tagErotic HorrorGood Deed Gone Bad

Good Deed Gone Bad


Once again a big THANK YOU to MLG52 for his editing skills.


The snow fell as Tracy left work; it was Friday at 5 pm. She had two days off, with plans to spoil herself. The ground was hard and slippery under foot, and the wild wind brings big flurries of snow blew into her face. The road was deserted except for the occasional car creeping by. She hugged the wall to evade the snow which slapped her face, but to no avail.

As a car drew up and tooted its horn, Tracy looked to see if she knew the person. She moved closer and saw it was the new person who just started that day at the factory.

"Can I give you a lift?" he called out as he wound down the window a bit. Normally she would have refused, but with the weather she thought anything would be better if it got her out of the snow.

She reached for the door and opened it. As she shut the door behind her she was hit by a wall of heat; she sat back and enjoyed the warmth.

"My name is Ted. I saw you in the factory today. It was my first day, and my last. I hated the job so resigned. Where can I drop you off?" he asked.

"It's not far, about 2 miles down the road," Tracy replied. The car weaved its way through the snow. Tracy noticed he kept looking over at her, so she drew her coat over her legs. Something did not seem right.

As Ted drove over the bridge, Tracy said, "My turn is the next on the left." The street light illuminated the road sign but he ignored it. "You can drop me off here," Tracy said a bit louder, thinking he had missed it in the snow flurry. Ted ignored her and kept driving, picking up a bit of speed. "Excuse me, here is just fine," she said forcefully, but a note of worry crept into her voice.

"Sit there and be quiet," Ted ordered. When he glared at her, she panicked and tried to open the door even though the car was moving. S-L-A-P! Tracy felt her head snap back from the hit. "Do as I say or else," he snarled. Tracy knew she had to get away from this maniac. When she tried the door again, she felt a blow hit her ribs. She gasped and doubled up as the pain raced thought her body.

Ted stopped the car, reached into the glove compartment and took out a length of rope. He tied her hands together, then tied them to the door handle. He covered her mouth with some tape. Satisfied she was secure, he drove off again, winding his way out of town. Tracy knew she was in big trouble; her side and face hurt from the blows she'd received. She tried to untie her hands, but another blow to her head stopped her. Tracy sat there racked in pain, and cried.

The road turned into a lane with houses few and far between. Suddenly, he turned into a bungalow with a "For Sale" sign outside. He drove to the rear and stopped the car, got out and fumbled in his pocket for something. He found a key and opened the back door, then went around and opened Tracy's door. The icy wind filled the car as he untied her hands from the handle and led her in the house. Ted shut the door behind him and pushed her onto the floor in a corner. Tracy sat and watched as he covered the windows with the curtain, blocking out all light. He locked the door, and pocketed the key. Moving slowly, he grabbed Tracy by her hair and dragged her to her feet.

Tracy felt the numbness in her hands caused by the ropes. Ted dragged her into another room and threw her on the settee. He repeated the job of drawing the curtains before switching on the light.

"Well, I know we won't be disturbed here. I came and looked at this place three months ago. That's how I managed to get another key, and the price they're asking is way over the top and they only had one prospect look at it... me."

Ted turned the heating up and Tracy felt the warm air rush out from the heating grills. He took off his coat he threw it on the table, then moved towards her. Pulling her up by her coat lapels he undid her hands. "Now don't try anything stupid or you will suffer bad, do you understand, bitch?"

Tracy knew by his face he meant it, she nodded. "Take off that coat and hurry it up." Tracy's hands were still numb and she struggled with the buttons. Suddenly he reached forward and ripped it apart, the buttons flying onto the floor. "You are just like her, slow and no brain, but I showed her, oh yes, did I show her."

Tracy slipped the coat off, and it fell to the floor, he kicked it away and looked at her. Tracy was 19 years old, five foot six, slim, dressed in a blouse and skirt. "Yes, just like her, a slut; dressed to get the men going, giving it to anyone who buys you a drink," he sneered. Tracy cowered as he walked around her. Ted studied her from head to toe. Standing in front of her, he reached out and ripped the blouse open.

"Just as I thought, a total slut. No bra, just like her, walking around letting your tits bounce around for the guys to look at. Now the skirt, lose it" he snarled. Quickly she undid the skirt and stepped out of it, throwing it on the settee. When he saw Tracy was wearing a thong, he reached out and ripped it from her body. She felt the material split and felt it cut into her as he pulled. Tracy was standing in was a pair of hold-up stockings, her pussy and breasts were exposed to his glaring eyes.

He reached forward and gripped her breasts in his hands, "What size are these? 34-C?" he muttered. Tracy quickly agreed, not wanting to anger him any more. He pulled both nipples with his fingers and she screamed at the sudden pain.

He laughed. "You can scream all you want here; no one will hear you. Yes, you and I are going to have lots of fun, maybe if you behave you might be released. But, misbehave and.... He drew his finger across his throat leaving her no doubt to his meaning.

He reached down and picked up a chain off the floor. Attached to it was a collar, which he put around her neck and padlocked it. He pointed to the floor and said "SIT!" He disappeared into another room, leaving Tracy to look around. The windows were covered; he made sure they were locked. She slumped to the floor, crying.

Suddenly pain shot across her shoulders. He stood above her, naked; his belt in his hand. Tracy saw his cock hard and pointing menacingly at her. Taking the chain from the wall he moved her over to the table. Tracy saw a knife, handcuffs and a ball gag. Panicking, she swung out at him trying to get away; his fist connected on her jaw and she fell to the floor, stunned. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to the table, shouting and cursing. "You fucking whore! You're going to be sorry now!"

Bending Tracy over the table, she felt his hard cock force its way into her pussy. She was dry, but that did not worry him. Violently he pushed deep into her, his hips pounding her ass as he slammed his cock in deeper. Tracy felt his sperm explode deep inside her pussy, she screamed. But her ordeal was not over yet. He pulled out, forcing her onto her knees. Smiling he forced her mouth open pushing his cum covered cock into her mouth. Tracy tried to bite his cock, anything but this.

His fist slammed into her face, and then his hands gripped her ears, forcing his cock deep into her mouth. His hard cock made her gag and vomit over his feet. He kicked out at her, she felt ribs breaking as she cowered on the floor. He then bent Tracy over on all fours, and raped her ass. The pain was too much. Tracy felt herself passing out.

As Tracy came round she saw he was in the bathroom cleaning up. Struggling to get up by holding the table, she saw the knife. He was coming back in. Holding the knife tightly, she turned her back to him. As he approached, he spun her around. Tracy sank the knife in deep, pulling it out she stabbed again until he fell to the ground.

Tracy dressed slowly. Walking to the door she unlocked it and walked into the cold night. She did not feel the cold as she stumbled along the lane, she was numb already. All she wanted was a quiet weekend.


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