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"Good Boy: The Good, the Bad, and the Horny (Part A)"

by Slider1234

April 23, 2005 – October 14, 2006

This is the continuation of a fantasy about meeting the beautiful and underappreciated Larisa Oleynik, star of The Secret World of Alex Mack from back in the day, and 10 Things I Hate About You. It's a story of romance, humor, lust, and erotica.

It's a story with an actual plot that includes sexual activity. It's riddled with dirty jokes and humor. It includes MF, FF, MFF, MMF, cons, oral, dream, rom, anal, nc/con, reluc, Mmast, Fmast, Fdom, Mdom, drug, ws, spank, scat, and viol. Celebrities referenced – Larisa Oleynik, Avril Lavigne.

I highly suggest you read the first and second parts of this series, "Good Boy" and "Good Boy – Still Good" before reading this story. It will really help to explain the events and characters. And they were a couple of pretty kick ass stories if I do say so myself.

Happy jacking.


"Yeah. ...I have class soon. It sucks. How bout you? ... ...The poetry one?" I asked. "No, I'm not 'watching' porn. I just wanted to see the quality. ... ...Well I'm going to delete it if it's bad," I said referring to the few porn clips I downloaded off the school's file sharing program. They were most likely going to be crap, or stuff I already had but labeled under a different name. "Yes. I know. ... ...Well when we make some more home movies, I won't have to download these," I laughed. That and I was leaving school for good in May. Gotta rape this thing before I don't have the option to. And by rape this thing, I'm talking about my twelve-year-old female cousin who's sleeping over tonight. Nah. I'm just kidding. "... ...Okay. I'll talk to you later then. ... ...Haha. I love you too. Bye sweetheart."

I hung up the phone with Larisa and continued drying off from my shower with my huge comfy ass grey towel, then began to get dressed. My celebrity girlfriend had called me to tell me she got an A on her ten-page paper. I knew she was excited but come on. Calling me to tell me a grade? What am I her dad? Giving her a dollar for every A like it's third grade? ...Wait. Her dad's dead. Um... Yeah. How are you. It's not like I didn't enjoy talking to my girlfriend naked, but what can you say to that? "Nice job."

I yanked up my olive green cargo shorts as Peter came back from his class, obviously seeing that today was his dress up day of the week. Every semester he chose two days to dress up for classes. Normally I did the same, on days where I had class with a hot girl. Before I met Larisa of course. "EWWW! Dude, gross!"

"I was checking the quality," I snapped back as I quickly tried to hide myself, referring to the lesbian sixty-nine on my computer screen. I'm sure being half naked didn't help the situation.

"GuhhhrOss." I expected him to walk outside in the hallway yelling that I was masturbating, falsely accusing me as he had done so many previous times. "Dude. Do you know how cold it is outside?" he asked as I put my socks on. I decided to live with my friend Peter my senior year, giving myself a break from my previous roommate, Lee. We had known one another since freshman year and lived next door to each other the previous year. Our rooming relationship had its ups and downs, but it was significantly better than my experience with the former bunkmate. We both generally listened to and played the same music on guitar. He was also a lot funnier than Lee, causing more hot girls to come in and hang out. Not that Lee wasn't nice, but I think he kind of scared the chicks away. And I mean that in the best way.

"I don't want to sweat in class dude." I continued to get dressed, fully aware that it was probably cold as balls outside, just as it had been all week. The temperature had been all wacky nunu, hot one week and freezing the next. The problem was that at the first sign of a cold front, they turn the heat up to about ninety-two degrees... for good. It made class unbearable, especially for me since I HATED warm weather. Almost as much as I hated immigrant Calculus teachers.

"It's fuckin windy outside too," he said as he threw his bag on the bed and put on some AC/DC. Every day around this time, he played AC/DC or Metallica. I'd always hear it from down the hall as I made my way back from the shower. It was like clockwork, but evidently, today he was running a little late. Late like an unlucky girl's period. I don't even think that joke's funny now... proofreading this months later. But whatever.

"Well that's why I'm bringing my thick sweatshirt," I said as I headed for the door on my way to take a leak. Can't use the pee bottle when the roommate's there. Well, when he's awake. *wink, wink. Elbow to the ribs* As I turned the handle, a loud knock on the door just about scared the shit out of me. "Fuckin Christ!" I swung the door open as the thunderous thud appeared, as if someone tried to kick it in. I grabbed my chest in shock, feeling the same heart flutters that went away when I stopped drinking Redbull. "What the fuck!" I shouted as Larisa stood in the doorway. "Riss!?" I asked in surprise, expecting to find nobody... a ring and run.

"Matthew! Language!" I sighed as she playfully reprimanded me, not liking my cursing. I just grabbed my chest, feeling like I drank about three cans of Redbull. "Hahahaha! Sorry love," she added as she stood in the hall laughing at me, leaning forward as she tried to regain her composure from her gut wrenching giggle. "I didn't mean to scare you. Haha." I remained in the doorway in utter disbelief, having absolutely no idea she was coming to visit me. And she made me waste my cell phone minutes. Thank God I wasn't roaming!

"Fuckin A," I said as I put my hand on the wall next to me, leaning on it, trying to stop myself from having a heart attack.

"Matty. Language," Larisa teased again. She had been trying to get me to cut down on the cursing for the last couple months, but not doing the greatest job. Apparently, it was okay for me to be as horny as a sailor, but I couldn't talk like one.

"Shut it." Larisa obviously thought it was hilarious, still holding her stomach a little as she chuckled. "Riss? What are you doing here?? We're not supposed to meet for another week." She stood there under the dim lights of the hallway in a pair of semi-tight dark blue jeans and puffy light blue winter coat. "God take the jacket off too. You're makin me hot." The older girl giggled at my comment as I softly said, "Geez, c'mere," and I leaned in and put my arms around her, pulling her into me and giving her a nice long hug. I squeezed tightly and closed my eyes, feeling completely whole as we embraced. I longed to hold her again, to feel her against me. I even missed the way she smelled. She had her arms around my shoulders, half around my neck and half on my shoulders, squeezing tightly as well, her left hand locked around her right wrist.

"Mmmm," she cooed as we subtly squeezed each other. Besides a hug, Larisa received a nice kiss too, as I held her cheek while my lips gently rubbed against hers. Her lips were as soft as cotton and tasted as sweet as grape soda. And no, that's not a black joke. But I sure could go for a piece of watermelon. It was a slow open mouthed kiss, lacking any tongue. I could feel her smile through the kiss as the seconds ticked away. As we broke the suction, I leaned down, took her bag, and brought it into the room.

"Hey Pete," said Larisa as she unzipped her baby blue coat and began sliding it off her shoulders. "How are you?" The two of them were friendly and had grown to like each other more as the year progressed. She even liked him more than Lee. My new roommate was just likable, as well as Cambodian. In that American/Cambodian way. He was like an all grown up Angelina Jolie's kid.

"I'm good. ...Yourself?" he replied as he stood next to his bed, slightly hesitating in between sentences. Peter was in the middle of sorting through his notebooks and papers in the center of the room while she came in. He was standing in an awkward position with all his stuff spread out as the three of us congregated in our small room. I'm sure he was thrilled that Larisa was here again. Now, we weren't one of those annoying couples that always fooled around in the room. We didn't even hang out in the room every weekend. Larisa and I saw each other at least once a month minimum. It was usually every two weeks just because we were still getting used to being apart after playing husband and wife all summer. We usually alternated who goes where... one weekend here, the next there. ...Okay, fine. So I asked him if we could have the room for a few hours... a few times. Is that totally fucked up? Hells no!

"I'm good, thank you," Larisa said warmly, flashing him a totally plutonic smile. She sat down on the edge of the bed, fiddling with her hands... her nervous habit. She had started doing it in part two, so just pretend I mentioned it in part one. Maybe I'll throw it in the director's cut of this trilogy.

"Take off your jacket sweetheart. Stay a while," I said to her. Larisa was making me so uncomfortable... so warm.

"I forgot. Haha." Larisa finished slipping it off and laid it nicely on the far end of the bed, against the wall and out of the way.

"What are you doing here Riss? I thought I was going to Sarah Lawrence next weekend?" I fiddled with my notebooks and other papers for my class later in the day as I listened to her explanation.

"You were," she said. "My class got cancelled and I know you only had one today. And being you have Fridays off, I thought I'd surprise you and we could have a long weekend together." Larisa paused and looked at Peter as he faced away from us, putting his books away. "I hope that's okay?" she added as she looked up at me nervously. The tone of her voice was as if she wasn't asking me alone, but Peter as well, making sure he was okay with her being there. By the way, it was Thursday... if you couldn't tell. The look on her face tried hard to mask her feeling that I somehow wasn't happy to see her. That's why she was performing her nervous habit of diddling with her fingers. I'll tell you right now... read part one, then part two. It's gonna help you a fuckload. ... Ha. Diddling with her fingers. So naughty.

"Hun, of course. I'm really glad to see you. You just surprised me is all... with the phone call too," I said as I sat down next to Larisa on her left side, angling my body towards her. I felt my bare knee brush against her leg as I positioned myself. "It was a nice touch though."

"I thought so," she said as one of her famous million dollar smiles spread across her angelic face. She took two fingers from each hand and brushed her hair back behind her ears on both sides of her head, looking all nervous. We stared at one another in the eyes, forgetting about my roommate as the world around us seemed to disappear. We had a brief and silent conversation with that look.

"I'm going to class," said Peter, interrupting the romantic moment and snapping us back into reality. "I'll see you guys later." He grabbed his backpack and jacket and stepped towards his computer, putting up an away message.

"Later man," I responded.

"Bye Pete," said Larisa immediately after, smiling at him. She really was the nicest person.

"Laaaaater," he said all monotone as he made his way out the door, stopping to thrust his hips as if he was fucking the air... obviously making fun of me. Luckily, Larisa was facing away from the door, but the gesture forced me to hold in laughter. The door slammed shut from the combination of the breeze coming from outside and his gentle closing swing. Yes, the window was open. That's what happens when housing gives you a heater that doesn't completely shutoff. Luckily I had two small fans from home that were permanently left on, helping to cool me down.

"Mmmm. Good. Now can we hook up?" I joked as I leaned in to kiss her, resting my hand on her denim covered thigh.

"Hahaha. You're gonna have to work harder than that stud," Larisa joked as she pushed me off her playfully, focusing her energy on my right shoulder.

"... Sooo... Now can we hook up?" I asked all suavely, using my sexy voice. She looked so beautiful as she laughed at my joke. Larisa was wearing a long sleeved white shirt under the coat she took off earlier. She cut her dark blonde hair short again, coming down a little above the top of her shoulders, much like in 10 Things. She smiled as I looked hopelessly into her chocolate brown eyes, my hand still resting on her thigh, gently squeezing it with my fingers. "I am happy to see you Riss," I said again, in a soft voice.

"Good. I missed you so much." Larisa paused for a moment as she looked me over. "It's cold in here," she added as she rubbed her arms, her elbows resting on her knees, interrupting her original thought. Luckily for me, and unintentionally, her nipples began to harden from the crisp forty degree air blowing in from outside, visible even through her white bra. "And you... shorts. Love, what would my mother say if she saw you like this?" the actress asked me as she shook her head side to side, playfully disapprovingly.

"Hmmm. Probably, 'No one has ever made my daughter this happy. Sooooo... it's okay if you get warm easily.' Is that close?"

"Haha." She ran her left hand over my right cheek, feeling a hint of stubble... her warm touch contrasting my cool face. "You're skin is so cold." Larisa subtly scrunched up her nose as she played the concerned adult. After all, she was older than me by two years... one year depending on what month it happened to be at the time.

"Well, I think I know how we can fix this," I said. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around Larisa tightly. I ran my right hand through her silky hair as she grabbed her hands together around my back. We embraced each other once more, enjoying the closeness we both longed for.

"Mmm. This could work," Larisa smiled as she closed her eyes and pressed against me. It was quiet for a few seconds before her voice blessed the air again. "I hate not being able to be with you Matt," she groaned as her chin rested on my shoulder. She stared blankly at the window as she squeezed me tighter, becoming silent and still.

"Larisa... is something wrong?" I asked her. Her quiet and distant tone warranted worrying, as well as some cherry pie. A little Warrant joke... if anyone got it. I just had this uneasy feeling about her visit to me. I was probably being paranoid as usual, but I couldn't help but feel that something was askew. I pulled back from the hug and looked her in her big soft brown eyes. She didn't say anything for a second, just staring down into space. Oh please don't let her be pregnant. Please don't let her be pregnant. "You're not pregnant are you???"

"Matt!" Larisa said as she slapped me in the arm with an open palm, getting all lively. "God, don't say that! No, I'm not pregnant." Phew! "Don't even joke about that. Geez. You... always with that." You'd be freaking out about that too if you we're constantly boffing a girl without a condom. And I mean constantly! She lightened up after a second though, taking a step towards becoming her usual self.

"You know what happens if you do get pregnant though."

"Yessss Matt, I do," she said sarcastically.

"What is it?"

"You pay half and give me a ride." Larisa repeated what I always joked about with her, in a slow monotone voice, like students in class saying gooood morrrrrning Misssss Whateeeeever.

"Thaaaats right." Any decent guy pays for half of the abortion and gives the girl a ride to get it. That or he provides the rusty coat hanger.

"It's... I just really missed my boyfriend." She looked me in the eyes, her arms still slightly around me, holding onto my sides. "I love you so much Matt. I just... I needed to be with you, is all." Hmmm. No. Not buying it. SSSSSORrrrry.

"Riss. Tell me," I said. "It's okay. I'm here," I added as I tried to comfort and reassure her to include me on whatever was bothering her. She responded by embracing me again, holding me tighter than before.

"I just missed you so much. I needed to feel you hold me. I don't know how to explain it other than that." It felt really nice to have the love of my life in my arms once more. So I bought that line. "I'm fine. I swear."

"Baby, I'm right here." I pulled Larisa against me, letting her rest against my chest. I placed my lips upon her soft strawberry scented hair, kissing the side of her head. "I'm right here," I said, trailing my voice off. It was quiet for a few moments, seeming like a few hours.

"I don't know. I just got this urge to see you. I couldn't wait any more." She released me and sat back up, bringing her hands to the sides of her face and pushing her hair back behind her ears again. "It's just so hard being away from each other. You know?" she added. "...After all summer." I felt so bad. I didn't want to see her that upset. She wasn't crying, but I could tell she was coming close at times by the way her cute voice cracked. I didn't know if anything was definitely bothering her, but I had my suspicions.

"Riss... are you on your period?" I asked. Smooth. Real smooth.

"...Yes. ...Haha." Maybe that explained her mood swing. "For another day or so I guess." The good thing was that her cycles were short. ...If I even said that right. I mean she's only on the rag for a few days. We never took a shower together during this time. It looked like she was chumming the water, trying to attract sharks. What can I say, I watch a lot of shark week on the Discovery Channel.

"Maybe that's why you're acting like this... not to always bring it back to the period. But the mood swing... I don't know."

"Maybe." Larisa didn't fight it, so it led me to believe she agreed, at least partially.

"Well... I guess sex is out of the question right now. I mean I'll still do it..."

"Eww! No Matt! You know the rules. No period sex!" Larisa yelled. She didn't like to have sex during her period, despite the fact that girls are more sensitive in that region during that time. I even offered to wear a condom. Get a little O.J. bloody glove type action over here. Over hurrrrr.

"Well what else can we do? It's not like we can go to the beach."

"I know," she replied. "It's too cold out."

"No, not that. You're on your period. Red tide."

"Rude and rude!" Larisa slugged me in the shoulder as she yelled at me, making a mean face. She didn't really mean it, probably thinking it was somewhat funny. "Meanie. ... Besides. Baby you have class." I was a man and didn't rub it, by the way. The punch I mean. She sat straight up and seemed more chipper than she did a few minutes prior.

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