tagIncest/TabooGood Babygirl or Naughty Babygirl

Good Babygirl or Naughty Babygirl


When my baby girl came back from her sophomore year from college in summer, she told me something that changed my relationship with her forever. She told me that she can't stop thinking about me and that she compares all her male friends with me. She told me that she thinks about me when she is having sex with her boyfriend. Then she reminded of the time when she used to get massages from her daddy.

She likes two types of massages from her daddy depending on her mood. If she has been a good girl she gets good baby girl massage. If she has been a bad girl then she gets a naughty baby girl massage. Here are the differences between the two kinds of baby girl massages. It always starts with a good baby girl massage and leads to a naughty one.

Well it all starts with you standing as I come behind you and hug you from behind. You feel me and start to wiggle your tushie. I start feeling you feeling me and respond with huge hardness. After a few minutes of mutual teasing we go to your bedroom where you lay on your tummy indicating that you'd like a Good girl massage from daddy. No words are spoken.

I climb on top of you straddling your butt (still wiggling) and proceed to give you massage. I rub your neck your back your shoulders. The middle of your back and also your lower back were the focus of my attention. All the while I feel you wiggle and tease me with your little tushie by lifting it up into me as I press down even more with random force and motion. My huge hardness is shoved in the crack of your gorgeous ass, your panties are bunched in your crack and the tip of my cock is rubbing against a very tight hole. My balls are heavy as they rub against your crack and your pussy. This continues on for a few more minutes until we both can't take it anymore and it's clear that we want a naughty baby girl massage.

We get up and undress each other. You examine the hard thickness and smile as it's to your liking which increased anticipation and excitement. I turn you around, move towards you and hug you from behind. I kiss your neck as I move even more forward until the hard thickness rests in the sweet warm crack. I feel you push back hoping that I push forward more. I feel you wiggle and move as I press in more. After feeling extreme warmth and moisture I slowly lay you down on your tummy again and proceed to give you a naughty baby girl massage.

While keeping the hard fatness in the warm wet crack I proceed to massage your neck your back and your shoulders. The focus is clearly not those body parts. The focus is indicated by the gyrations of your butt as well as the pressure of the hard fatness that I am applying. As the gyrations increase and become intense and pushing of the tushie gets wilder, the fatness digs deeper and deeper into the warm crack of your ass. As the large heavy balls start to contact the moist puffy-lipped slit grinding and rubbing against it the tip of the fatness starts to rub against the star-like tight puckered ass hole of my baby girl. As the intensity increases the grinding and slapping of the balls increases as well as the grinding of the cock tip against the anal hole increases. More moisture and warmth is released from both of us. The massage has long been stopped. Only the hands move in pretend massage-like motion but clearly not doing what they are supposed to.

Finally the time comes when I part the two gorgeous white cheeks apart enough to show me the wet moist warm slit. Readjusting the hard thick fatness against the moist slit I push in slowly. You can't handle the slowness of my movement and lift up your self to take more of me in quicker. In less than a few seconds half of the thickness is buried inside as uncontrollable moans escape from both of us. Pushing even deeper I impale completely inside stretching it to the max and stuffing it tightly into the warm wetness of the slit. I can feel the puffy lips wrapped around the shaft. You feel intensity and start bucking wildly and pushing and thrashing and gyrating even more, making it harder for me to control and hold back. I finally can't take it any more and push hard and deep one last time as I release all the tension inside you in huge thick spurts of my daddy cum.

We fall asleep right away feeling the warm of each other. Me on top of you and you pinned under me. The large thickness of my fat cock remains flaccid inside your pussy. After an hour of naps we are both woken up by a stir that is deep inside you. You smile because you know what is coming. I smile because I know what we are about to do is so dirty and naughty that its taboo. We never talk about it we just did it. You wiggle and sway to help me regain the hardness, which does not take very long given the wetness and warmth inside. I slowly pull out and reseat myself in a way that the full length of the thickness rests in the gorgeous warm crack again with the swollen tip rubbing against the star-like ass hole. You can't take it anymore so you push into me.

I slowly spread the gorgeous cheeks apart wide enough to see how gorgeous sweet sexy and red my baby girl's hole is. How it's twitching in anticipation of what's to come. I position the (almost) black thick hard fatness of my cock against the hot ass hole and push slowly knowing very well how tight it must be for you given how thick and fat I am. I slowly apply pressure and press into the rose hole with the rubbery tip. It's difficult to get past the ring. It's very tight. After applying some warm body oil without leaving the position it becomes easier to press harder. Finally we hear a pop and we feel how the rubbery tip of my cock has now gone past the tight rose ring. I stay still letting you get used to it. Feeling a sharp pain but realizing it's the best pain ever.

After a few minutes I feel you gyrating and pushing back at me forcing me to push the hard thickness more and more into you. Slowly you stretch your ass hole to accommodate the thick fatness inside the tight ass hole. The large heavy and huge balls start to rub and slap against the moist slit again intensifying the pleasure for you. You can't stand the slow penetration so you push your butt back up at me real fast and real hard pushing the whole fat thick hardness up to the hilt. I am now buried into the anal hole completely and you feel stuffed and full of cock meat and real tight. We don't move for more than 5 minutes getting used to the incredible feeling.

I finally feel you grasp the thickness with your tight ring. You start to gyrate and move your butt back and forth simulating in and out motion. I get the hint and star to piston myself in and out taking control of the motion. Holding onto your butt cheeks tight and spreading them wide apart I start to piston in and out slowly looking down at the point of contact I realize how hot and sexy the site is. This makes me harder wider fatter and thicker. As if there was room for stretching you even wider and stuffing you even more. Holding onto your butt cheeks wider I start to piston harder and faster feeling you grasp the thickness with your tight ring more and more. Finally we scream on top of our lungs as I release even more of my built-up cum inside you this time into the tightest of holes. You feel the thick spurts spraying the insides. We remain like this until I empty my balls and you feel full. The fatness of my cock inside your ass hole grows softer and finally pops out but we remain in the embrace like this for a few more minutes trying to gain energy.

We finally fall sideways feeling the same direction when I feel you move closer spreading your cheeks and embracing me in what we call spooning. Feeling the flaccid thickness rest in your gorgeous warm crack we both fall asleep.

Ummm such a naughty baby girl.

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