringing to inform you that you won our recent sweepstake for an all expenses trip to our Carlsbad headquarters! We'll fly you business class, provide you with a 5 star hotel for the week, you'll get fitted for a whole new set of clubs in our performance labs, we'll kit you out in new gear from head to toe, you'll get some coaching and practise rounds, and then you'll finish off the week with 9 holes against a very special guest. I just need to take some details from you and we'll get everything booked!"

I couldn't believe my ears. I never won anything. And now here I was on my way to California for the golf trip of a lifetime! I liaised with Tom and booked my week off work. It was still a month to go and I was desperately excited.

The month passed incredibly slowly, but before long I was jetting off to California on a shiny Virgin Atlantic plane. I'll gloss over much of the week, because the crux of this story is the round of golf at the end. Suffice to say, TaylorMade treated me like a celebrity. I had everything I needed, and my new clubs were amazing. I'm not a brilliant golfer - handicap 28 - but i do enjoy getting out, and everyone loves new bats! The coaching and so on was really useful and informative too.

So, skipping forward to the last day, I had a relaxed morning in the spa having massages and so on, and enjoyed a good lunch in the restaurant. Then I got changed and headed out to the waiting limo. We had an hour's ride ahead so I settled down for a bit of a relax. California was amazing. Not least of all because of the weather. It was beautifully warm and sunny, and the girls were out in response. And they were beautiful! Today was no different. There was so much to view from the limo windows. I was definitely sporting a semi by the time we arrived at the course. And it wasn't going to get much better any time soon.

I hopped out of the limo and the driver grabbed my golf bag and took me to the locker room where I sorted out footwear and so on and headed out to the pro shop to meet my playing partner. My jaw dropped when I got there because waiting by a cart was none other than Paige Spiranac. She was even more gorgeous in the flesh: beautifully tanned, golden blonde hair, a great smile, luscious long legs, a curvaceous backside and those tits? Wow! Even in a sports bra they were to die for! She was wearing fairly standard golf attire for women who have a figure to flaunt. A shirt showing a little cleavage and a little midriff, and a very short frilly skirt.

As soon as she saw me she bounded over to me, full of energy and initiated a kiss on each cheek. She was so bubbly and friendly and she smelt divine!

"Wow, Paige," I almost stuttered, "I'm a massive fan. Such a delight to actually meet you! I'm Bill." I admit I was definitely a little starstruck!

"Bill," she replied, "the pleasure is all mine. I'm really looking forward to playing with you today!" In retrospect I swear she winked at me as she said it, emphasising the 'playing', but I'm not 100% sure.

A rep from TaylorMade made formal introductions and explained that there would be quite the entourage for our 9 holes as they would be filming it for marketing purposes. First of all, though, we were to head to the range for a warm up. Our tee time was in an hour or so, the film crew would meet us at the first tee.

I loaded my bag onto the cart next to Paige's and plonked myself in the passenger seat.

"Don't want to drive, Bill?"

"No thanks Paige. I don't know the course at all, and i want to admire the view!" The slight double entendre was definitely intended.

Paige hopped into the driver's seat and sped us off to the range. We positioned ourselves at the furthest bays from the entrance, Paige taking the one next to the wall, meaning that I was able to watch her as we warmed up. I've no idea if I even hit a ball properly. I was mesmerised by the delicious butt bobbing around in front of me. Every time she took a shot the frilly section of the skirt flipped up giving a delightful view of a delightfully shapely bottom underneath the panty section.

After a few minutes Paige stopped hitting balls and watched me hit a few.

"Bill, you're not moving your hips enough as you hit. Watch me."

I gladly watched. Then it was my turn. I hit a couple.

"That's better, but not quite. Come here, stand behind me and put your hands on my hips so you can feel the movement."

I didn't need another invitation. I stood behind her and placed my hands on her hip. She slowly went through a some slow-motion swings. I could feel her muscles rippling and I was getting hard again.

Then she told me to try again, so I did. I concentrated hard on recreating the moves I'd felt her make. It was difficult but I felt I was improving.

"That's really good Bill, you're nearly there. Do you mind if I stand behind you and guide you a bit?"

"No, not at all. Do whatever you think is needed."

I took my stance and she stood behind me, reached around and grabbed hold of the shaft of my driver. She pressed her whole body into mine. It was delightfully soft and supple. We did a few slow-motion swings and I felt her abdomen pressing firmly into my rear as we went back and forth. My dick was pulsating with the sexiness of it all. By now I was certain Paige was teasing me on purpose. I wasn't going to stop her though.

She then stood back and I tried my hardest to remember what to do. Funnily enough it worked. I hit some of the best drives I've hit in my life. Paige was full of praise. She returned to hit a few last balls. Before long it was time to head to the first tee though. I thanked Paige for her attention. She smiled and told me to think nothing of it.

We got to the first tee and there was quite a crowd. The course had been closed to the public for the afternoon, but there were camera men and sound engineers and producers and all that lark everywhere. Paige and I agreed that I'd get a shot on every hole as TaylorMade wanted us to play matchplay. Even so, with all the fuss of interviews and cameras and all that I played terribly. Paige wasn't phased - I guess she was used to it. We completed the 9 holes and I lost comfortably. I don't think I hit a single shot I was pleased with. It was fun though. Paige was a delight to play with. The chatter and banter was great.

After we had completed the 9th hole, the TaylorMade rep thanked me for my time and told me I could complete the 18 on my own if I liked. I said I would. The entourage vanished pretty quickly taking Paige with them. She left her clubs in my cart though, saying that either she, or someone from the club would take them when I completed my round. I thanked her profusely for her help and company. She just smiled and gave me a big hug that lingered slightly longer than it should have. And then she was gone.

I felt a little deflated in all honesty, so I had a pause before I teed off on the 10th. I ate a chocolate bar and used the facilities in the half-way hut.

I teed up my ball and was about to swing when I heard a female voice hollering "hold up" at me. I turned and saw Paige jogging towards me.

"Sorry Bill," she panted when she got to the tee, "I couldn't get away from TaylorMade easily. I really want to play the back 9 with you, for fun, and without those cameras. I could tell they put you off. I got away from them as soon as I could. I couldn't let them know I'd be playing with you though or there would be too many questions to answer! Anyhow I finally managed to sneak out! Would you like me to join you for the back 9?"

"I'd absolutely love that Paige. I've greatly enjoyed your company today."

"I know, I can tell! And I think you've enjoyed more than just my company, am I right?"

I blushed a little and nodded.

"I thought so. So let's make this a little more fun. You played terribly on the front nine, so let's give you a little motivation. The winner of each hole gets to tell the loser to remove one piece of clothing which remains off for the rest of the round. If the hole is tied then we move on. What do you say?"

I couldn't believe my ears.

"Sounds fun Paige, although I'm not sure I'm prepared to be in the buff within 4 or 5 holes!"

"Don't you worry, Bill, you'll play a lot better I'm sure."

Terms agreed I readdressed my ball. The 10th was a short par 4 with water down the left. I'd selected a hybrid even though the hole was just about reachable with a driver. I flushed it and the ball flew straight as a die and came to rest on the fringe of the green. Paige clapped.

"Great shot, Bill! Looks like I'm going to be the nude one after all!"

She teed up and floated a long iron onto the fringe near to mine. Honours even, but I had a shot on each hole, so just about a nose in front. We both had relatively simple chip shots but I put mine closer, almost to gimme range. Paige putted and landed the ball in the middle of the cup for a good birdie. The pressure was on, but I easily sank my putt for a net eagle!

"Fantastically played, Bill! Well done indeed," Paige gushed. "So the big decision: what piece of clothing am I losing?"

She was serious. Wow.

"That's an easy one, Paige. I'd like you to remove your bra please."

She turned around and started lifting off her shirt. I decided to turn around also, so that I didn't see anything too soon.

"All done!" she piped up after a couple of minutes.

I turned around. There wasn't a huge amount of difference to the shape of things, but there was definitely some nipple action under the shirt. Her cheeks were slightly pink as she watched me check her out. Then she wiggled her tits for me and fluttered her long eyelashes.

"Like what you see, cowboy?"

I carefully rolled up my tongue and put it back in my mouth before nodding!

We got back in the cart for the short trip to the next tee. Every mound and bump along the way caused little jiggles next to me. I was mesmerised. Paige chattered away excitedly and I could tell she was pleased I was checking her out.

The 11th hole was a bit of a disaster for me. I hit my tee shot out of bounds and my provisional was a complete duff as well. An easy hole win for Paige in the end. It wasn't all disappointing though - watching her tits flap around under her shirt as she struck the ball was an utter delight.

"Get that shirt off, Bill," she piped up as her par putt hit the cup. I obliged, exposing my pasty white English upper body to the harsh Californian sun. Paige pulled out tube of sunblock from her golf bag and without asking started rubbing it in to my shoulders and back. Then she did my front also. Her hands were strong but soft and it felt so good. We were back in hardon territory.

The 12th hole was a par 3, and a simple one at that. Paige had the honour, and landed her ball within a couple of feet of the hole. My shot finished about an inch from the hole for a tap in. Paige missed her putt short, meaning I beat her without the aid of a handicap!

"I'd like you to remove your skort," I said as I picked up my ball and replaced the flag.

Paige nodded and slipped the skort off and put it in her bag.

"Your turn to apply the sunscreen," she said grinning. "Basically, everywhere there's tan lines needs a dose."

She looked magnificent. She was wearing a red lacy thong. I took the suncream and started applying it to her behind. I worked my way around to the thighs to the front. I noticed that her bikini line was meticulously shaven. As I got close to the thong with my cream application I definitely heard Paige sigh quietly.

Hole 13 was a par 5 and we both played it reasonably well. I duffed a chip and so we ended up with the hole tied. The really good thing from the whole thing though was seeing Paige's glorious butt every time she addressed the ball. The back of her thong was so thin that it practically disappeared inside her crack giving a great view of the cheeks, and the red material covering her mound underneath.

Hole 14 was a tricky par 4 with plenty of water right up to the green. Paige was very unlucky in that her second shot hit the green and span back into the water. I was a lot less accurate with my second and flew the green. I was in the bushes but I had a shot, rather than having to take a penalty drop. Unfortunately though, I duffed my chip badly a couple of times giving Paige a very lucky win. She didn't hesitate in asking me to remove my trousers, and she was very quick to start creaming my legs for me. I was wearing loose boxers and my raging hard dick was very obviously tenting them.

"Your dick looks about as hard as my pussy is wet, Bill," she exclaimed whilst rubbing her hands dangerously close to my crotch. I just shuddered and smiled.

Now I was really motivated to play well. My next piece of clothing would be those boxers, and whilst I didn't mind Paige seeing my dick, I was less sure about playing 3 or 4 holes completely in the buff. Thankfully hole 15 was a good one for me and I won it with ease. I was undecided though what to ask for next. It would either be shirt or thong, but I was also aware that that would start to expose Paige a great deal, maybe more than she bargained for.

"What's it going to be, Bill?" she asked. "We've reached the fun part. Do you want to see my boobs or my pussy more?"

"Good question Paige! Although if you're uncomfortable carrying on we can always stop?"

"Don't be silly Bill. The course is closed, there's nobody about except you, and it was my game suggestion."

"Ok, well, this is tricky, but I think I'd like you to remove your thong please."

She did so without hesitation. There she was naked from the naval to her socks. I realised that the reason her bikini line was so well trimmed was because she had completely removed all hair from her nether regions. I could see her crinkly inner labia just poking out from the outer ones. She was stunning. I'd always had a bit of a thing for bottomless girls - it was something I often searched for on porn sites. Having Paige Spiranac standing there bottomless on a golf course in front of me made me nearly cream myself there and then. Then I noticed she was handing me the suncream again.

"It all needs doing Bill. Take your time!"

I took the cream and started at the back. Whilst there was very little that had been covered by the thong, I still wanted to make sure her anus was protected. I ran a slippery finger over the puckered hole and felt Paige shiver at my touch. I ran it right down the crease as far as I could reach and brushed her labia gently. Paige shuddered and groaned. Then I reached round and rubbed cream into her mound. She was delightfully smooth. I suspected wax rather than a blade was her method of choice for epilation. Then I ran my finger over her labia again and gave her clit a little tweak. She was absolutely soaked. I rubbed her pussy a few times and then slipped a finger inside. She didn't resist, so I slipped it in as far as I could and inserted another one as well. At the same time I nuzzled her neck. She was groaning and shuddering uncontrollably. I carried on fingering her until she exploded in a beautiful orgasm. Then I hopped into the cart and waited for her to compose herself. She sat down next to me, her legs slightly spread and her own juices leaking onto the seat. What a fabulous sight.

On to hole 16, where I was very distracted by Paige as she hit her shots. I'm sure she wiggled her butt intentionally for me, but seeing it moving around, her pussy glistening in the sun left me spellbound. I duffed some shots, and made some bad club choices. I was well beaten. I didn't wait for Paige to ask. I slipped off my boxers and exposed my rock hard dick to her. She immediately got to work applying sun protection. My buttocks got a quick covering before she got to work on my balls and dick. She was definitely experienced at this. It felt so good. Then she slipped my dick into her mouth, her full lips massaging it, her tongue playing with the tip. I'm probably slightly bigger than average, but she swallowed the whole damn thing with ease. I was getting close to climax and she could sense it. Suddenly she slipped a well lubricated finger into my anus. That was a totally new experience for me and I liked it a good deal. In fact I exploded instantly, my seed spraying the inside of Paige's adorable mouth. She swallowed every last drop and licked me clean.

"Yummy!" she sighed. "Let's see if you can earn a look at my tits on the next one!"

Hole 17 was a close affair. But I just pipped Paige due to a good putt. It was actually quite exhilarating playing practically naked. Paige was definitely enjoying watching my dick flap around too. I could tell. And she seemed genuinely glad to be removing her shirt, finally. Those 32D tits were unbelievable. Still really firm, and a definite handful. I grabbed the suncream. I wasn't going to miss this chance to feel them. I started with her back, of course, then the shoulders, finally working my way slowly down towards her nipples. I brushed them both gently and Paige squealed with pleasure.

"Please - be rough with my nipples Bill. They're so sensitive after rubbing against my shirt for so long. Make me cum from playing with my tits!"

I didn't need asking twice. I tweaked and pulled the nipples quite roughly for a while, then started nibbling and biting them. It didn't take Paige long to reach an awesome climax.

"Thanks!" she whispered gently. "That was amazing. And I've had an idea about how to make the last interesting. The winner of this hole is in control for the rest of the night. The loser has to do everything the winner wants. What do you say?"

"That sounds great Paige," I replied. "Let's do it."

We rode to the next hole with me greatly enjoying the view next to me. This beautifully athletic woman was so far out of my league, and yet she was naked next to me, had allowed to finger her most intimate parts, and had given me the most earth-shatteringly good blowjob to boot. And I now had the chance to be in control for the rest of the night. Whoever won it sounded like we would have fun, but I really wanted to win. I wanted to tell this woman to do all sorts of things for my pleasure, and hopefully hers as well.

We teed off on the 18th, both of us playing well. I very much enjoyed watching Paige's boobs as she played. They really jiggled around nicely. But I also kept the distraction controlled and focused on my own game. In the end it came down to a putt off. We both had 15 footers. Whoever got down in the least would win. I was up first. I took my time, and eventually hit my shot. It was on target, but would it get to the hole? It slowed up and stopped right on the very edge of the hole. Then slowly, very slowly, it started tipping and then suddenly it was in the cup. I couldn't believe it! Now the pressure was on Paige. This one had to go in to tie the hole. There was no point playing it safe. She gave it a good go, but it missed the hole by an inch or so. I had won! Paige immediately came over the customary congratulation of the winner, but instead of shaking my hand, she threw her arms around me, pressing her naked body into mine, and snogged me hard on the lips.

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