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My name is Sara Lee no relation to the cake people. I have been married for twenty one years to the same man and I have two children. Ken age twenty and Jill age eighteen. My husband Jack is 43 this year and we all live together happily. Jack is in real estate and owns his own business. Ken goes to the local junior college while Jill took a position at her Dads' company. I stay home and do every things Mom's are supposed to do. So there you have it we are a normal happy family with out issues or any great amount of stress and since my husband makes a fair living we are considered to be upper middle class.

Not too long ago I was browsing the internet looking for answers to a few health questions about aging. Not that I am that old yet but we girls do have issues as we approach that magic mark of forty.

I got into Google and either missed typed or screwed something up because I got a list of local nudist camps. Curiosity got the best of me and so I went into it deeper. Jack had at one time talked about getting a motor home to do some traveling both local and long distance. One camp that was in the northern part of our state said it was clothing optional and a (close knit group) I of course had no idea what that meant until I got down to the fine print at the bottom of the opening page. There in small print was a note that said "Swingers welcome." And the swingers had there own part of the park to stay in that was exclusive and private.

I am neither stupid, naïve or unknowing about such things as alternative life styles. But I am not well educated about such things because I have never come in contact with any one that openly admitted to swinging or being into wild or gay sex. As I went into the Adult page I saw pictures of couples holding hands and sitting with other coupes supposedly in the private section of this campground. There were pictures of girls hugging girls and one picture of two couples with the ladies sitting in their husbands' laps and another picture of the same ladies sitting in the other mans lap. I guess this was to suggest that they were willing to change partners. Then the pictures got more expressive but only in a suggestive way. One lady was kneeling in front of a man but there was a large shadow so you could not see what she was doing but it was obvious that she was engaged in oral sex. Then another picture the same lady was bent over at the waist and a different man was behind her but here again the actual point of contact was blocked from view but he was supposed to be making love to her from the rear.

I wondered if those people really did that or if this was just a lot of bull. But at the same time why would they do this and have there picture taken if it was not true.

That the bottom of this page there was a (click here) if you wanted to go to a more sexual explicit site for adults only. I was really getting into this so I clicked.

Now don't get me wrong I have had a happy marriage and Jack is a good lover. We enjoy a full range of sexual encounters and we freely express our sexual desires and often play sex games such as roll playing. For us it is fun and gives us a different way to express ourselves. We are both into oral sex and if Jack wants to have anal sex with me I let him because he is gentle and takes his time to get me relaxed and enlarged. So we are not in great need of sex from others and I have never found I needed to go out side the home for sex or love. If jack has ever gone out on me I don't know about it. Neither of us has ever shown any sign of being jealous but on the other hand we have never needed to be.

At the country club there are a few guys that tease me and flirt in front of Jack but Jack had never shown signs of it bothering him and the same goes the other way as well. When Jack is at the pool there is little doubt about his manhood and I have seen more than one of the ladies looking at him. But it has never bothered me. Jack shows his love for me every day and I for him.

As the site popped up there was a list of things to see on the side bar and you had to click again on what you wanted to see. I had no idea want I was doing or even why I was here. But one of the listed sub-sets was "Mature" so I clicked again.

The first thing to come up was a picture of a woman about my age with a sizable cock in her mouth. No big deal I had watched myself in the mirror many times. Then the next was a lady that was a little older with large breasts and a rounded belly but still a fine figure with two men. A series of pictures included her holding each mans erection and her sucking each in turn and then her with one man screwing her and her sucking the other. The picture showed one man with his cock in her pussy and the other man with his cock in her behind. I looked at this and wondered if she was really enjoying this or was she just a paid participant. I went through several grouping when I clicked on one that stopped me cold.

There was a picture of a lady I knew. I did not know her personally but I knew who she was and where I had seen her. She was the lady that takes in clothing at the Dry Cleaners I use. Her name is Ester Carr. A handsome lady a few years older than me I believe.

Ester is a tall handsome lady with dark hair, bright blue eyes and a wide smiling mouth. She is busty and she dresses to show off her fine figure. It never occurred to me she was really advertising herself. But now that I see her fully naked I can understand why the men would enjoy her. She really has a nice body. I was taken in by the way she looked so happy with these two men that were happily enjoying her charms. One was between her long shapely legs licking her very hairy cunt and she was sitting up looking very sexy with a thick cock on her mouth. I let my eyes roam over the pictures over and over again. I started to feel aroused and slightly excited by feeling what happiness she was enjoying. At the end of the picture array she has her mouth open and both men were spurting cum into her mouth. There was cum on her face and breasts and I was really feeling aroused by this series of pictures.

It was only mid-day so I quickly found a few items that needed cleaning. I drove the short distance to the cleaners and was thrilled when I saw her standing at the counter all alone. I was almost shaking as I laid the garments on the counter. She said "Hi Mrs. Carter. How are you today?"

I stood there my mouth a gap and too full of excitement to say a word. She repeated her "How are you today?"

I said "I am fine. I am fine." I was making stupid child like sounds but I could not take my eyes off her.

She saw there was something different and asked again "Are you alright? Is there something wrong?"

I was so excited I never thought I would not be able to handle this but I was simply out of my mind. I said "I saw you on the computer. You are so beautiful naked and you looked so sexy. Your, your so. Oh my oh my; I am so sorry I should not have said anything. I am so sorry. Please for give me. Please." I stood there like a dummy just looking at her.

Ester broke into a wild smile and said "Would you like to go have a cup of coffee and relax a bit?"

I must have said 'Yes" because a few minutes later we were seated in the diner across the street in a back booth. A cup of coffee sat in front of me and Ester said "Don't be upset okay. I am not shamed of what I enjoy and I enjoy sex fully and completely. I don't mind if they take pictures and publish them on the web. I love sex and at my age I really don't care who knows. But you seen disturbed by it for some reason. Why is that?"

Words did not come quickly but Ester sat there waiting for me to find the right words.

Finely I said "Ester I have been happily married for over twenty years and I have never fooled around or even wanted to. But some thing happened seeing you with those men. You looked so happy and so engrossed in your own pleasure. It set me on fire and I was very excited by it. You looked so beautiful and sexy. I think it was because you liked doing what you were doing."

Ester said "Look Sara I know you and I have seen your husband. I think you're happily married. But I also believe that there is always room for a little fun in a woman's life. I bet if you had one afternoon with me and one of my friends it would make you feel like a whole new women. It is not that you and your husband don't have a great sex life because I bet you do. But there is something about doing what other think of as Taboo that makes it so exciting."

I blushed and said "I never could do any thing like that."

Ester stood taking me by the arm and said "Come on; my apartment is just around the corner. Come on and I'll show you a video that will knock your socks off."

I didn't want to go but the next thing I knew I was in her apartment holding a drink while Ester pushed a VHS tape into the VCR. This was much different because it was like a XXX movie. Jack and I have watched XXX movies many times but what made this one special was that the girl in it was sitting next to me. The movie was into the good part were Ester was on her knees suck a guys cock when Ester said "Pull off your panties and we can masturbate while we watch."

I did and was enjoying the movie and getting highly excited at the same time. I was fingering myself and I was near having a climax when a guy appeared out of no where. He was naked and he had a long hard cock pointed at Ester.

"Sara this is my friend Tony. Tony say Hi to Sara. Sara is a customer at the store." Ester said very casually and I stupidly looked at his cock but did not say a word.

Tony came and sat between us on the sofa. I as so shocked, embarrassed and ashamed I could not move. Tony said something to Ester and she quickly bent down and started to suck his manly cock. I was watching the video and what Ester was doing all at the same time. But I was still fingering my self. Then Ester straighten up. She reached across Tony and cupped her hand behind my neck pulling me down.

I took hold of Tony's cock as I went lower and lower until I opened my mouth and this cock was in my mouth and I was sucking a stranger's cock as intently as if it was my husbands.

Ester moved around so she was beside me and I was now on the floor in front of Tony. Ester was there beside me kissing me on the neck. A moment later I was grabbed from behind and a cock was forced up my wet pussy from behind. I again was taken by complete surprise and I was so shocked I could not move or reject the temptation to see what it was all about. I was being forcibly fucked and the cock in my mouth was swelling rapidly. I felt Tony was about to cum. I some how did not want to disappoint him so I kept on sucking his cock as deep as I could. The rather large cock in my pussy was ramming me fast and hard. Who ever it was sure know how to please a lady. Even though right now I did not feel much like a lady.

Tony came first and his thick sperm was so sweet I was again surprised by it. Sucking cock and swallowing sperm is nothing new to me so I happily sucked all he had for me. Then I felt the rapid fire cock in me start to spit strong warm rivers of sperm deep inside of me. I could not stop myself I let go with a climax that shook me to the bone. I choked on Tony's sperm as I jerked my own spasm of cum out of my fully cock filled pussy.

The guys left as quickly s they had come. I was left lying on the floor breathing heavily and still not fully aware of what had happened. Ester sat beside me and hugged me to her.

"Well you handled that well." Ester said.

My cloths rearranged I staggered to the door. I found my car and race home crying and not sure yet had happened to me. A quick shower and douche helped me get back to feeling like myself again.

When the kids came in I was so afraid I looked like a lady that had been well fucked and it showed. But it was as usual a "Hi Mom" and off to their rooms until supper. Jack had left a call that he was going to show a house later and would be home about seven o'clock of so.

I placed dinner on the table and told the kids I was going to wait on jack and retired to my bedroom.

I was so shocked at what had happened to me and I was shamed at myself for allowing it to happen I started to cry. But as I played the whole thing over in my mind I realized that I had not done one thing to stop it.

I had not tried to stop it and not once did I say any thing to stop the guys from doing what they wanted with me. I had even climaxed and I must say it was one hell of a climax. I had swallowed Tony's sperm and enjoyed it. I even enjoyed the rather large cock in me. I never asked who he was. All I wanted to do was get out of there and quickly. I would see Ester later when I picked up the dry cleaning. I was not hurt and nothing showed to give a way my afternoon of indiscretion. I started to laugh at my self. After all I did not have to look at that web site. No one forced me to go with Ester to her apartment and at any time I could have said "No" but I did not. So it was all my own fault.

Jack came in late and was tired so after he ate and we sat around talking about his day; thank heavens not my day Jack went to bed early. I watched TV not really watching but using the sound as a back drop for my thoughts. One moment I was up and excited the next I was down and totally ashamed of what I had done. The next I was excited all over again and at one point I even thought of calling Ester but gave that thought up quickly. At last I turned the TV off and just rested in the dark. I must have fallen asleep for a while after all I needed it. I woke and felt my way up stairs. I was about half way down the hall when I saw my daughter slip into Ken room. At first I thought nothing of it because I knew the kids were close and often talked to one another about deep serious subject like girlfriends and boyfriends...

I paused at the slightly open door. Ken was saying "Come on get in here I have been waiting on you." Still nothing registered.

Jill said "I can see you have been getting things hard for me. Do you like to jerk off waiting for me?"

Ken replied "Oh shut up and suck my fucking cock."

Jill laughed and said "What wrong didn't you fuck your teacher today?"

Ken said "Christ you're beautiful now suck my cock."

I was dumb founded and scared at what I had heard. Was my son and daughter having sex? Were they engaged in a unholy incest affair? My knees gave out and I all but fainted I slumped to the floor and sat there for a long time. I was sure I had fainted after I sat down because when I came too it felt like it was much later. No voices came from Ken's bedroom but there were sounds that were unmistakably a bed being used for something but not sleeping. On hands and knees I peak in through the crack. The night light seem to be like a beacon as I saw Ken's bare ass bouncing up and down between Jill's legs and Jill moaning happily. My son was fucking his sister and she was helping.

Ken jerked and rolled off Jill quickly. Jill sat up and move to take Ken cock in her mouth. Jill was sucking the cum out of his cock as fast has Ken could cum. I watched fascinated and in awe of my daughters eagerness to suck her brother off. But it was better than having Ken cum in her. Ken told Jill she was the best cock sucker he knew. Jill said something and moved so I got up and moved quickly to my bedroom.

No sleep that night. I was so shook up and unsure of what turn my life had taken in just one day. I did not get up the next morning and when Jack came in to kiss me goodbye he asked if I was feeling alright. I said I was then added it was a female thing. Jack laughed.

Jack was gone off to work taking Jill with him and Ken was off to college and I was again alone to cry, scream and feel sorry for my self. I stomped around the house crying like a kid having a tantrum and yet I had no idea why I was so upset. I knew the kids were old enough to have sex and I had thought they were having sex for some time but not with each other since both kids had boyfriends and girlfriends.

I drove about aimlessly and thoughtlessly until I ended up at the cleaners. Walking in I stood there looking at Ester. Ester grinned and said "Hi Sara. How is it today?" I think she meant my sex.

I said "Can we talk?"

"Not now I am short handed today." Ester said.

I was about to say more when a neighbor came in and started to talk to me. Ester handed me the key to her apartment and said she would be over for lunch and we could talk them. I left my neighbor while she was still talking. This was rude I know but I was too upset to stay.

As I reached the third floor and had the key in Ester's door Tony came down the hall from the other way. I took this to mean he lived here also. He followed me into the apartment. I told him Ester would be along soon and I was just there to wait so we could talk. But Tony was not having any of the talk only stuff and came up to hold me and kiss me.

I did not want to react to his advances but he was so young I saw that now in better light. Tony was no older than my son but when he place my hand on his crotch I was set on fire. His kisses were like flames rekindling me to a hotter fire than the other day. His hands were on my breasts and I fumbled for his zipper.

Tony picked me up and carried me to the bed. He slowly removed my clothing and his own. Naked we were in each other arms holding one another tightly. Tony was rubbing a finger tip along my wet crack and I had a hand full of his rock hard cock. His cock was no larger than Jack's but it seemed to be harder. It felt so different and so hot to my touch.

"Sara, turn around so I can lick you cunt and you can suck my cock." Tony said.

We were soon head to foot with me on top with his cock in my mouth and Tony under me with his head up between my legs licking my pussy. This was one thing I had always enjoyed and I was very quickly near a climax. Tony moved to get out from under me. He got me up on all fours and plunged into me from the rear. I lowered my head to the bed and let Tony have his way.

This boy was a good fuck and I was again very near a climax. Tony must have sensed this and again pulled out before I could climax. This time he rubbed his cock head up over my rear entrance and pushed the head hard against my anus. Jack had not fucked my ass for a few weeks so I said to Tony "Take it easy and use lots of lubrication. Work a finger in first until I get relaxed."

Tony did as I asked and I was sure this was not his first ass fucking. Tony worked a finger in my ass and spread the opening until he got two fingers in me. He found some K-Y jelly in the night stand and covered his cock and pushed some in my ass. Tony said "You got a great ass I am going to enjoy this."

Tony started slow and allowed me to build to a state of arousal as he grew larger and penetrated deeper. I was reaching a wonderful high and it was so fantastic I was screaming for Tony to fuck me harder. I cried out "Oh God." And then shuttered with a tremendous climax. Tony felt me squeeze his manly cock as I climaxed and this set Tony off. His wonderful cock exploded inside my bowels and flooded me with hot sperm. Tony cried out "yes, Baby, yes." As he filled my ass with cum.

"What a great ass fuck." Tony said just before his cock slipped from my ass. Tony got up and went to the bathroom and I wiped cum from my well rimmed ass.

When Tony returned he laid down beside me and said "I think you're great Sara."

Blushing I thanked him. I looked into his young blue eyes and wondered if he was as old as my son. I reached for his cock and held it until he became erect again. I was just feeling his cock and milking it slowly. I was just playing and it felt good to feel such a young hard cock.

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