Good Cop Bad Cop


Bit of a departure from my usual genre of fic writing this. Mainly written for my gf who's crazy about this movie and figured the traffic cops and Harry's boss Lt Briggs (Hal Holbrook) were just crying out for slash fics. So here you go, basically some hot guy-on-guy action. If you enjoyed, please consider reviewing.

Summary: Lieutenant Briggs gives Officer Davis a little one-to-one training...

San Francisco 1972.

Not much remained of Carmine Ricca. The mobster's head had been virtually blown to pieces by several bullets, along with his associates.

Inspector Harry Callahan and his new partner Earlington "Early" Smith surveyed the crime scene. Callahan was controversial within the department and knew it. His superior, Lieutenant Neil Briggs viewed him as a reckless man and loose cannon ever since his handling of the Scorpio case. The dislike was mutual. Briggs was everything Harry wasn't – a strictly by-the-book guy who prided himself on never having taken his gun out of its holster. However Briggs had other reasons for disliking Callahan. Time would tell how much of a threat the rogue inspector would pose to his plans...

Harry and Smith climbed into the car and the two officers drove off into the city. As they were cruising through the streets Lieutenant Briggs' voice crackled over the radio, Smith took the call only to receive orders for them to return to headquarters immediately. Harry gritted his teeth as he spun the car around and headed up the hills towards the station.

"I know you hate Briggs, Harry." Smith said, recognising the expression. "But he's been working his butt off for the last forty-eight hours trying to get to the bottom of these shootings."

"Yeah by taking me off homicide!" Harry sneered cutting off his partner's sentence. "That's the thing with Briggs. He acts like a hard man behind that desk of his, but when he's out on the street where the job really is, he's as cowardly as an elderly housewife. Don't be fooled by a man like him. He's an asshole."

There wasn't even a friendly welcome when the two men arrived at the police headquarters. Harry kept his stiff posture as he marched into his superior's office. Briggs deliberately took his time as finished signing his reports. He then looked up at Harry and displayed a sarcastic smile on his face, the one look that Harry hated the most.

"Take a seat, Callahan." He said, pointing to the chairs. "Well what do we have here? Another police bill. This one involves three wrecked police cars, damage to property and a destroyed water main. This was during the Arlington case. Am I correct?"

"Yeah that's right." Harry replied. "And for your information. That man did the damage not me. Only you wouldn't know because you weren't there like you never are."

"Maybe, but I'm the one who has to gather the money for the payments!" Briggs started. "Now I've just had the Mayor on the line. He's getting pissed off with your one man army act now. I don't know how much longer the department can put up with this. This city is on the verge of some of the worst criminal violence in its history."

"Then you shouldn't have fired those good officers, West and Norris." Harry said. "I know it was because of the pay checks but as I recall, you're too tight to even pay them!"

The mention of their named clearly touched a nerve with the lieutenant. "That has nothing to do with it." Briggs replied, his eyes narrowing. "Callahan, I'm not suspending you for one reason and that is because, you've done a good job on the recent burglary busts, but I am giving you once last chance on homicide before I bust your ass down to personnel again."

"Marvelous." Harry muttered as he left the office. "Oh and sir, it wouldn't help you to actually get off your butt and get out there. No wonder you're divorced."

He smirked as he closed the door behind him. "Asshole."

Lieutenant Briggs slammed his fist on table. Callahan was evidently going to remain a thorn in his side for some time. He posed the biggest threat to his Magnum Force project. He relaxed a little. For now at least, the latest mission had been successfully completed. Briggs smiled to himself. Carmine Ricca's assassination had been carried out expertly.

Briggs was a tall, slim man, in his mid-forties, averagely handsome with steely-blue eyes and greying hair. His smart and somewhat dull exterior masked a man with a relentless burning need and lust. He was the man behind the Magnum Force project – his own secret "death squad" of rookie traffic cops, who on his orders were dispatching all of San Francisco's most notorious criminals with frightening efficiency. Ricca was just the tip of the iceberg and there were many more "missions" – as Briggs labelled the executions, to come. Next on the list was J.J Wilson, a well-known pimp and another piece of filth the city wouldn't miss.

Briggs smiled as he recalled what Callahan had said about West and Norris. Their firing had nothing to do with their paychecks, but rather their refusal to join the Magnum Force...and perform "other" tasks for Briggs. Such a shame. Both men had been good-looking and had shown great potential in the department. Alas, they'd threatened to blow the cover of the whole project and Briggs wasn't going to let that happen. No way. So he'd had the two cops booted out of the SFPD so fast their asses hadn't touched the floor, cooked up a story about them being transferred to another department out of the city. At least that was the official story. In truth, West and Norris had been swiftly dispatched by Sweet, one of the Magnum Force squad.

There was a knock on the door. Briggs raised an eyebrow. "Come in."

The door opened and Officer John Davis entered the office.

Lieutenant Briggs smiled. "Congratulations on a job well done," he said, referring to Ricca. "You carried out the assignment flawlessly.

"Thankyou sir," the rookie officer replied.

Briggs purred under his breath, his eyes savouring the young cop – the blonde hair, chiselled features, and immediately felt his cock harden.

Goddammit, goddammit. Shit, shit, fucking shit...can't wait.

"Do you require something else of me sir?" Davis enquired.

"Close those goddamn blinds," Briggs replied, and the officer did as instructed. Briggs rose from his chair and walked over to the door and locked it. He smiled at Davis.

"You please me greatly," he said, moving close and running his hand down the officer's cheek. Davis didn't flinch. Such meetings with his superior were a regular occurrence for him, Sweet and Astrachan, the other members of Magnum Force.

"I am glad sir."

Lieutenant Briggs put his hand over Davis', and leaned in to kiss the officer's cheek. Davis didn't turn his head away. He placed his hand gently on Briggs' cheek, whispered: "You missed, sir." He kissed him carefully on the lips.

Briggs pulled back a little and smiled. "So I did." He nibbed Davis' lower lip gently, still smiling. "You're awfully cute, when you blush like that", he teased a little, pushing the younger cop on his back on the desk.

Davis looked up at his superior, still blushing. Briggs pressed against his crotch, finding him erect and it was his turn to blush.

The friction made him let out a little moan in his throat.

"I need to get out of these clothes", Briggs exclaimed, loosening his tie. "And you too." He took a firm hold of the other's shirt and started tugging it upward.

Davis lifted his arms and got his uniform off quickly. Briggs' blue eyes never left Davis' face as he unbuttoned his shirt and with a little manoeuvring it landed on the floor. He leaned down and kissed Davis' collarbone softly, making his way to the smooth chest and teasing his pert nipples. The rookie cop moaned quietly and Briggs looked up at him, eyes burning with desire.

He kissed Davis hard this time, tongue battling, hands savagely pulling at his trousers as he pressed him against the desk.

Briggs twisted him around, shoving Davis harder against the desk; kissing, touching, wanting. His hand travelled lower, and he hastily unbuttoned and pulled down the rookie's trousers and underwear, to catch hold of his erection, smoothing precum along its length as he started to stroke.

Davis gasped and his head arched back as the lieutenant's knowing hand squeezed and caressed, pulling him towards climax, whilst his mouth traced a pattern along his jaw line.

"S-sir," Davis gasped, grabbing at Briggs' hand. "You need-"

"I need you." Briggs groaned against his neck. "I'm still training you...let me finish that training."

He silenced Davis' objections with his mouth as his hand kept stroking, feeling him writhe and moan beneath him. Suddenly Davis felt the lieutenant's chest push against his back. He moaned as Briggs' cock moved up against the small of his back before he moved it further down; the wide, blunt head pressed in between his cheeks, against his entrance, and then Briggs thrust in, hard.

Davis grunted, full, as his superior leant down harder, pushing in deeper... Davis thrust back against him, still pressed to the desk and tense. He squeezed his eyes shut even before Briggs hit the spot inside him cry out. Fuck, Lieutenant Briggs was cold, composed, and brutal, his large cock was slamming into his ass faster as Davis gripped the desk so tight his fingernails turned white. It hurt like hell but it Christ, it felt amazing at the same time... He squeezed his eyes shut tighter as he came, his cum spraying across the desk and some of it across the case file folders strewn across it. Moments later, Briggs cried out as he came, filling his young officer's ass with his seed.

Briggs pulled out, breathing heavily. "That completes your training for today," he gasped, wiping the sweat from his brow. As he put his trousers back on he turned to Davis. "I trust that you'll complete your next mission as instructed?"

"Yes sir," David panted as he tried to compose himself.

"Good boy," added Briggs with a smirk. "You learn quickly."

"What about Callahan? Pretty sure he smells a rat."

"Don't concern yourself with Callahan," Briggs replied, dressing quickly. He opened the lower drawer of his desk and smiled at the small explosive device inside. "I'll personally see that he gets what's coming to him..."

To be continued...

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