tagNon-EroticGood for the Goose?

Good for the Goose?


I knew someone was there the minute I walked in the door to my house. The blouse on the back of my couch that wasn't mine was a sure sign.

I set my packages down on the kitchen counter, got a bottle of water out of the fridge.

Then I just went and sat down on the couch to wait. I put my feet up and relaxed, the day at the medical clinic I run had been shorter but busier than normal, they hurt.

It wasn't long, perhaps 10 minutes before Jon came out of my bedroom, looking a little sheepish.

I looked him up and down, he was wearing just his trousers. Not even any socks.

I suppose he expected me to cut loose into a tirade, but I just looked at him and took a pull off the water bottle.

One thing I do know, my late husband Ted would have NEVER used my bedroom for a tryst. He might do it on the carpet or on the couch, or even up on his massage table.

The bedroom was off limits, an unspoken agreement between us. In 20 years of marriage, no one had even been in there except for Ted and me. Sometimes we had had flings with others, not even then did they invade my bedroom.

Our home on the outskirts of Portland had an upper floor, the bedroom there was a loft.

This ranch style home I had bought here in Reno has the master bedroom on the main floor, so perhaps it was more tempting.

I looked at Jon, I could see he was struggling to say something. I was enjoying his discomfort in fact. I used my best training in professional manners to keep a calm and straight face. There are some advantages to being a Doctor, I suppose.

No way could Jon read my reaction, which inside was thinking of reaching for his testicles, but outside, nothing.

I had no idea at all who was still in my bedroom. It flashed in my mind that I hoped it wasn't a guy, although the blouse was a pretty good clue.

I got my answer in a few moments as Carlita walked out, wearing the same sheepish hand in the cookie jar expression. She was wearing a skirt and just a bra, I smiled inwardly at her blushing as she retrieved her blouse and put it on.

She said something to Jon in Spanish, looking sidelong at me.

I smiled sweetly and said, "De Nada, Senora" deliberately using the word for a mature woman. Carlita was all of 25, perhaps. "Probably not a wrinkle or blemish on her entire goddam body," I thought, fighting myself to keep from throwing a fit.

She looked at me in shock at my use of Spanish. I am sure it hit her that I must have overheard all of her rattlings as she and the other maid redid the room at the Hotel where Jon I lived together for a few days when I first arrived.

I did, of course. So I already knew that Jon had a bit of action on the side. Of course he did, he is a male, with the usual 40 point IQ drop when they get an erection.

{Do I sound pissed off?} LoL.

Jon's getting laid really didn't bother me that much, Ted and I had several very nice relationships with others, there was never any jealousy between us.

I realized that it was because with Ted, such things were perfectly normal. Ted wasn't much for pretense, you got him the way he was.

Carlita went outside, her cell phone at her ear as she went through the door. I was sure she was calling a driver from the Casino where Jon worked, even that irritated me off a little. Jon did that for me a lot, here this little bimbo just called them on her own. Well, I could call them on my own, too, but still.

Jon finally broke the ice with, "Lee, I am sorry."

"Please go make my bed." I told him, not looking at him.

He hesitated, but went back into my bedroom. He came back out in a few minutes carrying the sheets and blankets. I smiled when I saw he was smart enough to replace the blankets and top cover, too.

Jon had finished dressing. He opened his mouth but I interrupted, "Hungry?" as I headed for the kitchen.

He looked a little confused, then followed me. I made a nice salad and heated some soup and toast.

We sat down to eat, both of us quiet.

Jon finally stammered, "Lee, I..."

"Not in my bedroom, Jon. Is that clear?"

He looked at me for a long moment, I could see him struggling with himself on how to play it.

His eyes dropped, he said, "Yes, clear."

I finished up the dishes and went back into the living room, clicked on the cartoon channel.

It was just a few minutes later that he told me he was heading in to his office, I nodded. Then he was gone.

I sat there for a very long time.

I could understand, Carlita is a beautiful woman, young. Here I am 51, showing it. Plus it was obvious that the relationship between Jon and Carlita preceeded me.

I went online and got a plane ticket back to Portland, I had the next 3 days off at the clinic anyway.

Then I called a locksmith and had the locks changed to my house. To be frank, I was angry inside. Jon is one of the owners of the Hotel and Casino, there are 1600 rooms.

He instead chose to use my house, my bedroom. Yes, Jon has been living with me at the house for some time, so even having sex with some trinket wasn't too bad.

But my bedroom?

I called a taxi to the airport, I was in Portland 4 hours later. I called Sally to let her know I was coming, she seemed pleased. I appreciated that she didn't ask any questions.

Sally was still at work when I got to the house, I walked upstairs to the loft. I looked around, it was untouched, just the way I left it. Sally was using the downstairs guest room.

I stretched out on the bed, familiar, comfortable.

I slept for several hours. It was dark when I woke up, I went out on the upstairs deck and looked out over the valley to the West. A few lights from homes were lit, the glow from Portland lit up the early evening sky in the distance.

I realized I could hear the TV downstairs, so I went down to see Sally. She jumped up and gave me a big hug.

Sally and I are close, she rented my home here when I moved to Reno to be with Jon. She is a no-nonsense kind of lady, but she also is live and let live. I knew she wouldn't push me for information, I wasn't ready. Talking about it could have me crying in no time, I knew.

But finally I told Sally what was going on. The fact that Jon was getting a little extra on the side simply didn't bother me. He used my bed, my bedroom, that did bother me.

Sally listened to it all, then she asked me, "Did you ever mention that to him before?"

I realized I hadn't. With Ted, things like that were simply a given. I was absorbing all of that when the phone rang.

It was Jon.

"Are you all right?" were the first words out of his mouth.


"Where are you?"

"Portland, at the house."

"Oh. You locked up the house here?"


"Lee, please! I will be faithful, I promise."

"It's not that, Jon. I need you to be you. I am not jealous, just not in my bed without me there!"

"I am sorry, I didn't realize, I didn't mean to embarra..."

"It doesn't, I am not jealous. But think of it, suppose I were to screw Nathan or someone on your desk behind your back?"

Jon was quiet, my mind flashed to Nathan, the nice looking big African man who served as my driver and bodygaurd sometimes. I knew Jon was thinking of that. Of course I also knew Nathan. That huge gentle man loved his wife and family, he wouldn't even dream of it.

"Yes, I understand." Then, "Please, come home, I love you."

"I will be there Tuesday, I have the clinic to run."

"Can I have the keys back?"


We chatted quite a bit, then Jon apparently began feeling comfortable, because he started into some of his sexy talk. I was grinning, I handed the phone to Sally, motioning her to be quiet.

Sally listened a bit, I saw her face start to turn pink. One thing I do know about Sally, she is as horny as anybody. It wasn't more than a few minutes and she was breathing heavy, she tried to hand the phone back to me but I refused.

I got up and poured each of us a glass of Bailey's, by the time I got back to the living room Sally was murmering and moaning a bit.

She looked at me with a mischievious look on her face, then laughed and handed me the phone.

I put it to my ear, Jon was still going.

I started to laugh, Jon stopped.

"What is going on?" he demanded.

"Oh, you just mind fucked my best friend, Sally." I told him.

I heard the intake of breath, got him.

"See you Tuesday, dear." I said, "bye."

I shut off the phone and grinned at Sally, who was still sitting there with a flushed face.

"Naughty, isn't he?" I said with a giggle.

We both hugged and roared at that.

Maybe I have control after all. Now for the next fun part. I could use a housekeeper, Carlita will be just fine! I can hardly wait to talk to Jon about that.

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