tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGood End to a Long Day

Good End to a Long Day


It’s been a long day full of accidents and assholes. You drag yourself through the front door to find the apartment in darkness. You reach for the light switch and nothing happens. “Of fucking course,” you mutter as you stumble your way through the hallway.

A faint glow catches your eye. You turn the corner to find a candle flickering happily, its sister dancing along just a little further down, and a third even further. You follow the trail of light to your bedroom. You push open the door to find more candles, but only a few, barely enough for you to make out the bed. Your brain is still dulled by the trials of the day, but your body’s already anticipating what’s about to happen. Your heart’s beating faster with each passing second and it’s getting hard to breathe. As you reach up to loosen your collar, a voice comes from the shadows.


Your hand slowly drops back to your side. After a century of silence, you hear him move, soft footsteps behind you. You start to turn, but again his voice freezes you.

“Don’t,” he says. Kiefer’s right behind you now, his breath hot on your skin as he nuzzles into the back of your neck. "I want you to know something," he purrs. "I want you to know how hard this is for me." Kiefer reaches around and starts to unbutton your blouse. "I want you to know how hard it is for me not to just rip this off of you. But I promised myself I would be slow."

He bends down as he slides the silk blouse out of your pants. As the blouse clears the back of your pants, he pulls it up just enough to kiss the small of your back. "Why?" you breathe, trying hard to keep standing.

"Because,” he whispers, “I don't want to miss a single inch of your body." He slides around and kisses your hip, just above your pants. "I want to explore." His body shifts again as he's now in front of you. "I want to play," he says just before his tongue caresses your belly button. "I want to hunt.”

His fingers fumble slightly as he unbuttons your pants and his hands slide under the waist band of your pants as he pulls them down slowly. The pants catch slightly as he reaches the edge of your panties after only a second’s struggle Kiefer gets impatient and yanks everything down to your knees.

Before you even realise your clothes are gone, Kiefer’s face is between your legs, tasting your arousal. But it’s only a quick taste before, with a jump, he pulls away beyond your reach. “Sorry about that,” he says. “I got a little carried away. It was a little too soon for that.”

“It is NEVER, too early for that,” you hiss. You try to step forward, to pull him back to you, only to realise that with your pants caught at your knees, he’s effectively immobilized you.

Kiefer chuckles as you try to free your legs. “Don’t,” he says. “Let me finish, please.”

“Will you pick up right where you left off?” you ask hopefully.

Kiefer chuckles again. “Not yet, but I promise it won’t be long.” He circles around behind you again. You turn your head to try and follow him. “Please. Don’t move.” You’re tempted to hop up and down just to spite him, but there’s a promise of dirty things to come in his velvet voice, so you obey.

You feel Kiefer’s hands reaching around and slowly peeling the blouse from your shoulders. Instead of letting it drop, he lowers it down your back, his fingertips dancing over the goose bumps. Finally the blouse clears your arms and he lowers it all the way to the floor you can feel the silk brushing your thighs. Kiefer’s hands caress your skin as he makes his return voyage up your body. As his fingers slide up your thighs you hold your breath, and release it as a soft moan as he squeezes your ass. Sadly, Kiefer’s hands don’t linger and as they pass your waist you giggle and squirm.

His hands retreat and there’s a dreadful silence. “Don’t you da-!” Before you can finish, Kiefer’s tickling you. Your pleas for mercy go unanswered until he has to grab your arms to stop you from falling over. “Fucking rat bastard!” you gasp still trying to catch your breath.

“No name calling,” Kiefer pouts. “But you’re right, that wasn’t a very nice thing for me to do. Let me make it up to you.” Now your breath catches again as he gently pinches your nipple.

During the ticklefest he must have unfastened your bra and now he pulls it down off your body and returns his hands to your breasts. As you lean back against him, you realise he’s naked too and hard for you. 'How on earth did I not notice that he was naked,' you think to yourself, and then the thinking stops as Kiefer kisses your earlobe.

His right hand drifts down past your stomach as his left hand moves from breast to breast, rolling the nipples gently between his fingers. You can feel the small of your back getting slightly moist as you grind back against his erection. His breathing’s getting heavy and you can feel his heart pounding.

And then his fingers enter you. You tighten around them, trapping him inside you. A second… a day... a year later, you release him and he withdraws only to plunge deeper inside. A rhythm builds as he pushes against your back with each thrust of his fingers inside you. When he withdraws to circle around your clit, he squeezes your breast, releasing it as his fingers enter you again. It’s all you can do to stand.

Then, suddenly, you feel slightly empty as Kiefer removes his fingers. You watch him bring his hand up in front of you, his fingers glistening in the candlelight. You turn your head to watch as Kiefer takes his mouth from your neck and leans over your shoulder to lick his fingers clean, sucking them hard to taste every drop of you. His fingers leave his mouth with a soft pop. “I think it’s time I went back to where I left off,” he says.

Before you can respond Kiefer’s picked you up off the ground and carries you to the bed. He sets you down on the edge of you bed and removes the last of your clothing. Your legs slide over his shoulders as he kneels on the floor. No teasing. No games. Just sex as he drives his tongue inside you, fucking you with his mouth. You scream, loud and long as he eats you, his tongue moving from deep inside you to your clit to back inside your pussy.

You grab the bedsheets, the silk clenched tight in your fists. Your legs wrap tight around Kiefer’s head pulling him tighter against you, forbidding him to leave. But as strong as your lust makes you, Kiefer’s still stronger. With one last hard suck on your clit he pulls away, fighting your grip.

“I can’t wait,” he looks up at you, staring into your eyes. “I need to fuck you.” he growls. “I need to fuck you now!” Your legs release him immediately and he stands. You grab Kiefer’s hard pulsing cock and guide him into you. He leans over the bed, his hands holding him up, as he sinks deep inside you. He pulls out until just the tip of him is inside you. Briefly, he pauses, his eyes searching your face for some sign, before his lust overtakes him and he slams into you as hard as he possibly can. The force of his thrust knocks your breath away.

Again and again he fucks you as hard as he can, the force of his thrusts pushing you ever further up the bed. You struggle to regain your ability to breathe, and as you breathe, you scream in ecstasy. Kiefer’s staring down at you from above, panting your name. Suddenly the strength leaves his arms and he collapses on top of you but his hips never stop moving, never stop thrusting. He can no longer speak, every ounce of his energy is devoted to fucking you. You wrap your legs around his back and rock your hips to meet his thrusts, adding your power to his, driving your bodies together harder and faster. As your orgasm hits you, you scream and any control you had over your body is torn away. You can feel your muscles squeezing around his cock, milking him frantically until he explodes deep inside you.

Eventually control returns. As Kiefer softens inside you, he brushes the hair away from your face. “So,” he says, his breath still ragged, “how was your day?”

You laugh “It’s looking a lot better now.” Kiefer laughs with you and kisses you again, soft and tender.

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