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Good Chicken


George and Lydia are fuck buddies who live about seven hours distant from each other. George is a businessman, and he travels a bit, and tries to arrange layovers in Lydia's hometown. He is successful in doing that about every two to three months.

Lydia works at a medical clinic doing all the administrative things. She has traveled a couple of times to a nearby city that George was visiting, and they got to play all night.

George was traveling back from some western city, and called Lydia up to see if she might be free. Lydia works on Saturday, and has Wednesday off almost every week. George knows this, and tries to arrange his travel accordingly. Lydia was really excited that George was coming to see her, and found out he would be there around noon.

Lydia took a shower and tried to pick up all her stuff in her apartment. She was painting her living room, something she only tackled on her days off. Not today. George would understand.

A few minutes before 12 o'clock, Lydia's doorbell rang. It was George.

He looked great; he was now keeping his graying hair cut real short. They hugged and kissed briefly, and then George went into the living room. Lydia explained what the home improvement activities that were in progress, and George laughed at the mess. He stepped over the stuff, and sat on her sofa. She sat down besides him. They caught up on what each had been doing.

Lydia was hungry, and asked George if he wanted to go get some lunch. George had not eaten anything that morning, and readily agreed. They walked over to the shopping center to a sandwich place, and ordered. They continued to catch up on what was happening in each of their lives. George thought it was so amusing that Lydia knew more about what his grown kids were doing than anyone in his office did.

It was now about 1:30 p.m., and George had to leave for the airport about 6 p.m. to catch his plane. They walked back to Lydia's apartment. Closing the door, the quickly embraced and began to kiss.

Lydia loved to be kissed by George. He would french kiss her, then start to kiss and lightly nibble her neck. Finally, he would work his way up to her ears, and tongue her ear, which would drive her mad. And he was usually rubbing her forearms and running his fingers through her hair. George knew how to kiss, and always took his time.

Having been together about two dozen times, they were quite familiar with what each liked and wanted. George took her hand, and they walked into her bedroom. They quickly began to take off their clothes, when Lydia's cell phone rang.

Lydia reached for the phone, and looked at who was calling. It was a friend who works at the medical clinic with her. Lydia and her friend, Susan, had shared a number of things that Lydia liked to do. And Lydia had told Susan that George was coming to visit her. So Lydia answered the phone, almost tripping as she was in the midst of pulling down her jeans while reaching to answer her phone.

George watched Lydia answer the phone. "Hi" she said. "Yea, he is here, we went to lunch, and now we are about to start playing. Uh uh, he's taking his clothes off now. As is I." Lydia chuckled at what Susan said, which George did not. Lydia said that she really needed to go, and pushed the End button on her phone.

George had completely got undressed, and sat on the bed butt naked. He looked at Lydia, and she explained who was on the phone. Since George and Lydia were both voyeurs, they accepted the fact that Susan probably was and liked to hear about sexual activities just like they did.

George trusted Lydia that she would continue to be discreet about their activities, sharing all the great details without revealing his identity.

Lydia finished getting undressed, and laid on her back on the bed. George started to massage her feet and legs. She really enjoyed him doing that. Heck, she really enjoyed everything George did to her. Too bad he was married, and too bad he lived so far away. But when they could get together, they could have great sex.

And how many lovers would spend fifteen minutes just rubbing one's ankles, calves, knees, and thighs. Over and over again. Lydia was becoming so relaxed.

George then moved up on the bed, and started to kiss her legs. Moving slowly upwards. Tantalizing her. Finally, even George could not wait. He said something about really missing how she tasted, and he moved his tongue up and down her pussy lips.

George then moved his tongue to her clit. He loved Lydia's clitty, it was about average in size and he had found it to be very sensitive to his licking and sucking. He licked it up and down, sideways, and then started to suck it into his mouth. Lydia could be heard moaning her approval. George continued to lick, suck, nibble, and mouth her clit. Sometimes he would move down to her wet pussy, and push his nose into her clit while licking and sucking up and down her pussy lips. Pretty soon, Lydia's thighs hugged his head, and he could feel and hear her have the first orgasm of the afternoon.

George decided to continue his assault on her clit. He thought a bit to move up to her breasts - the last time he visited he licked, sucked, bit, and pinched her nipples to the point of causing her to climax without touch her clit or pussy. Maybe later. George continued to suck, lick, nibble, and massage her clitty. And Lydia continued to roll in small orgasms.

Then George heard the damn cell phone go off. And from the motions on the bed, he could tell that Lydia reached over to it. George thought, you would think in the middle of all this, one could ignore the phone, nope, got to check on who is calling. He did not hear Lydia speak, just a little chuckle. So he looked up from his work on her clit, to see her typing a text message into her phone. George could not believe it.

George decided to make the texting extremely hard to do by going back to her clit. He really began licking and sucking on her clit, very hard. And he could hear her laughing to whomever sent her a message. And she was typing on her cell phone again. And George continued to eat her pussy. And Lydia started to roll again.

"Sorry about that," Lydia said, "that was Susan again. She asked me if I was getting turkey, chicken, or roast beef?" This caused George to stop what he was doing and look up at Lydia. "What the fuck?"

Lydia explained to George that because they worked in the medical clinic, they sometimes talked about sex. In fact, they talked about sex a lot. And to prevent the doctors from overhearing them, they had adopted several code words to cover certain sexual acts.

"So explain what getting turkey, chicken, or roast beef means?"

"Well," Lydia started to say, "getting turkey is having regular intercourse, and you can add certain things like stuffing or mashed potatoes to describe what position you are in. I use mashed potatoes to say I'm in the missionary position, and stuffing says I'm getting fucked doggy style."

"What if you are on top?"

"Oh that's with cranberries on top," Lydia said laughing.

"OK, getting chicken, what's that?"

"Getting chicken is having your pussy eaten. Getting good chicken is having one or more orgasms while getting eaten. And before you ask, getting roast beef is one of my favorite sexual acts, one you are intimately aware that I enjoy immensely."

George knew what she was talking about. It had to be anal sex. He licked her clitty, and then came up for air and said, "My educated guess is getting fucked in the ass."

Lydia laughed.

"So Susan texted you a message, and you replied back that you were getting chicken?"


"Anything else did you say, as you two exchanged several messages?

"Well, Susan was asking me if you might have some time this evening to give her chicken. I told her you had to catch a flight around 7 p.m."

"Maybe I will change my flight to a later one. Tell me about Susan."

"Oh no, she is about 23, big tits like me, too young for you George."

"Why don't you ask her to come over here and join us?"

"No way, I tell her stories about what I may or may be doing, but I am not about to have her join me in a threesome, it would make working with her at work so weird."

George just smiled, remembering that Lydia had had several FMF threesomes and was not averse to eating a woman's pussy.

George decided to return to the scene of the crime, and began to eat Lydia again. This time, he began to finger Lydia's pussy, trying to rub her g spot. In just a few short minutes, he had Lydia rolling. George just loved to find that spot on her clit that Lydia must touch while she masturbated, and nibble and put her clit into his mouth, and mouth it and squeeze and suck on it and this usually caused her to cum.

Then George heard the cell phone buzz again. And Lydia was texting her friend again.

Usually after making her climax five to ten times, George would move up her to fuck her pussy or ass. But this time, George continued to eat her. And she continued to cum, and he heard a cuss word as she tried to type while having an orgasm. He decided to make this a little context, see if he could make her cum so hard that she could not continue to text on her phone.

Lydia's breath was in grasps. Her thighs squeezed his head, and he sucked like there was no tomorrow. She climaxed in his mouth again and again. Then she started saying, "Oh my god!"

He liked that. And he continued to suck and lick and nibble.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!"

This was beyond rolling with little orgasms. These were major, breathe taking, climaxes that followed one another by about 15 or 20 seconds. And George continued to eat her pussy. And Lydia continued to cry out OMG. Cry out was not a good description after awhile, more like scream out OMG.

George had been going at this assault for about twenty minutes, using his tongue, his mouth, his nose, his fingers, the palm of his hand, to make her cum harder and harder. And Lydia continued to scream OMG with each climax.

"STOP!!! You are going to kill me, please STOP!!"

George licked her clit at that right spot another time, and sucked it completely into his mouth.

"OH MY GOD!!!! You are killing me, please, please, stop!!"

George lifted his head up and looked at Lydia. She could barely breath. And he thinks she was still cumming.

He noticed the cell phone sitting on her left breast. He reached for it, and clicked to the messages. He read the messages while Lydia was just lying there trying to recover.

Susan: Hey grl, you still gettn chicken?

Lydia: Y, good c!

Susan: Lucky grl, wish I was.

Lydia: I'm just cumming & cumming.

Susan: You go grl.

Lydia started to recover, and reached down to George and took her cell phone. She began to type in a message. George just watched her type and then push the SEND button. He grabbed the cell phone to see what Lydia wrote.


While George was reading the message, Susan replied.

Susan: I'm cumming over.

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