tagSci-Fi & FantasyGone Fishin'

Gone Fishin'

byJoseki Ko©

The female rolled her hips back, muscles rippling as the weight transferred softly. The golden mane flowing in tendrils as she sat back, rocking on the balls of her feet. Balancing while she straightened, the pale virginal silks whispering as she rose, the lilting jingle of bells joining the song of the beast as she pivoted, music in motion. The snap of a hip sending a riot of sound as the liquid flowing gold sprayed out in her wake as she began her crossing of the large hall. Her hips swaying to a natural gait all her own, the song following her, holding her, as the silks caressed and made the movement ethereal. The beast navigated the maze, a sea of Free pillows and slave furs, heading toward the kitchen supply closet.

Her hazel hued eyes flickering beneath the pale sweeping lashes, a soft contented smile holding the full lips when reaching the closet the female paused, opening it to pluck one of the several necessary instruments of her quest. She was to go a-hunting. She would be made a temporary sleen of the seas, her prey? The poor unsuspecting fish along the docks, if they only knew! That impish gleam danced in the hazel hues as she found the lined rod, net, extra line, the small bone hooks, the water cage, and a large bucket and turning for the door, the supplies in tow, last minute a pause, a flicker of a grin.

Setting them down in a liquid flow as the girl turned, the snap and spilling of golden tresses, the lilting dance of bells as she moved upon her toes, that flex of muscle rippling from calve to hip, silent but for that constant bell song that signaled her presence as well as any bosk bell upon a beast in the field, though of a softer, higher and more delicate tone, dancing in the eardrums. sweet in its simplicity. She found a plate of waste bones, left from some of the other girl's cooking. Their future destination no doubt to find the gullets and bellies of fluffy and kitty, those snarling beasts that still held her heart, pink of fur and cute despite their savage carnal smiles.

Plucking two of the smaller bones with meat still clinging to them, she hurried back to her burden and lifting it all into her capable arms, before the willowy curved beast with the thigh kissing mane of the sun's own ink slipped over to the kitchen door. Her feet happy to find the grass of the garden yard, pausing only momentarily to tip her head back, the smell of the rosemary and mint tantalizing the senses with their sweet aromas. She flashed a brighter grin, her dimples pressing within her cheeks, she hurried into motion once more not wishing to tarry over long, around the hold she followed the flow of the breeze, the smell of the salt filling her lungs.

The sea awash with light and mystery as the breeze grew stronger as she approached. The sand now slipping within the patches of grasses, the green thinning until their was none, she heard the cries of the gulls overhead and could not help but laugh. They had spotted with their keen sight, the bosk bones and were already fighting amidst themselves over which among them would get the privilege. As if they had been given the option! She bent and snagged a handful of the sand, tossing it high over head, the laughter bubbling

"Not for you, silly ole biddies! Go nag an ol' turtle!" she flashed them a grin.

And with a show of spirit pivoted with a snap of hip, the spray of gold billowing in her wake, she head down the dock, the wood Warmed by the sun biting into the soles of her feet not pausing until she reached the end. It was there paused placing her burden down, her first effort tossing the cage over the side into the depths, the splash and spray sending droplets across the beast and both a gasp and a giggle as she shivered, the wind kissing each droplet and making the girl smile. such a beautiful thing the Thassa!

She secured the cage's leather thong to one of the docking posts and then plucked up the bones, one particular brave seagull giving her the evil eye for that one. she laughed and struck out her tongue before quickly securing the to strips of string, bitten to length and tossed over the side at different posts, let the crabbies find them, the girl needed to get some bait now. She would deal with the snapping crawlers when she set her lines. thus the girl grabbed the net and hurried back down the docks, the bowl, hooks, extra line, and rod left to the side unmolested for the moment on the clear day. She hurried to the sandier spot of shore, seeing the movement. of waves she couldn't help but smile brighter. The light dancing across the Thassa almost rendering its waters translucent, the movement of the small schools near the shore barely visible, she shook out the net. It was small, having the two separate sides bunched with two different strings, yet able to be tossed and yanked. All the rope snag together to enclose its belly and hold captive the small freshly hatched schools that make such eager advances.

The parents surfing the deeper waters, and then the female did do, the beast slipping into the waters up to her thighs, the tips of the pale silks soaking and clinging to her naval and hips as she watched the schools move to and fro, closer and away, always following the movement of the tide. She breathed slowly and calmly waiting, gauging the distance, and then with a gasp, casting the net to slap the water and yanking in one movement. The spray of gold flowing and dancing, the bells silent below the waters and hauling in the net. She pouted. Too slow unraveling the net she moved slowly deeper, letting the waters his at her hips, the chill making the baby hairs upon her forearms dance upon end. she shivered and straightened the net again. Breathing slowly watching the shadows of the baby schools along the mossy sandy bottom and then with an abrupt toss and yank, the glittering net soared forth. The girl already drawing the net in before it hit the water she felt the fight, the drag, already turning and walking from the waters, she had gotten a fair share of babies. A delighted shriek as she hit the shore, she had caught a small, well small for their breed, speckled fish in the midst of the small school.

A slight triumphal twirl, she turned and hurried down the sandy beach and back onto the wooden deck, the silks clinging with the water on them glistening and the thump of her feet matching the soft fiery song of the bells as she hurried. Golden piggy tails billowing in her wake and the nets holding the catch of fine small baits and that one speckled surprise.

She stopped with a huff of breath, chest rising and falling, loving the sensation of the sea air dancing around her, she turned and with one loud smack she pounded the nets down, the jolt sending the small fish within it into a shock until she could slip them out of the nets and into the waiting bowl. It saved her from the dangers of unseen fish that she might not wish to deal with. She wouldn't want to mistakenly brush an eel of any type beneath the bodies of harmless ones. She slipped the speckled one from the pile, lifting the watery cage and letting it slip into it, casting it back down to hold it until she was ready to go. A quick string of the line of and the choicer minnows, stringing them artfully over the line and hook, leaving their already flapping tails room to make a stir then casting the line out, placing the up against one of the support ties, where she could monitor it's tip for signs of bites, the girls gaze slid back to the bait bowl only to cry out with a scowl, two gulls were making themselves dinner!

"Gah! Get away you two biddies! Those are niccis! Shoo shooo! Don't make nicci go and get fluffy!"

The girl snagged the bowl with a dark daring scowl at the loudly protesting birds. placing it in her lap as she plops down on her rear, letting legs hang off the side, the waters spraying across the soles of her feet as they beat against the support posts of the dock, making her giggle. Her fingers clasp one of the bone lines and she wiggles it a little bit, feeling a weighty resistance. Her heart beats faster, grabbing it and slowly, carefully inching it closer to the surface. She didn't wish to lose the snapper. She waited until she got it within sight of the surface, and the smile dazzled the weak as she noticed not one but two! Oh how the sea smiled upon her efforts today!

The one hand reached for the nets, bunching them quickly, while she slid the bowl aside, forgotten for the moment, it would have to be quick. Then she did it, yanking hard upon the bone cord, and swinging the net with the other, the creatures once free of the Thassa's protecting cover releasing, seeking the waters only to find the net, the beast didn't hesitate, but quickly beat them against the dock, knocking them senseless.

Removing their still bodies from the dock she turned and into the basket they went, locked up. The girl at last breathed, free of their pinchers. She dropped the bone back below once more and then crawled back over to the other bone string, not before shooing those pain in the neck gulls from snacking on her bait. A tap on the line, feeling the resistance again, she pulled up lightly, all but wiggling in her excitement. There weren't two, but one old big one, holding barnacles upon its shell, she bit her lip checking the size of the snappers. She was tempted to just let the animal have the bone but, no. She must land the snapper. She readied the net and eased the bone toward the surface, the large snapper doing something unsuspected. It released the line as it felt the rise. With a gasp she heaved the net and released the useless bone to drag on the net strings, she felt the fight and hurried, if it snapped to much it could destroy the net.

Concentration snaring the senses, just as the flicker of the gaze gave way to the dip on the fishing line, a fish!

"But, but, but!"

She bit hard on her lower lip and hauled the net overboard, the fighting grandfather of a snapper wiggling and seeking flesh with its angry claws, she beat it once against the deck but still it fought, a shocked cry, twice, thrice, and a fourth before she let go of the net shivering. Such an angry creature!

Holding her hands to her chest to hold her breath, she sagged to the deck boards. Poking at the still figure of the large snapper with a trembling finger and sighed in relief only when did it didn't stir. She quickly unraveled it from the netting, and dumped it into the basket with a contented sigh stretching back on the deck to glance at the pole.

"The pole!"

An anguished cry tore itself from her as she quickly dragged in the line, only to find..


The sea beast had torn off the bait and left her empty. A hand reached into the bait bucket and felt thrice before hazel hues glanced over and she just groaned, sagging back onto the boards.

"Empty." she growled. "Niccy hates those biddies"

But at least she had the snappers? She began to pack everything once more, drawing up the singled speckled fish and stringing it on a dry line, leaving only the bone lines to last, finding the first empty and finding two more smackers.

The first proved to be a little slippery but the second, quickly caught and gathered in the basket. Then the beast laden with its supplies hurried back along the warm wooden dock to the hold. Placing things back where they go, leaving the fish to dry, out of reach of the sleen, and low enough to the sleen that the gulls didn't dare it, and kept the chattering, snapping creatures within the basket confined, a rock holding the lid securely down until she found what was to be done with them

When this was done the girl hurried into the bathing space and washed the salted tang of the sea from her figure and hair, leaving in its place the fresh floral smell of the soaps left for the fellow beasts, new pale silks donned and the flow of gold left to dry in her wake as she seeks above, the lilting bells telling the story of the beast as she moves even as the silks whisper the girl's secrets, the weaving figure finding her way back

She came to her silent Master, her muscles rippling softly in her smooth swayed gait, the honey tones moving liquidly around the curved willowy figure of the beast as she draws to Him, pausing slightly to His left and kneeling, melting onto modestly closed thighs as bells fall silent, hands finding the closed limbs, tugging at the silks to smooth them in a habit almost forgotten, so long had it been, tilting her chin back to reveal the city collar, as he watched her as he would his kailla. Her eyes began to dance beneath the soft sweep of long lashes, the lips curled into that familiar dimpled grin, a slight playful toss of the head, the spray of gold dancing to follow the movement, she smiles all the brighter as the light soprano tones drift once more.

"A girl has gone fishing Master. She wasn't that successful with fish Master but she did catch quite a few snappers." She grinned praying that he would find her pleasing.

The Master looked down at the city girl.

"Good job girl snappers are very tasty indeed."

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