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Good Clean Fun

byAbraxas Winterlight©

You have been hot and sweaty all day long. It started when you got in your car and the A/C was out, and continued with another day of running hither and yon. To make matters worse, it was over 100 degrees when you got off work! Now you crave nothing more than a long bath and a cool house.

The scent of jasmine greets you at the door, and you see me in my favorite chair, reading a thick book as usual. I take one look at you, get up, & walk over to gently kiss you.

"Go get out of those clothes, I'll draw you a bath." I say.

You watch me walk into the bathroom, and then hear water running. Shaking your head and smiling, you go into the bedroom and peel yourself out of your sweaty clothes. Your robe is hanging where it always does, next to mine, and you draw the soft cloth over yourself and head into the bathroom, where I am adding the last of the bath oil to the water. I turn and stare deep into your eyes, and kiss you harder this time. You lean into me, and feel me untying your sash to your robe. Untied, your robe falls partly open, exposing the valley between your breasts. I step back, looking at you admiringly, and then gesture toward your bath.

" It will get cold honey, so I'll be back with something for you."

You nod your head, slipping off your robe as I leave, and sink into the water. It is as hot as you can stand it, which is just how you like it. Something bumps your hip, and when you reach into the bubbles, you laugh at the yellow rubber duck I found somewhere and put in your bath. And yes, it squeaks when you squeeze it.

" I thought that would get a laugh out of you." I say as I enter with a iced glass of tea. You laugh and agree, and get soap in my hair as you grasp the back of my head in to pull me in for another kiss. We kiss for a while, then I pull away once more, and go back into the living room, no doubt to my book again. You sigh and shake your head, and then relax back into the bath, squeezing the duck every now and then.

You relax in your bath until it starts to grow cold, or as I call it, "prune temperature". You stand and pull the curtain closed, and start the shower up, sluicing off bubbles and bath oil. Warm water massages your shoulder, and you groan in pleasure as you remember the last time your shoulders felt this good, How my hands teased out every kink and knot. You start lightly tugging on your nipples as you remember how my mouth had descended on your neck, drawing shivers from you, and how my hands had found your breasts, pulling, kneading, and caressing them. A moan of pleasure escapes you, as your nipples harden as much from memory as the pleasure you are causing them. Your hand slides down lower, and now you are growing more aroused, as you explore yourself more brazenly. You moan louder as your fingers find that special place, and the pressure starts to build.

You feel your climax rising, your breath is coming in gasps, when the curtain is pulled back, and you open your eyes to see my naked form step in the shower. I look down into your face, brushing strands of wet hair from your eyes. My hands move around your waist, and yours slip around my neck, pulling me down into a deep kiss. I pull your body into mine, and you feel my hardness press into your belly. We kiss, and then I move to your neck, nibbling on it, sending shivers down your spine. My hands explore your back, tracing lines of fire and ice down your spine. Your breath grows ragged once again as I move down your body, my lips tracing their way down to your breasts, my hands down your legs, and up to your buttocks. Your trembling increases, and your breath grows more ragged as my lips whisper over your breasts. You come up onto your toes as I draw your nipple into my mouth, and bite down gently. My hand now is moving between your legs, exploring your sex, caressing your body. I touch your clit, and your first climax rips through you, and you halfway collapse across me, crying out with passion and release. You stand on shaky feet, and I look up at you with a smile again, and kiss my way downward.

You start breathing faster in anticipation as I move downward, until you gasp with pleasure as I take your clit in my lips, sucking gently. Waves of pleasure shoot up your body, and you moan aloud again. I continue to nip on your nether regions, alternating my tongue and lips, and while I do this, I slowly work a finger into you, thrusting into you, searching for your special spot. You are now moaning constantly, your hands grasping my hair, pulling my face in tighter. My mouth is working harder now, and then you feel another finger enter you, and that sets you over the edge. A second climax hits you, and this time you do scream, as tremors run down your legs, stealing your strength.

When the sensations finally cease, you look down into my face, water streaming down our bodies, and I rise up into your waiting embrace. We kiss passionately, hungrily, our tongues thrusting. You reach down and grasp my hardness, and slide your fingers up and down its length. Now it is my turn to moan, as you run your fingernails down me, lightly scratching my chest. You feel my hands run down your back again, cupping your buttocks, then, you feel yourself being lifted, and I thrust toward you. You guide me in with one hand, while the other goes around my neck. With a single thrust, I enter you and fill you, and you wrap your legs around my body.

Both your arms are now around me, and your face is buried in my neck, silencing your cries of pleasure. The hot water cascades down us like a waterfall, as I start thrusting in you, filling you with every stroke. You hear me moan in your ear, as I start to go faster and faster, then I slow to a slow, lazy pace, which drives you even more crazy with lust. My pace picks up again, and another orgasm shoots through you, and you bite down to hide the scream it rips from you. Your whole body is trembling now, as your muscles contract around me, and I cry out in pleasure. I thrust deeper than you have ever felt, and you feel me inside of you, filling you. Finally, the trembling stops, and I gasp my last as you feel the final surge of me inside of you. You slowly unlock your legs from around me, and stand, leaning heavily on shaky legs. We are both breathing heavy, but still we kiss, lips gently teasing, hands still exploring our bodies.

You regain your composure first, bending down to find the discarded washcloth, and notice that I am still twitching down low. You find the cloth, and start to wash me, and enjoy watching the soap run down my body. Soon, you see that you have gotten the effect you wanted, as I am getting hard again. You smile and look up at me, and as I watch, take me into your mouth. You hear me groan in obvious pleasure as you engulf me with your mouth, and soon feel my hands grasping your hair gently. I groan louder as you start to alternate sucking and licking, until soon I am hard again, and you can taste my excitement leaking from me. You then stand up, look at me, and bend over. The next thing you feel is me enter you from behind, my hands at your waist.

Soon you are once again crying out as another orgasm strikes, and this one just keeps on surging higher, causing your whole body to start trembling. Wave after wave of pleasure shoots through you, and over your screams you can hear our bodies slapping together, and feel the tremors when we meet. My hands are at your breasts now, lightly pinching and squeezing them, and I have not slowed my thrusts into you. Another climax shoots through you, and as you cry out, I do as well. I fill you yet again, and this time we both collapse on shaky legs, both of us falling to our knees.

Finally, you feel me withdraw from you, and you feel the sweet ache of when you are empty, after being so filled. We stand, barely, and wash ourselves in the warm water, then dry each other with soft towels. Still kissing and touching, you take my hand and lead me into the bedroom, and I know from that gleam in your eyes, that you still hunger for more, and know that I do also.

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