Gone Fishing


The divorce was not going well for me. Caroline got the house and the car and a most of our money. Worse than that was how she manipulated the whole thing. She told me, "You're a pathetic excuse for a man Carl. You never could satisfy me. Size does matter and you are sadly lacking. I always faked it with you. The other guys I fuck are all bigger than you and twice the man you are. You turned into a weak sissy."

I couldn't even argue with her on that. She was the one who got me to start shaving my body hair off saying that it was what all hot men do. I even took the jeers from the guys at the gym for a while even though two thirds of the guys there were shaved too. Then Caroline started with the roll play games to spice up the sex life. She was the one who picked out the costumes. She was the one who put makeup and wigs on me. She told me it turned her on to dress me like a maid or a nurse or a schoolgirl. Then she told me how much she wanted to fuck me. I agreed to let her fuck me with a strap on while she had me all dolled up. I admit that I had enjoyed it. I believed it was helping our sex life. Then she went and reversed it on me.

I couldn't even use that or her infidelity to help my cause in the divorce. She had me there. My vice was gambling. I met Caroline in a casino while I was on a heater at the craps table. She didn't mind then but gambling continued to be my addiction and sometimes it got expensive. Caroline and I would argue about a lot. I curbed it for a while but started playing hold 'em poker and winning a lot more that I was loosing. For a year I made money and almost had all my old gambling debts caught up. Then she hit me with the divorce papers sighting my gambling addiction as the cause. That was the official cause for the lawyers but her scathing remarks about my lack of manhood told the real reason.

The whole process was depressing. I at least had my buddies to help me out. My three good friends, Terry, Matt and Dave helped me find an apartment, set me up with a cheap car, and gave me all the moral support they could. The week before the fishing trip, they took me out to the strip joint to try to cheer me up. At first I liked it and they even pitched in to get me a private lap dance with the stripper I thought was the hottest. The sexy blonde gyrated and grinded her bare ass on my lap so well that I let loose all my pent up sexual energy and came in my pants after the first song. She was mad at me at first but then turned cruel by insulting my manhood. I ended up more depressed than before.

I didn't think that it could get worse. My buddies suggested heading up to the lake for a fishing weekend to get away from it all. I still had the cottage and lake property as it was in my family for generations. Caroline never contested it. I looked forward to the guys only weekend of fishing and taking it easy. It seemed like the perfect fix.

Terry and Matt were both married. We had in the past had several couples weekends and couples dinners before my divorce. Neither of them had much of a wife to brag about. Terry's wife was extra large and boring. Matt's wife was a church prude. For years they envied me having the hottest wife on the planet. They often told me that she was out of my league. We were all geeks at a tech company. They ended up with wives in their own league. They were right. Caroline was too much for me. They didn't know the details though. I told them the official story line, that she left me because of the gambling in order to save myself some dignity with my friends.

Dave was the odd one among us. He worked at the same company but on the assembly line. He punched a clock and wore a blue shirt with his name on it while Terry, Matt and I worked upstairs in the office with suits and ties on. Dave had been a long time friend of Matt's though and mixed in with us. He had been married and divorced before he was twenty-five. We were all in our late thirties now. Dave would sometimes bring around a girlfriend when we had couples activities. Most of the girl's he dated were very hot, often giving Caroline a run for her money. It was surprising because Dave didn't look like much. He was skinny, plain looking, wore glasses and had the lowest salary of the four of us. He was also a man of few words. He was quiet to fault and I often wondered what was going on in that mind of his. The rumour was that Dave was hung like a horse. Considering the women he dated there was likely some truth to that rumour.

We arrived at my cottage and got ourselves comfortable. We filled the fridge with beer, grilled up some steaks and prepared our fishing gear. The sleeping arrangements were that I would sleep in the main bed. Matt and Terry would take the two single beds in the guest room and Dave willingly accepted the couch. As the guys unpacked, I got a whistle and some lewd calls from the bedroom. Some of Caroline and my roll playing costumes were hanging in the closest from our last trip there together.

Terry teased me, "Carl, your maid outfit looks pretty. Are you going to wear it fishing?" The guys all laughed. It was true that it was my outfit but the guys didn't know that. I was small of frame and at five foot seven, the same height as Caroline.

After a slight blush I told them, "Caroline forgot that she left her costumes up here. She would dress up in that to turn me on. She has a few more too. I won't give them back to her though." It was a reasonable story even if the idea of ball busting Caroline dressed up and acting servile seemed far off. I just hoped that they didn't look at the size of the shoes as the high heels were all size eleven.

After that little scare we had settled in and got an early night so we could get up early on Saturday morning to fish. The fishing was fine in the morning and we all caught a few but the sky clouded over and the rain started in the afternoon. We quit fishing, put away our gear and went indoors for the night. After a fresh fish dinner, we got cleaned up. I had a shower and shave and put on some loose shorts and a tee shirt. The other guys did the same.

With not much else to do, Matt suggested playing poker. The others were enthusiastic too. I was uncertain because I knew I had a gambling habit but also knew that I was far more experienced a poker player and figured I could best them. Matt was obvious and could not hide or disguise his intensions. Terry was timid and I felt that I could scare him off of hands if I wanted. Dave was the tricky one. He was always silent and expressionless. I figured his poker face was probably pretty good.

The guys all had a lot more money that I did. Matt and Terry made the same as me but didn't have the burden of a divorce to concern them. Dave was single, lived alone and didn't spend a lot so he had cash too. They thought that three hundred for a buy in was reasonable. That was every cent I had. Convinced that I could win, I agreed. The other thought that crossed my mind was that they might be doing this to help me out. They knew I wouldn't accept a handout but if they lost their money to me fair and square then it would be different.

We snacked on pretzels and drank beers. I told the guys that we had a few porn DVDs that we could put on the TV while we played. I thought that the distraction might help my cause. Dave said, "Maybe later. Let's just play for now." We started up our game of Texas hold 'em with three hundred dollar stacks each.

I was right about Matt and Terry. I read them. Dave was tough to figure out. He folded most of his hands and saved his money. I was up to almost six hundred and felt very confident. When Dave finally called a big bet on me and exposed pocket Kings he took almost two hundred off of me. I then watched him loose a pot to Matt when he tried to bluff with two low cards and ran into two pair from Matt. I noticed when Dave bet that hand, he showed his teeth. I wondered if it was a tell. I later called Dave's bet when I just had ace high because he parted his lips a little and showed teeth. I was right and caught him bluffing again. I didn't let on that I picked up his tell.

Matt and Terry were both getting low on chips. Dave and I were about even. That's when the big hand came. I had pocket aces. I bet big and Matt and Terry folded. Dave called. The flop was another ace, a ten and a six, all off suit. With top set I knew I had Dave. Curious as to what he would do, I checked to him. He bet three hundred. His lips parted and his teeth were showing. I called. The turn was a deuce, I checked again and Dave pushed all in. His teeth were showing and his hands were practically shaking. He was trying to bluff me off. I had him. It was time for the kill. I called. The last card was a nine and the board had all four suits showing and no pairs. I showed him my top set of three aces. Dave rolled over his seven and eight off suit. He made a straight. I lost.

I had been right about him bluffing as he didn't make the straight until after I called his all in bet. He was a bad poker player and had a tell but he had all of my money. I was out. I sat back depressed about how it worked out. Terry said, "Why don't you buy back in? It's still early."

Sadly, I said, "That's all the money I brought. I'm tapped." I went over to the TV and put on a porn DVD to watch. The guys huddled and then called me back over.

Dave chose to speak for the group as Terry and Matt tried to hold in their giggles. Dave said, "We want you to keep playing and we agreed to lend you a hundred each to buy back in." It seemed too good to be true and the way that Matt and Terry were laughing I knew it would be.

I looked back at Dave. "What's the catch?"

Very calmly Dave said, "All you have to do for the three hundred is to dress up in that French maid outfit and play the rest of the game wearing it." All three broke out laughing.

I shook my head and said, "You guys are assholes. Fuck that!" and went and got myself another beer. I sat in front of the TV for a while and was getting turned on by the hot, fake breasted, blonde giving head to some guy with a huge cock. I was growing a tent in my shorts but had to resist pulling it out and masturbating because I wasn't alone. It was getting hot and when the actor came all over the porn star's face I almost blew my own load. The next scene was starting with two hot chicks in girl on girl action. I knew I wouldn't make it so I went back over to watch the poker game. Terry and Matt were both chipping away at Dave's big stack. Again I watched Dave for his tell. Sure enough, every time he bluffed he showed his teeth and never when he had a good hand. I really wanted back in the game. My gambling obsession was eating at me. I knew that I could easily take them.

I had enough when Dave bet Matt off of a hand. Dave had shown his teeth and he accidentally flashed his cards and I could see that he was playing seven deuce off suit with an ace, queen and a king on the board. I asked, "Can I still get back in?"

Dave hemmed and hawed for a minute and said, "We'll give you the three hundred but since you refused already, you not only have to dress up in the French maid outfit but have to wear the makeup and the wig too. You'll also have to serve us drinks and snacks between hands."

The guys seemed pleased and laughed at my predicament. "Come on guys, can't we make it the original offer?" I pleaded.

Dave was firm, "Nope. That's the deal now." Flustered, I agreed to their terms. The guys whooped and cheered as I stormed off into my bedroom to get changed. Caroline had a makeup bag in the bathroom that she had always left up there. I applied the foundation and then the eyeliner. She had done my makeup enough times that I was pretty good at applying it myself. After eye shadow and blush I put on mascara and bright red lipstick.

I knew that the maid outfit would fit perfectly as it wasn't the first time I wore it. It wasn't a cheap Halloween costume either but a real good quality outfit from a high end lingerie shop. It included the dress, apron, crinolines, black fishnet stockings, white lace gloves and a maids cap which attached to the brunette wig that was shoulder length with straight cut bangs. I put on the black lace bra and panties first. The fishnet stockings were stay ups. My smooth legs looked great in them. I put on the waist corset that Caroline made me wear when she dressed me up. I filled the bra with silicone falsies before slipping the dress on over top. I put on the black stiletto shoes and was ready.

As I was checking my appearance in the mirror, I was amazed how hot I looked. As I admired myself, the guys were hollering at me to hurry up. They were screaming, "Wench, I need more beer," and other teasing remarks. I decided that instead of looking embarrassed or ashamed, that I would own it. I knew they were having fun at my expense but I could take that power away if I remained poised and confident. I looked really good after all and I imagined that I could use that distraction to my advantage in the game.

I confidently strutted out of the bedroom with a hand on my hip and my chin held high. The guys laughed and whistled and made crude jokes but I didn't let them get to me and owned it. I played my roll and fetched drinks and snacks before taking my seat at the poker table. As promised, they staked me three hundred dollars. Matt and Terry had again worn Dave's stack down a bit. Dave was a really bad player and had just got lucky in that one big hand.

The guys shut up after a few minutes when they realized that they couldn't phase me. Matt even said, "I told you it would fit him." They all sniggered. Terry sat across from me and couldn't take his eyes off of me. He looked at me lustfully. I had him. I played it up and batted my eyelashes and licked my lips. He was getting flustered. Matt was sitting to my right and he kept on staring down at my legs which looked magnificent. I kept crossing and uncrossing them to tease him. It appeared to be working. Dave was the only one who didn't seem bothered.

I bluffed Terry out of a hundred dollar pot by just winking at him and blowing him kisses. I bet his wife never looked as hot as I did at that moment. Matt was almost drooling on my legs. I knew that his wife never dressed that sexy in her life. Those two were easy pickings. I almost cursed myself for not agreeing to wearing the costume sooner.

The porn DVD was finished and Dave "ordered" me to put in a new one. I could feel their eyes burning my ass as I bent over to change the disk. I sashayed back to the table to continue playing. The new DVD was a gang bang movie. I remembered it from watching it with Caroline. There were three scenes, each featuring a girl in a costume getting gang banged by five guys. The first scene had a blonde dressed as a nurse getting it. All the heat from the movie, combined with my teasing had the guys flustered. Dave was the exception. He bluffed Matt and took a big pot. I waited patiently for my chance.

After twenty minutes, the movie showed a school girl getting gang banged. I took a few hands in row. Soon, I had over six hundred in front of me. Matt and Terry were almost tapped. A few hands later they both lost out to Dave. That left just me and him. As it happened, the porn DVD had gone to it's third scene with a brunette actress in a French maid costume getting gang banged. Matt and Terry were watching. Terry said, "Hey Carl, don't take this the wrong way, but you look hotter than this bitch in the movie." Matt nodded in agreement.

I smiled and said "Thanks guys," in a high pitched girly voice with a French accent. Then I added, "and my name is Carla boys." They giggled and returned to watch the scene. Meanwhile, I got dealt another pair of black aces. I raised to one hundred and Dave quickly called me. I knew that I was way ahead. Eying the eleven hundred plus in chips in front of Dave, I was hoping to double up on the hand. The flop was an ace of hearts, jack of spades, five of hearts. I didn't want to risk running into a straight or flush draw again so I bet three hundred. Dave paused and looked at his cards again several times and finally called. I thought he might be chasing a flush.

The turn card was a nine of hearts. I wondered if he had his flush. I looked for teeth. Nothing. He was trying to hold down a smile. He may have had it. I checked. Dave paused. He stared me down. Then he asked me a question. "If I were to go all in here and you want to call me, would you be interested in a deal, Carla?"

If he went all in there, I would have folded but I didn't want him to know that. I could still catch up on the last card. So I asked, "What kind of deal did you have in mind?"

Dave looked back at the TV set and for a second watched the maid taking five cocks. Turning back to me, Dave said, "If you call it and win, you can get all of my chips, almost twelve hundred dollars. If you loose though, you loose your money and you have to give all three of us hand jobs." That got Matt and Terry perked up. They turned to our game with sudden anticipation.

I studied Dave's motive. He was trying to frighten me off the hand with the suggestion or maybe his flush was low and was trying to read if I had a better one. "I won't make that deal. Why? Are you all in?" was all I could say. I was getting ready to fold.

Dave looked at his cards again and said, "No, I'll just check." I wondered if he knew he had his chance to get me to fold. He had to be thinking his flush was good. The last card was a five of diamonds. That gave me a full house. His mistake was to my benefit. I didn't want to seem over eager. If I bet right away he might fold. I looked at him. His teeth were showing. I knew that I had him. I checked.

Dave seemed nervous again. His teeth were showing as he announced, "I'm all in." I was about to snap call but I greedily eyed his almost twelve hundred dollars. I paused.

Knowing that I was going to win the hand, I asked, "So, do you want to make that deal now? I win I get all of your chips. I loose, I give you guys hand jobs?"

Dave thought for a moment then said, "No, that deal is gone. Here's the new deal. You win, you keep all the money but if you loose it has to be blow jobs." He was showing his teeth. He was trying to scare me from calling his bet. He continued, "You will have to suck each of our cocks and swallow every drop of cum." He never closed his lips over his teeth. He had to be thinking that I would never accept that deal and would fold. Of course he was trying to scare me. His flush was no good.

"I accept your deal Dave. Your flush is no good. I have a full house," I boldly claimed as I flipped over my pocket aces. I was reaching for the chips as Dave flipped over his pocket fives.

Calmly, Dave said, "Four of a kind, I win." With that he started counting his chips. I was flabbergasted. My jaw hung open. I could not understand how I had read him wrong. All I could think about was the hand and not about the consequences. I sat there in silent terror. I would not of course follow through on the deal. There was no way.

I sat there with my mouth still wide open in shock. Terry had stepped up beside me and unzipped his shorts. They fell to the floor. I was still replaying the hand in my head. Terry took advantage of my gaping mouth and put his erect cock into it. I suddenly became aware that my friend had his penis in my mouth. I pulled my head back. I stared at it. Terry's cock was a bit longer than mine, just over six inches but was much thicker. It was muscled and wide. It was surrounded by a thick bush of pubic hair. The head was like a fat mushroom. A trail of my saliva clung from it to my lip. I could see a red ring from my lipstick just behind the head. I was in awe of it.

I could not look Terry in the eye. I was staring at his fat cock which was actually making my mouth water. Terry waited no longer and grabbed the back of head and shoved his cock back into my mouth. He stretched my mouth wide. Caroline had made me suck her strap on before so I remembered how to prevent myself from gagging. Terry pushed all the way in so that his balls were touching my chin. He exclaimed, "Yes, I haven't had a blow job since I bought my wife her engagement ring." Holding onto the sides of my head he began fucking my face. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. Drool from my throat lubricated his cause and he pumped faster and faster. I didn't know what to do with my hands. I gently placed them on Terry's hairy thighs. He started shouting, "Oh ya, suck it Carla. Suck it bitch!" I looked upwards and made eye contact with Terry as he face fucked me. At that moment, Terry stopped pumping my mouth and gasped. Suddenly, I felt a blast of red hot cum filling my throat. "Swallow it, you have to swallow it," he reminded me. I gulped and took his load into my stomach. He kept his cock in my mouth for a few minutes until his orgasm subsided. I swallowed the last of his cum. Terry let go of my head and eased his softening dick out.

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